How did you go?

Written by Big Sexy on August 24 2014

Are you still in your finals race?  Are you still in the race for the overall?  Regardless, let them rip – Score/Captain/Doughnuts.  Name and shame you winners and losers.


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59 thoughts on “How did you go?”

  1. 2485/Rocky
    Traded in gray and priddis this week for mixed results. Will be playing off in 5 gf including LOEC3.
    Top 5 scorers – Gray, Rocky, Goddard, Pendles, Parker
    Low scores – Cameron, Bartel, Hanley, Priddis and a doughnut
    One trade in the bank


  2. 2095/ Selwood/ doughnuts in Harvey, Dusty and Pav

    Here’s the analysis –

    Lost to Crawf by 64 points in what was looking like under control on Friday night when he had Simpson’s 24 and Murphy’s 27 and I had Gray’s 174 (had chucked the VC then removed and chose Sloane instead before Fridays game).

    Dusty and Pav’s no show meant Kersten on bench with a solid 9! Used my last 2 trades yesterday to bring in Parker and Priddis over Rockliff and Mundy (would’ve gotten over the line had I gone with them).

    Priddis, Hanley, Sandilands, Jaensch, Selwood, S.Mitchell, Sloane, Robbie Gray, Bartel as PODs couldn’t get the job done. Wrong captain choice in Selwood over Pendles as well.

    Lessons learnt – never let the teams easy run home cloud your judgment when using your precious trades. If a player is good enough he’ll perform against any opposition, especially when they are freakin $600k+. Priddis, never again.

    Looking at next year, Rockliff and Fyfe are going to be in the team even before Pendles.

    Glad it’s over so that I can ignore the carnage next week and enjoy the games.

    Huge thanks to SCT for the great advice, constant score updates and all the in-depth articles.


  3. 2319/Rock

    Won 3 including LoEC 1 and lost 2 …..

    It’s a shame that on prelim final weekend most games were decided by amount of carnage in respective teams as opposed to the quality of the teams ….

    Onto the big dance we go


  4. 2,359/Franklin

    Pathetic scores from Cotchin and Ellis cost me 2 finals. Lost both by less than 40. Great score again from Parker. Had him all year. Pendles also scored high and the rest were solid or very good. 2 other finals to go.


  5. Shocking score of 2181, with Scott Pendlebury as captain, but still somehow managed to scrape into the Grand Final.

    Matt Pridis was quite disappointing this week, having been brought in for Dayne Beams.

    Kade Simpson is a gimp.

    Can’t complain about Marc Murphy, as it wasn’t his fault for his score, but still frustrating.

    Not too sure what Jimmy Bartel has been doing these days.

    Seems like the old age is catching up to Matthew Pavlich.


  6. 2071/Selwood/2 donuts in Nic Nat and Dusty Martin

    Not pretty but won all my 4 Prelims with my back against the wall in all of them thanks greatly to the Sydney stars in Parker, Malceski, McVeigh and Buddy today.

    Also gotta give a shoutout to other heroes in Gray, Wingard, Sloane, Goddard, Pendles, Liberatore and Danger.

    Simpson, Murphy, Hanley, Cameron, Bartel and Cotchin almost destroyed me this week, but I’ve made it through to the Granny for all my leagues, looking forward to the Grannies! 😀


  7. 2166 / Selwood with 2 donuts

    Amazingly made it into 2 Major grand finals and 1 minor in SCT2 and will be up against Matteo,
    Mummy stepped up after I suffered some pain early in the year. Gray and Parker the other standouts, Realistically looking at it though I was lucky to win both major prelims as 1 game I won by 80pts my opponent had Murphy , Suckling , and Kersten go down with injuries. Then he put the C on Priddis and the VC on Rocky a really bad call,
    In the other game I won by 59pts my opponent had 1 donut to start with only to have NIC NAT and Pavlich as late withdrawals suffering another two. I will take the victories but it wasn’t really my team or good coaching that won it. My captaincy choice was poor not backing my judgement early in the week and going VC Gray and C on Mummy if needed. Also I could have loopholed Simpson with Langdon putting Georgiou on the field but was worried about a late out having Bartel. Anyway I have a big chance in 1 granny as the team I play only scored 1910 in winning their prelim. Matteo and my other opponent in the grannys should have me covered.
    Good luck to everyone who made it to the Grand finals next week.


  8. 2288 / Jacobs

    Got soundly beat by Deano by around 290 in LoEC1 & SCT C prelim’s – well done Deano & good luck in the GF’s.

    Hopefully get Stevie J and D.Martin back for next week so my season o/a does not totally fizzle out.


  9. 2350/Rocky/plus 4 donuts.

    Into 2 cashed up Grannies.
    Hopefully should have full squad next week.


  10. 2691/gray/No Donuts.

    very happy, in all my grandfinals. Could of cracked the 2700 if i went mitchell instead of jimmy, but cant complain.

    One trade left.


  11. Interesting week. Made it into 5 Grannies, however will face some tough opposition from teams who finished in 8th place in a couple of Leagues. I reckon they had trades up their sleeves and are using them wisely through the carnage of the last few weeks…….it’s a lesson for us all……keep some trades to get you through the finals!!! How many times was it mentioned through the season????………and how many did we actually leave ourselves?

    Probably not enough!!!


  12. 2407/Rocky/no donuts – initially pissed off I took the V off Pendles and put on Steele as a POD, but more than happy with his replacement, as it turned out.

    Loopholed D Swallow and had to choose between Malcescki and McVeigh to bench. Chose Malcescki due his previous 4 game game high of 64 against the dogs and Murphy’s Law struck as I lost two leagues by less than 7 points. Should’ve gone Bartel!! Leading into last game with Cotchin v Delideo (both leagues) and thought I would bring it home. Not to be.

    Made my two top league Grannies plus one other, no trades and hopefully can move Dusty back for Shenton.

    Moved up in the rankings to 42nd


  13. Next weeks gonna be fun for those that make it. Possible suspensions for Buddy & Selwood ontop of all the carnage we have already!


  14. 2160/R. Gray (VC Loophole)

    Made one GF (from 6th)… My first one! Sadly didn’t make the other one, where I was Minor Premier! But not fussed with that league.

    My opponent in the GF finished 8th and she beat 2nd place (I beat the Minor Premier!!). She also won the league last year too!

    Bummed I didn’t make the final in my Minor Cash League though!

    I also used my last trade by bringing in Rocky for Beams, however it didn’t change any of the results to my favour, would still have won 3/5 and lost 2/5 if I hadn’t used it or had none to use.

    BUT it was good to have it though, as last year I had used up all my trades by Rd 16!!!

    Hoping that JPK and/or Stevie J return next week (can cover one of them if need be), as my opponent in the GF has Fyfe and Boomer (JPK too)… But doesn’t have Rocky and no trades either… I hope!!


  15. 2418/Parker/0 donuts.

    Made all 5 finals (2 minor and 3 major) and am looking pretty good to take them all with JPK to come back in, and bench cover all around. No trades left.

    Trading sidebottom and priddis in rather than rocky and anyone was a mistake. Looks like I am not the only one who chose priddis based on an easy match. You spud!

    So lots of premiership trophies this year, but well off overall glory. Last week’s captaincy of JPK dropped me nearly 3000 places and will be struggling to claw back into the top 5000 this week.

    Need a few “when the war is over” to discuss our many failings and keep the flame burning til next year.


  16. 2214 / Cotchin / 2 Donuts

    When teams were named on Thursday night, I had a full team. Dusty and Pav as late withdrawals brought me down a bit. Had a gut feeling that Cotch would go large so I kept him as C. As it turns out, he scored lowest in my entire team. Still managed to climb in rankings, sitting just outside the top 5000. Major goal was top 3%, have got that covered. Got beaten in four semis last week. Three of those teams I would’ve smashed this week. Aaaaaahh Supercoach……still frustrating as hell………and I’ll be back again next year


  17. 2156/ Rocky / 3 donuts (Martin, Nic Nat, JPK)

    Somehow managed to scrape into the final, poor guy I was playing copped a few donuts too. Was lucky to still have 2 trades in the bank otherwise the 5 donuts would’ve definitely seen the end of me. Just some more proof that keeping trades in hand when you’re going for a league win is a must!


  18. On another note, I think I’ll be making a ‘shit list’ for next year – i.e. Players that will not be in my SC squad!

    Let’s get started…

    Wingard (I would only consider if playing midfield role)
    Harvey (too inconsistent)
    Kade Simpson (don’t get me started!)
    Birchall (goes missing every 4th game, annoying)

    Who’s on your ‘shit list’? 😉


  19. 2039, Selwood

    1 Trade left

    Wasn’t at home after the Col V Gws game so couldn’t change Vc on phone kinda pissed when i saw 148 but wen’t through all settings but couldn’t find options to move players

    Had 3 doughnuts thanks to, Minson, Dusty, JPK, i traded in Murphy in for Beams rather than Deledio who i wanted to trade in all friday but being a Carlton supporter i stuck to my team =.=

    Goddard (About time Mr Goddard)
    Wingard ( Finally mate..)
    S. Martin

    Dusty/JPK/Minson #Doughnut
    Simpson (Dafaq?)
    Smith (Lil stiff but hasn’t scored a tonne since iv’e owned him..)
    Murphy (… picked you over Lids……)


  20. 2432/selwood/1 dusty donut. Made 5 majors and should end up with a personal best overall, up to 450 this week
    Some fantastic scores but not from my vc/c. Teams/ injuries will again play a big part this week


  21. 2212/Rocky. Lost.
    Minson donut, had C Beams and P Ambrose scores for J Kennedy and Dusty.
    Priddis was disappointing who was in for Beams, Lewis did Ok for Fyfe.
    Was looking to play the GF this week but the midfield carnage along with Minson and Dusty out left too many holes to fill.
    Next year!
    Thanks to SCT crew for a great forum and the punters who contribute, a gem of a site.


  22. 2327/buddy
    won both leagues by under 30. I was worried Friday after Simpson and murphy plus carrying in a donut.
    I traded in rocky and Greene which helped a lot


  23. 2460/ROCKY!~~/Bloody Nic Nat

    Best score of the year and good enough for a couple of competitive matches this weekend.

    Got the nuffie GF against Norn Iron in LoEC2 and in Deano’s league and one other proper GF against one of my old footy coaches back in Albany which will be a tight one.

    Lions playing on Sunday helps with the captains loophole and should get Nic Nat and Dusty back on the field hopefully.

    Special mention for little Lewie Taylor filling in for Dayne Beams… handy little 83 nearly got me over the line in my primary league! Surely a rising star medal is on the Lions hands this season!


  24. 2364/Pendles

    The Pavlich late withdrawal left a donut in the forward line, but was still enough to jump back into the top 1,000 overall.

    Into one Grand Final and it’s up against my younger brother who’s playing SuperCoach for the first time. Big stakes riding on this match. I simply cannot afford to lose.


  25. Well the Natural Mystics, under my wife’s guidance, cough, made it into the minor GF in SCT TL1 on a wing and a prayer, owing more to the team being the second lowest scored-against team in the league (topped only by the #1NoideeZ) than anything else.. Capt Cotchin soiled the bed, as did most of the team this week, but only one donut which probably saved me.
    My SCT2 team, Vampire Blues, finished eighth and skidded out in the opener. Still in one GF with that team in a public league. Proud to finish where I did in a league so highly ranked.
    Lesson from this year, as it was last year, is about saving trades. I’ll learn, one day…
    Finally, a big shoutout to this crew. This is only my third year playing and I’ve learned so much from this mob, and it’s definitely showed up in better teams each year.
    A heartfelt thanks guys!


  26. 2383/Rockliff/Somehow 0 donuts

    Swing men and reasonable back ups saved the day.
    Carried Dusty, Fyfe and Stevie J on the pine.

    In to 82nd now and absolutely pumped!


  27. 2191/rockliff
    Just lucky other teams had more carnage then me. Used last two trades on fyfe and beams and bought rocky in as captain paid off!
    In 5 out of 5 grand finals! Including two big money comps and SCT3 woohoo. Was more luck then management this week though, just glad I saved a few trades for finals!


  28. Score not even worthy of mention and with all the outs / late outs I didn’t even bother looking over weekend.

    7 donuts and no trades and no bench coverage but for Shento covering 1 out in FWD line.

    My second year here and I’m sitting here in awe of these scores above, the trades people still have and how teams are still so strong. Haven’t worked out how to do it and thought I had good side (on paper), but blowing last trades on GAJ out was the end of me … especially with the trade in being Fyfe!! … Taking SJ earlier was also bad choice and worst choice was taking Smurf and not Rocky early on before he went ballistic!!

    Limping off to lick my wounds, consider whether to stay involved next year (as my personal life makes it just too hard to stay on top of everything all weekend long) and try and consider what can be done better.

    MASSIVE thanks to all who run this site and also the greater community that post information, articles, debates, score updates and everything else that makes this great!! Absolute credit to yourselves Mottsy, MJ, Duck, Nath, and BS (and yes, CHonks too with his updates all year!!). I appreciate your dedication, endeavours and clear love for the SC game and also the AFL overall … truly great to see!!

    Good luck to you all in the finals … and maybe see you next year!!

    Oh, PS in response to earlier post from Mutley about “taking advice from site …” … sometimes Mutley when you have limited knoweldge of game, players , clubs etc… it is only what is offered on this site that can help!!! I’m a leaguey living in Brissy, and thus still learning … take that into account!!



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