Game Chat – Western Bulldogs vs Sydney

Written by Huttabito on April 14 2018

WHERE AND WHEN: Etihad Stadium, Saturday, April 14, 4.35pm AEST

While the Bulldogs put in a much more consistent performance in their first win of the season over Essendon last week, the true test of whether they’ve turned the corner will come against a hardened Swans outfit. The Dogs were hardly placed under any physical pressure by the Bombers and basically did what they wanted, but that won’t be the case against John Longmire’s men, as they sit third in the League for both contested possessions and tackles. The Dogs are last in the important statistical categories. Sydney re-established itself as a genuine premiership contender after knocking off cross-town rivals Greater Western Sydney last week, with key cogs Lance Franklin, Josh Kennedy and Luke Parker all pivotal in the impressive win. One of the more interesting subplots will be how the Dogs’ injury and suspension depleted backline will subdue Franklin on the fast track that Etihad Stadium provides. In just his fourth game, exciting draftee Aaron Naughton may be handed the task of stopping one of the AFL’s certified superstars. Good luck, young man.

R12, 2017, Sydney 12.16 (88) d Western Bulldogs 6.6 (42) at the SCG
R2, 2017, Western Bulldogs 16.14 (110) d Sydney 13.9 (87) at Etihad Stadium
GF, 2016, Western Bulldogs 13.11 (89) d Sydney 10.7 (67) at the MCG
R15, 2016, Western Bulldogs 13.5 (83) d Sydney 11.13 (79) at the SCG
R5, 2015, Western Bulldogs 11.11 (77) d Sydney 10.13 (73) at the SCG

Hutta’s Tip:  Sydney by 30 points

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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34 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs vs Sydney”

  1. Western Bulldogs v Sydney at Etihad Stadium, 4.35pm AEST


    Western Bulldogs: Mitch Honeychurch, Shane Biggs, Caleb Daniel, Lin Jong
    Sydney: Oliver Florent, Dean Towers, Nic Newman, Aliir Aliir


  2. Hmmmm …… still trying to work out if i swap Barry to Richards (via swinging Garlett into the mids). Definitely getting Henry for Ryan later today.

    49 and 81 is good for a rookie.

    TU – do it
    TD – don’t


  3. Will be missing out on henry to take dusty as vc. Only none player is ryan 🙁

    Also. Whos score to take.
    T/u. Garlett
    T/d. Fritsch


  4. I was THIS CLOSE to switching the VC from Buddy to Dusty this afternoon. Sigh. Relying on Titch, again.

    HT: Bulldogs 49 lead Swans 39

    J Macrae 66
    M Suckling 65
    M Bontempelli 63
    B Williams 62
    B Dale 56
    T Dickson 55
    B Gowers 45
    E Wood 44
    T McLean 41
    J Johannisen 40
    M Wallis 35
    A Naughton 35
    T English 35
    L Jong 35
    L Dahlhaus 35
    J Redpath 34
    L Hunter 33
    J Dunkley 32
    M Honeychurch 25
    S Biggs 24
    C Daniel 21
    E Richards 16

    C Sinclair 72
    L Parker 62
    D Rampe 58
    T Papley 49
    J McVeigh 42
    H Cunningham 42
    I Heeney 40
    C Mills 37
    H Grundy 35
    J Kennedy 34
    N Newman 32
    J Lloyd 32
    L Franklin 32
    K Jack 30
    N Smith 29
    Z Jones 28
    O Florent 28
    D Hannebery 24
    D Towers 21
    A Aliir 11
    G Hewett 7
    W Hayward 6


    1. I actually changed from Dusty to Buddy , mainly due to conditions. This is the last time, but I have actually had the VC on Buddy four or five times in the last couple of seasons and it hasn’t worked yet. My fault entirely.


  5. HAs anyone else noticed Heeney gets massivly looked after with points?

    First goal he was sitting on 23 and 42

    Second goal 47 and jumped to 72?

    At least the second goal he got a holding the ball first.

    First goal was an uncontested chest mark and set shot


  6. 3QT…..64-all!

    M Bontempelli 110
    M Suckling 109
    J Dunkley 85
    T McLean 81
    B Williams 80
    J Macrae 80
    M Wallis 72
    E Wood 67
    J Johannisen 65
    T English 61
    T Dickson 55
    B Dale 54
    J Redpath 50
    A Naughton 49
    L Jong 49
    L Dahlhaus 46
    M Honeychurch 42
    B Gowers 41
    S Biggs 34
    L Hunter 34
    E Richards 25
    C Daniel 22

    C Sinclair 92
    D Rampe 91
    L Parker 84
    L Franklin 83
    I Heeney 81
    T Papley 76
    J Lloyd 64
    J McVeigh 62
    H Cunningham 60
    D Towers 52
    O Florent 49
    N Smith 47
    K Jack 46
    N Newman 45
    C Mills 43
    Z Jones 40
    J Kennedy 40
    H Grundy 40
    D Hannebery 32
    A Aliir 25
    G Hewett 10
    W Hayward 4


    1. Don’t like it, tough.

      The dogs rise has been significantly impacted by free kick advantage.

      2016 20.4 for to 16.1 per game
      + 4.3 differential (Highest in the league)
      2017 19.7 for to 16.8 per game
      +2.9 differential (Highest in the league)
      2018 22.5 for to 17.5 so far.
      +5.0 differential (2nd highest)

      People talk about “free kick, hawthorn” (dunno about that, stats say otherwise) or how many frees Selwood scores ducking.

      But this stands out by a mile by comparison.

      13 extra frees for a game is a major impact. 5 EVERY game over a whole season is too.


  7. FULL TIME….Swans 86 def Dogs 79….poor Josh Dunkley will have a few sleepless nights after that one!

    Matthew Suckling 123
    Toby McLean 109
    Marcus Bontempelli 108
    Jackson Macrae 103
    Josh Dunkley 102
    Mitchell Wallis 95
    Luke Dahlhaus 88
    Bailey Williams 87
    Lin Jong 80
    Aaron Naughton 78
    Timothy English 76
    Easton Wood 75
    Lachlan Hunter 69
    Jason Johannisen 68
    Tory Dickson 68
    Caleb Daniel 64
    Bailey Dale 63
    Ed Richards 62
    Jack Redpath 53
    Mitch Honeychurch 46
    Billy Gowers 44
    Shane Biggs 34

    Isaac Heeney 121
    Callum Sinclair 107
    Dane Rampe 100
    Lance Franklin 96
    Luke Parker 93
    Jarrad McVeigh 90
    Jake Lloyd 89
    Dean Towers 87
    Callum Mills 84
    Oliver Florent 78
    Tom Papley 76
    Heath Grundy 71
    Daniel Hannebery 67
    Harry Cunningham 66
    Nic Newman 62
    Kieren Jack 57
    Nick Smith 51
    Josh P. Kennedy 43
    Zak Jones 40
    George Hewett 35
    Aliir Aliir 32
    Will Hayward 25


    1. Josh Kennedy seems to have slowed down a fair bit, getting caught more often with the ball and not able to use his strength to offload.

      Slipping into supercoach irrelevance?


    2. Dunkley was nearly in my team as a round 1 left of centre pick. He’s been very good. Dogs would be rapt that they got him not Sydney.


    1. Cos he influences the game. He may not rack up the touches but everything he does is quality. Helped get them back into the game in the second. Didn’t see the third or fourth


    1. Had a few clangers in the final quarter, was a bit lucky it didn’t cost his team the game. Still played well overall though.


      1. I think he only had 2 touches in the final quarter and 1 was a clanger. His other kick would’ve been a goal assist if Dunkley didn’t drop a sitter running into the open goal. Bont probably would’ve ended up on 120 if Dunkley didn’t drop it and the Dogs went on to win. SC is really messed up in these close games.


  8. Looking at the advanced stats on the AFL website I cannot fathom how Toby McLean scores higher than Jack Macrae; it’s just not possible, surely!


    1. Yep. Still makes no sense. 12 more kicks, 1 less tackle. Even the 2 extra frees doesn’t go close to explaining it.



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