Game Chat – Essendon vs Adelaide

Written by Thommo on March 23 2018

Venue:  Etihad Stadium at 7:50pm AEST


R21, 2017, Adelaide 18.15 (123) d Essendon 12.8 (80) at Etihad Stadium
R4, 2017, Adelaide 24.9 (153) d Essendon 13.10 (88) at Adelaide Oval
R19, 2016, Adelaide 22.11 (143) d Essendon 9.7 (61) at Adelaide Oval
R20, 2015, Adelaide 27.9 (171) d Essendon 8.11 (59) at Etihad Stadium
R14, 2014, Essendon 15.11 (101) d Adelaide 14.8 (92) at Etihad Stadium

Game notes: It must have felt like a long pre-season for the Crows, who surrendered meekly to Richmond on Grand Final day last year and have had nearly six months to think about it before opening their season against the Bombers. Adelaide will have some new faces in their line-up but will be hoping to again be one of the most dominant sides in the League, having been the best side for the majority of last season. Plenty of eyes will also be on Essendon who, after an embarrassing elimination final loss to Sydney, went to the trade period and came out with Jake Stringer, Devon Smith and Adam Saad. All three will be expecting to make an impact from the start, with high hopes for the Bombers in 2018 to break their 13-year drought since a finals win.

Thommo’s Tip: Essendon by 12 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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96 thoughts on “Game Chat – Essendon vs Adelaide”

  1. With Keefe out my attention turns to D.Fogarty as a rookie but he is a little pricey. Who has the best JS out of the below?

    D.Fogarty (Ade)
    O’Connor (Gee)
    L.Fogarty (Gee)
    Waterman (Wce)


    1. Waterman, He plays for West Coast. That in itself means he should get games.
      Also, reports are that Josh J Kennedy might be out for the first 6 weeks gives him plenty of time to prove himself.


      1. Thanks. My concern with Waterman is that he plays Sydney, Bulldogs and Geelong. I am not sure he gets games once JJK is back which might be rd4.


        1. Oooh, even more research!
          The amount of consideration is blowing my mind!!!
          Anyways, thats true, but you just never know with these forward rookies.
          Have a good one!!


    2. D. Fogarty is your best bet but if he doesnt perform, there will not be job security when Tex comes back.
      I will not go for any other Geelong Rookies because They have Danger and Selwood still to come back,
      West Coast, you read what was said


      1. I like O’Connor. I think he will play a lot more games and provide some run out of defence. The only problem is whether his skills can handle the AFL pressure. He showed some good kicks and some shockers in the JLT.


        1. What are your thoughts on L.Fogarty Brad? Apparently Joelwood identified him as one to get early games.


  2. Essendon v Adelaide at Etihad Stadium, 7.50pm AEDT

    Essendon: Nil
    Adelaide: Sam Gibson (hamstring) replaced in selected side by Hugh Greenwood

    Essendon: Andrew McGrath, Kyle Langford, Josh Green, Matt Dea
    Adelaide: Hugh Greenwood, David Mackay, Cameron Ellis-Yolmen, Lachlan Murphy


  3. Please help… do I take:
    1. parker as a premo
    2. coniglio as a premo/ steeping stone to danger
    3. O’Meara as a stepping stone to danger
    4. armitage as a stepping stone to danger


  4. Do I take kelly or zerrett for points? Price an byes no issue.
    18min to decide
    TU kelly

    TU zerrett


    1. Hope you went Kelly as my last premo change days ago was Kelly to Merrett due to Bye structure.

      Zerrett looks finished for the night considering he was concussed in JLT 1.


  5. What McGrath just did on the fotty field left me speechless.
    Wpoiled the ball against a much taller oponent. Beat him out physically. Handballed it out to a teamate who blew it. Picked up the spoiled ball and kicked a pressure kick beautifully to the midfield.
    Wow. What a player.
    Already regretting not getting him.


      1. McGrath my D3 .

        He he.

        Sorry a few 2 many sherbets!

        Whaaaaaaat happened to Zerrett?

        Could be serious?


    1. I’ve just realised he’s had 4 disposals. Is he wearing a disguise? I honestly haven’t seen his face or heard his name called.


      1. Wait, I think I’ve spotted him. He’s had a haircut! I was looking for much longer hair.


  6. Bombers 26 v Crows 23

    Tom Bellchambers 41
    James Stewart 37
    Dyson Heppell 34
    Michael Hurley 29
    Darcy Parish 28
    Andrew McGrath 25
    David Zaharakis 25
    Devon Smith 25
    Brendon Goddard 22
    Zach Merrett 21
    Mitch Brown 21
    Jake Stringer 21
    Conor McKenna 19
    Kyle Langford 13
    Josh Green 13
    Michael Hartley 9
    Cale Hooker 9
    Joshua Begley 7
    Joe Daniher 7
    Adam Saad 7
    A. M-Tipungwuti 4
    Matt Dea 3

    Rory Laird 41
    Matt Crouch 36
    Bryce Gibbs 35
    Rory Atkins 29
    Daniel Talia 25
    Paul Seedsman 25
    Curtly Hampton 25
    David Mackay 22
    Darcy Fogarty* 21
    Josh Jenkins 21
    Richard Douglas 19
    Mitchell McGovern 17
    Eddie Betts 17
    Rory Sloane 16
    Kyle Hartigan 15
    Luke Brown 15
    Cam Ellis-Yolmen 13
    Jake Kelly 12
    Tom Doedee 12
    Sam Jacobs 11
    Hugh Greenwood 11
    Lachlan Murphy 8


      1. Fair enough. Sorry about that just got home to watch the game.

        The silly Boundary rider on the ABC reported Merrett was cleared to come back on.
        He even did not know right up until he was due to come back on saying Merrett has gone down the rooms to warm up and will back on in 2 minutes.
        Bloody useless.


    1. I’m going in for a vision test tomorrow if that bump is assessed as high contact. Missed his head by over a foot. Probably bit his tongue which caused the blood in mouth.


  7. Bombers 38 v Crows 33

    Dyson Heppell 89
    David Zaharakis 63
    Tom Bellchambers 62
    Andrew McGrath 58
    Michael Hurley 56
    Devon Smith 53
    James Stewart 47
    Mitch Brown 47
    Darcy Parish 45
    Kyle Langford 36
    Conor McKenna 35
    Jake Stringer 35
    Brendon Goddard 34
    Adam Saad 31
    Michael Hartley 30
    Joe Daniher 29
    Josh Green 23
    A. M-Tipungwuti 21
    Joshua Begley 20
    Cale Hooker 19
    Zach Merrett 19
    Matt Dea 12

    Rory Laird 79
    Matt Crouch 62
    Bryce Gibbs 54
    David Mackay 53
    Josh Jenkins 48
    Paul Seedsman 46
    Daniel Talia 45
    Tom Doedee 44
    Sam Jacobs 38
    Rory Atkins 36
    Rory Sloane 34
    Luke Brown 34
    Curtly Hampton 33
    Eddie Betts 30
    Jake Kelly 30
    Darcy Fogarty* 29
    Kyle Hartigan 27
    Richard Douglas 25
    Cam Ellis-Yolmen 22
    Hugh Greenwood 21
    Lachlan Murphy 19
    Mitchell McGovern 19


  8. Kreuzer last night, Zerret tonight. I’m afraid to wake up tomorrow. I’m going to need a dozen trades next week for injuries!


      1. I’m seriously glad I went with Parker instead right now. Although I do still have him in Fantasy and RDT… let’s hope he gets up for next week.


    1. Luck has a lot to do with it. I had none at all last year, and have dodged 2 bullets this year.



  9. On Stef Martin all week and I change to Jacobs yesterday for god know’s what reason why do I do these things.


  10. 3QT Bombers 58 v Crows 78

    Dyson Heppell 106
    David Zaharakis 99
    Tom Bellchambers 81
    Devon Smith 79
    Andrew McGrath 71
    Mitch Brown 69
    Brendon Goddard 66
    Michael Hurley 63
    James Stewart 61
    Darcy Parish  60
    Jake Stringer 52
    Cale Hooker 52
    Kyle Langford 47
    Joe Daniher 46
    Conor McKenna 44
    Michael Hartley 42
    Adam Saad 42
    Matt Dea  36
    Josh Green 34
    A. M-Tipungwuti 34
    Joshua Begley 31
    Zach Merrett 19

    Rory Laird 112
    Bryce Gibbs 99
    Matt Crouch 85
    David Mackay 79
    Tom Doedee 74
    Rory Sloane 71
    Josh Jenkins 62
    Paul Seedsman 56
    Sam Jacobs 54
    Mitchell McGovern 53
    Jake Kelly 53
    Luke Brown 52
    Daniel Talia 51
    Curtly Hampton 49
    Kyle Hartigan 47
    Cam Ellis-Yolmen 47
    Richard Douglas 46
    Rory Atkins 43
    Hugh Greenwood 43
    Eddie Betts 40
    Darcy Fogarty 39
    Lachlan Murphy 29


  11. FT – Bombers 99 d Crows 87

    Dyson Heppell 144
    David Zaharakis 135
    James Stewart 109
    Andrew McGrath 103
    Brendon Goddard 100
    Michael Hurley 100
    Devon Smith 93
    Tom Bellchambers 90
    Cale Hooker 88
    Darcy Parish 78
    Conor McKenna 75
    Mitch Brown 72
    Josh Green 68
    Adam Saad 66
    A. M-Tipungwuti 65
    Michael Hartley 63
    Jake Stringer 62
    Joe Daniher 58
    Kyle Langford 54
    Joshua Begley 53
    Matt Dea 48
    Zach Merrett 17

    Rory Laird 138
    Bryce Gibbs 116
    Matt Crouch 105
    David Mackay 95
    Sam Jacobs 90
    Tom Doedee 87
    Rory Sloane 87
    Cam Ellis-Yolmen 78
    Paul Seedsman 76
    Josh Jenkins 71
    Jake Kelly 69
    Daniel Talia 68
    Luke Brown 63
    Eddie Betts 56
    Mitchell McGovern 52
    Richard Douglas 50
    Darcy Fogarty* 49
    Curtly Hampton 46
    Hugh Greenwood 46
    Kyle Hartigan 45
    Rory Atkins 40
    Lachlan Murphy 33


  12. Great comeback by the Bombers. I seem to remember them doing something similar in round 1 last year also.
    Now, the stupid question that you’re all pondering – who do I bring in to get Doedee’s score?


          1. What about:

            Out – Sicily(def)/Coniglio
            In – Dangerfield/(non-playing def rookie e.g Coffield)

            Only considering because it is Danger and 86 points on the bench could end up being 30-40.

            T/u – yup go for it. Motts will be proud.
            T/d – nah don’t go chasing bench points


        1. The only one I could think of is Houli, and obviously he’s not an option.

          Keeffe is a good one, I was thinking maybe Coffield as the floating donut now that English is getting a game.


          1. Surely you back in Naughton, Murray and/or Finlayson to score 60-80. Every chance score higher (or bomb out…)

            I remember trying to get Langdons 120 rd1 a few years back really hurt after trading in a rookie that didnt end up playing for a while.


            1. With O’Connor out, this problem is solved!

              Tim English comes in for Darcy Cameron, and the Irish Cat gets the C this week.


          1. Yep this is the best answer. Only missing because of his father’s passing. Almost certain to come back in R2 or 3. Not sure it’s worth it for only 80 odd though


    1. Is 87 worth it? Pretty good score for a rookie but you could end up wasting a trade on it… I’m tempted


    2. Currently got LDU thinking switch finlayson to mid a get coffield in to get doedee scores good or bad idea


  13. Very happy with Laird, Jacobs, Doedee, and Smith. I was a tad worried about Doedee and Jacobs early in the match, but both finished up very well (especially Doedee).

    It also looks like McGrath was not a trap after all – well done to those who had the courage to start him.


    1. They could just be sucking you in. Heppell scored a 140+ and he did the same last year but then just played back to an average of 100.

      Don’t let them make you impulse trade. Wait another week first


  14. M Crouch

    41 touches = 18 kicks / 23 handballs
    80% de
    11 contested
    7 clearances
    3 inside 50’s
    3 rebound 50’s
    1 goal assist
    2 tackles
    6 marks

    4 clangers
    1 x FA

    Seems like a pretty low score for that return?


    1. I think it’s about right Catta. Didn’t really have much effect on the game, lots of short kicks, not many metres gained. I’m a fan of his, but I’ve seen him play a lot better.


    2. Wouldnt be surprised if it was due to scaling. Lots of players with high scores tonight and when the bombers surged he did very little. 9 players scoring 100+ never helps


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  16. Surely Douglas shouldnt of been reported for the bump on merret?? Looked alright to me didnt see a slow mo tho



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