Written by MJ on August 26 2015

There’s never a good time for one of your prized SuperCoach assets to be suspended, but on the eve of a Grand Final you’d say it couldn’t get much worse.

If you’ve managed your trades well or simply been fortunate to avoid the majority of injuries this season, you’ll be looking to flick him for the next best alternative. In fact, Hodge makes up 32% of all trades at this point in time and there’s a vast array of choices to mull over.

By far and away the most in-form defender is Heath Shaw, with a massive 130 average over his last five games. If you can reach the $614k price tag, it’s really a no brainer. If he goes anywhere near 164 again and you don’t have him, that could be lights out on your GF.

Tom McDonald also carries some handy form into this week, belting out a 130 in the loss to Carlton, following back-to-back 99s. He’s very affordable at $445,500 and will allot you $78k to use elsewhere.

Shaun Higgins and Bachar Houli both hold 101 averages from their previous five games, despite the former dropping a 65 on Sunday.

Liam Picken is still under injury cloud and would be a risky selection even if named. He is however the 2nd most traded in player so far.

Corey Enright, Michael Hurley and Alex Rance and have all been consistent over the last five, averaging between 95-98. The old cat, Corey has hit three tons on the trot. Hurley went 113 in his first game back, picking up where he left off with a couple of 120s in R15 & 16. Alex Rance just has that X Factor, reaching 150 twice this year, but has the tendency to drop a dud score here and there.

Josh Gibson has games against Brisbane and Carlton coming up and did very well with 111 v Port on Friday. Not a bad smokie option if you’re looking to free up nearly $100k. Michael Johnson is a similar bet, hitting a 121 on Sunday and only coming in at $341k.

In the poll below, I’ve listed the top 10 most exchanged defenders for Luke Hodge thus far.

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14 thoughts on “Hodgepodge”

  1. Im thinking
    M Johnson…allows me to upgrade Gawn to Sandi

    Picken…and Gawn to Kreuzer

    Apparently i have no faith in big Maxy Gawn going large. I will have a budget just over a million for the 2 positions. My B/L is Shaw Houli Gibson Newnes Hibbered Hodge* and Eski Hamling on the bench. Any Suggestions would be most welcome!


  2. Do people know if Oxley is likely of returning? I have him sitting on my bench and if he returns and scores 85+ on fri night, I’ll hold of on the Hodgey trade. I only have 1 trade left and would like to save it for next week if possible.


  3. Bob Murphy is singing a bit of Moving Pictures /Shannon Knoll classic…………………….. What about me, it isn’t fair I’ve had enough and I want my share MJ 😉


  4. I am in the SC GF and I have only 1 trade left and need to offload Hodge. I am pretty sure that my opponent is out of trades so I hope to get a little advantage on him as he has Hodge also.

    My def are currently hodge, H shaw, ibbotson newnes, j kelly, brown, hamling and a pearce.
    My opponent def are hodge, h shaw, hooker, laird, picken, houli, edwards and scharenberg. I have only two def the same

    option A: Should I pick a def (have 610k to spend) to match my opponent score eg with a Laird, picken, hooker Houli
    option B: pick a POD with someone different and hope to get a better score with someone like Higgins, Roberton, TMac, rance, murphy. Money is no object as I have 610k to spend

    Which is the better option and which player would you select



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