Flavour Of The Week – Rd 12

Written by Chillo on June 5 2019

Somebody has made the Supercoach gods very, very angry….

As if having six teams on holidays this week wasn’t making a coach’s life hard enough, that monster known as Sick Bay has had his say too. Counted amongst his victims are big ticket players such as Whitfield, Hurn, Sloane, and possibly even Brodie Grundy! How are we expected to deal with this bloodbath?

Here are this week’s most popular trade targets, as of 12pm, Wednesday June 5:

1.       Ryan Gardner (WBD, def/fwd, $102 400)


+ Gardner made a belated return to AFL footy last weekend, this time in a Dogs jersey. Playing as a deep forward in a team that was well beaten on the day, a visibly nervous Gardner still managed nine touches and a nice goal for his 41 points.

+ For the near 30% who still count Darcy Moore among your squad, bringing in Gardner opens up that D/F swing. This could be extremely useful, especially throughout the byes.

+ Absolute bargain basement price tag, freeing up as much cash as possible for you to upgrade elsewhere.


– The Bulldogs have the bye this week. That means Gardner will score zero for you if you bring him in this week. Not ideal!

– Ignoring his questionable job security as a mid-season draftee, Gardner’s role mean he is just not going to be a big scorer for you. With limited cash generation, I’d dare say he will remain in your team for the rest of the year, hopefully at D8/F8.

2.      Dylan Clarke (ESS, mid, $147 700)


+ Taken at pick 63 in the 2016 draft, Clarke has had to bide his time in the minor leagues but didn’t he step up when it mattered! Playing only his second career game and going head to head with the beast that is Patrick Cripps, Clarke found the pill 23 times and restricted the Blues champ to a meagre 11 disposals.

+ Downgrade stocks are desperately thin right now, so a sub-$150K midfielder who can score 99 on debut seems like manna from heaven. And he has the ‘good’ bye round this week!

+ Anyone who keeps an eye on the VFL will know that this kid has been carving up that particular league for a couple of years now, and is averaging 24 disposals a game this year. I reckon last week’s call-up was well overdue.


– Essendon have the bye this week. That means Clarke will score zero for you if you bring him in this week. Not ideal!

– Even if Clarke does play again in two weeks time, which is an eternity in footy, that will only be his second game of the year. Supercoach custom (not to mention common sense) dictates that you wait on this one.

3.       Stephen Coniglio (GWS, mid, $510 100)


+ 207! Not a misprint, of course. Cogs’ tepid scoring and nagging injury woes have been a source of consternation for his owners this year, but he paid them back with interest against the Suns. 36 disposals (29 kicks), 13 marks, 8 tackles and three goals all add up to the highest individual score of the season thus far.

+ That double ton completely annihilated his break-even, and Coniglio’s price tag is back on the upward trajectory again. With this week’s BE at only 22, it could be a while before he is this cheap again.

+ Played forward a lot while he was dealing with that troublesome dislocated finger, but a week off seems to have done him a world of good. Found the ball at all points of the field against GCS, and scored accordingly.


– With Whitfield out for a month and coming off that dominating performance, you can be sure more defensive attention will head towards the number 3 in the near future. And as we saw back in round 2, Coniglio doesn’t necessarily handle a tag very well.

– This is probably contradictory to everything I said above, and is also a bit of a reach, but I did notice a few very short kicks from Coniglio in the past two games. Reluctant to handball? Is that injury really fully healed?

4.       Bachar Houli (RIC, def, $541 100)


+ Huge game from Houli in the upset loss to the Kangaroos, showing off his trademark speed and rebound off halfback for game-highs of 38 possessions and 139 Supercoach points. After starting the year at less than $400K, his price tag is now in bonafide premo territory.

+ That effort against the Roos marks the fourth consecutive game that Houli has topped the 30 disposal mark. He is averaging an impressive 124 ppg in that period.

+ Bachar is the obvious solution if you’re looking for a straight swap for the injured Whitfield this week. You can even pocket $23K as part of the deal. Bargain!


– The Tigers have a pretty tough run home, facing all of the other sides currently in the top 8, and Houli’s big scores have mostly come against lesser opposition. Also, Bachar’s durability is not the greatest, missing 26 games in the past four seasons.

– Bachar has garnered quite a few points from kick-ins in recent times, as well as his distributing role off half-back. Jayden Short has filled both of those roles in recent times, and is due back from a dislocated elbow after the byes. How will that affect Houli’s scoring?

5.       Brett Bewley (FRE, mid, $117 300)


+ Solid effort from Bewley second-up, amassing 13 disposals and six tackles for 49 points. He is now on the bubble with a break-even of -26.

+ In fact, Bewley is the only player who was active last week to be on the bubble this week, and is therefore a very viable downgrade option. Well, sort of. We’ll get to that later…

+ Bewley managed that score of 49 from only 62% time on ground. You would imagine that as he adjusts to the pace and vigour of top flight footy, both of those figures should increase.


– Fremantle have the bye this week. That means Bewley will score zero for you if you bring him in this week….Yeah, you know the rest by now!

– Stephen Hill is currently listed as 1-2 weeks with a quad injury, and Bewley could be the one to make way upon his return.

#6 – 10: Ben CUNNINGTON (NTH), Jake LLOYD (SYD), Oskar BAKER (MEL), Patrick DANGERFIELD (GEE), Travis BOAK (PTA)

Most traded OUT players this week: Lachie WHITFIELD (GWS), Sam WALSH (CAR), Willem DREW (PTA), Matthew PARKER (STK), Charlie CONSTABLE (GEE), Marty HORE (MEL), Tom ROCKLIFF (PTA), Rory SLOANE (ADE), Reilly O’BRIEN (ADE), Will HAYES (WBD) 

Most popular trades so far this week:

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18 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 12”

  1. Great write-up, Chillo.

    Still think Gardner’s JS is pretty solid. Think this week I’m gonna go:

    ROB -> Bines
    Bolton -> Gardner
    Answerth -> Cunnington

    Gives me another midfield premo, 134k in the bank and one less R13 player.


    1. With some concerns re Grundy, I think rob stays another two weeks. Not going to lose too much value, and the trade you suggest wont cost much more.


    1. He’s not mentioned on the Giants official injury list. Let’s say he’s back….it’ll make the freak-out more fun when he’s not named.


      1. Thats one sick puppy !!! LOl. My son has williams, hurn, whitfield and hore….I’m hoping he gets out of bed soon…not seen him since Sunday !!


  2. I’m looking for a decent replacement for Whitfield and Andrews is looking like the man.
    Out ROB , Whitfield
    In Coniglio Andrews
    With subbing gymnastics.


    1. I’m amazed at the sudden love for cogs…his 207 was only his second ton for the year. He’s a flat track home ground bully.


    1. This is what all us “well behaved SC coaches who don’t think we have angered the SC Gods” are praying for!!


    2. The rest of the Giants squad could be wiped out by polio and Hately still wouldn’t get a game


  3. Whitfield to Gardner (Sitting on the bench)
    Hayes to Coniglio
    Scott to Bewley.

    Leaves me with $295K & 22, 19, 20 in each of the bye rounds without further trades and need for 5 premos with 13 trades left after the above 3.

    Sitting pretty well in my leagues & hoping to hold a little longer on finalising premos as players injuries come to the fore and are managed


    1. Sounds good although there doesn’t seem to be any urgency to go Scott -> Bewley just yet, Powerplay.

      You’re well set up and have the luxury of waiting a week on Bewley to guarantee a returning Hill doesnt cost him his spot- would wait.



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