Houston v Docherty

Written by Motts on January 28 2020

A lot of coaches are talking about Sam Docherty and rightfully so. When last fully fit in 2017, he played 22 games averaging 114.7. At his price, he seems an absolute steal. But is he fit? Not one but two knee injuries in the pre-seasons of the past 2 years puts a question of doubt into every coach’s mind.

Dan Houston isn’t being talked about as much and to look at his stats headlines you can understand why: 21 games, an average of 89.3, and a price tag that almost gives him premium status. Dig a little deeper though and you’ll see that he finished 2019 with scores of 134 (v Essendon away), 88 (v Sydney at home), 105 (v North away) and 117 (v Fremantle at home). Chillo covered him in this morning’s Port Preview and evidently he’s due for MMT (More Midfield Time) in 2020.

Both come with risk: will Doc’s knee hold up and will Dan get more time in the guts? For that reason I’ve decided to poll ’em.

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12 thoughts on “Houston v Docherty”

  1. Good to get some polls back Motts! Should kick off some good discussion.

    I reckon Dochers by a mile personally. High end midpricers (400+k) really need to become keepers; at that price if they don’t become a keeper then they won’t make you much money either (at least, they will make less than a rook).

    I’m much more confident that Docherty will be a keeper than Houston. I think most would agree that Doch is the less risky pick, particularly given his high ownership – if you miss him he will hurt you.

    Houston’s end to 2019 was impressive, but its still a pretty small sample size. With the odd pepperring of a 60 or 70 (which is likely IMO) that average comes back down rather quickly.

    He’s not a bad pick mind you – he has been in and out of my side – I just think Docherty is much safer.


    1. Good reasoning, BBQ. But if everyone has Doc and he goes down again, all of a sudden those that didn’t have him get 1 extra trade over everyone who did. Just a thought.


      1. Valid point, but I think the risk that you dont start him and he goes well is higher than the risk you start him and he goes down.


          1. Yep, and that’s the kind of move that wins you this thing outright.

            (I’m not ballsy enough to make it though)


  2. my elderly dad walks down to Alberton oval when his feet aren’t bothering him and watches the open training sessions – Houston and DBJ were doing midfield drills with other young guys, Rozee, Duursma, Mead, Drew with Buzza and Ladhams in ruck, later Houston had goal kicking practice and DBJ went inside…established guys like Boak, Wines, Lycett, Gray, Ebert not seen.

    I’m gonna roll the dice and at this early stage have both Doc and NASA Houston in my team


  3. The Docs been a lock for 12 months, Houston gives me Callum Mills vibes…should get more mid time but will burn me…



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