Game Chat – Hawthorn vs Sydney

Written by Thommo on July 28 2017

Venue: MCG at 7:50pm AEST

R10, 2017, Hawthorn 12.9 (81) d Sydney 11.9 (75) at the SCG
R17, 2016, Hawthorn 11.9 (75) d Sydney 10.10 (70) at the SCG
R9, 2016, Sydney 10.9 (69) d Hawthorn 7.13 (55) at the MCG
R16, 2015, Hawthorn 23.8 (146) d Sydney 7.15 (57) at ANZ Stadium
R8, 2015, Sydney 11.7 (73) d Hawthorn 9.15 (69) at the MCG 

Game notes: Six weeks into the season, when these clubs had one win between them, scheduling two Friday night clashes between them seemed a dud decision. Now, we’re blessed. The Hawks won a thriller at the SCG in round 10 by a goal and are the only team to beat the Swans in their last 11 matches. Hawthorn won last time basically by playing keepings off; it controlled the ball for large stages and dominated possession; not even a great performance from Lance Franklin was enough to get the Swans home. The Hawks are playing well enough to stage a repeat performance on Friday night, with a backline and midfield that has improved markedly in the past six weeks. Without question, the Swans have been super, but in such an even season, they’re due to drop one soon. This might be it.

Thommo’s Tip: Hawks by 6 points

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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50 thoughts on “Game Chat – Hawthorn vs Sydney”

      1. I’d say his heart has packed up & does’nt want to be apart of their 1st loss in 2 months since round 10, when the Hawks beat them at home 😉


            1. Have you hit the happy juice early tonight Catta?

              It is nice to see someone who shares my dislike of Sydney!


              1. It’s only what I’ve heard, but apparently Lloyd is out with a heart concern & Rohen with a vagina issue?

                And yes, been on the jungle juice since 2pm 😉


      2. From AFL website :
        Lloyd travelled with the Swans team to Melbourne but was ruled out with a tight hip with the side coming off a six-day break following last Saturday night’s win over St Kilda.


  1. Need a downgrade rookie that has good security and will most likely produce higher scores for loophole
    TU: Young
    TD: Glass


    1. Maybe not SC relevant but result of match relevant. I thought it would b a close game anyway but tipping Hawks by 2 goals now.


      1. I hope you are right, Oliver, but the Swans normally win at the G against the Hawks and our backline is too inexperienced for Buddy so expect 7-10 scoring shots from him.


        1. I expect 7-10 shots. But being the realist I am, will also expect it to convert to 3-4 to 5-5. I have been enjoying the 80-120s he’s been putting up but would just love a 7 goal, 160 point game from him!


        2. The Hawks success against the Swans has a lot 2 do with controlling the speed of game. Reminds me a little bit of Nadal slowing the pace of game against Federer.


  2. At the start of the week i was all set to loophole Greenwood with Lynch in the foward and witherden with rance down back. Now due to injuries ALL 4 ARE STARTING ON FIELD! What is this year of Supercoach


  3. Thanks Lloyd. Got you in last week for a 72 while I could have gone with Roberton for 90 or Williams with 140. Now you are out and I get to loophole Glass/Ryan. Yay.

    Would be nice to have Witherden to cover you 🙂


  4. Who to bring in for Pendles. I have $180k cash but prefer to keep most of that for next week and league finals.

    T/up Neale
    T/d Cotchin

    Comments others (I don’t have tictch or zerrett)


  5. Isn’t it ironic, the 2players the Hawks have to curtail to win are x Hawks due to circumstances, 1 $$$$$ & 1 to many midfielders!

    It’s all about the back 6, quality v rookies, go Hawks it’s time to shut these naysayers up


  6. If SuperCoach scores are supposed to reflect impact on a game, then the umpires should be towards the top right now.



    Hawthorn: 4.3.27
    Sydney: 2.7.19

    B. Hardwick 39
    T. Duryea 34
    T. O’Brien 33
    J. Sicily 29
    J. Roughead 29
    R. Burton 27
    S. Burgoyne 25
    L. Hodge 23
    I. Smith 22
    R. Schoenmakers 22
    L. Breust 21
    T. Mitchell 18
    W. Langford 14
    B. Hartung 11
    D. Howe 9
    B. Whitecross 9
    K. Brand 9
    J. Gunston 7
    L. Shiels 6
    B. McEvoy 5
    R. Henderson 5
    C. Glass 5

    S. Naismith 39
    C. Mills 33
    L. Parker 30
    N. Newman 26
    H. Grundy 25
    J. Kennedy 25
    K. Jack 24
    D. Robinson 21
    W. Hayward 21
    Z. Jones 20
    C. Sinclair 20
    D. Rampe 19
    J. McVeigh 17
    G. Hewett 15
    I. Heeney 14
    L. Melican 13
    T. Papley 11
    J. Foote 8
    D. Hannebery 6
    D. Towers 2
    N. Smith 2
    L. Franklin 0


  8. Buddy is in one of them moods, give Hodgey a couple of frees, just hope he does’nt get reported as i’m running out of trades. Good game.



    Hawthorn: 8.6.54
    Sydney: 4.9.33

    T. Duryea 66
    L. Hodge 60
    T. O’Brien 57
    J. Roughead 55
    I. Smith 51
    S. Burgoyne 47
    B. Whitecross 46
    B. Hardwick 45
    L. Shiels 43
    T. Mitchell 41
    R. Burton 36
    J. Sicily 36
    R. Schoenmakers 35
    L. Breust 32
    B. McEvoy 31
    W. Langford 28
    B. Hartung 26
    K. Brand 26
    J. Gunston 24
    D. Howe 24
    C. Glass 20
    R. Henderson 15

    L. Parker 69
    J. McVeigh 51
    S. Naismith 49
    T. Papley 47
    G. Hewett 46
    C. Mills 45
    C. Sinclair 45
    H. Grundy 44
    D. Rampe 41
    K. Jack 39
    D. Hannebery 37
    N. Newman 35
    J. Kennedy 32
    Z. Jones 32
    D. Towers 32
    N. Smith 30
    D. Robinson 29
    I. Heeney 29
    L. Melican 28
    W. Hayward 25
    L. Franklin 12
    J. Foote 10



    Hawthorn 8.8.56
    Sydney 6.19.46

    T. Mitchell 90
    T. Duryea 85
    B. McEvoy 79
    L. Hodge 79
    J. Roughead 71
    T. O’Brien 69
    L. Shiels 69
    S. Burgoyne 66
    I. Smith 64
    W. Langford 63
    R. Burton 58
    L. Breust 57
    B. Whitecross 53
    D. Howe 49
    J. Gunston 48
    R. Schoenmakers 47
    J. Sicily 46
    K. Brand 44
    B. Hardwick 43
    C. Glass 40
    R. Henderson 37
    B. Hartung 31

    L. Parker 80
    C. Mills 80
    G. Hewett 77
    C. Sinclair 76
    D. Rampe 69
    D. Hannebery 67
    N. Newman 62
    T. Papley 61
    J. McVeigh 61
    H. Grundy 58
    I. Heeney 58
    D. Towers 53
    L. Melican 47
    S. Naismith 47
    N. Smith 46
    Z. Jones 46
    K. Jack 44
    D. Robinson 43
    J. Kennedy 39
    L. Franklin 31
    W. Hayward 24
    J. Foote 14


  11. Story of my SC year , have two afl superstars Buddy and JPK on less points than my fwd emg loophole Hardwick who has been off injured for a qtr and a bit.


  12. Every week i watch Tom Mitchell tear it up and wonder why i don’t have him in my team! Ill have to stick with JPK’s 50 odd instead…


  13. So apparently the Swans are the formed team of the competition, lol you fuc%#rs in the top 8 better hope the Hawks don’t make any September action!

    Go Hawks



    Hawthorn: 10.12.72
    Sydney: 9.12.66

    J. Roughead 133
    B. McEvoy 113
    I. Smith 109
    L. Shiels 103
    D. Howe 102
    T. Mitchell 99
    T. Duryea 99
    J. Sicily 98
    R. Burton 93
    L. Hodge 92
    S. Burgoyne 80
    T. O’Brien 76
    B. Whitecross 75
    J. Gunston 72
    B. Hartung 68
    L. Breust 63
    R. Henderson 59
    K. Brand 58
    W. Langford 57
    R. Schoenmakers 45
    C. Glass 43
    B. Hardwick 41

    T. Papley 98
    N. Newman 97
    G. Hewett 96
    J. McVeigh 92
    C. Sinclair 91
    L. Parker 90
    C. Mills 85
    I. Heeney 84
    D. Rampe 80
    H. Grundy 78
    Z. Jones 75
    D. Hannebery 75
    L. Franklin 62
    N. Smith 60
    D. Towers 58
    K. Jack 54
    L. Melican 52
    D. Robinson 51
    J. Kennedy 50
    S. Naismith 46
    W. Hayward 26
    J. Foote 19


  15. It would appear that this Sydney team does in fact have a weakness: Hawthorn. Luckily, they won’t have to play them in the finals.


  16. Longmire really needs to sit the whole group down and show them that last minute. You know Hawthorn is going to play keepings-off in that situation – why the hell would you sag off your direct opponent when they’re within short-kicking distance of the ball!?


  17. With Buddy , JPK , Lloyd out and my hail mary emg Hardwick injured at least
    I know I am already knackered this week .


  18. All my emergency loopholing for the week was in this game. Thought having Buddy as my forward emergency was smart at 3QT and then his score doubles in the 4th? Now 60 odd looks fine considering I have Lynch and Nank to come…. But I’ll back them to go higher…. Not confident. Will also leave Hanners score on the bench and continue to regret starting with him. Lloyd made the decision easy and removed any defensive loophole option.



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