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Written by on April 17 2018

Unlike like last week’s great Henry-Richards-Crowden debate, Round 5 has arrived with just one real Bubble Boy, and he’s a Saint! Elsewhere, the Josh Glenn Rule is being treated with utter contempt by many coaches, and there are a couple of options for those satisfying their rage trade itch.

Here are the most popular trade ins, as of 12pm AEST, Tuesday April 17:

1. Nicholas Coffield (STK, mid/def, $171 300)


+ A lot of good judges thought he should have been there from Round 1, and Coffield has made the most of his chance once it finally arrived. A solid 81 point effort in Sunday night’s big loss, coming from 17 possessions (9 contested) at 82% efficiency, 4 marks and 4 tackles.

+ Now on the bubble with a break-even of -45, despite his slightly elevated rookie price tag. The eighth pick in the 2017 draft, Coffield is the clear number one option for a downgrade this week, especially if you’re replacing a misfiring rookie such as Brayshaw or LDU.

+ Coffield is primarily a half-back flanker, but Champion Data has graciously given him mid status also, which potentially sets up a nice DPP swing with the likes of Finlayson and/or Seedsman.


– He is expensive for a rookie, and as such cash growth will probably be slower than most rooks. You’ll also have to sacrifice a bit from your piggy bank if you take him at this price. Maybe it’s worth waiting for Mirra, or looking at a cheaper non-bubble rookie such as Lachlan Murphy?

– David Armitage and Mav Weller both had big games for Sandringham in the twos on the weekend. You just know they’re both itching to get another crack at the big stuff. Jimmy Webster is due back from a hip injury this week.

2. Brandan Parfitt (GEE, mid/fwd, $389 400)


+ If you saw that coming, you madam/sir are a friggin’ genius! Parfitt absolutely blew the Saints out of the water at Kardinia on Sunday, his 28 touches and 3 goals giving him a round-high 168 points.

+ Parfitt has already gone up over $90K this year, with more to come. He enters round five with a break-even of -1, and a primetime clash at the Adelaide Oval on the agenda.

+ Will continue to get more time and footy through the midfield while Ablett is sidelined, as well as providing his trademark forward pressure and kicking those goals (six so far in 2018).


– He scored 62 a week ago. If you started with him then congratulations, but don’t chase points, people. It can only end in tears.

– He’s a second-year player (alert) who spent a long time on the sideline with injury in his rookie year (alert again) and is playing in the midfield in place of the injured GAJ (that’s a triple alert).

3. David Mirra (HAW, def, $102 400)


+ The highly-regarded Mirra has had to wait a looong time for his turn, and when it came it grabbed it. The 27 year old “rookie” barely missed a beat on debut, with 18 touches and a team-high 12 one percenters!

+ As a rookie draft selection, there’s none cheaper. If you’re prepared to take a risk, then Mirra puts an extra 70 grand in your pocket compared to Coffield.

+ With injuries to Poppy and Cyril forcing his hand, surely Clarkson won’t want to make too many more changes to a winning side. Mirra’s good form and composure bodes well for his place in the side, at least in the short-term.


– Only played one game. Absolutely no harm in having another look at him this week against North, in fact I recommend it!

– The demoted Ryan Burton had a fantastic run with Box Hill on the weekend, and Silk Burgoyne is due back soon from a hammy twinge.

4. Robbie Gray (PTA, fwd, $532 600)


+ As far as forward lines are concerned, the first rule in Supercoach is to pick as many midfielders there as possible. Robbie Gray was absolutely everywhere in the Power’s loss to the Bombers, playing a lone hand with 39 possessions and a phenomenal 145 SC points.

+ After serving a first round suspension, Gray has gone bang-bang-bang for three tons, and his break-even sits at a very manageable 65. He may well be the most expensive forward in the game after this weekend.

+ Still at only 8% ownership (primarily for reasons stated below), but in the meantime he is an amazing point of difference who is in prime form.


– Port’s round 10 bye is a major stumbling block for most coaches, hence Gray’s low ownership. You’ll have to find someone to fill in for him during that round, as the normal scoring rules apply.

– Robbie’s health struggles were well-documented during the off-season. He looks great now, but you’ll be hoping that the interrupted preparation doesn’t catch up with him at some stage.

5. Matt Guelfi (ESS, fwd, $117 300)


+ It’s pronounced GWELF-ee, and he knows footy. Somehow Matt was passed up in the draft – twice! – before the Bombers took him late last year, and clearly they know their stuff. Gwelfi had 17 possessions and 72 points in an accomplished debut.

+ Nominated as a forward, but in reality he’s a tough as old boots midfielder, who seems to have the versatility to play at either end of the ground. Picked up most of his touches on the wing in the win against the Power.

+ Again, he’s only played one game, but if you don’t mind a punt, he looks a good replacement for Liam Ryan or one of those expensive mid rookies.


– Josh Glenn etc etc. Did all the people picking up these one game wonders not read my pre-season SCT glossary???

– Seriously everyone, just cool your heels and trigger fingers and wait one more week. You can thank me later.

#6 – 10: Dean KENT (MEL), Brodie GRUNDY (COL), Stephen CONIGLIO (GWS), Jaegar O’MEARA (HAW), Jeremy FINLAYSON (GWS)

Most traded OUT players this week: Andrew BRAYSHAW (FRE), Jack BILLINGS (STK), Liam RYAN (WCE), Michael HIBBERD (MEL), David ARMITAGE (STK), Riley BONNER (PTA), Cyril RIOLI (HAW), Luke DAVIES-UNIACKE (NTH), Nicholas HOLMAN (GCS), Josh KELLY (GWS)

Most popular trades so far this week:

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18 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 5”

  1. With the form of Guelfi and Mirra this week I think I’ll be passing on the options this week and waiting for them next week.


  2. if hibbard is melbournes best rebound defender , why are the Melbourne coaching staff playing him @ centre 1/2 back , surely they have more depth than that by now ….


  3. Need to bring in a rookie this week to secure an upgrade next week. Really tempted with Mirra but it would be a risk. If only Coffield was 20k cheaper..


  4. No mention of Cunico 105 (180k) first game in ,with Mirra ,Guelfi and Cunico maybe playing there 3rd game together is it worth bringing one of them this week and risk the Josh Glenn rule


  5. I can see the argument for it but just carries too much risk for me. All three unlikely to score well in their 2nd game, and there’s always a chance at least one gets dropped.

    For me, it is looking like a double-downgrade is likely next week, so the only potential trade this week would be Billings.


  6. I actually don’t hate the round 10 bye for Gray.

    Trading ~50 points to have one less thing to worry about in rounds 12-14 is a pretty sweet deal.


  7. My only concern with the planned double downgrade next week is that I believe Langdon is back and assuming he comes back in, I miss out.



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