Game Chat – Richmond v Hawthorn

Written by Motts on June 18 2020

Where and when: MCG, Thursday 18 June 2020 • 7:40 PM (AEST)

Last time they met:

Sunday May 19, 2019

Richmond 14.11 95) def Hawthorn 8.11 (59) at the MCG.

What it means for Richmond: An undefeated start to the season for the reigning premiers would be a great way to kick off the title defence.

What it means for Hawthorn: The 5-goal win against The Lions in Round 1 seems a long time ago, doesn’t it? A win would be a chance to atone for their disastrous second half against The Cats last week and put them in the right frame of mind to face The Roos in R4.

Mottsy Watch: With Dusty sitting on the pine, I’ll be looking for footage of him not playing to try to assess his rib damage. One more week out and he’s gonski.

Mottsy’s Tip: Richmond by 25 points.


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31 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond v Hawthorn”

  1. Half time scores

    Hawks 45 leading Tigers 13

    Jaeger O’Meara 91
    Jonathon Ceglar 78
    Isaac Smith 77
    James Sicily 63
    Luke Breust 59
    Chad Wingard 54
    Liam Shiels 51
    Tom Mitchell 50
    Blake Hardwick 49
    Ben McEvoy 47
    James Worpel 42
    Sam Frost 38
    Shaun Burgoyne 35
    Ricky Henderson 32
    Tim O’Brien 32
    Jack Gunston* 29
    Tom Scully 29
    Jack Scrimshaw 26
    Oliver Hanrahan 25
    Jonathon Patton 25
    James Frawley 21
    Ben Stratton 20

    Jayden Short 69
    Dylan Grimes 67
    Nick Vlastuin 60
    David Astbury 51
    Trent Cotchin 51
    Bachar Houli 49
    Dion Prestia 38
    Josh Caddy 37
    Shane Edwards 37
    Marlion Pickett 32
    Jack Higgins 30
    Tom J. Lynch 28
    Jack Graham 28
    Nathan Broad 28
    Kane Lambert 22
    Ivan Soldo 21
    Jack Ross 20
    Shai Bolton 19
    Sydney Stack 19
    Daniel Rioli 10
    Jason Castagna 1
    Jack Riewoldt -12


  2. How can Riewoldt be -13 SC and +12 in Fantasy?The scoring is so far apart.Omeara on 45 Fantasy.


    1. Ineffective possessions score nothing, or could be clangers which are negative for SC.
      Omera has contested possessions which can be worth more and his possessions could be goal assists which do well in SC.


  3. Just some of my observations so far:
    Pretty happy I didn’t chop Ceglar after last weeks performance, he has out scored last weeks score in a half so hopefully he keeps it going in the second half.
    Pickett went to sleep for a big patch and needs to get amongst it.
    Was confident on Titch this year but possibly shorter quarters are hurting his usual accumulation.
    Sicily will finish well if Riewoldt keeps giving free kicks away to him….
    O’Meara been brilliant so far…


    1. Reckon he will be dropped this week Macca, has absolutely not gotten near it. Can’t see him running defensively at all.
      Also, this incident probably may not be talked about but had a bad moment in the forward line in the third quarter under a high ball where looked like he ducked his head down and spilled the mark.


    2. Eh, disagree.

      50 SC from 62% DE in a game where they got smashed isn’t that bad. Everyone’s got him, so we’re all copping his score. No complaints here.


      1. he’s just not getting into GD … lacking … well lots. 60% DE as well … at a loss for how he even gets to 50 to be honest … not sure what his BE shifts to next week, and depending on what happens with other players , for me, he’s close to out the door in my side ..

        Each to their own though for everyone


        1. I take your point, but a 50 is what you’d expect from a rookie in a side that just got pumped.

          Not like the Tigers won by 10 goals and Pickett didn’t get any action – whole team were bummin’ around.


            1. So belligerent, Macca. Still not over the loss I handed you last week?!

              Nah, I take your point though.


              1. Haha!!
                I’m a tough coach! Shape up or ship out is my motto!

                And he cost me last week against you I was tied up before the start of the match and had left him on field instead of with the E!!


  4. Full time scores before scaling
    Hawks def Tigers (smashing really)

    Hawthorn Hawks: 11.5.71
    Jaeger O’Meara 139
    James Sicily 127
    Chad Wingard 123
    Jonathon Ceglar 121
    Isaac Smith 109
    Blake Hardwick 101
    Tom Mitchell 96
    Sam Frost 88
    Liam Shiels 79
    Luke Breust 79
    Jack Scrimshaw 78
    Ben McEvoy 78
    Jack Gunston* 76
    James Worpel 71
    Tom Scully 70
    Ricky Henderson 69
    Jonathon Patton 65
    Shaun Burgoyne 57
    Tim O’Brien 55
    James Frawley 48
    Oliver Hanrahan 40
    Ben Stratton 31

    Richmond Tigers: 5.9.39
    Jayden Short 126
    Bachar Houli 110
    Dylan Grimes 110
    Nick Vlastuin 106
    Dion Prestia 97
    David Astbury 90
    Trent Cotchin 85
    Sydney Stack 72
    Nathan Broad 72
    Josh Caddy 70
    Jack Higgins 69
    Jack Graham 64
    Tom J. Lynch 61
    Kane Lambert 60
    Shane Edwards 53
    Jack Ross 51
    Marlion Pickett 50
    Shai Bolton 38
    Daniel Rioli 35
    Jason Castagna 34
    Ivan Soldo 32
    Jack Riewoldt 15


    1. Seven of the top 9 scorers for the Tigers were defenders, that summarises the game pretty well. Great performance from the Hawks, Richmond were flat from the opening bounce. And what has happened to Jack Riewoldt during lockout?

      Hey Salamander, mark down Luke Breust for Scoring Anomalies. 80 points from nine possessions and three clangers?



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