How Did You Go? – R18

Written by MJ on July 23 2017

With just one game left of the regular season, wins are vitally important in determining those final 8 spots. How did you go this week?

Score / Captain / Overall


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28 thoughts on “How Did You Go? – R18”

  1. Lockout ended? I need to trade Parsons and Rockliff out of my team. I am so done with the pair of them.


  2. 2525 (pre-scaled)/Danger
    Best score for the year. Sloane finally came through for me. Nankervis my only real disappointment. I’ll cut him some slack considering conditions


  3. 2474. Danger. was 6542.

    9 wins and top scorer in all leagues.

    Top 5

    Bottom 3

    Also had Berry, Witherden and Darcy score well on my bench

    Finally get my best 22 on the park and I get my best score ever!


  4. 2376 / Selwood / TBA

    My best score for quite a while. Whilst it’s perhaps a bit premature to declare that The Salamander is back, hopefully I can at least claw back a bit lost ground in terms of rankings.


  5. 2406/ Danger
    Nank the biggest let down, not sure, out of who I had left could’ve probably improved that score by about 66 pts, but that’s SC. Wines 78 for Ward’s 119 and Lynch’s 77 for Nanks 55.Apart from that can’t complain.Was around low 2k thinking I should improve to maybe 1.5k.Will be a lot of good scores but thinking the early bolters will be almost tradless at this stage.


  6. 2172/Danger

    Am I missing something? Isn’t your team meant to score better when it’s full premium?
    7 tons from 22 “premiums”. What a sorry, pitiful batch they are this year.
    What else is on the internet…..


  7. 2395/Danger was my captain

    Danger, Selwood, Hibberd and Dusty were my best and a special mention must go to JJ to looking like his former self and getting a 104.

    Worst players were Lloyd (he got 72 so not so bad), Nank and Wingard (he got injured in the third).


  8. The TEAM

    2181 / Danger

    Our TEAM is in a terrible rut coming towards the business end. Will be lucky to make any Finals…….


  9. 2335/Danger/Not sure yet

    Better score this week, not over the moon but satisfied none the less

    HEROES: Titch, Dusty, Danger, Jelwood, Hibberd, Dahl, Docherty.

    SPUDS: Hurley, Billings, Newman, JPK, Laird, Lynch, Nank.


  10. 2435 / danger / 800ish

    Not bad at all.

    Benched Lynch instead of Nank.

    Apart from that – looking forward to bringing in either Dusty or Kruezer this week!


  11. 2384 / Danger / was 7500

    Today was the day i actually had a full team of premiums on the field and it won’t last long because of TOBY GREENE ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Spuds: Bont, Lloyd, Heeney, Greene, Laird, Franklin, Parsons (not field but lost some cash on him)

    Stars: Danger, Jelwood, Hibberd, Titch, Dahl and Heppell. Can’t forget the trusty Strnadica, Captain Loophole MVP


  12. 2187/Selwood

    To avoid a donut due to Goldstein’s shock omission it was finally time to welcome a fwd/ruck swing into the side. Never wanted Nankervis and couldn’t afford Ryder but hopefully Goldy comes back and Nank can be loopholed with T Lynch for the remainder of the season. Also had S Pendlebury and G Ablett missing with H Shaw and A Witherden covering.

    2 120+: P Dangerfield and J Selwood
    7 100+: H Greenwood, J Macrae, L Dahlhaus, T Adams and S Docherty
    4 below 80: S Burgoyne, J Lloyd, T Lynch and T Nankervis

    SC 2018 can’t come quick enough.


  13. 2346/ Fyfe
    Pretty ordinary comparing other scores, doesn’t help have 3 under 60, l don’t know how u pros get 2400+ most weeks, always 1 step behind in this game, goodluck everyone


  14. 2315/Danger was 1194 but suspect that will skyrocket this week – there’s plenty of big scores out there.

    Spud Sunday saw me off, was predicted for 2500+ but Lost three top four spots to guys in 15th, 17th and 18th posi – thought I’d be safe but just goes to show you can’t predict this game.

    11 tons with best of them Danger, Titch, Hibberd and Jelwood.
    Spudding players were many but two 50’s from Nank and Harbrow the worst. Losing Goldi and Gablett was a bit of structural damage not well covered.


  15. I know this isn’t normal supercoach and it doesn’t really mean anything. But im currently ranked number 1 for perfect 9. Doesn’t get you anything but still pretty cool i thought 🙂


  16. 2428 / Danger

    Flew up the rankings from 25th all the way to 24th! At this rate would only need an extra season to be a chance at the $50k.

    Happy with that though, thought I would drop abit. Just feels so hard to make up ground on the top 10 and the cash prizes. Never been as high as I have this season and it is beginning to become a real point of stress over the course of each weekend hoping everything goes perfect. Just a game at the end of the day but a bit of money for the fun would be nice


  17. 2238. Scraping through at the end of season. 1 of 10 league wins. Dropped 2000 places.

    Newman has slumped in recent weeks and Pendles on bench with a donut, leaving me to soak up Scooter’s 46 like a great big sponge.


  18. Score: 2283
    Weekly Rank: 44155
    Overall Rank: 19397 (18431)
    Heroes: Dangerfield (C), Zorko, Beams, Dahlhaus, Greenwood, Mountford (E)
    Villains: Rockliff, Nankervis
    Trades Made: Hibberd (NM) and Eddy to Bayok and Junker
    Trades Planned: Cox and Mountford to Selwood and Watson
    Trades Left: 7

    Trades: 5/10

    On Friday Night I was debating on how best to get Selwood right up until lockout. I had one tab with Dangerfield > Selwood and the other with Pendlebury > Selwood. If I traded Dangerfield I was planning to use the cash to upgrade Mountford to Zac Merrett. Ten seconds before lockout, I pressed the confirm trade button on the Dangerfield > Selwood trade. There was an error. I switched to the Pendlebury > Selwood tab, which was running a couple of seconds behind, and tried that to no avail. As Dangerfield started strongly, I was very glad not to have traded him out.

    On Saturday Morning, I tried to take stock and make some calculations. I calculated that Mountford would need to rise in price about $1k to facilitate a four-trade grab for Selwood; Mountford duly delivered.

    The trades allowed me to loophole McDonald into Witherden and I ended up making 7 points with that #SupercoachMogul. Shame I didn’t take Jake Lloyd off the field instead.

    Defence: 7/10

    Pretty solid performance from my defence; 2 tons and the 5 scores above 72; including McDonald’s 79 on the bench.

    Midfield: 7.5/10

    Rockliff continues to be my worst trade of the season; Fyfe was tagged and did well to reach 93; Bontempelli had another down, Treloar just missed the ton; Dahlhaus returned to form and Beams, Dangerfield and Zorko led the charge for my side.

    Rucks: 7/10

    Witts and Gawn did their part; it was nice to have Gawn score like a premium.

    Forwards: 6.5/10

    I thought JJK was in for a monster just after half time but he, like West Coast, ground to a halt alongside his partner Yeo; falling just short of the ton. Macrae was great with 108 and Greenwood was good too; but Nankervis had a down week.

    Overall: 6.5/10


    Not much to say; I’ve basically had one of my worst Supercoach years ever; I’ve got too many inconsistent players; I’m just looking to try and break into the top 10000 now.



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