Game Chat – Geelong vs GWS

Written by Thommo on May 4 2018

When and Where: Kardinia Park at 7:50pm AEST

Greater Western Sydney will head to Geelong with confidence after the fortress took a hit at the hands of Sydney last week. The Swans knocked off the Cats for the third consecutive time – the only travelling club to have won at the venue since 2015 – while the Giants’ record is less imposing. Three visits have resulted in an average losing margin of 40 points and to overturn it, the Giants will have to do so without their most dangerous forwards, Jeremy Cameron and Toby Greene, as well as resurgent defender Brett Deledio. B&F Josh Kelly and ruckman Rory Lobb are also missing. The Cats were run off their feet by Sydney’s makeshift forward set-up last week and will need to contend with a new-look Giants attack. How Geelong’s midfield responds to its final term battering will be intriguing – facing up against in-form onballers Dylan Shiel, Tim Taranto and Stephen Coniglio.

R23, 2017, Geelong 15.13 (103) d GWS 8.11 (59) at GMHBA Stadium
R15, 2017, GWS 10.8 (68) drew Geelong 10.8 (68) at Spotless Stadium
R11, 2016, Geelong 14.14 (98) d GWS 14.4 (88) at GMHBA Stadium
R2, 2016, GWS 13.11 (89) d Geelong 11.10 (76) at UNSW Canberra Oval
R17, 2015, Geelong 9.15 (69) d GWS 6.6 (42) at UNSW Canberra Oval

Thommo’s Tip: Geelong by 12 points.

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89 thoughts on “Game Chat – Geelong vs GWS”

  1. With the amount of GWS gun players out, the Cats should really have a comfortable win tonight at the Cattery!

    Cameron, Scully, Kelly, Lobb, Greene & Delidio to name a few!


    1. Battle of the injury lists tonight! Geelong should comfortably win. But i can never be sure on what Geelong i’m gonna see!


    2. Cats missing Ablett, Henderson, Taylor, Menzel, Parfitt, Guthrie. Neither side close to being fully fit.


  2. Text from a mate of mine (Geelong fan) at the Cattery….Charlie Constable warning up like he’ll be playing tonight, could there be a late out looming???


  3. Just as i thought we had got rid of that absolute spud Stanley, HE FINDS A WAY IN AGAIN!

    Almost rather take back Dawson Simpson from the Giants at this stage.

    Stanley is a ruckmen with no hands i swear. Lucky GWS have no lobb!


  4. Geelong v Greater Western Sydney at GMHBA Stadium, 7.50pm AEST

    Geelong: Zac Smith (back) replaced in selected side by Rhys Stanley
    Greater Western Sydney: Nil

    Geelong: Scott Selwood, Sam Menegola, Zach Guthrie, Jackson Thurlow
    Greater Western Sydney: Matt de Boer, Lachie Keeffe, Jeremy Finlayson, Nick Shipley


  5. het guys what about this please
    Banfield-spargo And
    Holeman – Dangerfield
    Thumbs up good trades
    Or thumbs down bad trades


    1. I’ve grabbed Spargo to replace injured Lynch. Left me cash to upgrade Holman to Cripps. Why not. Cheers.


      1. ive had cripps all year , he’s been ok , very good the last 2 weeks , likes to go big against weaker midfields


  6. Went Billings to Taranto, totally spur of the moment, sorry to all the Taranto owners out there, these things rarely go in my favour…


  7. Qt Cats 25 v Giants 6

    Tom Hawkins 59
    Mitch Duncan 47
    Tim Kelly 42
    Jackson Thurlow 38
    Jack Henry 35
    Sam Menegola 33
    Joel Selwood 25
    Scott Selwood 25
    Rhys Stanley 24
    Jake Kolodjashnij 24
    Tom Stewart 23
    P. Dangerfield 23
    Esava Ratugolea* 20
    Zach Guthrie 17
    Mark Blicavs 16
    Jordan Cunico 16
    Cory Gregson 14
    Zach Tuohy 11
    Lachlan Fogarty 10
    Jordan Murdoch 9
    Jed Bews 6
    Stewart Crameri 1

    Aidan Corr 37
    Phil Davis 32
    Jacob Hopper 27
    Heath Shaw 27
    Dylan Shiel 25
    Lachie Whitfield 19
    Nick Haynes 18
    Stephen Coniglio 16
    Jonathon Patton 16
    Tim Taranto 16
    Daniel Lloyd 16
    Callan Ward 14
    Jeremy Finlayson 13
    Lachlan Keeffe 12
    Matthew de Boer 10
    H. Himmelberg 10
    Sam J. Reid 9
    Zac Giles-Langdon 8
    Adam Tomlinson 7
    Dylan Buckley 6
    Ryan Griffen 5
    Nicholas Shipley 4


  8. If you dont have danger, whatever you do, DONT bring him in.

    Scott said his playing sore but it looks worse than that. Spent a good 10 mins on the bench and isnt really playing midfield or foward. Its like his aimlessly running out there.

    Nothing like the contested bull we are used to. In need of a 1-2 week break


    1. Thank fuck i didn’t bring him in was very tempted too not going to bring in next week either will wait after the bye


  9. HT Cats 44 v Giants 17

    Mitch Duncan 77
    Joel Selwood 73
    Tom Hawkins 64
    Tim Kelly 62
    Jack Henry 60
    Jackson Thurlow 53
    Sam Menegola 47
    Lachlan Fogarty 46
    Scott Selwood 46
    Rhys Stanley 45
    Cory Gregson 40
    Esava Ratugolea* 40
    Mark Blicavs 39
    Jake Kolodjashnij 38
    Jed Bews 38
    Jordan Murdoch 37
    P. Dangerfield 36
    Zach Tuohy 34
    Tom Stewart 34
    Jordan Cunico 25
    Zach Guthrie 25
    Stewart Crameri 18

    Nick Haynes 59
    Heath Shaw 53
    Lachie Whitfield 47
    Callan Ward 44
    Daniel Lloyd 40
    Tim Taranto 40
    Jacob Hopper 38
    Stephen Coniglio 38
    Phil Davis 38
    Aidan Corr 38
    Jeremy Finlayson 37
    Dylan Shiel 34
    Sam J. Reid 29
    H. Himmelberg 28
    Matthew de Boer 28
    Jonathon Patton 27
    Dylan Buckley 24
    Zac Giles-Langdon 23
    Lachlan Keeffe 19
    Ryan Griffen 15
    Adam Tomlinson 12
    Nicholas Shipley 4


  10. all the cats players have their orange socks around their ankles but danger refused to wear them because they wouldn’t go up over his calves , i guess if you know your the best player in the comp , why should you have to lower your standards for a charity , interestingly not 1 cats player has put on a block to give him some space in traffic


    1. Maybe he has a superstition about always having his socks pulled up? A lot of players are weird like that.

      It might not be the best look, but I doubt the charity will get any less money as a result of it.


    2. Wouldn’t matter, he’s where the ball ain’t . A shadow of his former self. I’d feel better coping a than having him right now


    3. Danger has just spent a week helping geelong campaign for the charity where we raised 1 million dollars. Not sure that not wearing socks with a bit of orange makes him not want to support charity……


    4. More to the point, why did the cats choose a game against the team that wears orange as the right time to wear orange socks… and why did the AFL approve it?
      Literally any other week would have been better.


  11. I’ve got a $500k slush fund ready to burn on the Dangermouse and it just feels wrong not getting him in with my next upgrade.

    Going to have to be some serious self control.


  12. SC can be a perplexing game at times. I can’t see how Selwood can be on 73 points at half time from his 11 first half touches. I think he has had 7 tackles which has obviously helped. But if I compare that against another low possession but impactful game I would have said that Haynes intercept marking, spoiling and 4 tackles prior to his back rearrangement has had more influence during the first half.


  13. 2 goals in 3Q of footy , GWS better have Cameron & greene for finals as they obviously have no plan B


  14. 3QT Cats 75 v Giants 19

    Mitch Duncan 109
    Joel Selwood 104
    Jack Henry 95
    Tim Kelly 93
    Tom Hawkins 82
    P. Dangerfield 75
    Jordan Murdoch 70
    Rhys Stanley 68
    Jackson Thurlow 67
    Sam Menegola 66
    Esava Ratugolea* 65
    Mark Blicavs 63
    Zach Tuohy 62
    Scott Selwood 56
    Jake Kolodjashnij 56
    Jed Bews 55
    Tom Stewart 53
    Lachlan Fogarty 51
    Cory Gregson 51
    Stewart Crameri 51
    Jordan Cunico 50
    Zach Guthrie 38

    Nick Haynes 74
    Heath Shaw 70
    Phil Davis 67
    Lachie Whitfield 64
    Tim Taranto 63
    Callan Ward 63
    Jonathon Patton 56
    Daniel Lloyd 54
    Jacob Hopper 54
    Stephen Coniglio 51
    Dylan Shiel 49
    Aidan Corr 46
    Jeremy Finlayson 42
    Matthew de Boer 41
    Sam J. Reid 41
    Lachlan Keeffe 38
    H. Himmelberg 36
    Dylan Buckley 33
    Zac Giles-Langdon 33
    Adam Tomlinson 28
    Ryan Griffen 24
    Nicholas Shipley 4


  15. C’mon Cogs and Finlayson!

    I’m really surprised how this game has gone. I had no confidence that Geelong could win this before the game.


  16. FT Cats 93 d Giants 32

    Mitch Duncan 134
    Joel Selwood 133
    Tim Kelly 115
    Jack Henry 114
    Tom Hawkins 108
    P. Dangerfield 102
    Rhys Stanley 100
    Jordan Murdoch 99
    Mark Blicavs 91
    Zach Tuohy 88
    Sam Menegola 85
    Tom Stewart 83
    Scott Selwood 80
    Jackson Thurlow 80
    Esava Ratugolea* 73
    Jake Kolodjashnij 69
    Jed Bews 67
    Lachlan Fogarty 66
    Stewart Crameri 65
    Jordan Cunico 65
    Cory Gregson 64
    Zach Guthrie 47

    Nick Haynes 98
    Heath Shaw 88
    Callan Ward 87
    Dylan Shiel 83
    Phil Davis 82
    Lachie Whitfield 82
    Tim Taranto 79
    Jacob Hopper 76
    Daniel Lloyd 66
    Stephen Coniglio 64
    Jeremy Finlayson 62
    Jonathon Patton 61
    Aidan Corr 54
    Matthew de Boer 54
    H. Himmelberg 53
    Lachlan Keeffe 50
    Sam J. Reid 48
    Dylan Buckley 47
    Zac Giles-Langdon 43
    Adam Tomlinson 42
    Ryan Griffen 41
    Nicholas Shipley 9


  17. So, quick question, but not for Catta!! (don’t look mate! – no advantage in H2H please!… hahaha)

    T/U – roll with Cole
    T/D – take Finlaysons 62??


  18. Have to find a way to give danger 100.

    He’s still going down though.

    Tossed up duckwood as vc but went with Titch in the end, but suspect Gawn will be risked with the C. He should go huge again.


  19. Should I take Finlayson’s 62 or roll the dice on Ed Richards?

    TU: Take Finlayson’s 62
    TD: Back in Richards


  20. To be fair to paddy he had a poor night and still kicked 2 goals with 26 touches. If he converted his 2 points and didnt have 6 clangers it would of been a good score.

    Still no where near fully fit however and wouldnt touch him until afyer the byes


      1. Geelongs pressure was to much for all the giants players causing lots of turnovers. He will bounce back no need for concern


    1. I would right tonight off for most gws players. They lost confidence from lack of flow and then lost the plot. Dont think its a reflection on him going forward he’ll bounce back


  21. Do defenders usually score better when their team is dominating? Goes against logic since the ball would be down their end less yet Henry’s scored 114 and Finlayson only 62. Is this a one off or the usual, anyone care to enlighten me? Thanks


    1. All has to do with intercept marking. Henry had a field day cherry picking balls. When geelong get on top we have 2-3 lose men behind the ball and the pressure around the ball forces teams to bomb long to these lose defenders which in tonights case was Henry.


      1. I noticed Finlayson was on 61 and then kicked the last goal and finished on 62. Not sure what happened there?


      2. So basically forward pressure and defensive structure. Would it be fair to say that in the long run it doesn’t affect defenders’ scoring whether they are in a good team or a bad team?


          1. Simpson keeps picking up 140’s and Carlton keep getting flogged, so it’s more about how the defender racks up his points.

            A high disposal efficiency player generally does well unless put under a lot of pressure.

            A defensive pressure player can always get a lit of tackles regardless the score.

            Intercept markers tend to fluctuate. A team that feels under pressure will kick for distance without ensuring that they have time to find a target. In those circumstances the Doedee’s and Henry’s have a field day


        1. It depends on the kind of defender they are, and where they get most of their points from.

          But in a good chunk of cases, this is probably true.


  22. Is Leon Cameron still the man to drive the Ferrari?

    TU: Yes, back him in.
    TD: No, Craig Hutchison was right.



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