Game Chat – Richmond vs Brisbane

Written by Thommo on April 14 2018

Venue: MCG at 2:10pm AEST

R17, 2017: Richmond 16.16 (112) d Brisbane Lions 12.9 (81) at Etihad Stadium
R4, 2017: Richmond 17.17 (119) d Brisbane Lions 10.7 (67) at the Gabba
R14, 2016: Richmond 17.15 (117) d Brisbane Lions 11.9 (75) at the MCG
R3, 2015: Richmond 21.11 (137) d Brisbane Lions 8.10 (58) at the Gabba
R16, 2014: Richmond 12.7 (79) d Brisbane Lions 7.12 (54) at the MCG

The Tigers bounced back from their Grand Final rematch loss to the Crows to see off Hawthorn by 13 points at the MCG last Sunday. They unveiled yet another small forward – Jack Higgins – who’s sure to give opposition coaches a headache (once he returns to the team) after making an immediate impact with two electric goals that made him an instant fan favourite. The Tigers will keep the Lions guessing this week with a squeeze on for selection; there are no obvious omissions or injuries, while Josh Caddy, Nathan Broad and possibly Dion Prestia will all be available. However, one thing is certain; Toby Nankervis is in for a big challenge against Stefan Martin, who was the Lions’ best last week, not only against Justin Westhoff but also with his work around the ground. The Lions fell just five points short of Port Adelaide without skipper Dayne Beams, who was a late withdrawal with illness.

Thommo’s Tip: Richmond by 40 points.


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34 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond vs Brisbane”

  1. Richmond v Brisbane at the MCG, 2.10pm AEST



    Richmond: Dion Prestia, Shaun Grigg, Bachar Houli, Jacob Townsend

    Fremantle: Jarrod Berry, Alex Witherden, Zac Bailey, Rhys Mathieson


  2. Was absolutely beating down 15 minutes ago… wind, rain and hail. Will be a very wet sloppy match.

    I’ve changed VC from Dusty to Fyfe as a result. Time will only tell whether that was a good decision.


  3. I see a few thumbs down regarding changing Dusty from VC. Does that mean all your impressions are that Dusty will score just as good with a 120+ in these wet conditions. Wouldn’t the wet surely hamper all players today? Just curious to your thoughts, like is weather not even an issue to Dusty?


  4. Dusty being isolated forward and only had 4 disposals in the first quarter. Scored 2 goals to keep his score up.

    Not liking this


    1. Need a bit of fight from the Lions, otherwise Hardwick will be tempted to rest Dusty in the second half.


  5. Game is being played in sunshine

    I also think it might be time for Sandy Roberts to give it away. He either doesn’t know or can’t recognise three quarters of the players


  6. Dusty with 8 possies and 3 goals at Half time and is leading the supercoach. I am not liking the role he is playing


  7. HT

    Richmond 8.10 58
    Brisbane 0.4 4

    D.Martin 70
    T.Cotchin 70
    J.Castagna 64
    S.Grigg 58
    K.Lambert 53
    D.Astbury 53
    J.Riewoldt 51
    R.Conca 49
    J.Short 48
    J.Caddy 48
    A.Rance 45
    B.Houli 44
    N.Vlastuin 44
    D.Prestia 41
    T.Nankervis 41
    D.Grimes 37
    J.Graham 35
    B.Ellis 34
    D.Butler 31
    J.Townsend 29
    S.Edwards 22
    K.McIntosh 22

    A.Christensen 62
    H.Andrews 48
    A.Witherden 47
    C.Rayner 45
    L.Hodge 42
    D.Zorko 40
    D.Beams 39
    N.Robertson 38
    R.Mathieson 37
    M.Robinson 35
    S.Martin 35
    R.Bewick 33
    D.Gardiner 26
    H.McCluggage 26
    J.Walker 20
    L.Taylor 19
    J.Berry 18
    T.Cutler 18
    S.Mayes 13
    C.Cameron 7
    E.Hipwood 7
    Z.Bailey 6


  8. 3QT

    RIchmond 11.12 78
    Brisbane 1.4 10

    D.Martin 101
    T.Cotchin 97
    J.Castagna 96
    K.Lambert 87
    R.Conca 80
    N.Vlastuin 73
    J.Riewoldt 72
    J.Short 71
    S.Grigg 71
    D.Astbury 70
    J.Caddy 64
    T.Nankervis 64
    A.Rance 62
    B.Houli 62
    D.Grimes 54
    D.Prestia 53
    B.Ellis 52
    D.Butler 51
    J.Graham 50
    K.McIntosh 36
    J.Townsend 34
    S.Edwards 32

    A.Witherden 80
    A.Christensen 80
    D.Zorko 77
    H.Andrews 76
    C.Rayner 67
    L.Hodge 64
    S.Martin 63
    D.Beams 63
    M.Robinson 58
    R.Mathieson 52
    R.Bewick 51
    D.Gardiner 48
    N.Robertson 44
    H.McCluggage 38
    J.Walker 35
    L.Taylor 34
    T.Cutler 34
    J.Berry 30
    S.Mayes 22
    E.Hipwood 10
    Z.Bailey 10
    C.Cameron 8


      1. When Tom Mitchell hasnt played. Wasnt sure what to do but u guys have set me straight. Thanks


  9. Not sure how it works could someone explain if I’m right.
    If I want dusty as my c and I have him as vc. Put dom Barry on the ground as captain and Mitchell on the Banfield on the bench as e will I got Dusty’s score as captain?


    1. Put a player who is not playing this week on the field.
      Put captain on him.
      Put an emergency on the player you replaced him with.
      Eg. Olango (c)
      Gawn (emg.)


    2. You just want to be sure that Barry isn’t a late in, as he’s listed as an emergency.

      In my situation, I have Liam Ryan on field with the “C”, have Stephenson (115) as the E in the Fwds.
      So I will get Dusty’s score, as he was listed as my VC.


  10. 17!? Am I reading this right?

    This has got to be the lowest score in recent memory. Were the Tigers really that good, or was Brisbane just terrible?


    1. It was a bit of both. The Lions probably butchered 5 attempts at goals but at the same time the tigs were just all over them and punished on the rebound.

      The best bit of the game was when the lions finally got the ball up their end and the crowd gave the sarcastic cheer for them! poor lions 🙁



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