Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap – R19

Written by Motts on August 5 2015

Round 18 Review

The Season came to a close for the Holyhead Harpies as they went down in a thrilling encounter to Jetz by 2 points; enough to keep a position in the Minor League Finals. The decision to put the Vice Captaincy on Dan Hannebery over Scott Pendlebury ended up being the Harpies downfall, as Eagling kept Hannebery’s 134 over Jetz’s Todd Goldstein, whereas had the Harpies stayed on the Pendlebury VC train like Jetz did, they would have captained Goldy.

In other news, Eagling also forgot to make a prediction for the wobblesbegone v Armchair Sportsman clash, leaving him on 99 correct predictions.

Some teams can count themselves unlucky to miss out on finals, with their overall performance superior to their final league position. These teams include Sean’s Mob, who managed to finish 8th in the League but by Overall performance should have been hosting a Qualifying Final, 2 Boyds, 1 Cup, who missed out on the finals, Small Victories, who should have been in a Qualifying Final, and Armchair Sportsman, who missed out on the finals by a margin of .12%

The lucky beneficiaries of this misfortune included MaxPowerExperience, who gained a Qualifying Final out of an 8th place overall performance; Jetz, who finished in the finals whilst it was 9th overall, Jetz, who sits 12th overall but is hosting an Elimination final, and the Demons of Darch, who is hosting a Qualifying Final.

Sean’s Mob was the team that overcame the most adversity, his opponents averaging 2155.11 against him. Bring Back Ratts had the best fortune, with an opposition average of 2083.58.   RELIEABLES were the best attacking team, with an average of 2221.29 in League Matches.

Another milestone was passed, as, if my count is correct, LI’L SEBASTIAN became the first team in LoEC 2 to run out of trades, with a final switch of Karl Amon to Jordan Lewis.


Home Team Home Score Away Score Away Team Margin Prediction Culmative Predictions
teamcustard 2521 2507 Sean’s Mob 14 A 0/1
2 Boyds, 1 Cup 2440 2526 RELIEABLES 86 A 1/2
Small Victories 2527 2530 LI’L SEBASTIAN 3 H 1/3
Bring Back Ratts 2191 2244 The Brown Shorts 53 H 1/4
Jetz 2449 2447 Holyhead Harpies 2 H 2/5
Mack Attack 2220 2347 MaxPowerExperience 127 A 3/6
500Miles 2404 2340 Demons of Darch 64 A 3/7
Tankers 2370 2171 The Convict 199 H 4/8
wobblesbegone 2419 2497 Armchair Sportsman 78 N/A

Loec 18

Finals Week 1 Review

Major League

First Qualifying Final

RELIEABLES v Demons of Darch

Round 6, 2015: Demons of Darch 2096 def by RELIEABLES 2217 by 21 points.

PODS: Smith, Houli, Goddard, Higgins, Langdon, Fields, Priddis, Selwood, Neale, Treloar, Adamson, Steven, Jacobs, Lambert, Zorko, Ryder v Hamling, Lever, McKenzie, Hibberd, Hodge, Yeo, Kennedy, Beams, Parker, Heeney, Mundy, Naitanui, Steele, Franklin, Dahlhaus, Daniel

The Demons of Darch had just about the worst result possible, going one worse than West Coast to lose to cellar dwellers 500Miles. Going into a clash against RELIEABLES, the DoD have to deal with Dayne Beams, whereas the RELIEABLES seem to be able to do no wrong, trading Jack Steele out for Shaun Higgins, who duly responded with a season-high score.  

I reckon RELIEABLES should win this one and earn a week’s rest.

Second Qualifying Final

Tankers v MaxPowerExperience

Round 2, 2015: Tankers 2258 def MaxPowerExperience 2212 by 46 points.

PODS: Smith, Hamling, McKenzie, Gibson, Yeo, Murphy, Kennedy, Rockliff, Selwood, Dumont, Ward, Lambert, Franklin, Daniel, Zorko v Hibberd, Pearce, Houli, Maynard, Docherty, Rance, Beams, Wines, Hannebery, Kavanagh, Mitchell, Goddard, Knight, Dahlhaus, Dale

MPE have the double whammy of Dayne Beams and Ollie Wines, and might have to use 2/3rds of their remaining trades to deal with this unpalatable development. Meanwhile, Tankers have 5 trades left and no outstanding problems. I reckon Tankers will win this one and join RELIEABLES in Week 3.

First Elimination Final

Jetz v Sean’s Mob

Round 3, 2015: Jetz 2191 def Sean’s Mob 2008 by 183 points.

PODS: Smith, McKenzie, Hodge, Houli, Edwards, Ibbotson, Rockliff, Hannebery, Ward, Naitanui, Cox, Bontempelli, Mitchell, Goddard, Daniel, Krakouer v Lever, Simpson, Hibberd, Gibson, Murphy, Priddis, Parker, Lewis, Blakely, Read, Maric, McKernan, Lambert, Franklin, Harvey, Riewoldt

This promises to be a cracking encounter, with Jetz and Sean’s Mob playing out nail-biting encounters in the final minor round. Both sides have the ability to win, but I’m going to tip the away side to bring the spoils of victory home.

Second Elimination Final

Small Victories v teamcustard

Round 3, 2015: teamcustard 2218 def Small Victories 2158 by 60 points.

PODS: Hibberd, Hodge, Pearce, Gibson, Goddard, Ibbotson, Priddis, Parker, Hannebery, Stretch, Jacobs, Franklin v Hamling, Lever, Saad, Malceski, McDonald, Rockliff, Kavanagh, Neale, Armitage, Naitanui, McKernan, Bontempelli

Both sides are low on trades, but this is do or die, and on paper the two teams are very close. I reckon teamcustard has the personnel advantage, with Hodge, Priddis and Hannebery against Rockliff as Elite scorers. But teamcustard also has Lance Franklin, who has a cloud hanging above him; and Small Victories have double the amount of trades.

I reckon teamcustard will get up here.


Minor League

First Qualifying Final

Armchair Sportsman v wobblesbegone

Round 18, 2015: wobblesbegone 2419 def by Armchair Sportsman 2497 by 78 points.

PODS: Lever, Simpson, McKenzie, Hodge, Picken, Colquhoun, Parker, Lewis, Neale, Glenn, Cox, Kreuzer, Goddard, Lamb, Motlop v Smith, Saad, McDonald, McIntosh, Sheppard, Beams, Selwood, Griffen, Amon, Downie, O’Brien, Blicavs, Lambert, Mitchell, Franklin,

One week after facing off against each other, Armchair Sportsman and wobblesbegone clash again, with the intricacies changed; Dayne Beams is out for the season, and wobblesbegone might have to use their last trade to deal with this development, and the team includes Lance Franklin. For these reasons, I’m tipping the home side to win two in a row against the same opponent.

Second Qualifying Final

The Brown Shorts v LI’L SEBASTIAN

Round 7, 2015: The Brown Shorts 2127 def by LI’L SEBASTIAN 2130 by 3 points.

PODS: Newnes, Hamling, Lever, McKenzie, Hodge, Docherty, Malceski, Hannebery, Griffen, Barlow, Sidebottom, Naitanui, McEvoy, Bontempelli v Shaw, Hibberd, Pearce, Houli, Edwards, Laird, Dangerfield, Rockliff, Lewis, Kavanagh, Adamson, Deledio, Goldstein, Maric

Both teams have the spectres of Dayne Beams and Lance Franklin hanging above them, but the home side has the trades to deal with this. I believe the home side should win here.

First Elimination Final

2 Boyds, 1 Cup v Mack Attack

Round 4, 2015: Mack Attack 2281 def 2 Boyds, 1 Cup 2214 by 67 points.

PODS: Shaw, Lever, McKenzie, Hibberd, Docherty, Birchall, Priddis, Wines, Treloar, Sidebottom, Neal-Bullen, Goldstein, Downie, Bontempelli, Mitchell, Dahlhaus, Daniel v Smith, Pearce, Gibson, Rance, Malceski, Lumumba, Dangerfield, Selwood, Wallis, Boak, Naitanui, McKernan, Swan, Franklin, Knight, Zorko, Krakouer

Both sides have 2 trades left, but the home side has to deal with Ollie Wines, who is either going to play or is out for the season. Since I have Ollie Wines, he’s going to be out for the season, so 2B1C has to deal with this development. On the other hand, Mack Attack’s Lance Franklin is also under a cloud, but I’m going to back the home side here, even if the worst is true for Ollie Wines.

Second Elimination Final

The Convict v Holyhead Harpies

Round 4, 2015: The Convict 1917 def by Holyhead Harpies 1968 by 51 Points.

PODS: Shaw, Gibson, Goddard, Edwards, Picken, Colquhoun, Laird, Hurley, Dangerfield, Parker, Lewis, Neale, Griffen, Boston, Dumont, Biggs, McKernan, Bontempelli, Franklin, Goddard, Finlayson v Newnes, Smith, McKenzie, Hibberd, Hodge, Pearce, Maynard, Saad, Birchall, Higgins, Pendlebury, Kennedy, Rockliff, Hannebery, Cripps, Naitanui, Gray, Lambert, Krakouer, McGovern, Gawn

Both sides have to deal with Ollie Wines; but the home side has added pressure; Michael Hurley and Lance Franklin are issues, and there’s the no small matter of running without a second ruckman if Shaun McKernan isn’t picked. With the away side hopeful for the return of Jeremy McGovern and Nathan Krakouer, things aren’t looking good for The Convict, and for this reason the Holyhead Harpies should progress into the Semi-Finals.





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5 thoughts on “Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap – R19”

  1. I’ve absolutely loved these articles this year! You’ve done really well! Thank you for putting the time and effort into these posts. Bye I think your right. I’ve got no chance


  2. You’ve done a brilliant job with these posts all years Eagling, top work fella! For what it’s worth, 2B1C is looking to bring in Hannebery for Wines this week.


  3. Thanks for all your work Eagling, it has been awesome to read these articles every week. wobblers are thinking of using their last trade on Beams to Hodge to open up the Mid/Def link and will be using both Lambert and hopefully Steele (if selected, or Riley Knight if not) as cover for Fyfe and Franklin if needed and crossing all fingers and toes!


  4. Eagling I concur with all above – my must read of the week on SCT. You bring a great flavour to the upcoming clashes and add a bit of spice. Love your work and hope I crack a shared league again in the future! Looking forward to your finals rundowns over the next couple of weeks.



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