Flavour Of The Week – Finals Edition

Written by Chillo on August 22 2017

Hand up if you’re in a League Final? Keep that hand up if you have any trades left? Still keep that hand up if your arm is getting tired?

Obviously trade numbers are very low this week, and at this stage of the season coaches that (a) have trades left, and (b) actually need/want to trade, are as rare as a Zac Dawson drop punt. So, take the tables below with a grain of salt. As already noted by Schwarz, trading this week is pretty straight forward – pick the player you can afford who you think will score the most points this weekend. You can take into consideration who you’re up against in your league final, but in my experience you’re better off concentrating on your own team, and saying a silent prayer to the SC gods!

MOST TRADED IN, as of 12pm Tuesday August 22:

MOST TRADED OUT, as of 12pm Tuesday August 22:

It seems there are a few people who are really cranky with The Bont’s sparkling 45 point effort last weekend! Looking ahead, I think the top 4 ‘trade ins’ might feature highly in some pre-season wishlists in 2018.

I also thought it might be interesting to look back at the top 5 most popular pre-season picks, as featured in the Early Edition of the Flavour, all the way back in March:

Top 5 most popular pre-season picks, March 2017


Pretty hit-and-miss there. Eddy and O’Meara were obviously complete busts, SPP was a useful cash cow for most teams, and Fyfe has finished the season like a freight train – he’ll be popular again next year, albeit without the discounted price tag. As for Danger, he was again the perma-captain we were all hoping for, although if you picked him up at around $560K in round 8 you would have been laughing!

This will be the final edition of the FotW for 2017. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it every Tuesday, and managed to take something useful from it. This is the first time I’ve ever written an article on a weekly basis for anything, and it’s been a lot of fun! Thanks to Motts and Schwarzwalder for the opportunity to contribute to this little site which has given me so much information, not to mention entertainment, over the past few years.

Good luck to everyone this weekend. The Flavour will return in 2018…


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5 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Finals Edition”

  1. Not sure about the people trading Bont out surely they have bigger issues I wouldn’t think he’ll score that low again.

    I’m Tossing up between upgrading a premo (probly not Bont) to a hopefully better premo or holding a trade all round in case of a late out I can’t cover due to emergency loopholes. Worst thing that can happen is the emergency goes well so you sub off a player for a non player then later in the round get done by a late out and have someones score just sitting on the bench while you enjoy a donut.


    1. Also.. Great work Chillo on the flavour each week, always a good read and plenty of insight into potential trade ins.


      1. Thanks Frankie, and congratulations on your incredible year. Here’s hoping you can lock up that top 10 spot!

        If the trend of final round carnage from previous years continues, you might find that extra trade extremely valuable….



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