The Fallen Premiums, R19 2014

Written by MJ on August 7 2014

If you’re on your last trade, you’ll want to be bringing in the finest quality money can buy. If you’ve still got a handful for the last few weeks, you still need to think about squeezing out every last bit of value left in the piggy bank.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed another season of The Fallen Premiums, wrapping up soon with just the three weeks left of publication. Would love to start thinking about how this post can be improved in 2015. Please leave any suggestions you may have in the comments below. Champions.


Jarrad McVeigh $518,700 (-$53,800; Ave 103.8, PTA 103.7, BE 123) Has been hovering around this price for the last five weeks. Sits joint top scoring defender with Nick Malceski for the season. Port, StK, WB, Rich are his remaining fixtures.

Jimmy Bartel $467,200 (-$105,300; Ave 102.3, PTA 93.4, BE 103) Jimmy’s hit his cheapest point for the year just in time for SC Finals. Hovered around $550k from R10-16, so now is the time to buy. As long as there are no further surprises at the selection table, he’ll be making his way into my team. Always a good sign seeing a player’s PTA nearly 10 points below their Ave. Frem, Carl, Haw, Bris.

Kade Simpson $462,900 (-$50,300; Ave 98.3, PTA 92.6, BE 44) Has put a 129 and 105 on the table in the last fortnight after a dismal midseason form slump. This turn in form has coincided with Andrew Walker’s injury and could be positive for his output heading into SC Finals. GC, Geel, Port, Ess.

Grant Birchall $419,900 (-$76,700; Ave 88.3, PTA 84.0, BE 41) Has a tougher run in finals than most, but the Hawks should be winning most games anyway. Last three games: 92, 106, 105. Melb, Frem, Geel, Coll.

Heath Shaw $454k; BE 156
David Swallow $499k; BE 148
Nick Malceski $528k; BE 134


Tom Liberatore $535,800 (-$40,400; Ave 112.2, PTA 107.2, BE 113) A 63 in R15 sent his price south from nearly $650k. A mid-season purple patch saw Libba average 137.67 points per match in six games from R7. Could he replicate a similar feat in the last four weeks? StK, Nth, Syd, GWS.

Kieren Jack $503,600 (-$85,800; Ave 104.9, PTA 100.7, BE 91) Quietly goes about his business as a footballer and SC midfielder. Hasn’t hit the heights of the last few years, but has notched a 101 and 110 in his last two outings against the Hawks and Bombers respectively. Port, StK, WB, Rich.

Adam Treloar $494,100 (+$24,600; Ave 107.3, PTA 98.8, BE 103) May be running out the season slower than some, due to the young body with a 91.8 average in his last five. Still has the capability of a massive game in him. 154 in R1 and 176 in R3 serve as reminders as to how big he can go. Nth, Melb, Coll, WB.

Dion Prestia $494,000 (-$31,900; Ave 106.7, PTA 98.8, BE 89) Like Treloar, ‘The Human Meatball’ has also slowed considerably in his last five, although pumped out a 123 against the Saints last week. Quite possibly finding it a little tougher without Gaz. Carl, Port, Ess, WC.

Ryan Griffen $484,900 (-$142,700; Ave 92.7, PTA 97.0, BE 55) Three tons on the trot has Griffen approaching $500k again. Still cheap for his potential and will be an interesting talking point for the start of next season, as he’ll be priced similar to Beams and Murphy were this year. StK, Nth, Syd, GWS.

Travis Boak $534k; BE 174
Brendan Goddard $501k; BE 150
Trent Cotchin $539k; BE 149
Josh P. Kennedy $572k; BE 134
Steve Johnson $565k; BE 134
Rory Sloane $549k; BE 134
Scott Pendlebury $586k; BE 130
Nick Dal Santo $543k; BE 127


Shane Mumford $522,700 (+$26,700; Ave 113.5, PTA 104.5, BE 105) Hasn’t smashed out anything monstrous since R14, hence the price drop to an affordable level. You know he’s got those 150+ games in his locker. Nth, Melb, Coll, WB.

Ben McEvoy $460,800 (-$42,500; Ave 94.0, PTA 92.2, BE 55) 99, 120 and 102 in his three games back from injury. Nicely done, Big Boy. Melb, Frem, Geel, Coll.

Sam Jacobs $590k; BE 129


Nick Riewoldt $483,900 (-$83,200; Ave 91.1, PTA 96.8, BE 15) Another respectable score from Roo may give buyers enough confidence leading into finals. Not exactly a bargain anymore, but still considerably below his starting price. WB, Syd, Rich, Adel.

Justin Westhoff $477,700 (-$54,000; Ave 91.8, PTA 95.5, BE 23) His current coaches must have enjoyed the service he’s been dishing up in the last two weeks. The fact that he’s been spending more time playing a kick behind the ball in recent weeks has attributed to the 144 and 120 against the Dees and Pies.

Jarryd Roughead $463,800 (-$67,500; Ave 93.2, PTA 92.7, BE 33)
Roughy is another of the key-forwards who have been enjoying some success lately. He’s now clocked up back-to-back 120s for the first time this year. Melb, Frem, Geel, Coll.

Matthew Pavlich $383k; BE 171
Brent Harvey $556k; BE 162
Dustin Martin $509k; BE 141
Luke Dahlhaus $484k; BE 137
Luke Parker $565k; BE 127


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15 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums, R19 2014”

  1. Bringing in Bartel also for Suckling, finally in my side so hope he doesn’t let me down. Suckling has Melb then a hard run home so I think it’s worth it.


  2. Got one trade left and need to burn Pav. Am in Top 4 of leagues.
    Who best to bring in (can be mid/fwd)?
    – Boomer?
    – Rocky?
    – JPK?
    – Parker?
    – Libba?


  3. Trading out Gunston
    Can afford any ruckman and forward.
    Already have Sandi, S.Martin, Gray, Danger, D.Martin, L.Parker, D.Zorko
    who would you bring in


  4. just need some help need one more mid fielder who to get?
    thumbs up Priddis
    thumbs down Kennedy
    thanks for your help


  5. Advice required pls, who to upgrade? I have both on the field atm…

    TU: mPavlich to Harvey or
    TD: Miles to Jelwood / Fyfe




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