The Fallen Premiums R20, 2014

Written by MJ on August 14 2014


Nick Malceski $512,700 (+$23,100; Ave 103.7, PTA 102.5, BE 93) Congratulations to anyone who picked ‘The Esky’ and stuck with him in their pre-season team, because very few could have envisaged the fantastic season he’s had. It’s been a career best year for the man who turns 30 years old tomorrow. The last time he was available for less than $512k was before the byes. The 67 he scored three weeks ago dipped his price, but not his confidence, as he’s come out and polled a 111 and 103 in the last two. StK, WB, Rich to come.

Jarrad McVeigh $510,500 (-$62,000; Ave 103.8, PTA 102.1, BE 94) This price is a season low for McVeigh, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s in poor form. His last five have been 113, 121, 80, 108, 104. Like his defensive partner Malceski, he’s got a favourable run of games to round out the season. StK, WB, Rich.

Jimmy Bartel $461,100 (-$111,400; Ave 101.6, PTA 92.2, BE 86) As per Mr. McVeigh, Jimmy also approaches R21 at his lowest price for the 2014 season. The R23 Skilled Stadium game against Brisbane for your SC Grand Final looms as a key match, and with a Cats’ home final on the cards, it’s less likely that restings will be an issue. Carl, Haw, Bris.

Heath Shaw $440,100 (-$82,500; Ave 92.2, PTA 88.0, BE 48)
The knock-out blow in R15 left Heath out of action for the majority of the game, leaving a score of 24 to wreak havoc with his price. Down from $501k before that match, he’s now presented at a bargain price, especially considering he’s averaged 110.5 over his last six full-length games. You’ll probably find he’s a POD in your leagues. Melb, Coll, WB.

Pearce Hanley $596k; BE 139
Brodie Smith $487k; BE 128
David Swallow $472k; BE 128


Josh P. Kennedy $563,400 (-$5,200; Ave 117.8, PTA 112.7, BE 120) The last time he was this cheap was R4. Only dropping below the ton twice this year, he’s a dead-set bargain at this value and also a captaincy option, especially when you consider his run home. StK, WB, Rich.

Travis Boak $528,500 (-$46,600; Ave 106.4, PTA 105.7, BE 80) The Port skipper is one of the most inconsistent SC premium midfielders, which is why he comes in as a risky option. He’s scored 150+ on four occasions in 2014, including last week’s 162 against Sydney if you don’t mind. He’s also gone below 90 seven times. R3 was the last time you’ll find he was cheaper than this. GC, Carl, Freo.

Kieren Jack $505,100 (-$84,300; Ave 104.3, PTA 101.0, BE 99) &
Adam Treloar $493,200 (+$23,700; Ave 106.8, PTA 98.6, BE 92) Both men have received write-ups in the R18 edition. They’re still at similar prices and scoring ok.

David Mundy $471,100 (-$88,400; Ave 101.4, PTA 94.2, BE 71) Mundy averaged 108.8 from R5-17, before dropping a score of 56 in the shock loss to the Saints. He has since dropped outside the $500k range and presents a bargain for anyone looking for a solid midfielder without the funds for an absolute top-liner. Haw, Bris, Port.

Steve Johnson $526k; BE 201
Nick Dal Santo $506k; BE 160
Tom Rockliff $695k; BE 143
Callan Ward $593k; BE 138
Jobe Watson $580k; BE 125


If you’re in the market for a ruckman, the big bucks are going to need to be forked out for bone fide premium that’s in-form. Fallen Premium favourites, Will Minson (58) and Ben McEvoy (65) both scored poorly on the weekend. Jacobs (164) and Goldstein (143) are the clear standouts in the ruck division at the moment, but both come at a cost of over $600k!


Brent Harvey $531,100 (-$30,200; Ave 109.0, PTA 106.2, BE 137) His breakeven of 137 suggests he’ll fall in price again next week, but if you’re in the market for a forward this round then look no further than the three selected here. Boomer’s scores against his final three opponents earlier this year read: 169, 124, 131. That’s against WB, Adel, Melb. He’s not in my team, and I’m concerned.

Robbie Gray $502,300 (+$59,700; Ave 105.2, PTA 100.5, BE 126) Belted out 126 points in the loss to Sydney and is cheap relative to his average and the $550k mark he’s been hovering at for most of the season. Plays GC, Carl, Freo. Earlier this season he posted 109 and 126 against the latter two, whilst he matches up to GC for the first time this year.

Dustin Martin $491,900 (-$57,300; Ave 100.8, PTA 98.4, BE 106) Dusty is owned by 104,388 coaches. If you don’t have him, you’d better think about acquiring him for your forward line. Martin doesn’t go under $500k very often and his highest score for the season came against the Swans in R14 with a 148. Look who the Tigers play in R23. Adel, StK, Syd.

Dayne Zorko $509k; BE 143
Patrick Dangerfield $537k; BE 135
Lance Franklin $522k; BE 126


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6 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums R20, 2014”

  1. For me, wingard has to go. So the options are move zorko into the forwards and buy a star mid, or buy a star forward.

    It’s insanely hard to look past boomer with his run home, and the fact his price may dip slightly further is irrelevant as these will be my final trades of the season.

    Even with Roughy out for one, I’d rather play McGovern off the bench than have to play Wingard again. Wingard has been my greatest fail of the year.

    Thanks for the writeup MJ.


  2. Got Stevey J and Roughy, really need to trade 1 of them as my bench cover is awful. Bit hesitant to trade Rough as his 3 round avg is 115 as a nice POD.

    Thumbs up – Trade Stevey J (Will bring in either JPK or Sloane)
    Thumbs down – Trade Rough (Robbie Gray or Harvey)



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