Flavour Of The Week – Rd 19

Written by Chillo on July 25 2017

There’s only one more round until SC finals. One! Are you ready? Can you smell that looming carnage, as AFL coaches start booking battle-weary players in for an early Christmas, and those rookies that you were hoping would be cover just vanish, like tears in rain…

There’s a bit of point chasing going on in the trade market this week, but that’s not necessarily wrong at this stage of the season. Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday July 25:

1. Conor Glass (HAW, def/mid, $117 300)


+ The latest member of AFL’s esteemed Irish chapter, Glass was fantastic first-up. 84 points from 15 disposals at 93%, including eight intercepts.

+ It’s a pretty long injury list at the Hawks right now, but they’re still winning so hopefully Conor can string a few games together.

+ The DPP status makes him an interesting downgrade alternative to Young, despite only having played the one game.


– Only played one game.

– It’s too late for cash cows, so will he be decent cover? There’s already been a few Hawks rookies fall by the wayside this year.

2. Lewis Young (WBD, def, $117 300)


+ More impressive +1 action from the Dogs rookie in game 2, with 16 possessions and 10 marks equating to a solid 79 points.

+ Two solid games to start his career has young Young on the bubble and a break even of -76. The standout (read: only) bubble boy this week.

+ The Dogs are two-and-oh with Young in the team, and he has definitely played his part in those wins.


– It matters less at this stage of the season, but job security is still a concern. Dale Morris’ misfortune may help however.

– No DPP status is annoying. If he gets dropped, you’ll be stuck with a sticky donut in the forward line. That’s the worst kind of donut, in case you were wondering.

3. Dustin Martin (RIC, mid, $570 300)


+ The Giants have been the most scoring restrictive side this year, but someone forgot to tell Super Dusty. 31 typically incisive possessions (17 contested) and a goal gave Martin 150 points.

+ That was his fourth score of 150+ this year, putting him level with Dangerfield. It seems the Brownlow race might be down to those two men also….

+ The 74 against the Saints – Martin’s only sub-100 score in his past ten games – drops out now and cuts his BE to 81. Get him now, or wait until 2018.


– Leads the comp in clangers by a fair margin, so big disposal numbers are essential for Dusty’s Supercoach performance.

– Can go cold for weeks at a time, as seen earlier in the year. Will also cop a fair bit of attention in future weeks as the premier mid for the finals-bound Tigers.

4. Rory Sloane (ADE, mid, $475 500)


+ Rumours of Sloane’s SC death may have been exaggerated. Tore the Cats a new one with his 28 disposal, 3 goal effort the best of the round by anyone.

+ Six weeks of mediocrity prior to that 169 point outburst has Sloane carrying a dirt cheap price tag, with a very manageable BE of 66. Pretty amazing for the eighth highest scorer of the year!

+ Impressive recent form from the likes of the Crouchs and the other Rorys should help take some of the heat off the Crows’ number one man.


– Have you already forgotten how stinky Rory is when he gets tagged? Think McFly, think! He’s likely to cop Levi on Sunday.

– He’s taken more shots to the noggin than Happy Gilmore in a batting cage. When his career is over, he can sit at the bar with Jelwood and compare head scars. Stay upright, Rory!

5. Tom Mitchell (HAW, mid, $620 500)


+ Mitchell amassed 37 possessions at 86%, 5 tackles and 126 points in the Hawks’ big win against Freo last Sunday. Just another day at the office, really.

+ Back in the 1930’s, newspapers ran headlines like HE’S OUT. Titch has been Bradmanesque in 2017, and don’t expect any different against his alma mater this weekend.

+ The Streak is now at 13 consecutive tons, and he’s 16 for 17 this year on that stat. I’d have to go back and check the archives, but did GAJ even ever manage this sort of consistency?


– It seems like Mitch has been on the Flavour every week, so I have to say it again: low ceiling. His yearly price graph is flatter than the Nullabor due to his metronomic scoring.

– He’s rightfully very expensive now. The only way I could justify getting him at this late stage is if I needed a Pendlebury replacement, and even then he’s going to wipe $120K off the bank balance.

#6 – 10: Jack Macrae (WBD), Michael Hibberd (MEL), Patrick Ryder (PTA), Joel Selwood (GEE), Josh J. Kennedy (WCE)

Most traded OUT players this week: Toby Greene (GWS), Nic Newman (SYD), Scott Pendlebury (COL), Toby Nankervis (RIC), James Parsons (GEE), Michael Walters (FRE), Luke Ryan (FRE), Tom Rockliff (BRL), Scott Selwood (GEE), Chad Wingard (PTA)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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4 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 19”

  1. Glass comes in this week for Parsons, he just opens up all spots on the bench so I can now cover for Greene with Greenwood and Witherden can cover the mid.

    Leaves me with 2 trades and I feel more comfortable having Greenwood at F6 than trading Greene who scores well, just has no common sense. I won’t lose much when the fwd line has very slim pickings


    1. I was surprised Beams didn’t feature at all. He’s currently the 15th most popular trade-in of the week, behind household names like Deluca-Cardillo (no disrespect intended).

      $420K for a genuine premium with a break even of 20 must be close to the steal of the year.


  2. With Zorko missing this week. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rocky go back to beast mode.

    130+ is not out of the question.

    Many coaches ditched Fyfe 3 or 4 weeks ago he has ave 110+ since then.

    If you can hold Rocky and get Beams or Sloane as a M9 loophole that would be ideal.



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