Father Dougal’s First Minute Team Picker

Written by Father Dougal on January 29 2020

Hi Everybody!

Right before the season opens I’ve started posing a last minute team picker, so that people who join at the last minute can have a team that gives them a chance to enjoy the season and not be discouraged from playing. The more people playing the better, and when I was a new player I was happy for any help I could get. 

But, those people thinking about their teams now deserve a post for them too. I did one last season, which covered how I go about getting ready to make my final selections. No point in rewriting it, so, link below. 


But while the theory is still good, the suggestions are obviously a bit outdated! So, once again I’m adding some specifics to help new players enter a starter team that they can use as a base to build on. It is pretty much a lot of the current conventional wisdom, with nothing really clever. Just a starting point, not a final team by any stretch. We’ll learn a lot before first bounce, and we’ll want to react to the new data. 

To start with put Grundy and Gawn in the ruck. Also put Comben at R3.  Unless one of them gets hurt, that’s what will be in the last minute picker as well. There are no genuinely good alternatives at this point. 


In defense: Laird, Docherty, Houston, Deodee, and Roberton. 

Laird is under-priced for his likely output after an off year

Docherty is under-priced after a long injury layoff. 

Houston is a breakout candidate who worst case should score about the same as last year and best case is top 4

Doedee is under-priced because of an injury affected season. If he only equals his rookie output he’ll make enough money to be a good pick.  He could do better

Roberton is under-priced after a long injury layoff.


In the Mids: Macrae, Neale, Cripps, Dunkley, Dangerfield. 

All of these are mature players with a reasonable expectation of high scoring and durability. 


Forward: Whitfield, Martin, D Smith, S Hill. 

Whitfield is likely to be the highest scoring forward based on his last season. 

Martin is likely to be a top scoring forward based on his previous seasons

D Smith is under-priced because of an injury affected season 

S Hill is under-priced because of an injury affected season. If he only equals his previous season’s injury affected output he’ll make enough money to be a good pick. He could do better

Then, fill in the rest with any cows you like. Those are just guesses at this point. If you have cash left, upgrade cows to players you like, then wait and see what happens between now and first bounce. 

Okay, that’s enough to get started. I expect people will have many more tips and suggestions in the comments. Read the post here, and then go with what you like. In the end, you have to pick a team you are happy with!


Oh, and as part of my review of predictions, not that these are very much predictions, but anyways last season:

Def: Blakely (Blah) , Witherden (Blah) , Z Williams (Yay) , Newman (Yay)

Mid: Macrae (Yay) , Cripps (Yay), Martin (Blah), Zorko (Blah), Liberatore (Yay)

Ruck: Grundy(Yay), Naismith (Blah), (some loophole bloke)

Fwd: Dangerfield(Yay), D. Smith (Blah), Heeney (Yay), Dunkley (Yay!!!), McLean (Blah)

Very much just a starting point. None of the Blahs made it into my starting team.


Thanks for reading!



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7 thoughts on “Father Dougal’s First Minute Team Picker”

    1. I don’t know if that is surprising or not. But, I think he is one of the most obvious pick this season


    2. FD…I want to know how you hacked into my computer and stole my current team !!! LOL

      The GG/Comden loop is in my mind the most obvious starting loop combination ever, because of the 19 loop rounds it provides.

      Might have said that once or twice already !!


      1. Oh, the Hamster does all the hacking. Whenever the wheel goes silent at night, well, he’s probably up to no good.


  1. This is a great example of how simple Supercoach should be, FD!

    Pick good players with probable upside and a decent scoring history and then leave your team alone until the rookies are selected for Round 1.

    But we don’t – we tinker and listen to hype and next thing you know Mills and Aaron Hall are in our teams…



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