How did you go?

Written by Big Sexy on August 17 2014

Round 2 of finals come to close, and I’m hoping you all smashed it out of the park.  So let them rip… Score/Captain

Name and shame your guns and backfires.


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31 thoughts on “How did you go?”

  1. 1958/Buddy via loophole
    I won my league semi; now consider that my winning score included the following:
    Shenton 26, Suckling 33, Kennedy 39, Cameron 52, Beams 62, Tex 63, Jaegar and Higgins 73, and a donut to go with all of that.
    Taking a punt on Buddy as VC saved me, with support from Miles, Wines and Parker. Was fortunate that most of the injuries happened to common players or Robbo’s PODs.
    Completely stuffed for next week, but then again I thought that last week too!


  2. 2349/Georgiou – Buddy VC

    Studs : Buddy, Pav, Zorko, Hanley, Stef Martin, Robbie Gray, McVeigh, Fyfe, Sloane.

    Danger, S.Mitchell, Boomer should lift.

    Pendles seems to be a worry, not sure who to replace Beams with. Versing Crawf next week. 2 trades left.


  3. 2350 / Sloan

    Enjoyed the week off prior to pre-lims. Had to take a doughnut due to Pendles & Beams (62) & Goddard (52) brought down what would have been a good week.
    Special mention to Zorko, S.Martin, Buddy, Jacobs, Cotchin & McVeigh.

    Looking forward to taking on Deano’s We’re Flying High next week in both the LoEC1 and SCT Cash prelims. We both have Pendles & Beams. I’ve got to hope that the pies injury issues means Langdon coming back in along with Bartel & Stevie J (POD).


  4. 2288/Rocky
    Happy with it considering JPK, Pendels, Bartel and Beams.
    Brissy boys stepping up again and A.Swallow coming good, Pav justifying his selection when it counts.Mcveigh stepped up for JPK and welcome back Swanny.


  5. 2280/Rocky – Rank (was 144)


    Started with Bartel on the bench, then thought I was going ok when I dodged the Simpson dud score and JPK, then SMASHED with Pendles late out (donut), Beams, Ward and Fyfe likely to miss with suspension… Train wreck of a week.

    PS. Dal Santo you are seriously the biggest squib in the AFL. Head to head with Higgins and still couldnt get a kick, in fact he was ko’d halfway through the last and still had 23 touches to your 14. You are now officially the KING OF THE SQUIBS!


  6. 2216/Sidebum
    Good: Common players in my league game
    Bad: Unique players in my league game
    Ugly: Trading in Jpk for Steven Johnson


  7. 2331/beams (started on rockliff took it off) vc parker

    Injuries:Beams, Pendles, ect.
    Studs: Enright, McVeigh, Malceski, Hanley, Selwood, Wines (was on 55 at 3qrt time), Sloane. Rockliff, Miles, Libba, Parker, Danger, Zorko, Stef Martin, Pav
    Duds: Simpson, Swallow, Beams, Pendles, Minson, Sandi, Martin

    Saved the 1 trade for finals.
    Also nearly got rid of Pav after his horrid run for 6-7 wks


  8. 2168/Buddy (VC loophole)

    Just the one elimination against Robbo and comfortably beated him by 230 points.

    Heroes: R.Gray, Buddy, Murphy, Cotchin, Parker, McVeigh, Hanley, just to name a few.
    Villains: Pendles a late out, Beams injured, Goddard, B.Martin (for a unique hasn’t worked out well the last 3 weeks), Simpson, Nic Nat.

    Got 4 prelims to play this coming week (for all leagues), Cliffy FC’s boys cannot wait. 🙂


  9. 2418/Rocky
    Managed to stay away from some of the carnage, with Pendles and Bartel the only major outs.
    Top scorers: Zorko, Hanley, Pavlich, Rockliff
    Low scorers: McDonald, Goddard, Cameron, Beams

    3 trades left with Beams to go next week


  10. 2366/Selwood (Moved the C from Rockliff to Pendles YAY!)

    Used my last trade flipping Bartel to H Shaw.

    Beaten by Victorious Secret (2494/Parker) in the SCT 1 league who had Buddy, Lobbe and Gray. In the Prelim of the other 4 leagues including my only paid one so reasonably happy.

    My best were Zorko, Hanley, Rockliff, S Martin, Cotchin, Miles and A Swallow
    My worst were Simpson, Tex and Minson

    I think Beams and Pendles are my only injury concerns, but I have Miles as cover for one out.


  11. Thank God I had the bye this week! But feel I’m going to get slaughtered in the prelim. 2138/Barlow. Next weeks opponent scored over 2500.
    Started with Bartel and Johnson on bench.Pendles and Macrae DNP.
    Beams and Ward injured. And probably won’t have Fyfe next week!!
    STUDS- Zorko,Gray,Sauce & Barlow.
    DUDS- Too many (but special mention to Simmo,Dusty,Missy & Nick ds)


  12. Absolute carnage for my team.
    Had the week off but team is a train wreck with Pendles, Bartel, Suckling, Beams, JPK and Ward injured, and now Fyfe possibly suspended.

    Why Supercoach Gods, Why?


  13. 2009/Murphy

    If you’d told me two weeks ago that I’d be dispatched from the finals by a team featuring Jack Crisp, Tim Broomhead, Jeremy Laidler, Lewis Jetta & Anthony Miles, I would’ve laughed. Yet here I am, having had that happen….to the tune of 390 points no less.
    However, with the SC gods taking to my team’s ass with a cactus at the selection table, the result was never really in doubt, and I was too numb with the shock of the five outs to feel the pain of Captain Pendles late out, and the in game injuries to JPK, Beams & Ward. Not to mention the woeful efforts of Goddard & Simpson. The only things to go right were a respectable VC in Murphy & coverage from Montagna for Pendles.
    Out of the finals, out of the top 1000 and rooted for the last two rounds.
    Adios season 2014.


  14. 2,247 Selwood V/C – Pendles DNP

    Won all 4 leagues (2 by less than 20) Zorko, Franklin, Goldstein, McVeigh, Cotchin were my big scorers. Birchall final quarter got me up after terrible first half.
    Have Fyfe, Kennedy and Pendles problems next week with only 2 trades left.


  15. 2313/Rockliff

    Down 1 thanks to Bartel… Otherwise a solid week in the circumstances! a shout out to O’Rourke and his semi-useful 49, helping me avoid a Pendles zip, along with Pav, he must’ve seen that I slandered him and his ordinary scores of late on the site last week 😉

    With no trades left and Beams cooked, the 3 finals i’m in next round will be fun… I know i’ll be shifting Dusty into the mids to cover Beams, leaving O’Rourke as emergency and playing Ben Brown in the forward line for the remainder of the season!

    More importantly, hoping to cling to my highest position ever (at least top 1,000), currently ranked at 695, for what will be my second time in the top 10,000 in 5 years of playing Supercoach!


  16. Am I the only lucky bugger who will be struggling to field 20 next week. With the likes of Pendles, Beams, Kennedy, Ward, and Fyfe (suspended) all out.
    Here’s hoping Bartel comes back.


  17. 2165/selwood

    Survived the one game I had was a big money comp, am in semis in all 5.
    Don’t know how had Pendles captain, JPK, suckling, beams – bartel and roughy on the bench and just traded fyfe for Stevie j this week.
    Thank fcuk held two trades, am going to need em!


  18. 2379/Buddy (VC)

    Stoked I beat my opponent by 103pts. Projected scores had him beating me by 135pts!!

    In the UK still so can’t find much info on JPK, Pendles or Beams, but it sounds like I may be in a bit of strife next week, as I also have Stevie J on the bench, 1 trade left, but $200k in the bank!

    Performers were R. Gray, Buddy, Pavs, McVeigh, Hanley, Enright, Cotch & Zorko.

    Disappointed with Duffy, O’Meara, Tex & Dusty.

    And as mentioned, not up to speed with JPK’s injury, Pendles late withdrawal and Beams.


  19. 2352/Duckwood VC/Pendles C

    Pretty reasonable score – pity I had the week off, could use this score next week.
    Put Bartel in as D7 and had Mitchell’s 85 as lowest, thankful for the cover. Hanley and McV starred.

    Shenton’s 26 for Pendles and Beams, Omeara not strong. Good mids in Cotchin & Swallow with Libba, Duckwood & Fyfe tonning up.

    Forward stars Caddy (why was he on the bench last week) & The Great Dane with Parker tonning up also. Thanks to Sauce in the ruck.

    Now, to repeat the dose next week in an actual match. Moved up 13 spots to 64th so pretty happy.


  20. Where’s the mods this evening, this is a disgrace. I demand to speak to the site owner ‘Deano’ this minute.



  21. Pretty sure he’s not mate I’ve checked it out and he’s not listed as a site owner but having read that nonsense on FF247 I assume he’s around to answer your question whatever it is as he promised he does.


  22. 2523/Rockliff

    Top scorers: Lobbe(178), Zorko(162), Pav(143), Hanley(149).
    Low scorers: Goddard(52), Beams(62), Martin(79), Mitchell(85).

    Round rank 178, best round rank in my Supercoach history!
    And I had the bloody bye so it meant nothing! Haha..

    1 trade left, so who in for Beams?


  23. Somehow managed to avoid most of the carnage.

    2460 / Buddy

    Had Lewis Taylor step in for Pendles’ late omission and Matty Pav put his best foot forward this week, which has been a long time coming.

    Another good week on the tips (7/9, thanks again Richmond) leaves me just one behind the clubhouse leader, with a fair stack of dough on the line for the winner.


  24. 1923/JPK

    Yeh im fucked.

    3 trades left thank god.

    JPK/ Pendels combo went well :s, farken doughnut, carnage carnage carnage lost 3 leauges by under 100 points still in 2 leauges, overall rank dropped from 5-9k


    B.Smith ( hasn’t scored anything decent since i got him averaging 71 points ffs)
    Pendels (Doughnut)
    Minson/Sandi (sub 80 scores against crap ruckman :s)

    Why did Rocky get suspended that round went JPK over him for that reason needed a player 🙁


  25. Well what can I say this would be my worse weekend for everything.
    2261 Selwood

    Beaten in two leagues after finishing second so out in straight sets.

    After dominating in the draft league beaten by 50 points with plenty under performing so out there as well. Even worse I had the second top score so wrong side of the draw.

    In the Punters took West coast and Hawks all looking ok up to half time, to be beaten apart in the second half.

    Hawks lost to Freo and moved from Top to 3rd.

    Gunston backed for first Goal with Money Back if kicked the first in the 2nd 3rd or 4th. Lost that as well.

    From China to India flight delayed 2 hours on the Runway.

    Arrive India 3.00am flight booked for 5.40am Cancelled next flight 9.00am this was delayed 2 hours also.

    Only good thing the bagman won at Caulfield which took a little pain out of the weekend

    Glad the weekend is over.



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