How Did You Go? – R22

Written by MJ on August 20 2017

Make it into a Grand Final? Tell us your success stories and your hard luck stories.

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    1. UPDATE: Now ranked 19212. I’m going to need next week to be a low-scoring round if I’m to somehow cling on inside the top 20K.


  1. 2510 / Danger

    Bont, Gawn and Dahl only ones below 80 and some really good scores from fyfe, danger, docherty, hibberd, yeo, menegola, dusty, JPK and ryder

    Hoping to get inside the top 2k


  2. HUGE scores this weekend.

    Thought I was in with a sniff of the weekly prize with 2654, clearly not.

    Danger C

    13 125+ scores helped too


  3. 2417 – Danger

    My score just did not cut it this week winning 1 out 5 major Finals and 1 out of 2 minor Finals.
    I lost by 25pts to Thommo in 2 Leagues and can only blame a bad coaching move Benching Shaw and playing Witherden costing me 32pts.
    Anyway , i would probably just be making up the numbers in those GFs next week.


  4. One of the guys in tech league scored 2750+.
    Gonna be some massive ones!
    I only scored 2600 on the nose with danger


  5. Wow, such a high scoring weekend..
    2596 for me 9/10 league wins, got beaten by a solid 2752 in other one
    If only NRoo, Gawn and Roberton hadda tonned up


  6. F**k me drunk
    2600-2700 what people are posting, how lol
    2300 for me, got done in semi by 2550
    That’s why people play supercoach, get them scores is amazing, goodluck to all who play finals & the coaches close to winning the big prize, you people deserve it ,cheers


  7. 2445 with Sloan as VC.
    I thought I did well, but bejesus, big scores this weekend.
    It’ll probably be the opposite next week.


  8. 2556. Made 4/8 GFs, including the one I wanted – LOEC1. Two of those losses were from a pair of 2700s+.

    Could have got another 100+ points had I not swapped Ryan and Shaw with a few minutes to go, and had I brought in Josh Kelly for Neale. Decided to keep a trade up my sleeve for the GF though unless I really needed it. I didn’t.

    Some big scores this week though!


  9. Amazing scores , I am so far out of the ball park I am looking over a hill from
    the next suburb. I am impressed and inspired by this weeks scores. How much better do I need to be next year?


  10. Scored 2426 / Danger
    Thought I had a decent score but no I lost 8/9 major finals.
    Wanting to blame bont but still would have lost me most of my games anyway, like seriously I can’t win

    Duds this week is almost anyone under 100 and to star it need to be a 140 as there was that many


  11. Far out I was stoked with my 2472/Danger before I logged on.
    Only in 4 leagues and it got me to 3 Grand Finals as well as a Minor final.


  12. 2601 with danger as captain. Made my cash league gf, got the win by just 21 points. Won 2 other leagues also. Massive scores this week…


  13. 2556/Danger-VC/ Just outside 10K
    Won 3 prelims and 1 consolation prelim including make it thru in SCT5 & THETream @SCT5 leagues.
    I think I will be starting as the underdog but that is not my biggest problem. I fly out Tuesday morning to Canada for a 2 1/2 week golf safari.
    It might have to be set and forget although I don’t have many options anyway with only 2 bench players playing.
    Need to work out the time difference I guess but at least I am there.


  14. Man massive scores this week! Way to go coaches 🙂

    Got my highest for the year at 2466 with the C on VC loop on Mitchell.

    Unfortunately blew it in my SCT league finals but have made the GF in my Friends league!


  15. 2606/Danger/was 1323

    Nice time to crack 2600 for the first time. 12 tonned up including 11 over 124. 4 under 80 as well.

    Won 7/7 including a couple of real close ones by just a few points. Benched The Bont and Harbrow to gain 50 points which got me through those close ones. Doubt that sort of gamble pays off too often but I’ll take them when they work.


  16. 2465 / Danger / 5th to 9th

    Big reality check this week, huge relief only falling to 9th I thought I was long gone from the 10, massive scores everywhere. Lost 1 and won 1 of my league matches. Now a lot more nervous about the last round than I was heading into this round.

    Any of my players who are heavily owned dominated, my players moderately owned did ok or average, and my few lowish ownership guys were 60’s to 80’s. Also loopholes hurt with shaw nank and hanners all scoring more than guys on the field.

    That isn’t a good recipe for success in this game. Need a big round next week from a couple of relative pods.


  17. awesome work guys!! 2601 (danger) with a doughnut from witts.

    massive weekend. lets see how next weeks pre-bye carnage finishes us off.


  18. 2553 / Danger / 2458 overall, up 229 places.

    Highest score this season and won all 6 prelim games, including the SCT2 league by 4 points – Phew! Big thank you to D Beams as my trade in for Neale, and didn’t think I would say this at all this year, but FINALLY H Shaw coughed up a decent score which I was luckily able to loophole in as he’s been parked on my bench for weeks. Wanted him gone most of the season but there’s always been a more pressing issue – Pendles, Selwood, Witts, Lynch & Neale. 10 scores of 120+


  19. 2502 / Danger

    Rollercoaster ride of a weekend with all 6 of my POD’s scoring well under their projected scores in my cash league prelim.

    Had an itchy trigger finger after friday night and saturday arvo (Treloar/Crouch/Howe fml) ruined any advantage I had on paper, so used my last trade to boot Shaw out for Savage only for him to bust out his first score over 100 in 15 weeks. Then went on to endure Savage’s worst game in 7 weeks. fml!

    convinced the supercoach gods were out to get me, but I managed to win by 19 points due to my opponent having Ryan in his side luckily scoring 17 under the 77 he needed to win.

    Hope I never get a week like that again.


  20. 2496 / Danger / 7137

    Lost my prelim with all of my POD’s letting me down at the crucial time of year! Treloar, Stef Martin, Lloyd all average and the new recruits Oliver and Crouch did not deliver either.

    Ah well, this is the furthest I’ve gotten in 4 years of Supercoach, massive thanks to the team at SCT – you guys are absolute legends, really appreciate all of the sagely advice / awesome content you guys put out each week. Definitely the best in the caper, see you next year!


  21. Score: 2424
    Weekly Ranking: 39 917
    Overall Ranking: 18 578 (17 711)
    Heroes: Docherty, Laird, Dangerfield (C), Zorko, Fyfe, Beams, Nankervis, Macrae, Yeo, Present Me
    Villains: McDonald, Bontempelli (E), Past Me
    Trades Made: Young to Strnadica
    Trades Planned: Who knows.
    Trades Left: 2

    Trades: 7/10.

    The Young to Strnadica trade allowed me to loophole Gawn, and gave me a R/F DPP link again.

    Defence: 5/10

    Absolutely dreadful score from Tom McDonald dragged a reasonable showing into the doldrums, made even worse by the fact that he is a big POD. I loopholed Lloyd down back, and I was tossing up whether to play Witherden instead of his 81 – as it was, other matters made that decision a moot point. Shaw finally tonned up; Docherty was back to his brilliant best. Laird returned to his best form, and Adams posted another ton.

    Midfield: 7/10

    And the other matter rears its ugly head. I eventually decided to loophole in the midfield. Had the player I decided to loophole scored well, I wouldn’t have been able to loophole in the ruck, or I would’ve had to play Witherden in place of Lloyd. As it was, as West Coast’s Bayok was my loopholing agent, so I had to decide between Bontempelli or Treloar. I was going to go with Treloar, but the extra time that I would have had swung my choice towards Bontempelli, and boy did it pay off in a big way. For his part, Treloar had an excellent final term to post a reasonable score, Mountford did his part on the bench, but my POD Coniglio was under par. Rockliff had a good last term but was still disappointing, I didn’t lose any points playing Witherden over Mountford. The rest of my midfield was excellent; Zorko brilliant early but slowed slightly under the attention of Melksham; Dangerfield powered on to another brilliant C score; Beams and Fyfe continued their magnificent late season form.

    Rucks: 7.5/10

    I thought Kreuzer was heading for another big score, but he slowed; I loopholed Gawn and decided to gamble on Nankervis in his place, and the gamble paid off. Funnily enough I had 3 trades in Real Dream team, so I got myself Gibbs (105), and benched JPK (130), with Gaff (63) on field. I swung Steele (110), up forward, keeping Greenwood (96), on the bench, with JJK (59), on field, which allowed me to put Gawn (65) on field, and Nankervis (140), on the bench. I lost 182 points just by those poor bench choices.

    Forwards: 8/10

    The Continuing Adventures of Jack Macrae had another high, with a brilliant 145 leading the line. Yeo finally hit the ton, after a run of decent scores that couldn’t quite break the 100. JJK was below par, but can be forgiven as it was against one of the competition’s best sides; Dahlhaus was below par, Heeney had a massive rally to post 90, and Greenwood did his bit from the emergency loophole.

    Overall: 7/10

    Well, easily my best score of the year and I still fall in the rankings. My big points of difference mostly disappointed, and despite just about nailing every on-field selection, my previous trade decisions continue to bit me. I also have to deal with an annoyance in the draw, as McDonald and Witherden play at the same time, so I cannot loophole the two.

    I will have to decide on how best to use my final two trades.


  22. 2444 / Danger / 5155

    -554 rank, lost my only match.

    Nice to have a week over 2400, but still not enough to stay even. Not a surprise since so many people have the players who did well.

    Still suffering from all the random injuries and issues that added up to not getting to full premium. I have a trade left, but short cash to make good use of it.

    Interesting (for some value of interesting) that even knowing and talking, a lot, about the value of trades I end up suffering from lack of trades.


  23. 2511 / Danger / 4934

    A PB for my boys in a very high scoring round. I only moved up 126 places.

    Best 5


    Bottom 5


    I ended up playing Darcy over Nank which cost me 19 points.
    I also had Pickett score 91 on my bench??

    Made it through to 4 major and 1 minor Grand Finals.

    Congratulations to Motts is Fat who beat me in “My mum knows yours”
    With a score of 2638.

    Thanks to everyone at SCT that has helped me have my best SC season ever.


    1. motts is fat beat me too, interesting he is against the genuine Motts aka The Maulers in the SCT8 granny, a battle of the motts’


  24. 2639/Danger/To many Krispy kreams throughout the year to have a decent ranking. Into a major and a minor final.
    Pretty stoked with this week. 14 scores over 100 with 10 of those over 124. Amazing work by most. Not too many to miss the ton most got pretty close with only let downs being Rance, Witherden, Stef Martin, Gawn and Dahl failing to make it to 90. Could have squeezed out an extra 32 points if I had of had the guts to back Darcy over Martin or Gawn and Greenwood over Dahl, but more than happy with my new PB.
    Goodluck to everyone in next week’s final. And thanks again to all the guys that put so much effort into the best supercoach site going around


  25. 2624 / Dusty / 1500 odd

    The Good: – My highest round score for the year
    – Through to 1 league SC Grand Final
    – Used my last trade on Witts > Nat Jones, who
    scored a brilliant 133 on debut

    The Bad: – Lost my cash league prelim by 72 pts :'(
    – Despite many huge scorers, I still had a few
    underperforming premos who failed to ton up
    (ie. Gawn, JJK, Lloyd, Zerret, Treloar, Mrouch,

    Now with no trades left & Adams likely to miss, hopefully there’s no more carnage at the selection tables this week (wishful thinking…).

    Best of luck to all who made it in GFs this week, and a big THANKS to all the writers & contributers on this great site who have made this by far the best place to go for all SC related info!



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