Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap – R19

Written by Motts on August 20 2015

Well, it’s all over. The Holyhead Harpies, who never got into gear, leave a disappointing 2015 in typical mediocre fashion; like the rest of the year, they toiled honestly, but came up short in the end.

In the end, there were three main mistakes; Playing Jack Martin over Kane Lambert (Although the choice was made on Saturday due to team dynamics), and, once behind the 8-ball leading into the Derby, playing Alex Pearce over Adam Saad and Captaining Matt Priddis over Nathan Fyfe or taking Todd Goldstein’s score, but on balance, The Brown Shorts probably should have won anyway, as they had Michael Barlow’s score on field and Ryan Griffen’s on the bench.

I’m still competing for a couple of leagues, but those are nowhere near as prestigious or important as the League of Extraordinary Coaches.

(Sidenote: Motts, is the League of Extraordinary Coaches a ranked system through the Leagues, where the best coaches end up in LoEC 1 and the quality of the Leagues diminishes as the League Numbers ascend, or are coaches that qualify for LoEC status simply divided up randomly?)

But although you are probably all very interested in me; I must direct our collective attention to a couple of cracking Preliminary Final matches to come…

Results Home Team Home Score Away Score Away Team Margin Prediction Culmative Predictions
First Semi Final Demons of Darch 2460 2651 Jetz 191 A 1/1
Second Semi Final MaxPowerExperience 2630 2523 Small Victories 107 H 2/2
First Minor Semi Final wobblesbegone 2594 2614 Mack Attack 20 H 2/3
Second Minor Semi Final The Brown Shorts 2448 2379 Holyhead Harpies 69 A 2/4





Major Finals

First Preliminary Final

RELIEABLES v MaxPowerExperience

Round 15, 2015: RELIEABLES 2482 def by MaxPowerExperience 2574 by 92 points.

PODS: Smith, Simpson, Goddard, Higgins, Langdon, Fields, Selwood, Neale, Adamson, Steven, Jacobs, Lambert, Zorko v Hodge, Lever, Hibberd, Pearce, Maynard, Docherty, Rance, Kennedy, Kavanagh, Naitanui, Mitchell, Dahlhaus, Dale

The home side is fighting two fronts; going for LoeC 2 and overall glory; whilst the away side can make no more team adjustments, so careful management is required. Both sides have strong teams, but I’m going to back the home team’s flexibility with trades to bring them into the Grand Final.

Second Preliminary Final

Tankers v Jetz

Round 15, 2015: Jetz 2497 def by Tankers 2583 by 86 points.

PODS: Gibson, Yeo, Murphy, Priddis, Dangerfield, Adamson, Read, Jacobs, Lambert, Zorko v Houli, Edwards, Ibbotson, Hannebery, Neale, Armitage, Cox, Sandilands, Goddard, Dale

The home side should win here; they have the trade and the Priddis/Dangerfield duo; although they’ll want Yeo and Priddis to return to form.

Minor Finals

First Preliminary Final

Armchair Sportsman v The Brown Shorts

Round 4, 2015: Armchair Sportsman 2050 def by The Brown Shorts 2189 by 139 points.

PODS: Shaw, Simpson, Lever, Picken, Dempster, Priddis, Dangerfield, Parker, Lewis, Neale, Glenn, Goldstein, Cox, Kreuzer, Goddard, Knight, Lamb, Motlop v Smith, Houli, Yeo, Docherty, Malceski, Kennedy, Selwood, Hannebery, Griffen, Barlow, Sidebottom, Read, McKernan, Martin, McEvoy, Mitchell, Daniel, Roughead

Surely the home side’s last trade will be used on Parker; but there is an interesting sideplot; normally, having Todd Goldstein as a POD would be a massive boon; but this week he comes up against Fremantle, who held him to 44 Supercoach points last time he faced them. I reckon the away side will come up trumps in a close one.

Second Preliminary Final

LI’L SEBASTIAN v Mack Attack

Round 11, 2015: LI’L SEBASTIAN 1830 def Mack Attack 1798 by 32 points.

PODS: Shaw, Hibberd, Houli, Yeo, Edwards, Laird, Lewis, Kavanagh, Adamson, Beams, Goldstein, Mitchell, Daniel, Deledio v Newnes. Simpson, Gibson, Rance, Malceski, Lumumba, Wallis, Boak, Shuey, Sandilands, Lambert, Goddard, Knight, Zorko

No trades for either side, but the home side has the stronger team on paper; unfortunately, this stronger team includes Dayne ‘Out for the season’ Beams and Todd ‘Not Sandilands this round!’ Goldstein and Tom ‘Cursed by Ross Lyon’s Sith Apprentice John Longmire’ Mitchell; so LI’L Sebastian is vulnerable, but Malceski and Lumumba don’t exactly inspire confidence in Mack Attack either, but I’m going to say bye bye to LI’L SEBASTIAN and predict a win to the away side.





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2 thoughts on “Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap – R19”

  1. In answer to your question, Eagling, no – the best coaches don’t all end up in LoEC1. I need more structure around it though. It might be something I look at doing next year.


  2. The Armchairs have been decimated this week, fingers crossed the boys left on the pitch can limp across the line until a freshened up Picken returns?



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