Flavour Of The Week – Rd 21

Written by Chillo on August 8 2017

As if it wasn’t bad enough having to deal with injuries and player ‘management’. Now the boffins at the MRP have decided they hate Supercoaches too and are wiping us out left, right and centre.

Hopefully you’ve kept that trade powder dry for just such an occasion. We complain about these late season crises every year because, as noted by SCT’s very own Father Dougal, crises like this happen every year.

Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday August 8:

1. Max Gawn (MEL, ruc, $502 300)


+ Three tons on the bounce for Gawn and this was a big ‘un. Filling the stats sheet as few can, Max’s 19 touches, 52 hitouts and a goal amounted to his season-high 160 points.

+ $45K dearer than last week, but still close to the top of the pile in the value for money stakes. Remember, only Danger scored more than Gawn in 2016.

+ With Brodie Grundy gone for the next fortnight, you can bring in Gawn without having to dip into the piggy bank. Final three games at the G is nice also.


– Not much footy for Max this year; he’s a little banged-up. Still soldiering on though.

– Actually, for some unknown reason, Gawn historically seems to score better outside of Melbourne. Maybe those MCG games aren’t such a good thing after all.

2. Corey Maynard (MEL, mid/fwd, $102 400)


+ The other Maynard forced his way into the Dees 22 on the back of consistent excellence at VFL level. He was very promising on debut, with 18 possessions (10 contested) and a goal for 72 points.

+ He has that vital DPP status, potentially opening up the link with Dahlhaus, Macrae, Yeo, etc.

+ Absolute bargain basement price tag. If you need to swap trades for cash, Maynard is your man.


– If you still have enough trades left for a downgrade at this late stage, either you’re not Supercoaching right, or you hacked the system.

– Mitch Hannan was listed as “rested” last week. He could come straight back in for Maynard this week.

3. Rory Sloane (ADE, mid, $496 000)


+ Rory Two-face flipped the coin with the good side up this time. 30 disposals and a mammoth 151 points for Sloane, as the Crows ran roughshod over their traditional rivals in the Showdown.

+ That was Sloane’s sixth score of 140+ this season, which puts him among the elite such as Dangerfield (10 times) and Dusty Martin (six times).

+ At this heavily discounted price, he’s near a straight swap for the likes of the injured Jelwood or suspended Zerrett.


– It has been theorised by some this year that Rory struggles with increased defensive attention. Scores of 36 and 50 in the past month support this hypothesis.

– Further, Adelaide play the Eagles in the SC GF. That’s the Eagles with infamous tagger Mark Hutchings in their ranks. Risky, very risky.

4. Patrick Dangerfield (GEE, mid, $741 200)


+ I doubt I’m going to be much help here. You already know about this guy and what he can do. The most expensive player in the game, and rightfully so.

+ Whether you agree with his suspension or not, it’s hard to disagree that the week off will help Patty’s conditioning a bit. He gets a couple of weeks to rest up and steel himself for the run to September.

+ Still at over 60% ownership and a first choice captain. If you don’t have him and he goes bananas like he can, you can just about kiss that league final goodbye.


– With Robin sidelined by ankle surgery, can Batman still get the job done? Every opposition midfield he meets is going to make a beeline for Danger now.

– That is a lotta dough for only three weeks play. You’ll be moving heaven and earth for such a short term, is it really worth it?

5. Lachie Neale (FRE, mid, $549 300)


+ Much of the purple focus has been on the Fyfe revival lately, but Neale is quietly having another excellent season. Another 156 points against the Suns last weekend puts his average at 113 ppg, sixth in the league.

+ Only 11% ownership and with a ceiling like that, Neale helped a lot of teams over the line in the first week of finals. He can help you too!

+ Elite scorer but down $63K on his starting price, Neale is a fallen premium of the sort that everyone is looking for at this stage of the season.


– Pretty tough run home for the Dockers, with Sydney (A), Richmond (H) and Essendon (A). It won’t be easy for Lachie to build the big scores there.

– Fremantle won’t make the finals this year. Ross the Boss may decide to ice his young gun a little early and start thinking about 2018.

#6 – 10: Tom Mitchell (HAW), Bryce Gibbs (CAR), Jacob Allison (BRL), Josh Kelly (GWS), Max Spencer (GCS)

Most traded OUT players this week: Joel Selwood (GEE), Brodie Grundy (COL), Alex Witherden (BRL), Zach Merrett (ESS), Jarrod Witts (GCS), Toby Nankervis (RIC), Sam Powell-Pepper (PTA), David Myers (ESS), Andy Otten (ADE), Sean Darcy (FRE)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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4 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 21”

  1. Since the acceptance of the 2 week suspension for Grundy, he’s jumped up in priority.

    Traded In For Traded Out Trades (%)
    1 Gawn, M Grundy, B 1,106 (5%)
    2 Sloane, R Selwood, J 810 (3%)
    3 Neale, L Selwood, J 624 (3%)
    4 Gibbs, B Selwood, J 549 (2%)
    5 Mitchell, T Selwood, J 527 (2%)
    6 Kelly, J Selwood, J 461 (2%)
    7 Dangerfield, P Selwood, J 392 (2%)
    8 Martin, D Selwood, J 286 (1%)
    9 Kreuzer, M Grundy, B 278 (1%)
    10 Jacobs, S Grundy, B 258 (1%)


  2. In the prelim in 7/8 leagues so no trades this week is my thinking.

    Still have to move on Joelwood and Withers, and a factor that may come under consideration is Sloane’s enormous recent record against the Bombers and whether a Hutchings tag in R23 is worth the risk.

    Only reason it is a consideration is the possibility of top 1000 but I think the league wins will take priority in the end!!



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