The Fallen Premiums R21, 2014

Written by MJ on August 21 2014

Premiums have been falling all over the place, but not in the manner that SuperCoaches appreciate. We like them dropping in price so we can pick them up on the cheap, but not dropping like flies in the literal sense of the word. Injuries and suspensions to so many of the highly selected midfield stars prompts this week’s article to be solely midfield based. I’d be surprised if anyone is looking for anything other than a premium midfielder this week, so here goes.

MJ’s Top 5 Midfield Replacements:

#1. Tom Rockliff $691,900 (Ave 129.8, 3-Rd 136.0, 5-Rd 144.8) Rockliff is just 24 years of age, yet will head into 2015 as the 2nd highest priced player behind Gary Ablett. He’s 8th in the competition for total SC points, which is staggering to believe given he’s missed three matches! He’s by far and away averaging the highest of any fit player at the moment and has scored 144 ppg over his last 7 games. Coming up against Fremantle and Geelong may be a concern for some, yet his two lowest scores for the year are against GWS (74) and St. Kilda (91) and just a fortnight ago he posted a 158 in a 105-point loss to the Crows. If you can afford him, he’s got to be the #1 option.

#2. Joel Selwood $644,800 (Ave 119.7, 3-Rd 128.7, 5-Rd 135.4) Selwood comes in as the #2 alternative for mine. His last five games have been nothing short of sensational, putting together three matches in the 140s on the trot and is a deserved favourite for the Brownlow Medal with 11 scores of 120+ this year. The Cats’ skipper has Hawthorn and Brisbane round out the season. In his last four against each opposition he’s averaged 123 and 129 respectively.

#3. Matt Priddis $632,000 (Ave 115.2, 3-Rd 127.0, 5-Rd 127.6) He’s always been ultra-consistent, and this season has been no different. The man with the golden locks has only gone under 90 twice this season, and not once since R7. In fact, his lowest score in the last nine weeks has been 108! With Melbourne and Gold Coast to finish his year, one wouldn’t bet on him falling beneath that threshold in either game.

#4. Rory Sloane $586,200 (Ave 113.7, 3-Rd, 129.7, 5-Rd 114.4) Like Rockliff, at just 24 years old, Sloane is another young gun who has potential to give even more in future seasons. Dropping below 100 just the three times this year, he’s a pretty safe selection to score between 100-130 most weeks. Games against North Melbourne and St. Kilda loom as favourable fixtures. Rory bagged 127s against both clubs earlier in 2014.

#5. Jobe Watson $566,600 (Ave 111.4, 3-Rd 105.3, 5-Rd 118.8) Watson’s a bit riskier as he may still be working back his match fitness after a bit of a layoff with injury, but it’s undisputed that he’s a bone fide SC elite. He’d be a POD, as no one would have kept him throughout his 8 weeks on the sidelines. The Bombers are going in as favourites against Gold Coast and Carlton for their last two games.

Looking for someone different?
Here’s a list of players who have hit good form lately, averaging 110+ over both their last 3, and last 5 matches.

Jordan Lewis $615,900 (Ave 107.1, 3-Rd 144.3, 5-Rd 129.6) He’s in career best form without a shadow of a doubt, but if I’ve got over $600k to spend, I’m going with someone who’s been churning out 100s all season, but that’s just my style and I know some who are all over him this week. Has Geelong and Collingwood to finish the year.

Toby Greene $555,400 (Ave 97.9, 3-Rd 129.7, 5-Rd 125.6) Could be a real smokie selection if he can bust out a similar game to the 161 he scored two weeks ago against the Roos. Collingwood and Western Bulldogs to come.

Brandon Ellis $553,300 (Ave 97.0, 3-Rd 128.3, 5-Rd 110.2) Most will know he’s my favourite player for Richmond and still has improvement to come at just 21 years old. I wouldn’t be surprised if he chalks up 40 touches against the Saints this week.

Steele Sidebottom $601,900 (Ave 112.7, 3-Rd 126.0, 5-Rd 120.2) Difficult to know how his scoring may be affected with a few Collingwood outs, but did net the best SC score for the Pies on the weekend, so that is a positive sign.

Brett Deledio $547,700 (Ave 99.9, 3-Rd 119.3, 5-Rd 115.2) Lids has been very consistent since regaining fitness after his Achilles injury. In fact, over Richmond’s resurgent last seven matches, he’s averaged 111.6 and is clearly a big factor in the Tigers’ rise up the table.

Dyson Heppell $571,400 (Ave 107.5, 3-Rd 118.7, 5-Rd 118.4)
This kid has always promised to be a star after averaging 83.4 in his rookie season. Remarkably, he’s moved into 3rd favouritism for the Brownlow Medal – that was until he broke his hand at training and will now miss this week at least. PASS.

Marc Murphy $549,100 (Ave 110.2, 3-Rd 111.3, 5-Rd 113.6) There was a lot of uncertainty over whether Murphy would be a good selection this year. Starting the year at under $500k, he has proved the doubters wrong. He’s coming off back-to-back 117s, but faces some relatively tough opposition in Port Adelaide and Essendon.

Luke Shuey $523,700 (Ave 98.8, 3-Rd 110.0, 5-Rd 116.0) Shuey is the cheapest of the ‘in-form’ players. Has Melbourne and Gold Coast to give himself every chance of scoring well in the remaining two games.

Who would be your top 5 picks?


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19 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums R21, 2014”

  1. Great write up. Wish I had a trade left. I say it every year to myself that I must enter finals with about 4 trades. I never do. Next year I will…. Yeah right.


  2. Been thinking about bringing in Watson for Beams this week, just worried about the Carrazzo tag the following week. Do you know MJ if he tags Watson and how does Watson go against him.


  3. Jobe’s last few scores against the Blues dating back to 2012 have been:

    101, 112, 87 and 104

    Doesn’t instill too much confidence that he’d go large against the Blues, Carrots will definitely be hanging all over him.

    But if Bombers are still in the finals mix come round 23 u can bet that Capt’ Jobe will be in and amongst every play.


  4. I had Jobe to start the year (and had him during last year’s non injured stretches.)
    I’m very hesitant to go with him considering a fairly extended ordinary patch plus the comeback from injury.

    I’m mostly looking at Steel but I’m really unsure ($610 or so to spend).


  5. I had my team just about set with enough trades for finals. Injures to Ablett, Watson, Hibberd & Swan forced me to sideways trades, I’m going into this week with one trade. If I had the balls to do it I’d be bringing in Watson this week. He’s an out and out champion, to come back after 12 weeks and team us apart last week shows how good he is. But I’m a bit like the eagles and will pick ‘safe’ this week as I only have one trade. Beams for Priddis looks to be my trade. Now what to do with Kennedy, Pendlebury & Fyfe…


  6. Need to replace Harvey MJ, who would you pick out of Franklin or Gray? I have a bad feeling Franklin could be rested last round if he tweaks anything this week.


  7. Hey all just have a quick question for the wise heads of sct.
    Who do you guys think will score better in the last two rounds?
    T/U Rory Slaonebat
    T/D Rodney Dangerifeid


  8. Like everyone I have 4 holes in my Mids, but I need to bring in a FWD so I can use Shenton in my MIDs

    Who is the best FWD option over the next 2 weeks?

    TU – R Gray
    TD – McGlynn
    Comments – Chapman

    Already have Parker, Danger, D Mart, Zork, Frank and S Mart


  9. Trading out Stevie J and Beams

    TU Deledio and Libba

    TD Deledio and Murphy

    Comment for any other suggestions.



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