Game Chat – GWS vs Sydney

Written by Father Dougal on July 15 2017

Venue: Spotless Stadium, Saturday, July 15, 7.25pm AEST

Last Time They Met: R5, 2017, GWS 15.15 (105) d Sydney 9.9 (63) at the SCG
1QF, 2016, GWS 12.19 (91) d Sydney 7.13 (55) at ANZ Stadium
R12, 2016, GWS 15.15 (105) d Sydney 9.9 (63) at Spotless Stadium
R3, 2016, Sydney 14.9 (93) d GWS 10.8 (68) at the SCG
R21, 2015, Sydney 20.13 (133) d GWS 6.8 (44) at Spotless Stadium


Game notes: The 13th edition of the Sydney derby has enormous finals implications for both sides, with the Giants clinging to spot in the top two, and the Swans finally sitting inside the eight for the first time this season. Sydney is the form side of the competition having won eight of its past nine games, while the Giants have taken full points just once in their past four, against the Brisbane Lions, and enters the match coming off consecutive draws against Geelong and Hawthorn. In-form Swans defenders Dane Rampe and Heath Grundy will have a huge task trying to stop Jeremy Cameron and Jonathon Patton, with help from youngster Lewis Melican, while Giants co-captain Phil Davis will renew acquaintances with Lance Franklin, who has lost his radar, kicking 11.19 in his past five matches. Spotless Stadium is set to sell out for this monster cross-town encounter.

Father Dougal’s Tip: GWS by 1

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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11 thoughts on “Game Chat – GWS vs Sydney”

  1. Will be interesting to see what happens if stevie figures out that you can take a couple of steps and mark the ball that Toby kicked to your advantage instead of watching it float over you and having the swan run past you to get it… Multiple times…


  2. Hey guys. Just a question:

    I have the VC on Danger. I have the C on Stranadica. I have Yeo and and Eddy on the bench as my Emergencies. Would that get me Dangers score as double and still get me Yeo’s score? Or would Eddy come in give me a 0?


    1. Because Eddy didn’t play, you will get Yeo’s score. If, on the other hand, Eddy had played, you would get the lesser of the two scores. You would still get double Dangerfield’s score regardless, however.


  3. Bloody JPK going useless after killing me being late out last week leaving me with a donut … way to repay the faith NOT

    sometimes you can really hate this game!!



    GWS: 8.8 (56)
    Sydney: 10.9 (69)

    J. Patton 98
    N. Haynes 80
    T. Greene 75
    T. Scully 75
    J. Kelly 71
    H. Shaw 70
    S. Mumford 67
    H. Perryman 67
    C. Ward 66
    D. Shiel 64
    Z. Williams 63
    L. Whitfield 63
    A. Tomlinson 57
    R. Lobb 53
    S. Johnson 46
    D. Smith 42
    M. Kennedy 38
    A. Corr 37
    P. Davis 25
    T. Mzungu 24
    N. Wilson 19
    M. de Boer 2

    I. Heeney 96
    K. Jack 91
    J. McVeigh 80
    J. Lloyd 75
    D. Hannebery 73
    L. Parker 73
    D. Robinson 71
    Z. Jones 67
    J. Kennedy 63
    T. Papley 60
    N. Smith 56
    L. Franklin 54
    S. Naismith 54
    D. Rampe 53
    G. Hewett 49
    D. Towers 43
    L. Melican 41
    N. Newman 40
    C. Mills 39
    G. Rohan 36
    H. Grundy 33
    S. Reid 19



    GWS: 12.11 (83)
    Sydney: 14.12 (96)

    S. Mumford 112
    J. Patton 111
    T. Scully 100
    C. Ward 99
    L. Whitfield 97
    H. Shaw 96
    N. Haynes 94
    D. Shiel 89
    J. Kelly 87
    T. Greene 86
    Z. Williams 83
    H. Perryman 80
    R. Lobb 69
    A. Tomlinson 67
    D. Smith 63
    S. Johnson 61
    M. Kennedy 52
    A. Corr 41
    P. Davis 32
    N. Wilson 29
    T. Mzungu 28
    M. de Boer 2

    L. Franklin 119
    I. Heeney 104
    D. Hannebery 104
    K. Jack 103
    J. McVeigh 100
    T. Papley 96
    J. Lloyd 94
    J. Kennedy 92
    Z. Jones 89
    L. Parker 85
    S. Naismith 80
    D. Towers 77
    D. Robinson 76
    N. Smith 71
    D. Rampe 67
    N. Newman 60
    C. Mills 60
    L. Melican 58
    G. Rohan 57
    G. Hewett 52
    H. Grundy 49
    S. Reid 19



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