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Written by Motts on March 31 2016

Eagling’s back for 2016 and this year he’s decided to provide a weekly wrap up of the SCT Writers League which features all of our writers as well as some long time contributers and supporters. Take it away, E-Man…


Ladies and gentlemen, it is the moment you’ve not been waiting for.   The 2016 successor to 2015’s mildly glance-worthy LoEC 2 reviews and previews is finally here, and we hope to have a partially interesting and reasonably successful league.

Some of the participants join me on this voyage from the heights of LoEC to the exclusivity of the SCT Writers; no doubt we all wish to journey to the elite league of extraordinary coaches.

The Supercoach Talk Writers have made some interesting selections.  Five players – Marcus Adams, Mitch Brown, Ryan Davis, Sam Kerridge and Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti are owned by all eighteen coaches in the league, while twenty-four players provide unique options to their coaches.  The normally reliable Scott Pendlebury sits in only three teams, and Stefan Martin is the most popular ruckman, playing for eleven teams.   While only one team avoided Tom Rockliff, only two teams selected another underpriced midfielder in Joel Selwood.  Brad Crouch is the only player owned by exactly half the teams in the league. 

And now, after the teams have strolled into the 2016 Supercoach Arena, they prepare for their first bout in the league…

2 Boyds, 1 Cup (10) v (3) Dirty Kelsos SCT

PODS:  Laird, Birchall, Fyfe, Dunkley, Ablett, Menadue, Oliver, Goldstein, Read, Papley,  S. Gray, Dahlhaus v Dea, Weitering, Rich, B. Crouch, Priddis, Macaffer, Mundy, Ward,

Grimley, Gawn, Hall, Robinson

Dirty Kelsos SCT face a challenge to decide what to do with Mitch Robinson, who is injured for the next couple of weeks.  Much will rest on the performance of Fyfe against Priddis; Fyfe should improve, and Priddis will be hard-pressed to replicate his performance against the reigning premiers.  I predict that the home side will open their account with a narrow win.

Don Cottagers (11) v (9) All Priests > 75

PODS:  Weitering, Shaw, Laird, Rich, Rockliff, Fyfe, Mills, Ablett, Menadue, Selwood, S. Martin, Goldstein, Grimley, Wyatt, D. Martin, Papley, Simpkin v Lonergan, Yeo, Sheridan, McKenzie, Liberatore, B. Crouch, Hannebery, Pendlebury, R. Gray, Duncan, Ah Chee, Gawn, Naitanui, Max King, McCarthy, S. Gray, Steele

It is a battle between proven premiums and break-out contenders.  The All Priests go in with a decent lineup, but doubts over a couple of players leads me to believe that the home side will edge this one.

The Maulers @ SCT (1) v (4) MJ @ SCT

PODS:  Houli, Docherty, Dunkley, Oliver, Petracca, S. Martin, Grimley, Kennedy, Zorko v Rich, Sheridan, Hewett, Gresham, Shiel, Gawn, Loersch, Barlow, McCarthy

For sheer hype, this is probably the match of the round, as two titans of Supercoach Talk go head-to-head for bragging rights and four precious Premiership points.  MJ got the better of the two as Richmond narrowly defeated Motts’ improving Carlton, but the real challenge is ahead.  Motts, who languished at the bottom of the table for most of the season in LoEC 2 last year, has sent an ominous warning to the rest of the competition, being the only player to knock out a 2300+ score in the opening round.  But despite Barlow’s best efforts, MJ knocked out a respectable score of his own in round one.  Befitting a clash of such magnitude, it looks like this will be a closely contested match.  But I’m tipping the home side to pull away with the win. [Ed: Good tip!]

Meandering Journey (12) v (7) Maccas Maulers

PODS:  Bartel, Yeo, Sheridan,  Liberatore, Hewett, Pendlebury, Selwood, S. Martin, Wyatt, Hall, McCarthy, Papley, Zorko, Sinclair, Uebergang v Dea, Weitering, Shaw, Simpson, Dangerfield, Mills, B. Crouch, Parker, Petracca, Keays, Grimley, Naitanui, Kennedy, D. Martin, Greene

It is hard to get a read on this one.  The home side has a mix of potential breakouts and premiums that underperformed last week, while the away side picked more expensive players that generally produced.  The lack of Patrick Dangerfield hurt the home side last week, and unless his rookies replicate a good performance, he’ll need players like Scott Pendlebury and Callum Sinclair to perform.  The away side has the runs on the board though, so I’m going to tip them.

GarryWhyULyon@SCT (6) v (8) Thommo’s Tribe@SCT

PODS:  Gresham, Priddis, Grimley, Gawn, D. Martin, Papley v Hewett, B. Crouch, Wines, Wyatt, Naitanui, Robinson

The hive-mind of the Supercoach Talk Team started well, and will be looking to get their first win on the board in SCT Writers, and it is my belief that they will do so.

The Mighty Blues (18) v (17) Golden Delicious

PODS:  Laird, Simpson, Smith, Liberatore, Mills, Hewett, Petracca, Sloane, Wyatt, Wells, Barlow, Kennedy, McCarthy v Shaw, Rich, Brand, Dunkley, Ablett, Oliver, R. Gray, Trengove, Currie, M. McGovern, Franklin, Lamb, D. Rioli

I’m backing the home side in this early bottom-of-the-table clash.  I can’t see Shaw, Ablett and Robbie Gray getting enough support to pull Golden Delicious over the line.

Harbour Heroes @ SCT (2) v (13) Curnow Inferno

PODS:  Lonergan, B. Crouch, Parker, S. Mitchell, Graham, S. Martin, Gawn, Max King, Robinson v Dea, Houli, Dunkley, Wines, Hannebery, Grimley, Jacobs, Lobbe, D. Martin

Despite having the best name in the league, the away side will have to wait to get its first win on the board.

Roo Bloke’s Mob (14) v (15) The Big Sexy SCT

PODS:  Weitering, Yeo, Fyfe, Mills, Hewett, Treloar, M. Crouch, Gawn, Loersch, Wells, Hall, Sinclair, Franklin v Shaw, Simpson, Dunkley, Gresham, Wines, Pendlebury, Macaffer, S. Martin, Grimley, Jacobs, Barlow, M. McGovern, Greene

The home side to hop to victory led by a resurgent Nat Fyfe.

Schwarzwalder@SCT (16) v (5) Small Victories

PODS:  Lonergan, Birchall, Fyfe, Dunkley, Mills, R. Gray, Mitchell King, D. Martin, McCarthy, Simpkin, Anderson v McDonald, Smith, Dangerfield, Hewett, Gresham, Wines, Parker, Hannebery, Grimley, Hall, Milera

Schwarzwalder will have to deal with Jed Anderson.  With a couple of DPP moves available, Schwarzwalder has good flexibility, and we’ll have to wait and see what that move will be.  On the other hand, Small Victories will lose Oscar McDonald.  But the real battle is a head to head clash of Fyfe v Dangerfield; if it is anything like the battle between those two in round round 9, 2015, then we’ll have a titanic clash.  However, I believe the away side has the slightly better supporting cast, and will open their account with a win.


Here’s how the Total Points table for the league stands after Round 1:

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.33.55 PM



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  1. I know I had a bad start but to see it all up in lights on this post……..is depressing the hell outta me. Thanks, Eagling 😉


  2. Flirting with the top 4!

    Make or break round this and Robbo is done for one… harder than a cat’s head and will be back with bells on in round 3.

    No trades and no worries…



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