Game Chat – Suns v Lions

Written by MJ on March 20 2015

For the first time in 2015, we’re about to see all three of the Lions’ big recruits in Beams, Robinson and Christensen all in the same match. The latter is returning from back surgery and will likely only feature for some of the game. A big performance from Dayne Beams may have him slot into more sides this weekend after a strong start to his Lion days already. Zorko has also been in prominent form this pre-season.

The Suns are still without Gaz to lead them in this one, so Bennell and Swallow will have to step up against a tough Lion midfield, while Prestia may get his first run of the NAB Challenge. Zac Smith is one to keep an eye on as a left-field ruck selection.


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11 thoughts on “Game Chat – Suns v Lions”

  1. A ew worthy midpricers worth keeping an eye on: hallahan, rich, luey.

    Zmith, Touk Miller, Saad are all gracing my team at present, although I expect to lose a Touk before round 1.

    The big question: can beams keep scoring about a point and a half a minute?


  2. GC
    Swallow 125
    Bennell 123
    Malceski 101
    Prestia 95
    Shaw 83
    Kolodjashnij 79
    Miller 77
    Hallahan 77
    Maters 73
    McKenzie 69
    Smith 69
    Harrow 66
    Russell 65
    Thompson 62
    Saad 61
    Broughton 60
    May 57
    Rischetelli 55
    Tape 51
    Nicholls 49
    Hall 38
    Gorringe 37
    Garlett 35
    Sexton 28

    Rockliff 119
    D Beams 111
    Martin 108
    Rich 105
    Leuenberger 96
    Merrett 94
    Zorko 93
    Redden 92
    Clarke 90
    Adcock 73
    Bewick 71
    Aish 70
    Lester 67
    Taylor 60
    Christensen 59
    McGrath 57
    C beams 54
    Paparone 52
    Robinson 50
    McStay 45
    Close 37
    Green 35
    Gardiner 17
    Dawson 4
    There you go catta



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