Game Chat – North Melbourne vs Fremantle

Written by Huttabito on July 9 2017

Venue: Etihad Stadium at 1:10pm AEST

R5, 2017, Fremantle 9.13 (67) d North Melbourne 9.8 (62) at Domain
R4, 2016, North Melbourne 20.12 (132) d Fremantle 14.17 (101) at Etihad
R21, 2015, North Melbourne 14.10 (94) d Fremantle 12.11 (83) at Etihad
R8, 2015, Fremantle 17.13 (115) d North Melbourne 5.12 (42) at Domain
R6, 2014, North Melbourne 10.14 (74) d Fremantle 8.13 (61) at Domain

Game notes: You can’t rewrite history, but North Melbourne will want to redeem itself for its round five fadeout in Perth against the Dockers. That night, the Roos blew a 29-point third-quarter lead to go down in one of four 2017 defeats by five points or fewer. Their season is shot as far as finals are concerned, but coach Brad Scott will be eager to find out which players will be key pillars in the future. Barring a draw – not inconceivable between clubs familiar with tight affairs – one of North or Fremantle will end a lengthy losing streak. The Roos have conceded four straight; the Dockers five. Michael Walters is in blazing form for Freo and North regains Ben Cunnington, but each team is minus star power. Aaron Sandilands is gone for the season and the Roos will be without Jarrad Waite for a month.

Hutta’s Tip: North by 15 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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33 thoughts on “Game Chat – North Melbourne vs Fremantle”

  1. North Melbourne v Fremantle at Etihad Stadium, 1.10pm AEST


    North Melbourne: Nil
    Fremantle: David Mundy (illness) replaced in selected side by Ryan Nyhuis


    North Melbourne: Andrew Swallow, Trent Dumont, Jy Simpkin, Mitchell Hibberd
    Fremantle: Tom Sheridan, Lachie Weller, Hayden Crozier, Lachie Neale


  2. Roo Bloke Media Release

    It’s with sadness that I formally announce a parting of ways with R1 Aaron Sandilands. The relationship had stretched back many seasons and as coach I’d like to congratulate ‘211’ on his many years of service.


    1. Perhaps. Or maybe he’s just having a day out against his favourite opponent. Let’s wait and see how he goes next week.


    1. He’s already beaten last week’s score just before the end of the half! Hopefully this is a return to form for him.


  3. 1/2 TIME

    North Melbourne 6.3.39
    Fremantle 9.4.58

    S. Higgins 59
    T. Goldstein 58
    B. Brown 54
    S. Thompson 52
    A. Mullett 49
    B. Cunnington 47
    J. Ziebell 45
    S. Atley 45
    M. Hibberd 41
    D. Mountford 36
    R. Tarrant 35
    A. Swallow 35
    T. Dumont 35
    L. Thomas 34
    N. Hrovat 32
    J. Simpkin 22
    M. Daw 20
    S. Gibson 19
    L. McDonald 18
    T. Garner 12
    C. Wagner 7
    D. Nielson 6

    M. Walters 86
    N. Fyfe 85
    L. Neale 69
    D. Tucker 62
    S. Hill 55
    C. Blakely 55
    L. Ryan 47
    E. Hughes 46
    B. Hill 41
    S. Darcy 40
    L. Weller 39
    T. Sheridan 39
    M. Johnson 34
    B. Grey 34
    R. Nyhuis 32
    B. Cox 31
    S. Kersten 22
    H. Ballantyne 20
    G. Logue 20
    N. Suban 13
    H. Crozier 13
    J. Hamling 8


  4. 1/2 time observations:
    * Fyfe’s still a jet.
    * Thomas may have found a new lease on life as a back pocket.
    * North’s got a one man fwd line.
    * Higgins is a silky mid (what a goal!).
    * Freo are quick and North are slow.
    * Daw can’t play. Trade him or delist him.


      1. I was only half joking about the weekly poll 😛

        In all seriousness though, this week’s Fyfe poll should be something like the following:

        IS FYFE BACK?

        * Yes – 5 million points on the weekend!
        * No – he loves playing North Melbourne.
        * Maybe. Let’s wait and see how he goes this week.


        1. I did sense the sarcasm but sad thing is it’s kinda relevant every week with him at the moment. Save to say he’ll be held by any this week and other will give him another week to two to make sure he’s back.


  5. 3/4 TIME

    North Melbourne 8.4.52
    Fremantle 9.6.60

    S. Thompson 89
    T. Goldstein 84
    B. Cunnington 78
    A. Mullett 76
    S. Higgins 74
    J. Ziebell 70
    S. Atley 67
    B. Brown 67
    A. Swallow 63
    M. Hibberd 63
    R. Tarrant 60
    S. Gibson 58
    N. Hrovat 52
    L. McDonald 52
    L. Thomas 52
    D. Mountford 49
    T. Dumont 42
    J. Simpkin 41
    T. Garner 36
    M. Daw 36
    D. Nielson 17
    C. Wagner 17

    N. Fyfe 104
    M. Walters 99
    C. Blakely 93
    L. Neale 86
    L. Ryan 86
    D. Tucker 73
    S. Hill 63
    E. Hughes 63
    M. Johnson 57
    B. Hill 57
    L. Weller 53
    S. Darcy 48
    N. Suban 47
    B. Grey 42
    B. Cox 40
    R. Nyhuis 39
    T. Sheridan 38
    H. Crozier 34
    G. Logue 32
    H. Ballantyne 29
    S. Kersten 27
    J. Hamling 24


    1. Bad luck RB. Not a fan of the close ones, would like a blowout win one day. Not good for the heart.


  6. FULL TIME (pre-scaling)

    North Melbourne 12.10.82
    Fremantle 13.8.86

    T. Goldstein 124
    B. Cunnington 115
    A. Mullett 108
    S. Higgins 101
    J. Ziebell 101
    B. Brown 100
    S. Thompson 96
    A. Swallow 89
    S. Gibson 88
    L. McDonald 79
    M. Hibberd 74
    R. Tarrant 68
    S. Atley 67
    L. Thomas 65
    N. Hrovat 59
    D. Nielson 58
    T. Garner 55
    M. Daw 54
    D. Mountford 53
    J. Simpkin 53
    T. Dumont 45
    C. Wagner 28

    N. Fyfe 139
    C. Blakely 128
    M. Walters 104
    B. Hill 92
    L. Ryan 91
    L. Neale 90
    D. Tucker 83
    S. Hill 82
    R. Nyhuis 80
    H. Crozier 78
    M. Johnson 76
    S. Darcy 71
    L. Weller 70
    E. Hughes 64
    B. Cox 61
    N. Suban 55
    G. Logue 50
    S. Kersten 49
    B. Grey 40
    T. Sheridan 33
    J. Hamling 27
    H. Ballantyne 25


  7. Does anyone know why Neale spent 69% TOG which was the lowest of the team other than Sheridan, and they had a 3 man bench for half a game?
    He could of cracked a ton and kept me in the game if he spent more time of the field


    1. Yeh. His second half was just garbage. 20 points for 2 quarters is just hopeless from a premo. Covered by Fyfe but I wanted 250 minimum from them the way they were going at the half.


      1. Copped that a lot this week from my players showing up for only 1 half, then giving me a sucker punch when i thought they would do well



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