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Written by Schwarzwalder on December 19 2017

The First Glance series moves into the Engine Room today.  While most midfields will be dominated (and rightly so) by the Dangers, Dustys & Titches, there are plenty of value options that could be considered viable.  Of course, you can’t fit all these players into your team……..these are just some of the names that jumped out at me (for various reasons) while I perused our SCT Team Picker.



Nat Fyfe (FRE, $597 900) – Was the subject of much discussion and numerous SCT polls in 2017 when he had a prolonged form slump mid-season (one SC ton over eight weeks).  Fyfe then reminded us of his elite status over the last eight weeks where he averaged 126 (!)pts, hauling in seven tons, six of which were over 120+.  If he gets through the pre-season unscathed then he’s in my starting line-up for 2018!

Scott Pendlebury (COL, $586 500) – Has age finally caught up with Pendles?  He’ll be 30 in January and the days of 120+ averages are now long gone.  While he’s still a vital part of the Magpies line-up, is he still Supercoach-relevant?  A 107 avg (2017) is testament to his work ethic but I question if he’s considered to be a Top10 Midfielder any longer?  It’s a ‘wait & see’ for mine………

Sebastian Ross (STK, $555 300) – Between Rds 2-16 of 2017, Seb Ross was busy collecting 11 tons (plus 99, 94 & 87) at an average of 110.  During that same period, Ross only dropped under 30 possessions on three occasions.  That’s far from a ‘flash in the pan’ effort and I’d expect Ross to continue in a similar vein in 2018.  Good value at that starting price, averaged at 101………..

Patrick Cripps (CAR, $537 300) – Expect the young fella to be in most starting line-ups at that price.  Was hampered by injury at the beginning & end of 2017 and his starting price is a reflection of that.  Is a contested Beast that will further excel with the departure of Gibbs.  Lock him in if he’s fit…….

Tom Rockliff (PTA, $529 400) – It just wouldn’t be Supercoach if Rocky wasn’t torturing us again 😉  He was the #1 ranked player after Rd8 this season before his shoulder injury.  He didn’t trouble the scorers much upon his return.  Will a change of clubs bring a change of luck?  He is elite when fit……..



Stephen Coniglio (GWS, $452 400) – Coniglio had his BreakOut year in 2016 where he averaged 106pts over 21 games.  That included a massive 13 tons, six of which were over 120+.  His 2017 season was ruined by a series of ankle injuries.  There’s no denying his scoring power and he’ll be a popular selection if he can complete a full pre-season.

Tom Liberatore (WBD, $434 600) – Not so long ago, Libba was considered an ‘uber’-Premium player.  Can he return to the form he showed in 2013 & 2014 (107 & 110avg)?  Last season’s form doesn’t suggest he can but great value if he goes close.  Proceed with caution……….

Jack Graham (RIC, $268 800) Five games, five wins and a Premiership Medal.  Graham has been blessed with one of the greatest starts to a football career in the history of the game.  Not only did he make the Grand Final line-up, he managed to rack up 16 touches and kicked three crucial goals for a 108 SC pts score.  Can the young fella go on with it?  Or is he the modern-day Richard Hadlee?  Who??  Exactly!!  (Brisbane Premiership player 2001).  If he holds his position in the team, then he might just be worth a crack at that price……..

Harley Balic (MEL, $252 900, FWD/MID) – Successfully traded back to his home town of Melbourne, Balic finally gets a chance to show us all what he’s capable of.  Quite confident that he’ll get plenty of opportunities at Melbourne if he stays fit………


What sneaky options have you got lined up for MIDs this year? What do you make of my value picks? Terrible disagreeement? Tell us about it here or even on Twitter (@SC_Talk , @SchwarzwalderSC)


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14 thoughts on “First Glance – MID”

    1. Each to their own, Sean. Impossible to fit everyone in, but there are a plenty of decent PODs there if you wanna take a risk…….


  1. Great stuff Schwarz.

    I have tried to stuff Coniglio, Fyfe and Cripps in at M5, M6 and M7 but I ran out of money!


  2. I’m bullish about Beams at $557k, came home like a steam train and managed 19 games. At least he’s been elite before unlike Cripps, who is a firm “no” for me at this stage. I’m game to try Jaeger Bomb at $315k if he doesn’t show any niggles over the off season, will be right in the thick of the action from round 1 alongside Titch.


  3. I think Dusty might burn plenty this year , he is priced @ 656k , not saying he’s not a good mid , just saying the midfields & backs that he played against weren’t all that good for the most part of 2017 , only played 1 top 8 team twice & that was GWS , add that to the fact the tigers had virtually no injuries last year
    this would have made life a little easier for the reigning Brownlow medalist
    I think a finishing price of around 540k – 560k will be a more realistic outcome at the end of 2018
    prove me wrong Dusty



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