Game Chat – North Melbourne vs St Kilda

Written by Thommo on March 30 2018

Venue: Etihad Stadium at 4:20pm AEST

R22, 2017: St Kilda 18.19 (127) d North Melbourne 12.6 (78) at Etihad Stadium
R13, 2017: St Kilda 12.17 (89) d North Melbourne 10.12 (72) at Etihad Stadium
R19, 2016: North Melbourne 12.13 (85) d St Kilda 8.14 (62) at Etihad Stadium
R7, 2016: North Melbourne 11.16 (82) d St Kilda 11.9 (75) at Etihad Stadium
R20, 2015: North Melbourne 18.12 (120) d St Kilda 11.17 (83) at Blundstone Arena

St Kilda scratched out a round one victory over the Brisbane Lions without making a great impression, but will start favourite in its Good Friday debut against North. Jack Steven returned to his electric best to carry his Saints past the Lions, and will again need strong back-up from Jack Billings, Seb Ross and Jarryn Geary. But the likes of Billy Longer, Paddy McCartin and Jack Sinclair will be keen to redeem themselves. The ruck battle between Longer and Todd Goldstein will be fascinating, with the 2015 All Australian Roo on a mission to return to his best form. There will be interest in how North Melbourne backs up from last week’s heavy conditions in Cairns, particularly with a six-day turnaround. Most promising for the Kangaroos in the loss to Gold Coast was Jy Simpkin’s 22 disposals playing through the midfield. Shaun Higgins, Ben Cunnington and Jack Ziebell will welcome his support.

Thommo’s Tip: St Kilda by 28 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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36 thoughts on “Game Chat – North Melbourne vs St Kilda”

  1. 1st day off in a month, looking forward to watching the roos, fridge full of beer, don’t worry about the result, good to see the boys play again …. disclaimer…. hydrate responsibly :)))


  2. North Melbourne v St Kilda at Etihad Stadium, 4.20pm AEDT


    North Melbourne: Jed Anderson, Nathan Hrovat, Luke Davies-Uniacke, Trent Dumont
    St Kilda: Jack Steele, Hunter Clark, David Armitage, Paddy McCartin


  3. Just rocked up to the ground. On Etihad wifi and of course I jump on to SCT. No. No I can’t. This thread is deemed as inappropriate content. At a footy match. Bahahaha!!!!!!!


      1. I had an anti-virus program on my computer say the same thing (E-Set cyber security I believe), so I deleted the anti-virus haha


  4. Will be interesting to see how much those deplorable conditions of the Cairns game last week effect the Kangers, especially in the 2nd half!

    Hoping for a cracker of a game, Billings to kick 3 & have 30 disposals / 125SC points will be great thank you 🙂


  5. Just a hunch, but these teams won’t be playing Good Friday next year unless they pick up the skills in the second half!


  6. What a sensational half of footy


    North Melbourne 2.10.22
    St Kilda 2.10.22

    J.Waite 69
    B.Jacobs 60
    T.Goldstein 55
    S.Higgins 47
    S.Thompson 46
    T.Dumont 44
    B.Hartung 41
    R.Tarrant 37
    J.Macmillan 36
    B.Cunnington 36
    L.McDonald 33
    N.Hrovat 32
    L.Davies-Uniacke 31
    S.Atley 28
    E.Vickers-Willis 25
    J.Ziebell 24
    J.Anderson 24
    M.Williams 23
    J.Simpkin 22
    K.Turner 21
    B.Brown 18
    R.Clarke 16

    J.Webster 80
    J.Geary 68
    J.Carlisle 62
    S.Ross 58
    J.Gresham 51
    J.Steven 50
    D.Armitage 47
    S.Savage 47
    B.Long 35
    J.Billings 35
    B.Acres 34
    D.Roberton 33
    J.Newnes 30
    K.Stevens 28
    J.Steele 24
    J.Bruce 23
    P.McCartin 22
    J.Sinclair 22
    T.Membrey 19
    N.Brown 15
    B.Longer 14
    H.Clark 11


  7. Billings and Acres well down on last weeks effort.

    Savage and Arma doing ok?

    Goldie showing he may be up for it this year. Ryder replacement?

    LDU looking alot more comfortable at this level.

    Terrible game otherwise.

    We wait all these years for Good Friday footy and…….

    Well its just not very Good!


  8. At least LDU has shown he actually knows how to play football. But Billings. Come on mate, 39 halfway through the third! really?!



    C’mon North!!!!

    North Melbourne 6.16.52
    St Kilda 5.11.41

    T.Goldstein 96
    S.Higgins 90
    J.Waite 88
    B.Jacobs 86
    B.Brown 74
    J.Anderson 68
    S.Thompson 66
    T.Dumont 63
    L.Davies-Uniacke 63
    B.Hartung 60
    L.McDonald 58
    J.Macmillan 57
    R.Tarrant 54
    S.Atley 52
    E.Vickers-Willis 44
    B.Cunnington 42
    M.Williams 38
    J.Ziebell 35
    N.Hrovat 34
    K.Turner 32
    J.Simpkin 28
    R.Clarke 17

    J.Geary 109
    J.Webster 99
    J.Carlisle 90
    S.Ross 76
    J.Steven 74
    S.Savage 69
    J.Gresham 67
    B.Acres 66
    D.Armitage 64
    D.Roberton 60
    J.Newnes 59
    J.Billings 58
    B.Long 50
    J.Bruce 49
    J.Steele 49
    K.Stevens 45
    J.Sinclair 40
    P.McCartin 35
    T.Membrey 23
    N.Brown 18
    B.Longer 17
    H.Clark 15


  10. TU: North Melbourne is not as bad as we thought.
    TD: St. Kilda is not as good as we thought.

    Comment: Both.
    Comment: Neither, this game is just a blip; normal programming will resume next week.



    North Melbourne 13.17.95
    St Kilda 5.13.43

    J.Waite 122
    S.Higgins 120
    T.Goldstein 120
    B.Brown 116
    B.Jacobs 104
    J.Anderson 86
    B.Hartung 84
    S.Thompson 81
    L.McDonald 80
    R.Tarrant 79
    L.Davies-Uniacke 77
    J.Ziebell 77
    T.Dumont 71
    J.Macmillan 69
    B.Cunnington 68
    S.Atley 67
    M.Williams 60
    K.Turner 59
    N.Hrovat 54
    E.Vickers-Willis 48
    J.Simpkin 40
    R.Clarke 24

    J.Geary 128
    J.Carlisle 106
    J.Webster 104
    J.Steven 98
    S.Savage 97
    S.Ross 96
    B.Acres 89
    J.Gresham 81
    J.Billings 80
    J.Bruce 75
    D.Armitage 73
    J.Newnes 70
    D.Roberton 70
    J.Steele 64
    K.Stevens 62
    J.Sinclair 56
    B.Long 51
    P.McCartin 46
    N.Brown 40
    T.Membrey 30
    H.Clark 26
    B.Longer 18


  12. Dunno if it was a joke, but there were people on here last week claiming LDU was a sh*t pick by North in the draft, worst thing Tambling or something similar. I know he wasn’t elite today, but looked at home in only his 2nd game of proper footy, used it well and won a few holding the balls. My point is, give em all (especially the young kids) a chance before slagging them off next time will ya?!


    1. It may be unpopular but I’m going to stand by my statement.

      I think there were better options at that position in the draft and I’ll completely back that.

      If I am wrong it will not be the first time.

      A few things.

      1) Tambling himself wasn’t THAT bad. He played 124 games at AFL level.

      When Richmond traded him, he’d played 100 games and he still got traded for a first round and a third round draft pick.

      Compare that with Jono O Rourke or Josh Schache… both drafted at #2…

      2) The problem with Tambling wasn’t that he was himself that bad a player. It was who could have been drafted with the same pick. Which was either Buddy Franklin or Jordan Lewis.

      3) If you look at the rest of the 2004 draft, the top 3, plus Buddy and Lewis have turned out good or exceptional. But below that, Chris Egan? Tom Williams? John Meesen? Jordan Russell? Angus Monfries?

      Probably the only one who could be said to have had a better career is Matt Rosa.

      4) #4 draft has been a bit cursed
      2005 Josh Kennedy (carlton got that right)
      2006 Luenberger (in front of Selwood)
      2007 Cale Moreton (in front of dangerfield)
      2008 Hamish Hartlett (in front of Hannebery, Sidebottom and Beams)
      2009 Anthony Morabito (a head of Fyfe)
      2010 Andrew Gaff (not Heppell)

      5) He’s had a reasonable game against an absolutely appalling St Kilda team. A game which the deciding factors were Goldstein, Higgins and Brown. A bit much to read anything into that.

      Anyway, we’ll all watch his career with interest and wish him the best.


      1. Who do you suggest as being a better option then? From my own pre-draft thoughts, LDU would’ve been my no. 1 pick. Now clearly I’m not a recruiter, but he is very clean with his disposal, fast enough to break away from packs when he arrives at pace, and has really good lateral movement. He also had an impact up forward as a tall mid. Personally I don’t see the likes of Cerra or Stephenson being a better option due to their risks and u18 years.


        1. Well. My #1 in the draft was definitely Bradshaw. No question.

          But let’s face it draft includes many factors including recently the risk of go home factor, as well as the whole moneyball thing.

          But that’s not relevant because North could never draft him anyway.

          Tim Kelly. Tom McCartin. Hunter Clark. Jaidyn Stephenson.

          I think long term they will be better options.

          Jack Petrucelle looks very very promising, as does Worpel.

          I get not choosing Cerra, with injury concerns.

          In the end though, we really won’t know until 2022…


      2. Agree with you Harbour Heroes, There is more value rookies in the midfield in my opinionthan LDU. There was just so much fuss about him preseason that we thought was overrated (as opposed to a Bonner, Murphy or Kelly for example)
        I am sure he’ll end up a 70+ player and North have no hope of finals so they will give him plenty of play time. Thats not slagging him. It is accepting the facts. Then he can prove us wrong comes season end.



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