Game Chat – Adelaide vs Footscray

Written by Thommo on May 18 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: Adelaide Oval at 7:20pm ACST


This will be the game the Western Bulldogs find out where they truly sit in the grand scheme of things. The Bulldogs’ four wins this season – including the past three in a row – were against sides 14th, 15th, 17th and 18th on the ladder. Knocking off Adelaide at Adelaide Oval, a ground where the Crows are hard to beat, would be a feather in the cap for Luke Beveridge’s young side. It’s also a huge game for the fourth-placed Crows as they aim to move above the logjam of teams with a 5-3 win-loss record. The dramatic finish to last weekend’s Showdown loss will make the Crows hungry to end their month-long stretch of Adelaide Oval games on the right side of the ledger. Midfielder Jack Macrae has been brilliant for the Bulldogs, but expect Matt Crouch, Bryce Gibbs, Cam Ellis-Yolmen and Hugh Greenwood to ensure he doesn’t have things his own way.

R16, 2017, Adelaide 16.8 (104) d Western Bulldogs 5.15 (45) at Adelaide Oval
R7, 2016, Western Bulldogs 18.15 (123) d Adelaide 17.6 (108) at Etihad Stadium
2EF, 2015, Adelaide 16.13 (109) d Western Bulldogs 14.18 (102) at the MCG
R4, 2015, Western Bulldogs 18.17 (125) d Adelaide 10.8 (68) at Etihad Stadium
R6, 2014, Adelaide 13.14 (92) d Western Bulldogs 12.11 (83) at Etihad Stadium

Thommo’s Tip: The Crows by 20 points

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93 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide vs Footscray”

  1. surprised English wasn’t named , its a hard fast track that I thought would suit him , his owners would feel a bit concerned ..


      1. lol, scratch that, he’ll score anyway…

        5 handballs
        2 tackles
        40% disposal efficiency

        already on 24 points LOL


        1. haha it was a bold prediction because I went over Gibson’s history and he always tags wingers, not surprised he’s gone to Macrae


          1. Macrae got tagged by Banfield, who has been a quality tagger this year, and scored a 98 in a massive loss.


                    1. I’m not going to agree with you on this one. He just got 8 points after getting crunched in a tackle and not disposing correctly, and the CROWS scoring a goal. He is getting very well looked after and definitely hasn’t been BOG – the bloke is almost on 100 after 16 touches!


                    2. yeah Dan, I’ve posted that on both his games previously that I watched (we get to watch the rubbish Suns / Lions V match ups in Qld, and no other decent games each week) … his scores are over inflated in both those matches I watched very closely …


  2. Looks like I should have put Richards on field, rather than Murphy. Oh well if he keeps it up I can loophole him for Murray.


  3. Super wet quarter. QT Crows 19 v Dogs 3

    Tom T. Lynch 34
    Rory Laird 33
    Sam Gibson 32
    Myles Poholke 27
    Tom Doedee 27
    Cam Ellis-Yolmen 25
    Hugh Greenwood 25
    David Mackay 25
    Daniel Talia 24
    Bryce Gibbs 23
    Rory Atkins 20
    Paul Seedsman 20
    Jordan Gallucci 20
    Jake Kelly 15
    Darcy Fogarty 14
    Kyle Hartigan 14
    Eddie Betts* 13
    Andy Otten 12
    Richard Douglas 10
    Josh Jenkins 4
    Lachlan Murphy 1
    Sam Jacobs -1
    Jack Macrae 48
    M. Bontempelli 40
    Toby McLean 40
    Ed Richards 31
    Easton Wood 27
    Jackson Trengove 27
    Luke Dahlhaus 25
    Zaine Cordy 25
    Matt Suckling 23
    Patrick Lipinski 19
    Lukas Webb 19
    Bailey Williams 19
    Caleb Daniel 18
    Jordan Roughead 16
    Hayden Crozier 15
    Jason Johannisen 14
    Lachie Hunter 9
    Mitch Wallis 9
    Bailey Dale 7
    Tom Boyd 7
    Billy Gowers 5
    Josh Dunkley 4


        1. He has 11 contested possessions (44 points), 7 tackles (28 points) 2 frees for (8 points) and an intercept mark (4 points) that is 84 points right there without counting effective disposals, definitely earning his points.


            1. Mclean 8 contested (32) 6 tackles (24) going at 79% efficiency, Laird 9 contested (36) 2 tackles (8 points) 2 frees (8 points) going at 53%, rest of his points coming from disposals


          1. the issue with Macrae’s scores is not what is actually the stat on the page, but whether or not it was actually a valid stat!! He gets everything favourable … and very questionable in the two matches I watched previously … (didn’t see tonights, was at the Broncos match! )


            1. He was deep in and under packs all night, might have got a bit of champion data love but the guy is killing it at the minute.


  4. Had to trade doedee this week as i was 5k short of finlayson to siciliy.. gonna bite me in ass i think


      1. Who do you currently have on your defensive bench? Because there’s no way I’ll be able to upgrade the rest of my defense without trading Doedee.


  5. waited 4 weeks for mirra & murphy to play a 4th game , murphy -1 , pfff , 150k & he’s gna loose money , what a soft c…..


  6. HT Crows 21 v Dogs 13

    Rory Laird 53
    Tom T. Lynch 49
    Tom Doedee 49
    David Mackay 47
    Hugh Greenwood 47
    Daniel Talia 43
    Paul Seedsman 39
    Sam Gibson 37
    Cam Ellis-Yolmen 37
    Bryce Gibbs 36
    Jake Kelly 34
    Kyle Hartigan 32
    Eddie Betts* 31
    Richard Douglas 30
    Rory Atkins 29
    Myles Poholke 29
    Darcy Fogarty 28
    Jordan Gallucci 27
    Andy Otten 23
    Josh Jenkins 15
    Sam Jacobs 13
    Lachlan Murphy 7
    Jack Macrae 82
    Toby McLean 57
    Jason Johannisen 51
    M. Bontempelli 48
    Zaine Cordy 46
    Luke Dahlhaus 45
    Matt Suckling 43
    Easton Wood 41
    Jackson Trengove 40
    Lukas Webb 40
    Ed Richards 40
    Lachie Hunter 39
    Patrick Lipinski 37
    Bailey Williams 33
    Caleb Daniel 32
    Mitch Wallis 30
    Hayden Crozier 30
    Jordan Roughead 28
    Tom Boyd 28
    Billy Gowers 24
    Josh Dunkley 17
    Bailey Dale 11


  7. 3QT Crows 42 v Dogs 16

    Hugh Greenwood 92
    David Mackay 78
    Rory Laird 76
    Tom Doedee 69
    Bryce Gibbs 68
    Cam Ellis-Yolmen 63
    Paul Seedsman 63
    Tom T. Lynch 63
    Sam Gibson 60
    Daniel Talia 58
    Andy Otten 56
    Richard Douglas 56
    Eddie Betts* 55
    Myles Poholke 50
    Jordan Gallucci 46
    Jake Kelly 45
    Josh Jenkins 42
    Lachlan Murphy 37
    Rory Atkins 37
    Kyle Hartigan 37
    Darcy Fogarty 35
    Sam Jacobs 32
    Jack Macrae 134
    M. Bontempelli 89
    Toby McLean 79
    Mitch Wallis 72
    Jackson Trengove 67
    Luke Dahlhaus 65
    Bailey Williams 63
    Jason Johannisen 61
    Matt Suckling 60
    Easton Wood 60
    Lachie Hunter 59
    Caleb Daniel 58
    Lukas Webb 55
    Hayden Crozier 54
    Zaine Cordy 52
    Tom Boyd 50
    Ed Richards 48
    Patrick Lipinski 46
    Jordan Roughead 42
    Billy Gowers 36
    Josh Dunkley 27
    Bailey Dale 23


  8. Absolutely baffled as to how Macrae is on 134. He’s playing well, but not 134-at-three-quarter-time ‘well’


    1. Crows fan on Facebook supercoach page summed it up very well…

      “As a crows fan with Macrae in his team, it’s perfect. 27 touches with 116m gained, that’s an average of 4m a possession, he’s doing fuck all to stop us winning, but racking up points for me.”

      What a joke, the bloke will go for more than 170 tonight in a well beaten team without even affecting the scoreboard.


    1. Stabing myself in the eye with a knitting needle would give me more enjoyment than any Royal Wedding ever would!


  9. FT Crows 63 d Dogs 26

    Hugh Greenwood 110
    Rory Laird 100
    Cam Ellis-Yolmen 98
    Paul Seedsman 93
    David Mackay 92
    Bryce Gibbs 91
    Tom Doedee 90
    Eddie Betts* 81
    Sam Gibson 79
    Richard Douglas 79
    Daniel Talia 78
    Andy Otten 75
    Tom T. Lynch 72
    Myles Poholke 61
    Josh Jenkins 58
    Jake Kelly 58
    Jordan Gallucci 56
    Kyle Hartigan 53
    Lachlan Murphy 50
    Sam Jacobs 47
    Rory Atkins 47
    Darcy Fogarty 45

    Jack Macrae 174
    M. Bontempelli 118
    Toby McLean 99
    Jackson Trengove 89
    Mitch Wallis 88
    Bailey Williams 86
    Luke Dahlhaus 81
    Matt Suckling 78
    Easton Wood 78
    Zaine Cordy 78
    Caleb Daniel 74
    Lachie Hunter 73
    Jason Johannisen 72
    Hayden Crozier 64
    Lukas Webb 63
    Tom Boyd 58
    Patrick Lipinski 58
    Ed Richards 56
    Jordan Roughead 55
    Billy Gowers 44
    Josh Dunkley 39
    Bailey Dale 22


  10. Happy with McLean, Doedee and Laird, but expected more after quarter time.

    Looks like Murphy and Fogarty will make a bit of cash sitting on my bench finally.


  11. Not hard to spot who doesn’t have Macrae in their side haha. The bloke had 36 disposals, 25 contested and 13 tackles, incredible performance!

    Should have got him in when you had the chance blokes 😉


      1. Fox footy boys must have smoked 5 cones before the bounce and accidently changed the channel to the 98 prelim instead and handed out the 3 to Jars lol


    1. Averaged 6 metres gained per disposal. Adelaide didn’t bother with the tag after the first quarter because he wasn’t hurting them.
      I’ve got him as captain in draft so I’m happy with that. But I reckon scores like that should be for match winning players, eg Buddy v the Eagles in round one


    2. True we are all bitter, I don’t usually complain about scores but Fyfe has had similar stats in his last 2 weeks and scored 124 and 142. Can argue that Fyfes de in those games was worse than Macraes but Fyfes disposals are more damaging when effective and he gets a couple contested marks every week to go with it. Macrae was fantastic but his score felt about 30 pts overs to me.


        1. There’s salty, and there’s what’s right.

          I’d be calling bullshit if I had Macrae too. Just like when I shut people down that said Fyfe deserved more last week.

          36 touches
          25 contested
          1 goal
          63% DE
          His possessions were much more damaging
          ~125 points

          He deserved that, and I’m sitting here right now telling you Macrae didn’t deserve more than 140.

          The Magician almost singlehandedly led the Lions to victory over the Pies a couple of weeks ago and got a 164 for his efforts…

          34 touches
          22/34 kicks
          16 contested
          4 straight goals
          4 free kicks
          10 tackles
          67% DE

          We’re enthusiasts, not kids. I’m not going to win overall and you aren’t either. But what’s right, is right. There should have been a much more even spread of points last night. Macrae won’t even touch brownlow points on the night, his team got pumped.


  12. What’s lost in the Macrae debate is 36 disposals (25 contested) for 0 clangers aspect. Very SC friendly


    1. Good point Berries, but I think most of those complaining are saying he deserved 130-140ish which is still a very good score. Would those with Macrae be complaining that he was robbed if he scored a 130-140, I doubt it. It just goes to show that SC scoring isn’t perfect, over the course of the season most of us will have a few wins and losses with these scoring anomolies and it will generally even out. We just tend to remember the ones that don’t go out way and forget the ones that do.


  13. Adelaide won by nearly seven goals in a low scoring slog.
    Dogs 1670 total vs crows 1629.
    I think champion data need to somehow increase the scaling towards scoring efficiency.
    Crows had 20 more contested possessions but dogs had 64 more uncontested as they were handball happy in the wet.
    Adelaide kicked the ball forward at every opportunity whilst the dogs tried to maintain possession.
    Last week Adelaide lost by five points in the last minute of the game. Port deserved the win.
    Port 1827
    Crows 1472.
    There should be more of a relationship or trend between the scoreboard and a teams total ranking points.



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