Flavour of the Week: Early Edition

Written by Chillo on March 22 2017

Hi everyone, Schwarzwalder has handed me the reins of the Flavour of the Week article for 2017. This is Supercoach Talk’s weekly lookย at the trade trends, giving you an indication of what the masses are doing when it comes to updating their teams. Of course, as yet we have no trade data to speak of, but I thought I’d use this week’s article to take a snapshot of the most popular selections, as well as look at a few notable POD’s who seem to be on the nose for one reason or another.

TOP 20 MOST POPULAR SELECTIONS (as of Wednesday March 22, 6am AEDT)
name club position price % ownership
Nathan FYFE FRE mid $573,500 61.0
Sam POWELL-PEPPER PTA mid $135,300 59.0
Patrick DANGERFIELD GEE mid $716,900 57.3
Brett EDDY PTA fwd $102,400 54.4
Jaeger O’MEARA HAW mid $318,900 52.8
Curtly HAMPTON ADE def $160,000 50.3
Aaron SANDILANDS FRE ruc $308,200 46.7
Luke DAHLHAUS WBD fwd/mid $520,700 45.7
Dayne BEAMS BRI mid $432,500 43.2
Jarryd ROUGHEAD HAW fwd $367,100 42.9
Jarrod PICKETT CAR fwd/mid $123,900 41.2
Tim TARANTO GWS fwd/mid $207,300 40.1
Heath SHAW GWS def $576,500 38.5
Mitchell HIBBERD NTH def/mid $123,900 38.4
David SWALLOW GCS mid $280,200 38.3
Andy OTTEN ADE def $123,900 37.1
Tom STEWART GEE def $117,300 35.9
Toby NANKERVIS RIC fwd/ruc $366,400 34.1
Taylor ADAMS COL def/mid $527,800 33.6
Max GAWN MEL ruc $645,000 32.5

And those precious Points of Difference…I’ve narrowed them down to currently fit players valued over $500,000+ with <5% ownership, who finished in the top 20 in their position (on aggregate) in 2016. Taking a punt on these despised outsiders could give you the edge you’re looking for!

NOTABLE POINTS OF DIFFERENCE (as of Wednesday March 22, 6am AEDT)
name club position price 2016 rank % ownership
Shaun BURGOYNE HAW def $515,400 5th 1.8
Matthew BOYD WBD def $563,900 6th 2.6
Jeremy HOWE COL def $500,500 15th 2.4
Lachie NEALE FRE mid $612,800 4th 3.1
Zach MERRETT ESS mid $606,400 7th 3.7
Bryce GIBBS CAR mid $577,200 12th 0.6
Luke SHUEY WCE mid $574,500 13th 1.0
Callan WARD GWS mid $574,500 14th 3.0
Matt PRIDDIS WCE mid $593,800 15th 3.4
Rory SLOANE ADE mid $591,000 17th 4.0
Jack STEVEN STK mid $560,600 18th 4.8
Patrick CRIPPS CAR mid $585,500 19th 4.8
Shane MUMFORD GWS ruc $536,300 3rd 3.3
Jack GUNSTON HAW fwd $502,300 10th 2.1

Some real last-minute food for thought there. Whether your team is vanilla or some exotic flavour – I hear the snozzberries taste like snozzberries – good luck to everyone in the SCT community this year!


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6 thoughts on “Flavour of the Week: Early Edition”

  1. Great start Chillo , and looking forward to your Flavour of the Week articles each week!

    Feeling a bit like a sheep with all of the Top 9 most popular picks , and all up 15 out of the 20 with only 1 POD in Howe.


    1. Thanks TDA, hopefully I can figure out how to format the tables properly before the next article!
      I was surprised Howe has such low ownership, his name has been mentioned on this site a lot. Maybe the SCT community knows something the rest don’t???


      1. Agree Chillo, I have been tossing up between Adams & Howe for weeks, and thought in one of the recent 2UP polls that results were fairly even.

        TU : Adams
        TD : Howe


  2. Thanks Chillo.

    I feel Howe will have greater durability than Adams.

    Adams definitely has a higher ceiling.

    With a lot of Coachers picking players that had major injuries last year ( Fyfe, JOM, Sandi, Beams,Swallow) Durability on other lines maybe Key.

    I’m avoiding both, going with D1 Simpson D2 Shaw D3 Laird.

    I’ve got Lochie Neale locked at M3.( 3rd highest scorer in the mids last year). I think Fyfe coming back actually helps him. If he was playing for Richmond or Collingwood his ownership would be at 40%+

    Happy SuperCoaching.



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