Game Chat – Geelong vs Hawthorn

Written by Thommo on July 15 2017

Venue: MCG at 1:45pm AEST

R4, 2017, Geelong 20.14 (134) d Hawthorn 6.12 (48) at the MCG
2QF, 2016, Geelong 12.13 (85) d Hawthorn 12.11 (83) at the MCG
R1, 2016, Geelong 18.8 (116) d Hawthorn 12.14 (86) at the MCG
R20, 2015, Hawthorn 19.7 (121) d Geelong 12.13 (85) at the MCG
R1, 2015, Hawthorn 17.21 (123) d Geelong 8.13 (61) at the MCG

Game notes: After spending the whole week on the Gold Coast, third-placed Geelong returns to more familiar surrounds having easily accounted for the Brisbane Lions by 85 points. Hawthorn, meanwhile, is fresh from a pulsating draw with Greater Western Sydney in Launceston, just a week after the Cats themselves couldn’t be separated with the premiership fancies. Midfield generals Patrick Dangerfield and Tom Mitchell will be worth the price of admission alone, with the latter setting a new record last week when he became the first player to collect 30 or more touches in 12 successive games. While the Cats will start favourites in Saturday’s clash, the 13th-placed Hawks will be fighting to remain in the finals hunt and have the potential to cause a major headache, as they honour former skipper and club great Luke Hodge in his 300-game milestone.

Thommo’s Tip: Geelong by 12 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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45 thoughts on “Game Chat – Geelong vs Hawthorn”

  1. Selwood and Mackie late outs, replaced by simpson and zach guthrie.

    That’s more like the SC gods I know.. although it is scott and not joel at least.


  2. Danger in the rooms. Very similar to what happend to Cripps! Not looking good

    EDIT: Just appeared again and doing some running on the sidelines. Hopefully good to go soon


  3. Danger is back out there , but limping and unlikely to see out the day. Also would not be surprised if he has structural damage to his foot. #BeVeryAlarmed.
    Mitchell 19 disposals in the 1st qtr.



    Geelong 3.3.21
    Hawthorn 3.2.20

    H. Taylor 40
    R. Stanley 36
    Z. Tuohy 31
    L. Henderson 29
    J. Selwood 27
    S. Simpson 25
    B. Parfitt 25
    Z. Smith 25
    M. Duncan 22
    Z. Guthrie 21
    M. Blicavs 20
    S. Menegola 20
    J. Murdoch 18
    P. Dangerfield 16
    J. Kolodjashnij 15
    D. Menzel 15
    C. Guthrie 12
    S. Motlop 12
    J. Bews 10
    T. Hawkins 10
    T. Lonergan 9
    J. Parsons 3

    T. Mitchell 60
    K. Brand 31
    L. Shiels 29
    D. Howe 28
    B. McEvoy 27
    T. O’Brien 22
    S. Burgoyne 21
    R. Schoenmakers 19
    B. Hartung 16
    I. Smith 14
    J. Gunston 14
    T. Duryea 13
    B. Hardwick 13
    K. Heatherley 12
    R. Henderson 12
    L. Hodge 12
    J. Sicily 12
    L. Breust 11
    R. Burton 8
    W. Langford 5
    K. Stewart 2
    J. Roughead 2


  5. Well, this complicates things. I might have to hold off on that last trade until I know what Dangerfield’s prognosis is.


      1. I’m a Hawks’ man, Bob, but I haven’t seen any dodgy ones for him. He’s keeping the Cats in the match.


        1. It’s just the inconsistency. For example the down field free quick for Heatherley’s late bump on Danger but 3 minutes later same thing happens to Heatherley but no free kick.
          It’s the ones he gets that noone else does not the ones he gets but shouldn’t get. #endrant


  6. One legged danger still better than most players on the field. I don’t mean to complain about the umpires but can they stop making stupid decisions that are influencing the game! Even the commentators are saying it!


    1. He went to kardinia park, saw that it was a home game…

      But he’s driven there now and will be available for the second half.


  7. Cats
    P. Dangerfield 68
    Z. Smith 56
    M. Duncan 55
    Z. Tuohy 54
    L. Henderson 48
    M. Blicavs 47
    R. Stanley 44
    H. Taylor 43
    D. Menzel 42
    C. Guthrie 41
    S. Simpson 39
    J. Bews 34
    B. Parfitt 32
    J. Selwood 31
    Z. Guthrie 31
    S. Menegola 29
    T. Hawkins 27
    J. Murdoch 25
    J. Kolodjashnij 25
    S. Motlop 21
    T. Lonergan 16
    J. Parsons 5
    T. Mitchell 97
    L. Shiels 57
    B. McEvoy 57
    J. Roughead 50
    L. Hodge 43
    K. Brand 43
    R. Henderson 42
    S. Burgoyne 42
    D. Howe 40
    L. Breust 39
    T. Duryea 36
    J. Gunston 34
    B. Hartung 33
    T. O’Brien 33
    I. Smith 33
    B. Hardwick 30
    K. Heatherley 28
    W. Langford 26
    R. Burton 22
    R. Schoenmakers 20
    J. Sicily 19
    K. Stewart 9


    1. His still had 17 touches but has been impacted by 6 clangers (including a few 50’s and free against) and only 58% efficiency


    2. Yes he’s being tagged but it’s actually his clangers, some from fighting with Roughie and Howe, that are costing him. He’s had 17 possessions so his score should be between 40 and 50.


  8. Held onto parsons instead of upgrading him to macrae/heeney as I thought he had some money to make with the 99 in his 3 round average.
    He will be lucky to make his be of 27


  9. Commentators wanted Danger VS Hodge. They got it. Danger came out on top. Ryan Burton has just gone to Danger (not that it really matters) 127 at 3 QTR time. Keep going Danger!


  10. Leave for uni, captain danger is down and off the field, come back from uni and he has 5.5 and has 130 at 3qtr time.



  11. Cats
    P. Dangerfield 129
    L. Henderson 88
    M. Duncan 74
    Z. Tuohy 73
    Z. Smith 70
    D. Menzel 66
    M. Blicavs 65
    J. Selwood 63
    S. Menegola 61
    C. Guthrie 60
    J. Murdoch 58
    H. Taylor 56
    R. Stanley 50
    J. Kolodjashnij 45
    S. Simpson 43
    Z. Guthrie 41
    J. Bews 36
    J. Parsons 34
    T. Lonergan 34
    B. Parfitt 32
    S. Motlop 31
    T. Hawkins 27

    T. Mitchell 115
    L. Hodge 81
    K. Brand 79
    L. Shiels 78
    B. McEvoy 75
    J. Gunston 72
    S. Burgoyne 71
    J. Roughead 66
    I. Smith 65
    T. Duryea 57
    D. Howe 55
    R. Henderson 51
    R. Schoenmakers 50
    L. Breust 48
    B. Hardwick 46
    B. Hartung 45
    R. Burton 36
    T. O’Brien 35
    K. Heatherley 34
    W. Langford 31
    J. Sicily 29
    K. Stewart 19


  12. WHAT AN ENDING! GO THE CATS! Smith with a chance just before the siren and misses 😮 Traditional Geelong VS Hawks Thriller! Hodge lifted at the end as well like a champion.


  13. Danger saying after the game he has a very sore foot. But its danger he will be right for next week hopefully.

    P. Dangerfield 141
    L. Henderson 114
    M. Duncan 106
    J. Selwood 96
    D. Menzel 95
    Z. Tuohy 86
    Z. Smith 83
    S. Menegola 82
    J. Murdoch 81
    R. Stanley 74
    C. Guthrie 73
    M. Blicavs 72
    H. Taylor 70
    J. Kolodjashnij 62
    J. Bews 60
    S. Simpson 54
    B. Parfitt 53
    S. Motlop 49
    Z. Guthrie 46
    T. Lonergan 42
    T. Hawkins 36
    J. Parsons 34

    T. Mitchell 135
    L. Shiels 123
    B. McEvoy 107
    J. Gunston 104
    S. Burgoyne 98
    L. Hodge 89
    J. Roughead 87
    I. Smith 86
    K. Brand 85
    W. Langford 81
    D. Howe 78
    R. Schoenmakers 77
    R. Henderson 73
    T. Duryea 70
    L. Breust 66
    R. Burton 58
    B. Hartung 57
    B. Hardwick 55
    K. Heatherley 47
    J. Sicily 47
    T. O’Brien 37
    K. Stewart 28


  14. Wow. Dangerfield. Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! My friend was always sad I never saw Gaz or some of the greats in their ‘Brownlow’ prime years because I didn’t know this sport existed until 3 or so years ago. Thankfully I’m growing up with Danger to watch and learn from! He is incredible! So smart the way he plays and what a heart!


  15. Gutted as a Hawks man in Hodgeys 300th. When Dangerfield took that grappling mark in the 2nd quarter it looked a little ominous, when he started just getting clean 1v1s for about half an hour straight I knew he was going to pinch that game from us. Gutted to lose like that again even if it means my SC is looking very good.



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