Game Chat – GWS vs Geelong

Written by Father Dougal on July 1 2017

Venue: Spotless Stadium, Saturday, July 1, 7.25pm AEST

Last Time They Met:ย R11, 2016, Geelong 14.14 (98) d GWS 14.4 (88) at Simonds Stadium
R2, 2016, GWS 13.11 (89) d Geelong 11.10 (76) at Manuka Oval
R17, 2015, Geelong 9.15 (69) d GWS 6.6 (42) at Manuka Oval
R18, 2014, Geelong 13.16 (94) d GWS 12.15 (87) at Spotless Stadium
R11, 2013, Geelong 24.13 (157) d GWS 15.8 (98) at Spotless Stadium


Game notes: This clash between two top-four sides is undoubtedly the pick of round 15 and could be a chance to break the attendance record of 13,766 for a non-Sydney derby at Spotless Stadium. The Giants bounced back from their shocker against Carlton before the bye with a clinical win over the Brisbane Lions last week, while Geelong was less than impressive in a tight one against Fremantle, but managed to get the points with an injury-hit line-up. If two of the game’s most explosive midfielders in Patrick Dangerfield and Dylan Shiel go head to head, the fans will be in for a treat. But there will be plenty of intrigue elsewhere in the midfield with Joel Selwood, Mitch Duncan and Cam Guthrie taking on Callan Ward, Lachie Whitfield and Tom Scully.

Father Dougalโ€™s Tip: GWS by 1

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we arenโ€™t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they havenโ€™t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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30 thoughts on “Game Chat – GWS vs Geelong”

    1. Don’t mind me i will be just drinking away my sorrows, first Jelwood and now Greene with no cover


    2. Almost traded Lynch out this week for Billings/Greene but with Billings failing to train this week as has been sick and Greene doing his ankle at training yesterday I guess I can count my lucky stars.


  1. Actually traded in Greene this week for Hannen and Stewart, wish they told me sooner probably would’ve gone Macrae.Alas that’s Supercoach ! Dan Menzal also a late out ,not SC relevant thank God.


  2. My story worse gents … have just thrown away the Round of 16 in the Cup. Dog was sick last night and had to rush her to the vet specialists (50K away), had to make urgent trades and haven’t been up on injuries etc …

    Needed to make a move of Lloyd out of mids and into Def and bring in a mid, so went with JPK as was watching dollars as I also wanted to ditch Lynch after his last two weeks killing my scores … you guessed it, traded Lynch to Greene as well! Now no cover in fwds as all rookies not named and greenwood having to cover jelwood.

    Sick in the guts … and to cap it off Lynch picks today to score over 130 … cannot believe it!

    Still, the SC cup was fun while it lasted … Hired Goons (Mike) now to be the favourite for me!!


      1. thanks mate … OA will take a hit too … I really should have held trades in all areas … taken it as a sign … still, at least the dog looks like she will pull through (fingers crossed)


      1. thanks Chaos … she’s in the vet hospital, but got through the night and today, so they think she will get through … was bleeding internally and had a transfusion … tough little bugger!


  3. Half Time

    Western Sydney Giants: 5.3.33
    J. Patton 84
    N. Wilson 72
    N. Haynes 57
    C. Ward 57
    T. Scully 55
    Tomlinson 46
    Whitfield 45
    J. Kelly 43
    J. Cameron 42
    H. Shaw 37
    R. Lobb 37
    S. Mumford 36
    S. Johnson 34
    P. Davis 33
    M. de Boer 29
    D. Shiel 29
    A. Corr 29
    D. Smith 27
    Finlayson 22
    D. Lloyd 21
    S. Reid 16
    M. Kennedy 16

    Geelong Cats: 6.5.41
    S. Menegola 73
    Dangerfield 64
    H. Taylor 52
    R. Stanley 50
    J. Murdoch 50
    M. Duncan 48
    J. Bews 48
    C. Guthrie 40
    Kolodjashnij 38
    Z. Smith 36
    M. Blicavs 36
    Henderson 35
    S. Motlop 33
    Z. Tuohy 30
    A. Mackie 29
    S. Simpson 29
    A. Black 28
    T. Hawkins 27
    J. Parsons 27
    T. Lonergan 22
    W. Buzza 22
    Z. Guthrie 8


  4. Three Quarter Time

    Western Sydney Giants: 7.5.47
    Ward 93
    N. Wilson 89
    J. Kelly 89
    N. Haynes 86
    Whitfield 80
    Tomlinson 80
    J. Patton 79
    A. Corr 73
    D. Shiel 68
    S. Mumford 66
    J. Cameron 56
    T. Scully 53
    S. Johnson 52
    P. Davis 47
    H. Shaw 46
    R. Lobb 41
    M. de Boer 36
    S. Reid 34
    D. Smith 34
    M. Kennedy 25
    D. Lloyd 24
    Finlayson 21

    Geelong Cats: 9.6.60
    S. Menegola 119
    Dangerfield 108
    M. Duncan 82
    H. Taylor 68
    R. Stanley 68
    J. Murdoch 65
    M. Blicavs 63
    J. Bews 58
    Z. Tuohy 57
    W. Buzza 54
    C. Guthrie 53
    S. Motlop 53
    Henderson 53
    Z. Smith 48
    A. Mackie 46
    Kolodjashnij 44
    J. Parsons 40
    A. Black 37
    T. Lonergan 37
    S. Simpson 34
    T. Hawkins 34
    Z. Guthrie 19



    Western Sydney Giants: 10.8.68
    Ward 132
    Whitfield 128
    N. Haynes 105
    N. Wilson 104
    J. Kelly 102
    J. Patton 102
    D. Shiel 90
    Tomlinson 86
    H. Shaw 85
    T. Scully 85
    S. Mumford 83
    P. Davis 78
    A. Corr 76
    J. Cameron 76
    R. Lobb 68
    M. de Boer 64
    S. Johnson 63
    D. Smith 60
    M. Kennedy 38
    D. Lloyd 31
    S. Reid 26
    Finlayson 19

    Geelong Cats: 10.8.68
    Dangerfield 192
    S. Menegola 125
    H. Taylor 98
    M. Blicavs 97
    M. Duncan 94
    R. Stanley 75
    J. Murdoch 71
    Z. Tuohy 70
    Henderson 70
    C. Guthrie 64
    J. Bews 64
    T. Hawkins 58
    W. Buzza 58
    T. Lonergan 58
    A. Mackie 53
    S. Motlop 52
    J. Parsons 49
    Z. Smith 48
    A. Black 47
    Kolodjashnij 46
    S. Simpson 38
    Z. Guthrie 17


  6. danger on fire in the last term – 11 of 13 disposals effective and 94 SuperCoach points. Fair player ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. I wonder how many people planned to vc danger and lost their loophole with selwood and Greene late withdrawals. Certainly changed my strategy and put the c on danger right before game (phew)


  8. Last week I was chasing points after Gaz and Fyfe withdrawl so I took C off Danger
    and put it on Joel trying to win a few league games . This week I took a punt on Danger maybe having his once a year quiet one and put C on Pendles , 2 of 3
    opponents have C on Danger , I don’t think I am very smart! Still get his score I



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