Game Chat – Carlton vs Melbourne

Written by Huttabito on May 20 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: MCG, Sunday May 20, 1.10pm AEST

After winning its past three games, sixth-placed Melbourne is one of six teams with a 5-3 win-loss record, and will be looking for another victory to consolidate its position. The Demons were impressive in demolishing Gold Coast late last week, and the other two victories in this streak were against strugglers Essendon and St Kilda. Melbourne’s midfield is looking solid and creating plenty of scoring opportunities for an attack boosted by the return of Tom McDonald from injury. In contrast, Carlton has not kicked 100 points for almost two years. But the Blues would be buoyed by finally breaking through for their first win last week, and should play with much more confidence and flair as a result on Sunday. While the battle between ruckmen Max Gawn and Matthew Kreuzer will be intriguing, Melbourne’s bigger bodies in midfield and attack should prove too much for a plucky Carlton.

R16, 2017: Melbourne 14.6 (90) d Carlton 12.10 (82) at the MCG
R2, 2017: Melbourne 13.8 (86) d Carlton 9.10 (64) at the MCG
R22, 2016: Carlton 11.12 (78) d Melbourne 7.16 (58) at the MCG
R21, 2015: Carlton 12.6 (78) d Melbourne 7.13 (55) at the MCG
R4, 2014: Melbourne 12.9 (81) d Carlton 7.16 (58) at the MCG

Hutta’s Tip: Melbourne by 20 points

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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45 thoughts on “Game Chat – Carlton vs Melbourne”

    1. i really would like some help on this one too … but i also throw Oliver into the mix!!

      Gawn against Kreuzer? will he be impacted more so than against other rucks?
      Do the lions bother tagging anyone? If so, will they go to Titch? … other teams have shown a hard tag on titch impacts his numbers …

      thoughts everyone??


        1. looks like it has already … oh no … i took him as C … should have gone Titch!! how the heck is Gawn on 42 already???!!! good for you Catta!!


              1. Just heard on Fox he played with a broken finger, or he broke it last week & played with a glove to protect it!

                Didn’t hear anything about it during the week!


    2. M Gawn HTA rate in the past month: 41.62% (72/173)

      C Oliver:
      Avg VS Carl since 2017: 127.5 from 2 (low of 116 and a high of 139)
      5 of C Oliver’s 8 120+’s since the start of 2017 have been in wins.
      5 of C Oliver’s 8 games in 2018 have been 120+ (2 of them 140+)
      Carlton concede the most SC points and most 120+ of any team (18 120+’s conceded)


          1. Oliver polled Brownlow votes in both games against the Blues last year. With no Curnow tag, I’ve brought him in this week and slapped the C on him.


            1. Also has 145 against Bris, 124 against Saints and 143 against GC this year. Beating up on the little guys.


  1. My footy journey comes to an end today at the MCG! We’ve got a crew of Melbourne supporters with us today joining the generations of family and friends together. They brought along some Demons scarves so me and the gal are all suited up for this one!

    Popped the C on Oliver as a homer pick because he’s one of my favorites in the comp and can’t wait to see the Gawn to Oliver connection today!

    Go Dees!


      Carlton: Paddy Dow, Jarrod Garlett, Cam O’Shea, Nick Graham
      Melbourne: James Harmes, Jack Viney, Charlie Spargo, Bernie Vince


    1. gawn on 42 already … oliver is killing me already … no game on tv here in Brissy … what does it look like down there folks??


      1. Oliver doing what Oliver does , I’ve had him since R2 last year , always scores terrible in the 1st 1/2 , 2nd 1/2 almost always hits beast mode , stressful player to own but well worth it


  2. Well my trade is looking terrible as Doedee and Petracca should comfortably outscore Phillips and Danger


  3. i’m at a loss for the scoring … Gawn on 53 points! … just don’t know how he’s got that many already?? (note, I am not able to watch the match, so any info would be great thanks!!)


    1. HOTA are +5 each, so had about 25 points there. 2 tackles are another 8. 3 marks, 2 contested (and intercepts) with 4 effective disposals and a few 1%ers easily make up make up the last 20. Giving away the 2 clangers has since dropped it down below 50.


  4. Half Time

    Carlton Blues: 5.3.33
    P. Cripps 78
    S. Kerridge 54
    N. Graham 52
    Z. Fisher 47
    D. Lang 46
    L. Plowman 45
    L. Jones 44
    P-Seton 42
    A. Mullett 36
    D. Thomas 35
    H. McKay 35
    K. Simpson 34
    M. Kreuzer 33
    M. Murphy 32
    P. Dow 25
    M. Wright 24
    J. Lamb 24
    P. Kerr 21
    S. Rowe 19
    L. O’Brien 18
    J. Garlett 12
    C. O’Shea 6

    Melbourne Demons: 10.4.64
    T. McDonald 74
    J. Melksham 69
    M. Gawn 66
    C. Petracca 53
    T. Smith 53
    Neal-Bullen 52
    C. Oliver 49
    N. Jones 48
    A. Brayshaw 46
    J. Lever 45
    B. Fritsch 43
    B. Vince 39
    J. Viney 36
    O. McDonald 34
    M. Hannan 31
    J. Hogan 31
    C. Spargo 31
    J. Lewis 29
    M. Hibberd 26
    N. Jetta 26
    J. Harmes 25
    C. Salem 19


  5. Having a shocker which includes playing Phillips over Holman at M8 with Crouch out. On that front Holman has cash to make and will be good over the Byes.

    Now my possible saving grace could be Cripps as VC , but will not know his final score by the time Lions and the Hawks kick off so will have to back in Cripps and hope he goes 130+ from here.


  6. good thing the AFL reduced the interchange rotations to stop blow outs & injuries , & as an added bonus , the players are fresh enough now to use the 30 second shot clock to recover from all that running & kick more goals & less points , looking fwd to the next improvement to fix our faulty game 😉


      1. Goodwin said post-match he broke his finger last week and had surgery on Monday. Would’ve been great to know before the game! Dee’s did the same bloody thing with Petracca!


  7. Full Time (pre-scale)

    Carlton Blues: 7.8.50
    P. Cripps 148
    S. Kerridge 94
    N. Graham 94
    M. Murphy 92
    Z. Fisher 81
    D. Thomas 80
    L. Plowman 78
    P-Seton 76
    K. Simpson 72
    D. Lang 71
    L. Jones 63
    A. Mullett 62
    M. Kreuzer 60
    H. McKay 54
    M. Wright 52
    P. Dow 51
    J. Lamb 47
    S. Rowe 35
    L. O’Brien 30
    J. Garlett 28
    P. Kerr 23
    C. O’Shea 22

    Melbourne Demons: 25.9.159
    J. Melksham 158
    M. Gawn 121
    N. Jones 120
    T. McDonald 118
    Neal-Bullen 110
    A. Brayshaw 107
    J. Lever 104
    C. Oliver 91
    T. Smith 91
    B. Fritsch 89
    C. Petracca 89
    M. Hannan 71
    J. Harmes 69
    J. Lewis 69
    J. Viney 68
    B. Vince 67
    J. Hogan 63
    C. Salem 62
    C. Spargo 60
    O. McDonald 58
    N. Jetta 50
    M. Hibberd 50



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