Game Chat – Brisbane vs Geelong

Written by Father Dougal on July 8 2017

Venue: The Gabba, Saturday, July 8, 7.25pm AEST 

Last Time They Met: R22, 2016, Geelong 19.15 (129) d Brisbane Lions 10.9 (69) at the Gabba
R3, 2016, Geelong 18.17 (125) d Brisbane Lions 7.14 (56) at Simonds Stadium
R18, 2015, Geelong 17.11 (113) d Brisbane Lions 8.9 (57) at Simonds Stadium
R23, 2014, Geelong 21.17 (143) d Brisbane Lions 12.9 (81) at Simonds Stadium
R2, 2014, Geelong 13.15 (93) d Brisbane Lions 10.8 (68) at the Gabba


Game notes: On paper this match looks pretty one-sided, but since coming back from the bye a month ago, the Brisbane Lions have been more than feisty and should give the Cats a test. Chris Fagan’s men have won two of their past four matches – including Sunday’s incredible last quarter revival to down Essendon – and shown good signs in losses to Port Adelaide and GWS. Dayne Zorko and Tom Rockliff have been prolific in the midfield, while the Lions’ young talent, led by Eric Hipwood, Harris Andrews and Hugh McCluggage, has added some class and excitement. Geelong is coming off a draw to the Giants and spent the week on the Gold Coast rather than returning to Victoria. They will likely have too many weapons, but don’t be shocked if the Lions give some cheek.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Geelong by 10

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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24 thoughts on “Game Chat – Brisbane vs Geelong”

  1. Brisbane Lions v Geelong at the Gabba, 7.25pm AEST

    NO LATE CHANGES (meaning Jelwood does play this week)

    Brisbane Lions: Hugh McCluggage, Alex Witherden, Ryan Lester, Rhys Mathieson
    Geelong: Rhys Stanley, Jordan Murdoch, Sam Menegola, Zach Guthrie



    Brisbane 3.5.23
    Geelong 5.2.32

    D. Zorko 60
    T. Rockliff 30
    L. Taylor 29
    D. Rich 29
    J. Berry 29
    S. Mayes 25
    A. Witherden 22
    R. Bastinac 21
    R. Mathieson 21
    D. Beams 20
    R. Bewick 19
    H. Andrews 18
    E. Hipwood 14
    N. Robertson 13
    R. Lester 12
    T. Cutler 10
    A. Smith 10
    D. McStay 8
    S. Martin 8
    H. McCluggage 5
    J. Walker 2
    M. Hammelmann -2

    M. Blicavs 45
    M. Duncan 44
    T. Hawkins 36
    H. Taylor 32
    J. Murdoch 30
    P. Dangerfield 29
    J. Parsons 27
    Z. Smith 23
    L. Henderson 20
    J. Selwood 19
    S. Motlop 17
    J. Kolodjashnij 16
    R. Stanley 14
    S. Menegola 13
    C. Guthrie 12
    Z. Guthrie 11
    J. Bews 10
    Z. Tuohy 9
    B. Parfitt 8
    W. Buzza 7
    T. Lonergan -1
    A. Mackie -2


  3. Wheres the delete my team button. Ive had enough of this season. Full Premo team? yea right only premos ive got are danger and doch. The rest can get stuffed with there shit scores and late withdrawals.

    Sorry for the Rant …..


  4. I just realised I forgot to trade in Witherden. Reversed yesterday just to wait an see final teams. I’m actually speechless….


  5. Zac bro, So far Tuohy and Mackie dont make me feel like I have a full premium team either.
    I had last night the bulldog boys: Wallis , Dalhaus and Liberatore who didn’t even crack 70…Weird year in SC 2017. lets just relax and let it enfold..


    1. Yea its the same for most this year. Impossible year to read and know whats going on. Thats for outside of supercoach as well!


      1. Given the way things are going for so many people, we should probably have a weekly ‘2018 plans’ thread on this site from here on out.


        1. Need Parsons to get at least a ton to make up for so much crap earlier today. Had the V/c on JPK and he’s a late out. Treloar, Adams, Heeney, Lloyd, Newman, Lynch and now Trade-in Dusty playing in a 92-10 first half smashing. No tons there, only one 90.



    Brisbane 6.6.42
    Geelong 15.9.96

    D. Zorko 97
    J. Berry 53
    T. Rockliff 51
    S. Mayes 45
    R. Mathieson 43
    D. Rich 41
    L. Taylor 36
    R. Lester 35
    N. Robertson 33
    R. Bastinac 32
    A. Witherden 27
    D. McStay 26
    D. Beams 25
    H. McCluggage 25
    H. Andrews 24
    T. Cutler 23
    S. Martin 21
    R. Bewick 17
    E. Hipwood 15
    A. Smith 12
    J. Walker 2
    M. Hammelmann -2

    M. Blicavs 80
    M. Duncan 69
    P. Dangerfield 67
    J. Parsons 66
    T. Hawkins 66
    Z. Smith 59
    J. Selwood 56
    L. Henderson 55
    J. Murdoch 53
    S. Motlop 50
    S. Menegola 46
    R. Stanley 38
    B. Parfitt 36
    H. Taylor 35
    Z. Tuohy 34
    C. Guthrie 32
    Z. Guthrie 31
    J. Kolodjashnij 30
    J. Bews 26
    W. Buzza 15
    A. Mackie 13
    T. Lonergan 13


  7. Parsons has outscored Sam Jacobs; I can now officially say that I should have waited a week to replace Sandilands. Oh well.


  8. With Greenwood out i have Parsons on the field. One of the only things to go right this weekend with JPK and Howe late outs to go with plenty of Premo flops.
    Will hold breath for his 2nd half score though.


  9. Uh oh. I’ve just realised that I haven’t left myself with any loophole options for the remainder of the round – meaning that I can’t have Dangerfield (VC) as my captain.



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