Game Chat – GWS v Carlton

Written by Father Dougal on May 19 2019

Where and when: Giants Stadium, Sunday May 19, 4.40pm AEST

Last time they met: Marvel Stadium, round 20, 2018: Greater Western Sydney 23.13 (151) defeated Carlton 7.4 (46)

Josh Kelly’s 41 possessions, 16 inside-50s and 10 clearances torched the Blues, while Stephen Coniglio, Callan Ward and Jacob Hopper also ran rampant all over Marvel Stadium. Jeremy Cameron (four) was one of 11 goalkickers for the Giants.

What it means for GWS: With two disappointing losses to lower-ranked teams in the past month the Giants lost a golden opportunity to get ahead of the pack, so must consolidate against the lowly Blues.

What it means for Carlton: Respect. Competitive losses aren’t acceptable anymore for the Blues, and if they’re after a challenge to get them going, the Giants at home is a monster.

How GWS wins: They struggled for any momentum going forward against the Hawks, but back on home soil the Giants midfield will be too powerful for the Blues. Expect a tsunami of scoring opportunities.

How Carlton wins: Led by skipper Patrick Cripps, the Blues must make it a scrap. If they can stop the Giants’ run and make it hard for their forwards to find one-on-ones, they might have a sniff.

The stat: GWS had 36 scoring shots from just 65 inside-50s when they pummelled the Blues late last year. No backline can stop that sort of efficiency or supply, and if the home side’s runners get freedom again, it’ll be a Sunday to forget for Carlton.

The match-up: Sam Taylor v Charlie Curnow

The GWS youngster might be ranked 454th in the Official AFL Player Ratings, but he should get first crack at the big Blue (126th) inside 50. Taylor is athletic and an outstanding defender one-on-one, so has the ability to follow Curnow wherever he goes. Phil Davis and Harry McKay will be another crucial battle.

It’s a big week for: Marc Murphy

With Cripps likely to have Matt de Boer as a tag, the former skipper must have a big day if the Blues are any hope of an upset. Murphy must use all his experience and class to get his hands on plenty of footy and hurt the Giants going forward.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Giants by 40 points.

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56 thoughts on “Game Chat – GWS v Carlton”

    Greater Western Sydney: Nil
    Carlton: David Cuningham (general soreness) replaced in selected side by Lochie O’Brien


  2. I’d prefer setterfield to put on the cape lol.
    But the big question is can Cameron crack 30 points this week?



    1/4 time
    GWS 7.5.47 – 1.1.7

    H. Himmelberg 48
    N. Newman 37
    Z. Williams 44
    H. McKay 31
    J. Finlayson 42
    P. Cripps 27
    L. Whitfield 41
    S. Walsh 23
    S. Mumford 38
    P. Dow 20
    T. Taranto 33
    M. Kreuzer 19
    H. Perryman 29
    C. Marchbank 15
    A. Kennedy 28
    M. Gibbons 15
    J. Hopper 27
    L. Stocker 15
    T. Greene 25
    M. Murphy 13
    B. Daniels 24
    J. Weitering 12
    J. Kelly 23
    E. Curnow 10
    P. Davis 21
    L. Casboult 10
    B. Deledio 20
    D. Thomas 9
    J. Cameron 19
    Z. Fisher 9
    M. de Boer 18
    S. Petrevski-Seton 7
    H. Shaw 16
    M. McGovern 6
    D. Lloyd 15
    J. Silvagni 5
    N. Haynes 13
    C. Curnow 5
    S. Reid 13
    H. Macreadie 0
    S. Taylor 5
    W. Setterfield -3
    A. Tomlinson 3
    L. O’Brien -3


  4. setterfield is soooooo useless … in SC and as a player … no heart …. doesn”t go in hard … and Bolton not helping changing their roles every week….


      1. Hoping it’s just a grade 1 strain which would be 1-3, but he knew straight away so would think it’s either grade 2 or 3 so looking at 4-8


    1. Williams gets injured 2-3 times per week, the guy must of ran over a black cat in the pre-season.



    1/2 time

    GWS 13.9.87 – 2.1.13

    T. Taranto 84
    N. Newman 59
    L. Whitfield 82
    H. McKay 56
    J. Finlayson 80
    S. Walsh 47
    J. Kelly 73
    P. Cripps 39
    Z. Williams 62
    M. Kreuzer 39
    J. Cameron 61
    C. Marchbank 29
    H. Himmelberg 58
    P. Dow 28
    S. Mumford 55
    M. McGovern 24
    J. Hopper 53
    L. Stocker 24
    B. Daniels 52
    D. Thomas 23
    B. Deledio 52
    J. Weitering 23
    T. Greene 50
    S. Petrevski-Seton 21
    A. Kennedy 50
    C. Curnow 19
    H. Perryman 49
    L. Casboult 19
    H. Shaw 42
    E. Curnow 16
    S. Reid 39
    M. Murphy 15
    M. de Boer 39
    Z. Fisher 13
    P. Davis 37
    M. Gibbons 13
    D. Lloyd 30
    L. O’Brien 12
    A. Tomlinson 29
    J. Silvagni 11
    N. Haynes 23
    W. Setterfield 10
    S. Taylor 9
    H. Macreadie 0


        1. Giants mentioned it is a tight hamstring so it’s good it’s not torn. Assume the resting for the 2nd half was precautionary as it would have been nonsensical to left him return to the ground.

          Hopefully only 0-2 week injury.


  6. I know most teams have Cripps and not Carlton supporter but is DeBoar getting away with holding all the time . No wonder he is frustrated


  7. Is it to late for Brendon Bolton to keep his job? or are they bringing in someone to help him coach the players


  8. As one of Greene’s few owners, I’m absolutely filthy with his scoring. He’s not getting credited contested possessions when other players would be. And therefore instead of getting an ineffective contested possession for a couple points, he’s getting a clanger and losing pts. Anyone who’s watching the game would know he’s had more than 6 contested out of his 19 to 3qtr time. Some players just get constantly robbed by CD


    1. Fully agree. Yet Cripps is one player that gets credited a contested possession and a clearance for sneezing on the ball


      1. Do you happen to have cripps in your team , I doubt it.
        That is one of the most ridiculous comments i have ever seen on this site


  9. Whitfield’s a jet! Scrimshaw to Whitfield for me this week. Just hope he doesn’t make his b/e lol


  10. What I don’t get is how Carlton were competitive against Collingwood the other week and absolutely abhorrent today?

    I get that they fire up against old rivals like Collingwood and Essendon, but you shouldn’t go from competitive one week to U9s the next.


    1. playn interstate , @ a fortress , lost murphy early , cripps has the best tagger in the game on him


  11. 3/4 time
    GWS 19.14.128 – 6.2.38

    L. Whitfield 137
    N. Newman 89
    J. Finlayson 120
    H. McKay 84
    T. Taranto 119
    S. Walsh 63
    J. Kelly 105
    M. Kreuzer 62
    S. Mumford 94
    P. Dow 57
    J. Cameron 89
    M. McGovern 55
    B. Deledio 88
    P. Cripps 51
    J. Hopper 82
    C. Marchbank 45
    H. Perryman 82
    E. Curnow 45
    T. Greene 76
    C. Curnow 42
    H. Himmelberg 75
    D. Thomas 41
    H. Shaw 73
    J. Weitering 36
    Z. Williams 72
    L. Stocker 35
    M. de Boer 69
    Z. Fisher 33
    A. Kennedy 67
    S. Petrevski-Seton 32
    B. Daniels 62
    L. O’Brien 27
    S. Reid 57
    L. Casboult 24
    N. Haynes 54
    M. Gibbons 22
    A. Tomlinson 54
    W. Setterfield 18
    D. Lloyd 53
    M. Murphy 17
    P. Davis 50
    J. Silvagni 17
    S. Taylor 39
    H. Macreadie 7


  12. Lachie WTField! Wow, just wow!

    Will finish 170+, so how much will he drop by and what will his B.E be? Roughly?


  13. so many 40 game players out there for the blues ,
    bolton will be safe ,
    only the short sighted supporters & media with nothing else to talk about will be calling for his head
    blues were a basket case , when he got there ,
    cant expect kids to be as professional as 1 of the best teams in the comp
    as long as they are competitive with other teams @ their ladder level they’ll be ok


    1. They were definitely a mess… it may be an unpopular opinion but I think Malthouse trashed their list and it’s only started looking better since last year. McKay and Curnow will be where they need to be in the next year or two and the midfield just needs some experience. If Doc comes back healthy, that will stabilize the D next year and we just need to figure out a long term ruck solution.



    full time

    GWS 20.18.138 – 7.3.45

    before scaling

    L. Whitfield 167
    N. Newman 116
    T. Taranto 139
    H. McKay 98
    J. Kelly 130
    S. Walsh 79
    J. Finlayson 129
    M. Kreuzer 71
    B. Deledio 106
    P. Cripps 65
    T. Greene 104
    M. McGovern 62
    S. Mumford 103
    P. Dow 59
    J. Cameron 101
    Z. Fisher 58
    H. Perryman 99
    C. Curnow 57
    H. Shaw 97
    E. Curnow 54
    H. Himmelberg 95
    D. Thomas 51
    J. Hopper 91
    C. Marchbank 50
    M. de Boer 89
    J. Weitering 46
    A. Kennedy 89
    L. O’Brien 42
    P. Davis 80
    J. Silvagni 40
    A. Tomlinson 76
    L. Stocker 38
    N. Haynes 75
    L. Casboult 36
    Z. Williams 74
    S. Petrevski-Seton 33
    S. Reid 68
    W. Setterfield 29
    B. Daniels 64
    M. Gibbons 28
    D. Lloyd 60
    M. Murphy 17
    S. Taylor 44
    H. Macreadie 9


  15. Oooph 🙁

    Too busy at work and was way too worried about late outs/ins for today’s games that I blew my Grundy VC and got stuck with Cripps as C as I couldn’t get away from my job at the right times.

    Worst Sunday I’ve had since I’ve began playing SC!


    All the ground I’ve made up after a bad start straight down the drain!



    1. I know it’s not to popular but I would like to see lockout after first game so people can go to work and have a life without having to worry about late outs etc. Give us one more emergency on each line would be a help. What do people think about a lockout after first game.


      1. I understand that and have heard it floated around before.

        But I think it will take away from the game if that happens. Personally, I know I blew it because I was feeling some stress around selections and such. But that’s all part of SuperCoach. If I didn’t have any kind of emotion (good or bad) playing it I don’t think it would be worth playing.

        Just have to go with the flow! With a firm lockout set we would all likely be rolling around with the same teams and the same batch of problems. The rolling lockout allows for a sense of ‘realness’ to our ‘fantasies’.

        Lockouts, Injuries, Named, Un-named, and Never-named…it’s all part of the fun 🙂

        This week hurts, but as a competitive coach I have to believe I can bounce back and squeeze back into the top ranks!



      2. Sodes – totally agree … to be successful at OA and even to large degree H2H you have to be available 1 hour before each match – that’s completely unfair to the majority.

        It will never happen though as they wan their revenue from people on the site constantly … let alone clubs / coaches being truthful on team line ups / injuries …


        1. I live in Canada. 90% of games start while I’m sleeping so late outs can bugger up your scores and VC choices are usually limited. It’s tough but no solution means no problem.



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