Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap – R21

Written by Motts on August 27 2015

The LoEC 2, Finals Week 3 Review

RELIEABLES have received a massive boost in their quest for overall glory as Luke Hodge knocked himself out of the rest of the Home and Away season; what might have been a shortcoming in the squad now becomes a massively positive POD. With Nat Fyfe going down midweek, suddenly there are holes everywhere; and with 3 trades left, sodes is in prime position for a surging finish to the season.

In local news, RELIEABLES did not make a trade as the team ended up prevailing by 42 points against MaxPowerExperience. RELIEABLES will meet Tankers in the finals, who also conserved their only trade in a 57 point victory over Jetz.

In the minor leagues, Armchair Sportsman will meet Mack Attack in the Minor Grand Final; with the winner receiving nothing more than a bit of pride.

Speaking of pride, the author has it in spades, as Dayne Zorko entered the team and duly smashed out 157 with the VC on debut; which just goes to show the folly this author indulged in earlier in the season. Option 1: Miller-Edwards-Ablett-Priddis. Option 2: Miller-Zorko +$100k. Guess which one the author chose….


Results Home Team Home Score Away Score Away Team Margin Prediction Culmative Predictions
First Preliminary Final RELIEABLES 2444 2402 MaxPowerExperience 42 H 1/1
Second Preliminary Final Tankers 2486 2429 Jetz 57 H 2/2
First Minor Preliminary Final Armchair Sportsman 2327 2282 The Brown Shorts 45 A 2/3
Second Minor Preliminary Final LI’L SEBASTIAN 2302 2418 Mack Attack 116 A 3/4

Loec 21 


Minor Grand Final

Armchair Sportsman v Mack Attack

Round 8, 2015: Armchair Sportsman 2180 def by Mack Attack 2200 by 20 points.

PODS: Shaw, Hodge, Hamling, Lever, McKenzie, Picken, Dempster, Priddis, Lewis, Neale, Sidebottom, Glenn, Goldstein, Cox, Kreuzer, Bontempelli, Lamb, Motlop v Smith, Pearce, Gibson, Rance, Malceski, Lumumba, Kennedy, Selwood, Wallis, Boak, Shuey, Read, Maric, McKernan, Sandilands, Lambert, Franklin, Zorko

Neither side has a trade left, so they’ll go in with absences aplenty. Both sides have Nat Fyfe; the home side will be without Luke Hodge, while away side is sweating on the availability of Heritier Lumumba and Lance Franklin. I reckon the away side just nudges this one.




Round 4, 2015: Tankers 2133 def RELIEABLES 2111 by 22 points.

Defence: Heath Shaw, Shaun Higgins, Jack Newnes, Bachar Houli, Kade Simpson, Tom Langdon, (Brodie Smith, Tom Fields)


Heath Shaw, Jack Newnes, Robert Murphy, Josh Gibson, Brodie Smith, Elliot Yeo, (Joel Hamling, Luke Hodge)

I’m swinging Yeo back to cover for Hodge for Tankers; RELIEABLES has the clear advantage here.

Midfield: Patrick Dangerfield, Joel Selwood, Scott Pendlebury, Matt Priddis, Dan Hannebery, Jack Steven, Lachie Neale, Brendon Goddard, (Nat Fyfe, Riley Knight, Corey Adamson)


Patrick Dangerfield, Joel Selwood, Scott Pendlebury, Tom Rockliff, Matt Priddis, Josh Kennedy, Callan Ward, Kane Lambert, (Corey Adamson, Daniel McKenzie, Nat Fyfe)

Goddard and Lambert swing forward to cover Fyfe’s absence; RELIEABLES take the midfield through virtue of a more balanced starting 8 and better cover than Tankers.


Rucks: Todd Goldstein, Sam Jacobs, (Tom Read)


Todd Goldstein, Sam Jacobs, (Tom Read)

Dead heat.

Forwards: Dane Swan, Dayne Zorko, Dustin Martin, Robbie Gray, Marcus Bontempelli, Patrick Ryder, (Kane Lambert, Hugh Goddard)


Dane Swan, Dayne Zorko, Dustin Martin, Robbie Gray, Marcus Bontempelli, Tom Mitchell, (Jack Steele, Caleb Daniel)

RELIEABLES just edge this one; if Mitchell misses it would be a disaster for Tankers, but even if Mitchell plays I will back in the Ryder-Lambert combination just above Mitchell and Daniel.

Both sides will probably make use of trades; but as the teams stand I believe the 2015 Premier of the Second League of Extraordinary Coaches will be RELIEABLES.



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  1. Thanks again for your reviews eagling – I think you know my team better than me
    Good luck to everyone in the finals this week



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