Fyfe Out For TWO!

Written by MJ on August 26 2015

Breaking news has sent a shockwave through the SuperCoach world. Just a few days before our Grand Final fixtures, it’s been made known that Nat Fyfe will miss the next two games with an inflammation of the fibula. With Hodge already wreaking widespread damage in our lineups, it’ll be tough to cover both.

What are you doing with Fyfe?

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19 thoughts on “Fyfe Out For TWO!”

  1. Well I’ve got one trade left and Fyfe should be my only hole. Mids minus Fyfe consist of Pendles, Hanners, JPK, Treloar, Mundy, Priddis, and Rockliff. Who’s the best replacement?

    T/U – Dangerfield
    T/D – Selwood


  2. Still suffering from the infamous Mitchell knee that he didn’t even cop a week for.

    That’s 4 weeks off due to it, plus massive reductions in his output in the other games.

    System’s a joke.


  3. I don’t have him anymore and I’m not in any GFs but on behalf of the entire SuperCoach community … FURL!!


  4. unfortunetly i have only 1 trade left and also have hodge and fyfe. i will have no choice but to take lamberts score to cove hodge. which leave me with the inly choice to trade fyfe to someone with 23,100 left in the bank.

    my current team:
    defence – shaw, hibberd, houli, smith, simpson, mcdonald (maynard*)

    midfield – dangerfield, pendles, priddis, cotchin, j.p.kennedy, barlow, fyfe, hodge (lambert*, steele, payne)

    ruck – s.marin, blicavs

    foward – goddard, gray, swan, bont, d.martin, gawn (h.goddard*, daniel)

    T/U — Fyfe to Mundy
    T/D — Fyfe to Deledio

    comment for other players, thanks


  5. Ablett, Wines, Franklin, Treloar, Mitchell now Fyfe.

    Shame i ran out of trades last week ffs.

    Iv’e used 10 or so trades on LTI’s This year…



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