Game Chat – North Melbourne v Sydney

Written by Thommo on May 18 2019

Where and when: Blundstone Arena, Saturday, May 18, 7.25pm AEST

Last time they met: Marvel Stadium, round 17, 2018: Sydney 16.8 (104) defeated North Melbourne 15.8 (98)

Aliir Aliir pounced on the loose ball and ran into an open goal inside the last two minutes to ensure the Swans exacted revenge from similar circumstances earlier in the season. Sydney kicked six majors to North’s three in the final term to overcome an 11-point deficit.

What it means for North Melbourne: Another chance to add credibility. The Roos crushed Carlton and challenged Geelong in the last fortnight, so will fancy their chances of knocking off Sydney – and will have expectations of doing that.

What it means for Sydney: The Swans won a thriller against Essendon last week to put some of the external doom and gloom behind them. Beat North Melbourne and the perception of their rebuild will be decidedly rosier.

How North Melbourne wins: Dominating contested ball. That seems obvious for any side, but Sydney has the worst contested possession differential in the competition in 2019, so there is a real opportunity for the Roos.

How Sydney wins: North’s been vulnerable down back this season because of injuries and the pending return of superstar Lance Franklin might be ideal timing. However, much depends on supply, with the Swans also ranked last for inside-50 differential.

The stat: Luke Parker, who was outstanding last week, has dipped below 20 disposals against North Melbourne just once, in 2011, and averages 25.8 possessions in total across 11 games.

The match-up: Robbie Tarrant v Lance Franklin

The Roos’ best defender (ranked No.246 in the AFL Ratings) against the Swans superstar (No.12). Tarrant’s been a rock in defence this year with a bevy of injuries around him, while Franklin is due back from three weeks out with a hamstring setback.

It’s a big week for:

North showed faith in Jy Simpkin during his early season struggles and he’s slowly regained form. Simpkin was one of four Roos with double-digit contested possessions last week and another dose of the same would go a long way to the blue and white prevailing.

Thommo’s Tip: Don’t watch this match! And North by 1 point.

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31 thoughts on “Game Chat – North Melbourne v Sydney”

  1. Thinking of rolling the dice on J. Kelly as C over a Grundy VC.

    Copped a donut from Moore and had to field Answerth to cover M. Crouch, so I think I have to do something out of the box to make up for those losses- think Kelly will crush Carlton.

    T.U: Big risk but big reward, roll the dice!

    T.U: Take the 144, you greedy bastard.


      1. Under any other circumstances, I would.

        Need to make up lost ground and what if Kelly goes 205 against Carlton again!?!


          1. no cogs , taranto will be inside mid v cripps ,
            ( will be great to see the 2 bulls go at it )
            kelly will play outside mid ,
            if taranto fires , kelly could go huge


    North Melbourne: Nil
    Sydney: Josh Kennedy (quad) replaced in the selected side by Ryan Clarke

    North Melbourne: Jed Anderson, Luke McDonald, Tarryn Thomas, Cam Zurhaar
    Sydney: Jackson Thurlow, James Rowbottom, Jordan Dawson, Robbie Fox


  3. Quick help please
    At the moment I’ve got B Scott as captain (gawn vc) and Answorth on the bench with the e. But Answorth put out a very poor 26. I’d like to try my luck with Stocker instead, but that means I have to captain W Drew instead.

    So my question is…..

    Anyone any idea if drew will be a late in tomorrow? Or has he played/down to play SANFL?




        Q time
        nth 3.1.19 – 1.4.10

        J. Polec 44
        I. Heeney 38
        J. Ziebell 41
        J. Dawson 32
        T. Goldstein 39
        J. Lloyd 31
        J. Macmillan 38
        Z. Jones 31
        K. Turner 34
        A. Aliir 28
        R. Tarrant 26
        D. Rampe 27
        T. Dumont 25
        C. O’Riordan 27
        J. Simpkin 23
        R. Clarke 25
        S. Thompson 19
        O. Florent 23
        B. Cunnington 18
        L. Parker 23
        M. Williams 15
        G. Hewett 23
        B. Brown 15
        J. Thurlow 18
        J. Anderson 15
        T. Papley 16
        J. Pittard 14
        C. Mills 11
        L. McDonald 14
        R. Fox 11
        S. Higgins 11
        L. Melican 10
        N. Larkey 10
        N. Blakey 10
        T. Thomas 6
        C. Sinclair 9
        T. Garner 5
        W. Hayward 8
        S. Atley 3
        T. McCartin 4
        M. Wood 0
        J. Rowbottom 4
        C. Zurhaar -5
        S. Reid 0



    1/2 time
    nth 5.3.33 – 8.6.54

    J. Ziebell 64
    L. Parker 78
    B. Cunnington 63
    J. Lloyd 76
    T. Goldstein 63
    I. Heeney 73
    T. Dumont 53
    G. Hewett 72
    J. Macmillan 52
    J. Dawson 59
    J. Polec 49
    C. Sinclair 53
    J. Anderson 48
    A. Aliir 48
    J. Simpkin 46
    Z. Jones 43
    S. Thompson 41
    N. Blakey 42
    R. Tarrant 36
    T. Papley 42
    M. Williams 36
    D. Rampe 41
    K. Turner 35
    R. Clarke 41
    S. Higgins 29
    O. Florent 38
    B. Brown 28
    J. Thurlow 29
    N. Larkey 24
    C. O’Riordan 27
    L. McDonald 22
    R. Fox 24
    J. Pittard 21
    T. McCartin 24
    S. Atley 16
    C. Mills 21
    T. Thomas 15
    S. Reid 18
    M. Wood 9
    J. Rowbottom 15
    T. Garner 6
    W. Hayward 15
    C. Zurhaar 5
    L. Melican 11


  5. Absolutely disgraceful quarter by the Roos.


    I t’s a shame that Goldstein has not got an aggressive bone in his entire body because our problems are starting in the middle.

    Whilst he can be a very good ruckman perhaps North erred by allowing Preuss to be traded instead of trading Goldstein (if they could have found someone to pay his salary).

    C’mon Roos …..lift


  6. Held onto heeney for weeks hoping he’d lift and score some decent points. Finally trade him out for kelly this week and he does nothing and heeney basically has his score in the 3rd quarter. Bloody heeney


    1. its nth , if he was ever gna put up a score , it would have been against them ,
      kennedy out meant more mid time for him also



    3/4 time
    nth 6.7.43 – 10.10.70

    J. Ziebell 93
    L. Parker 111
    B. Cunnington 91
    G. Hewett 105
    J. Anderson 83
    J. Lloyd 103
    T. Goldstein 80
    I. Heeney 96
    J. Macmillan 77
    J. Dawson 80
    J. Simpkin 70
    O. Florent 76
    T. Dumont 64
    C. Sinclair 73
    J. Polec 64
    T. Papley 64
    S. Thompson 58
    D. Rampe 63
    M. Williams 54
    A. Aliir 63
    S. Higgins 50
    N. Blakey 49
    R. Tarrant 47
    C. O’Riordan 46
    N. Larkey 46
    Z. Jones 45
    K. Turner 45
    R. Clarke 44
    J. Pittard 42
    J. Thurlow 42
    L. McDonald 38
    S. Reid 42
    B. Brown 37
    T. McCartin 37
    T. Thomas 29
    R. Fox 34
    C. Zurhaar 28
    C. Mills 31
    S. Atley 27
    W. Hayward 30
    T. Garner 15
    L. Melican 24
    M. Wood 9
    J. Rowbottom 20



    nth 10.12.72 – 11.11.77

    before scaling

    J. Ziebell 143
    L. Parker 146
    J. Anderson 118
    J. Lloyd 132
    B. Cunnington 113
    G. Hewett 120
    J. Macmillan 103
    J. Dawson 119
    T. Goldstein 100
    I. Heeney 110
    J. Simpkin 98
    O. Florent 92
    S. Thompson 93
    T. Papley 84
    J. Polec 82
    C. Sinclair 82
    R. Tarrant 79
    A. Aliir 78
    T. Dumont 76
    D. Rampe 73
    S. Higgins 68
    S. Reid 65
    K. Turner 64
    W. Hayward 60
    M. Williams 60
    N. Blakey 56
    L. McDonald 60
    R. Clarke 56
    J. Pittard 56
    C. Mills 51
    N. Larkey 52
    C. O’Riordan 51
    B. Brown 45
    Z. Jones 48
    C. Zurhaar 39
    J. Thurlow 45
    S. Atley 35
    R. Fox 42
    T. Thomas 34
    T. McCartin 35
    M. Wood 29
    L. Melican 30
    T. Garner 27
    J. Rowbottom 24


    1. If he keeps playing in the midfield, then sure. But the risk is that he will go back to playing forward (you know what The Scott Twin™ is like).



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