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Written by on June 5 2018

Iiiitttttt’s bye time!

As mentioned by Roo Bloke elsewhere on this site, in an ideal world you wouldn’t be trading at all this week. The rationale is that anyone you bring in this week (except for the handful of relevant Suns and Powerers) will miss at least one game in the near future, reducing their output and therefore their ‘real’ value.

Unfortunately none of us live in an ideal world (unless you happen to be Roger Federer, in which case – hi GOAT!), and the more likely scenario is that you may need someone to cover for Howe’s knee, Coniglio’s head, Fyfe’s elbow, or perhaps just your own erroneous planning….Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday June 5:

1.   Logan Austin (STK, def, $159 700)

+ Austin has been the surprise packet of the rookie class of 2018, defying  previous form to average 24 disposals and 99 Supercoach points in his first two games at his new Saintly home.

+ With scores of 106 and 92, Austin is now on the bubble with a weekly low break-even of -102, and is the logical first choice for a downgrade before the bye rounds begin.

+ With the likes of Cole, Richards and Mirra on the bye this week, here’s an opportunity to grab some cash and put another heartbeat (with scoring potential!) on the field.


– Prior to this season, Austin averaged 46 ppg in 13 matches at Port Adelaide. Has something finally clicked to realise this extraordinary increase in scoring? Or have the last two games just been a temporary blip?

– Austin has relied on a glut of cheap footy in the D50 to compile these scores, managing only 8 contested touches out of 49, and taking just a solitary contested mark this season. Can he continue to be ignored by opposition forwards?

2.   Paul Ahern (NTH, mid/fwd, $123 900)


+ Supercoaches everywhere have been waiting for this bloke to get a go, and he didn’t disappoint! 29 possessions, including 13 contested, and 84 points on his debut for the Roos.

+ The seventh pick in the 2014 draft, Ahern has walked a hard road to get to this point, but at 21 years of age he is closer to being the finished product than most other players around this price.

+ Dual position status is going to be incredibly useful during the bye rounds, and probably well after that too.


– There are always going to be question marks over a player who has had more knee reconstructions than games played. Hopefully Ahern can rectify that particular stat soon!

– Has only played one game. The bye rounds do move the goalposts a bit, but as always, it’s recommended that you hold off this trade for a week if you can.

3.   Brody Mihocek (COL, def, $102 400)


+ Mihocek is listed as a defender for Supercoach, but he was terrific on his debut as a key forward against the Dockers, bagging four goals and 97 Supercoach points.

+ Mihocek was outstanding for several seasons in the VFL as a key defender, finally being elevated the Pies senior squad at 24 years of age. Tough and very capable.

+ Taken with pick 22 in the rookie draft, Mihocek comes with the rookie listed price tag, maximising the cash you put in your pocket from the downgrade.


– As above for Ahern, Mihocek is not yet on the bubble, and can be safely watched for another week (or two, with the Rd 13 bye) before you decide to bring him in.

– Will he continue to play as a forward? His scoring potential is greatly reduced as a defender. What about when Ben Reid is fit? Can he kick goals every week to sustain his scoring? Lots of question marks.

4.   Tom McDonald (MEL, def/fwd, $538 600)


+ One of the more versatile bookends in the game, McDonald has primarily been deployed as a marking forward this season, with incredible results. 24 possessions and four goals against the Dogs earned McDonald a career high 164 points.

+ Now averaging 111 from his six games in 2018, which makes him the highest averaging forward in the entire competition. Despite that statistic, McDonald is still at only 5% ownership.

+ That rare and beautiful DPP status sets up an incredibly useful swing with the likes of James Sicily, helping you navigate the bye rounds.


– Has already spent five weeks on the sideline with a foot injury, and was sent for precautionary scans on the same foot as recently as two weeks ago.

– With Jake Lever unfortunately gone for the season, will McDonald’s versatility count against him? There is a chance he could find himself heading back to play a role as key defender.

5.  Robbie Gray (PTA, fwd, $523 900)


+ Did his utmost to get the Power across the line against the ultimately victorious Hawks, booting four goals in a low scoring affair. With Port’s bye already behind them, Gray is available for each of the next three games.

+ There’s been a lot made of Robbie’s role change, but at 108 ppg, he is still the owner of the second-highest average amongst all forwards this year.

+ Had his share of off-field battles recently, but he is undoubtably a class performer with a proven Supercoach record, racking up three consecutive seasons of 108+ scoring from 2014-16.


– With Rockliff back and playing through the midfield, Gray has been almost exclusively anchored in the forward 50, limiting his possession count and curbing his scoring. Quite infuriating for his owners, really!

– Recent scoring has been based almost exclusively on kicking goals, and that well ain’t gonna keep running forever.

#6 – 10: Isaac HEENEY (SYD), Michael WALTERS (FRE), Clayton OLIVER (MEL), Justin WESTHOFF (PTA), Lance FRANKLIN (SYD)

Most traded OUT players this week: Sam MURRAY (COL), Charlie SPARGO (MEL), Lachlan MURPHY (ADE), David MIRRA (HAW), Jeremy FINLAYSON (GWS), Nicholas COFFIELD (STK), Allen CHRISTENSEN (BRL), Aaron NAUGHTON (WBD), Jaidyn STEPHENSON (COL), Dom BARRY (PTA)   

Most popular trades so far this week:

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10 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 12”

  1. Chuffed to get name dropped Chillo. I’ll share the love and try to reciprocate when I do my SCT Cup results.

    Ahern’s got game two this week then a bye the week after so it’s a while til he’s on the bubble but if you’ve gota hole this week AND look okay next week AND think you’ll probably be bringing him in post byes then it might suit to bring him in this round.


    1. Thanks Chillo. Good to see.
      Austin, TMac and Ahern (thanks RB for the affirmation I needed) IN. 22 afield so should be ok if Fyfe and Cogs don’t make it. Will be up for a sh1t score tho’!
      12 trades left, with one/three more to be made pre-14 and then I’m happy to deal with whatever the SC gods throw at us. Bring it!


  2. unsure where to post this but hey:

    I’m after some sage advice from the coach’s.
    what’s a decent score for this bye round/and in general all byes ?
    I’m projected 1758
    was 1826 until Fyfe’s elbow
    I’m sitting 1585
    16 Trades
    Desperately trying to get into top 1000
    I’ve done really well this season, and have backed myself in with a few smart trades, mainly due to some fantastic thoughts and ideas from all involved on this site (many thanks)
    but I’m perplexed as to what to do this week, I feel this is a make or break week,
    like an 8 point game for a team just outside the top 8, probably a crappy analogy,
    but you know what I mean.
    so my sort of round about question is should I trade or hold.
    I can get Gray in, but would need to 2 x Trades to so
    for instance:
    trade a cow to Ahern to fund
    trading Ronke to get Gray.

    my heart say’s: don’t trade, keep your powder dry go hard next week
    my heads say’s: you have no absolutely no idea (check with the coach’s before you something really dumb)


  3. Personally I wouldn’t do Gray this week, or at least until you know he’s spending more time in midfield. He’s projected to drop in price over $40k over the course of the byes if he continues to play exclusively FWD (read posts in Top6 Forwards) as he has the past few weeks. Unless Ronke has a shocker he should be good until his bye (Saints this week, and Swans always flog us).
    Out of interest how many eligible players do you have on field for this week? Excluding Fyfe now obviously.


    1. thanks for reply (and help!!!!)
      19 on field
      11 premo’s with concerns over Laird & Coniglio (most in the same boat)

      And your right Gray drops a packet this coming week.and Ronke has a bit more $ to make.
      have 18 Premo’s in side so I have 4 upgrades,
      probably have same/similar to most squads.
      $25k in bank.
      usual rookies
      etc etc
      to many Demons, but plan to cull them soon.


      1. I think Cogs will play this week and Laird isn’t ruled out yet.
        I’m in a similar boat. I did Spargo to Ahern this week to afford an upgrade, but may reverse if I’m down to less than 18 on field. Sounds like T Smith and Ridley may both be managed/omitted as well.
        If that is the case, I’ll reverse all trades and have another look after the teams have been dropped on Thursday. The problem is not knowing about the Dees til Friday night and then no certainty.
        My advice would be to have a couple of plans in place before Thursday:
        i. For best case scenario – what are you gonna do if Cogs and Laird are fit
        ii. What if Laird is an out
        and consider how it will effect the other two byes. I will cop a donut this week if I have to, because the next two byes are good for me and I have plans for two more upgrades to hit round 15 with proj’d scores that should be mid/high 2400s. I’m 700-something overall and would like to stay top 1,000 for my best season by a massive 30000 places. A bit like you I owe everything to the awesome SCTers on this site. Love the game and am good at maths and planning, but had no idea how to play SuperCoach before this year (7th season). Just used to pick the players I liked with no consideration for how players score points and what constitutes a good SC player. I’ve learned so much on here I’m eternally indebted …. and loving it!
        Good luck!
        Once you have the semblance of a plan, test your thoughts/ideas out in TradeTalk, Table for Two and LastMinuteQueries later in the week and you’ll be right.


        1. That’s the thing Allsaints…You have obviously received some wonderful advice from the SCT community during your time here, but now you are also passing on this knowledge to others, which it is all about. I’ve been a member of the site for 10 odd years now and can tell you that this is by far the best SC website on the net by a country mile, due to the quality of posters we have. At the end of the day we all make our own decisions, but by sharing advice, we can make more informed decisions and discuss some ideas that are a little out of the box. Even just confirm what we are already thinking or making a decision about a 50/50 choice. Keep up the great posts and congrats on your season so far mate.


          1. Good on ya DR, thanks mate. Wonderful community. Not sure what I’m gonna do when the season’s over. Maybe do some work! Or start planning for next year?!?


  4. Austin seems a must grab imo. If he can play well against that West Coast forward line in Perth he is doing the right things. A shame he is not cheaper but another couple of healthy scores will see his price soar.



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