Flavour Of The Week – Rd 22

Written by Chillo on August 15 2017

Short and sweet this week. If you’re clever (or fortunate) enough to have trades remaining at this stage of the year, then here are the moves being made by your fortunate (and clever) colleagues.

A 10-second summary – Anyone who is injured is out. Anyone who is playing like they were injured is out. And the guns you wish you had at the start of the season are replacing them.

MOST TRADED IN (as of 12pm, Tuesday August 15):

MOST TRADED OUT (as of 12pm, Tuesday August 15):

MOST POPULAR TRADES (as of 12pm, Tuesday August 15):



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6 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 22”

  1. Thanks Huttabito – I knew I was forgetting something!

    I should add that I’ve heard Witherden will play this week, and is still excellent bench cover for your defenders and mids.


    1. Z.Merrett or Menagola as a POD. I’m still a huge fan of Menagola despite the 92 he got on the weekend. He went at a very uncharacteristic 48% DE to go with 6 clangers. Also only spent 68% TOG compared to a usual 85+% as he came of numerous times to get bandaged up after a couple of hits and bleeds. Could have been a great score.


    2. Steve.

      Z. Merrett. $514.100.

      Next 2 Suns / North. Fresh from a week off, he should dominate.

      I wouldn’t touch Gibbs. A young Blues team were competitive early but have hit the wall. Even Doc is struggling.Next 2 Hawks / Swans.

      No thank you.



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