Game Chat – Adelaide vs Geelong

Written by Thommo on July 12 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: Adelaide Oval, Thursday, July 12, 7.20pm ACST


If its finals dreams aren’t already gone, a loss to Geelong would all but certainly write off Adelaide’s season. The Crows (7-8) are two wins outside the top eight and also have to make up a massive percentage gap in the remaining seven games. The Crows will need to move the ball quickly, play on at every opportunity and take risks if they are to get back to the entertaining, high-scoring brand of football they displayed in the last quarter against West Coast in round 15. A win for the Cats (9-6) would consolidate their spot in the top eight, while staying within striking distance of the top four. Prime movers Joel Selwood and Mitch Duncan are in superb form, while the electric Tim Kelly is one of the finds of the season. And then there’s 2016 Brownlow Medallist Patrick Dangerfield, who always produces something special against his former club.


PF, 2017, Adelaide 21.10 (136) d Geelong 10.15 (75) at Adelaide Oval
R18, 2017, Adelaide 13.13 (91) d Geelong 10.10 (70) at Adelaide Oval
R11, 2017, Geelong 13.18 (96) d Adelaide 10.14 (74) at GMHBA Stadium
R18, 2016, Geelong 12.13 (85) d Adelaide 7.13 (55) at GMHBA Stadium
R8, 2016, Geelong 13.20 (98) d Adelaide 11.6 (72) at Adelaide Oval

Thommo’s Tip:  Adelaide by 10 points

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27 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide vs Geelong”

    1. Rory Laird average vs Geelong: 74 from 5 (high 87, low 59, 3/5 less than 80). Last 3 vs Geelong: 83, 59, 71.


    1. Adelaide v Geelong at the Adelaide Oval, 7.20pm ACST


      Adelaide: Daniel Talia (foot) replaced in selected side by Alex Keath
      Geelong: Nil


      Adelaide: Hugh Greenwood, Jake Kelly, Kyle Cheney, Lachlan Murphy
      Geelong: Gary Ablett, Quinton Narkle, Cam Guthrie, Sam Simpson


  1. Does anyone have any idea of how long Bontempelli will take to recover from his operation? Google seems to think anywhere from one to three weeks – is this correct?


  2. HT Crows 51 v Cats 43

    Tom T. Lynch 76
    Rory Laird 75
    Rory Sloane 69
    Rory Atkins 56
    Matt Crouch 50
    Luke Brown 47
    Bryce Gibbs 43
    Eddie Betts 40
    Riley Knight 39
    Lachlan Murphy 36
    Sam Jacobs 36
    Paul Seedsman 31
    Tom Doedee 29
    Josh Jenkins 29
    Jordan Gallucci 29
    Taylor Walker 28
    Kyle Cheney 27
    Jake Kelly 27
    Hugh Greenwood 23
    Wayne Milera 23
    Kyle Hartigan 21
    Alex Keath 16

    P. Dangerfield 78
    Tom Hawkins 58
    Gary Ablett jnr 56
    Tim Kelly 56
    Jake Kolodjashnij 51
    Rhys Stanley 50
    Tom Stewart 47
    Zach Tuohy 45
    Mark Blicavs 44
    Mitch Duncan 43
    Sam Menegola 41
    Jed Bews 36
    Quinton Narkle 34
    Cameron Guthrie 29
    Daniel Menzel 29
    Brandan Parfitt* 28
    Jamaine Jones 25
    Joel Selwood 24
    Scott Selwood 21
    Jack Henry 17
    Sam Simpson 16
    Wylie Buzza 15


  3. How has Ablett scored 56? I’ve watched the game and have hardly noticed him except for try ing to get easy handballs from a teammate who has taken a mark.

    Granted, I’m on my 10th scotch but still…


  4. 3QT Crows 93 v Cats 69

    Tom T. Lynch 107
    Rory Laird 106
    Rory Atkins 91
    Rory Sloane 90
    Wayne Milera 74
    Matt Crouch 66
    Josh Jenkins 65
    Bryce Gibbs 62
    Paul Seedsman 60
    Luke Brown 60
    Eddie Betts 54
    Tom Doedee 54
    Sam Jacobs 53
    Riley Knight 51
    Jordan Gallucci 49
    Lachlan Murphy 47
    Hugh Greenwood 47
    Jake Kelly 42
    Taylor Walker 42
    Kyle Cheney 41
    Alex Keath 40
    Kyle Hartigan 35

    P. Dangerfield 109
    Tim Kelly 91
    Tom Hawkins 85
    Gary Ablett jnr 79
    Rhys Stanley 71
    Mark Blicavs 67
    Mitch Duncan 61
    Jake Kolodjashnij 60
    Sam Menegola 57
    Zach Tuohy 56
    Tom Stewart 55
    Quinton Narkle 50
    Jed Bews 47
    Jack Henry 45
    Joel Selwood 44
    Scott Selwood 43
    Wylie Buzza 37
    Daniel Menzel 29
    Cameron Guthrie 29
    Jamaine Jones 28
    Brandan Parfitt* 26
    Sam Simpson 18


  5. Geez, I did the ol take the VC off Danger with about 2 minutes to go in the game as Chris Scott can’t find it within himself to play him in the middle.

    Just tuned in for the last quarter and see the #35 running around at centre bounces….

    Maybe Chris Scott is the new Ross Lyon (I might be banned from the site if I suggest putting Chris Scott’s initials in FURL instead of Ross though…..)

    Oh well, I reckon good for footy if Danger plays middle, hopefully it stays that way….


    1. yeah, me too … have had the VC on him the last few weeks for no result, gave up tonight at last second … SC can be cruel!


  6. Bit stiff taking VC off Danger at the last minute, but very happy with him and Laird.

    Thought Sloane had a massive game too (don’t have him though).

    Happy with L Murphy too as my last non-premo spot on the field. I reckon he was pretty stiff not to bag a couple more with some of the horrible delivery he had, but I’ll take that 72 over Mihocek.


  7. FT Crows 112 d Cats 97

    Rory Laird 132
    Rory Sloane 132
    Tom T. Lynch 130
    Rory Atkins 110
    Wayne Milera 90
    Matt Crouch 85
    Bryce Gibbs 81
    Josh Jenkins 78
    Riley Knight 78
    Sam Jacobs 72
    Lachlan Murphy 72
    Jordan Gallucci 72
    Luke Brown 71
    Kyle Cheney 71
    Tom Doedee 70
    Taylor Walker 64
    Eddie Betts 64
    Paul Seedsman 61
    Jake Kelly 56
    Hugh Greenwood 54
    Alex Keath 48
    Kyle Hartigan 46

    P. Dangerfield 150
    Gary Ablett jnr 111
    Tom Hawkins 109
    Tim Kelly 109
    Rhys Stanley 104
    Mitch Duncan 88
    Mark Blicavs 88
    Zach Tuohy 80
    Sam Menegola 76
    Jake Kolodjashnij 76
    Joel Selwood 69
    Tom Stewart 67
    Quinton Narkle 63
    Scott Selwood 55
    Jed Bews 55
    Cameron Guthrie 52
    Jack Henry 51
    Wylie Buzza 46
    Jamaine Jones 33
    Sam Simpson 29
    Brandan Parfitt* 28
    Daniel Menzel 28


  8. Surely Chris Scott takes a look at Dangers performance tonight and sees how stupid his been wasting him down forward weekly.

    Dangerfield playing midfield is the best player in the competition. Why his even been chucked down forward is beyond me.


  9. Does anyone know if there’s a way to put the VC on Dangerfield after the game has finished?



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