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Written by Schwarzwalder on August 4 2015

G’day Supercoaches!

Finals time……….it’s what we’ve been toiling towards all season long. All that pre-season planning, all that research, all those close victories……..it’s all been gearing towards finals. Whether you’re in it for your cash leagues or those ever-important bragging rights amongst friends, you need your best team out on the park this week. That means it has to be full premo or each little weakness will be exploited by your opponent. Last week it was all about replacing Ablett with the next best premium midfielders. Pretty much the same story this week, only Ablett’s name has been replaced by Beams and Wines. As with last week, there’s not much to dislike here, so we’ll concentrate on the positives. So who are the Most Traded-IN players this week? SC Gold has it as follows (8pm on 3.8.15):

1 – Dan Hannebery (SYD $567,700 MID)
+ Previous best season was last year with a 97.5 avg. Has jumped into elite status with a 116.7avg this year, running at 1.11 Points Per Minute (Goldstein and Fyfe have the highest ratings with 1.19 & 1.2 ppm respectively).
+ Gone over 130+ on six occasions this year, hit the ton eleven times in total. 3rd highest points scorer in the entire competition!

2 – Matt Priddis (WCE $592,700 MID)
+ Priddis was No.1 on last week’s FoTW post. Call me lazy but due to his level of consistency, all I’ve had to do is a cut-and-paste with a minor change 😉 Reigning Brownlow Medallist is in fine form again this season. After a relatively ‘slow’ start where his highest score was 106 after Rd4, he has hit the ton in twelve of the last thirteen games (the other game was 98 against Collingwood). Eleven of those games were over 110+ pts (including another 125 against the Suns)! Literally the definition of consistency.
+ Last five Round average of 120.4 scoring at 1.1ppm. Fourth highest points scorer overall (only 10 behind Hannebery).

3 – Tom Barass (WCE $123,900 DEF)
+ Has scored 50 & 71 in his first two appearances for the Eagles.
+ Break Even of -46 with projected BEs of -29 & 5. This is as cheap as he’s gonna get!
+ Only one clanger in two full games!
+ Has avoided the vest in his first two games.
– The big rookie issue is always with job security. He hasn’t had to worry about the subs vest yet, but rookies have been dropped for less. Keep an eye on selection news!

4 – Liam Picken (DOGS $529,900 DEF)
+ Previous best season average of 71.5 has been obliterated this year. Picken has been relieved of his tagging duties and is now at a 101avg running at 0.96ppm. Only Dahlhaus has scored more points at the Kennel this year.
+ Still in only 7.2% of teams, decent POD for the finals.
+ Last five Round average of 110.2! Would be 2nd highest scoring defender behind Heath Shaw (Hodge missed three due to suspension) if not for one game missed……..currently 6th.

5 – Joel Selwood (GEE $543,900 MID)
+ Has caused some heartbreak for loyal Supercoaches this year but is now hitting some familiar form with 142 & 171 in his last two games.
+ Last six Round average over the last two years: 2014 – 128 & 2013 – 136. Finishes off the season strong!
+ Last five Round average of 115 running at 1.02 ppm.

Nos. 6-10: Deledio (RICH), Houli (RICH), Bennell (GCS), Higgins (NTH), Payne (STK)

* You’ll find plenty of great advice in Badger’s Rookie Review, Father Dougal’s Cow Talk & MJ’s Fallen Premium posts. Oodles of info before making those crucial trades!

Andy B already pointed out the best SCT performers overall in the ‘How did you go?’ thread. For those that missed it, nickoless is at 25 o/a followed by sodes at 26. Andy B has himself climbed back up to 39 while Based is just outside the top 100 at 105. While not a regular forum member, Viper Death Squad is also a fan of the site (this week’s ‘Trade Talk’ thread) and is sitting at no.21 overall. Not long to go now, fellas……..wishing you all the best of luck!! While still performing reasonably strong, our best leagues are dropping off the pace a touch. Cattas SCT Challenge is at 32 overall while SCT AB is at 38 and LoEC2 at 41 (continuing its steady climb).

So how is your team looking before the big finals series? Are you bringing in any of the popular choices this week? Let us know in the poll below. As always feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments section. Good luck in your finals, Supercoaches!!


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20 thoughts on “Flavour of The Week – Rd19”

  1. Really surprised by this list, especially that the likes of Mundy / JPK aren’t on it.

    – JPK is averaging 118 since the bye, and is still only $557k.
    – Mundy has STILL only dropped below 99 ONCE this year (AMAZING). The new Mr. Consistency. And only $575k.

    That being said, if you don’t have him, I think Hannebery i definitely the best choice for this week, plus the fact that, of their last 5 opponents this year to come, the highest up the ladder is GWS. They play GEEL, COLL, GWS, STK & GCS … BIG points coming Sydney’s way.

    P.S. If you wait 1 week, then HAW will definitely have the best run home in the last 4 games. After WCE this week, they play GEEL, PORT, BRIS, CARL!!!


  2. G’day all – exciting to get to the pointy end of the season!!

    I’m pretty confident that I will win my SC final this week, thus going straight into the preliminary final.

    Therefore, my main focus in on rounds 21 & 22 for my last mid upgrade this week:

    T/U Jelwood – plays St K (Etihad) and Coll (MCG)
    T/D Hanneberry – play GWS (Spotless) and St K (Etihad)

    Be great to get your thoughts. Thanks.


  3. Hi guys!
    Got a cut-throat Elim this weekend, no injury worries (except Fyfe). 2 trades with 40k in the bank.

    Is there any worth in flicking the underperforming T-mac? (Currently 420k, BE around 135)

    T/U: Hold
    T/D: Trade



  4. I agree, surprising list. If McGovern is back this week, then Barass is probably out.
    And if I had one trade left, I’d be getting Jelwood into the midfield quicker than you could say “famously fast finisher”


  5. Hi guys!
    I have a full premo squad, which hit in the 2600s this week. I have Lambert and Steele as MID/FWD bench cover, though am considering to trade them both for Ziebell, but that would leave me with 0 trades, and Hamling to be the only cover for the likely to be rested Hodge.

    T/U: Get in Ziebell, on the bench, leaving me with 0 trades.

    T/D: Save my two trades.



  6. Looking to bring in hanners this week
    Who should i trade out for him:
    harry taylor
    jack newnes
    appreciate thoughts.?.



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