Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap – R19

Written by Motts on August 13 2015

LoEC 2 – The First Week of Supercoach Finals review.

Well, it’s been all over the news; and although many others have gone over it; I must still make mention of the momentous occasion in this publication. It is quite possibly the most amazing thing to happen in these parts for a long time, and maybe, hopefully, it is a sign of better things to come.

I am of course referring to Brodie Smith scoring a hundred for the first time since Round 2.

On a personal note, I managed to get through my league; POD trade-in Jack Martin was a bit disappointing, but with McGovern going down, the cash saved will be useful in replacing him, though I am loathe to give up the DEF/FWD swing set he shares with Higgins. After leaving Joel Selwood, who has exploded in the past few weeks, I am looking at getting back on Rory Sloane; perhaps I will also downgrade Dan McKenzie to a DEF/FWD DPP to get some more funds for a (hopeful) Preliminary Final double upgrade.

But it was not all good news for the Holyhead Harpies, as they lost the notoriety they had for having the biggest LoEC2 losing margin this season; as the normally impressive Demons of Darch went down by a chunky 479 points.


Home Team Home Score Away Score Away Team Margin Prediction Culmative Predictions
First Qualifying Final RELIEABLES 2878 2399 Demons of Darch 479 H 1/1
Second Qualifying Final Tankers 2477 2415 MaxPowerExperience 62 H 2/2
First Elimination Final Jetz 2514 2434 Sean’s Mob 80 A 2/3
Second Elimination Final Small Victories 2608 2448 teamcustard 160 H 3/4
First Minor Qualifying Final Armchair Sportsman 2597 2493 wobblesbegone 104 H 4/5
Second Minor Qualifying Final The Brown Shorts 2190 2259 LI’L SEBASTIAN 69 H 4/6
First Minor Elimination Final 2 Boyds, 1 Cup 2421 2587 Mack Attack 166 H 4/7
Second Minor Elimination Final The Convict 2337 2373 Holyhead Harpies 36 A 5/8


LoEC 2, Week 2 Finals Preview

Major Finals

First Semi Final

Demons of Darch v Jetz

Round 17, 2015: Jetz 2243 def by Demons of Darch 2275 by 32 points

PODS: Simpson, Lever, Hibberd, Yeo, Priddis, Dangerfield, Parker, Mundy, Heeney, Read, Franklin, Knight, Dahlhaus v Smith, Houli, Edwards, Ibbotson, Rockliff, Selwood, Hannebery, Neale, Ward, Armitage, Cox, Mitchell, Dale

With both teams down to one trade each, decision making needs to be on point. I think that because certain situations – Nic Nat and Jeremy McGovern missing the Derby, and Franklin under an injury cloud, the Demons of Darch will fall out of the finals in straight sets.

Second Semi Final

MaxPowerExperience v Small Victories

Round 8, 2015: MaxPowerExperience 2146 def by Small Victories 2172 by 26 points.

PODS: Newnes, Lever, Houli, Docherty, Rance, Kavanagh, Naitanui, Bontempelli, Goddard, Knight, Dale v Smith, Simpson, Gibson, Goddard, Ibbotson, Selwood, Parker, Stretch, Jacobs, Lambert, Franklin

Once again another clash with teams possesing one trade each. Naitanui will miss for MPE; and Franklin is under a cloud for Small Victories.   I reckon the home side will just edge this one.

Minor Finals

First Semi Final

wobblesbegone v Mack Attack

Round 16, 2015: Mack Attack 2292 def wobblesbegone 2068 by 224 points.

PODS: Shaw, Hodge, Hamling, Saad, McDonald, McIntosh, Sheppard, Priddis, Griffen, Amon, Goldstein, Downie, O’Brien, Blicavs, Bontempelli, Mitchell v Simpson, Pearce, Gibson, Rance, Malceski, Lumumba, Kennedy, Wallis, Boak, Shuey, Read, Maric, McKernan, Sandilands, Goddard, Zorko

These two teams are running on empty as they look to book a place in the Preliminary Finals. I reckon wobblesbegone has the superior team, but Sandilands might have a day out against a West Coast side without Nic Naitanui; I reckon the home side will easily get up here.

Second Semi Final

The Brown Shorts v Holyhead Harpies

Round 6, 2015: Holyhead Harpies 2070 def by The Brown Shorts 2135 by 65 points.

PODS: Hamling, Houli, Yeo, Docherty, Malceski, Selwood, Griffen, Barlow, Sidebottom, Read, McKernan, McEvoy, Bontempelli, Franklin, Daniel v Pearce, Maynard, Saad, Birchall, Higgins, Priddis, Cripps, Goldstein, Cox, Gawn, Lambert, McGovern, Krakouer, Martin

Both sides have trades; and it’s good for them that they do, as there are problems to deal with. Both sides have Nic Naitanui; the home side has Max Gawn sitting in for Nic Nat, whilst the away side has Shaun McKernan. On other fronts, Lance Franklin will probably miss for The Brown Shorts, whilst Jeremy McGovern is a definite omission. I reckon the away side will win this one and march into the Preliminary Finals.


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  1. After receiving the worst loss in the AFL since the 2007 Grand Final, the Demons are still shell shocked! My boys may very well go out in straight sets BUT this week will be a hell of a lot closer.



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