Initial Team SC2019

Written by Schwarzwalder on December 14 2018

With the arrival of the Team Picker comes the arrival of the first team drafts.  Here is a chance to get your initial teams on record.  This isn’t necessarily a ‘Rate My Team’ thread (although you can rate them if you wish), more a chance to see how your teams evolve over the course of the pre-season.

So Coaches……….how did your initial team come up?  Who are your must-haves for the starting line-up?  Who are you avoiding for now?  Enter your first draft into the comments below…………


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204 thoughts on “Initial Team SC2019”

  1. Here’s version 1 of 100,000 of my team this year, rookies for the most part are educated guesses.

    DEF: L. Whitfield, C. Blakely, Z. Williams, G. Birchall, T. Williamson, M. Hore, (H. Wiig, J. Koschitzke)

    MID: T. Mitchell, P. Cripps, C. Oliver, N. Fyfe, L. Neale, S. Walsh, L. Stocker, N. Hind (I. Mosquito, J. Bytel, I. Hill)

    RUCK: B. Grundy, M. Gawn (L. Meek)

    FWD: P. Dangerfield, J. Dunkley, C. Wingard, W. Setterfield, N. Balta, S. McAdam, (B. Cavarra, M. Walker)

    $47k left in the bank

    Thoughts, queries, concerns?


      1. His Contested possession rate decreased from 34.80% in 2017 to 23.66% in 2018 whilst averaging roughly the same amount of disposals (2017-23.88 2018-23.77)

        2017 Contested Possession Avg: 8.35
        2017 SC Avg when contested possessions equal/exceed 9: 109.6 from 10 (low of 74 and a high of 130, 2/10 below 100, 3/10 120+)

        2017 SC Avg when contested possessions below 9: 60 from 7 (low of 7 and a high of 115, 6/7 below 100)

        2018 Contested Possessions Avg: 5.77
        SC Avg when contested possessions equal/exceed 6: 88.43 from 7 (low of 62 and a high of 115, 4/7 below 100)

        SC Avg when contested possessions below 6: 81.17 from 6 (low of 48 and a high of 114, 5/6 below 100)


        1. Wasn’t that because he was getting some midfield time in 2017 and then virtually none in 2018, or am I remembering that wrong?

          Either way, with Neale gone I fully expect him to play midfield full time this year and get his contested possessions right back up.


  2. DEF: L. Whitfield, C. Blakely, A. Witherden, Z. Williams, N. Newman, S. Collins (C. Wilkie, C. Burgess)

    MID: T. Mitchell, P. Cripps, C. Oliver, N. Fyfe, T. Taranto, B. Crouch, W. Setterfield, B. Bewley (C. Constable, W. Hayes, T. Atkins)

    RUC: B. Grundy, S. Mumford (D. Fort)

    FWD: P. Dangerfield, I. Heeney, I. Rankine, S. McAdam, J. Corbett, L. Schultz (M. Parker, B. Cavarra)

    Some notes:
    Initially had Laird as 2nd def premo (Lloyd is OP IMO + Mills will be back), opted for a mid price sweep. Given Doc’s absence this is the area with the most emerging premiums (I am backing all of these def mid-pricers to be premos). Hence the fwd line is light but there is a real lack of depth for premos here but plethora of rookies. So the weakness here is made up for across the mids and defs. Rucks are a huge issue at the moment, not comfortable with Gawn (price or role), and after him I am lost. All rookies are mature ages, except for where I really believe a young gun is better; this is the way of the future, if it isn’t already a la last season. All in all confident with this as my starting draft.
    Of course though, all assistance welcome and encouraged.


  3. Version 1 for me,
    Def-lachie whitfield, luke Ryan, Alex whitherden, Zac williams, rookies.

    Mid-tom mitchell, jack macrae, Nat fyfe, Dustin martin, Zach Merritt, rookies.

    Rucks-max Gawn, Brodie Grundy, rookie.

    Forwards-patrick Dangerfield, Isaac Heeny, Toby green, Joe daniher,rookies.

    Starting the big guns, banking the points, prioritise Lloyd and laird as first trade ins. Either daniher and green play well or are easy upgrades.
    So possibly 15 genuine keepers in starting line up. Mids to target are cripps, Oliver, and Neale. As for forwards just see what the season brings.
    Obviously daniher and green are very tentative.


    1. Just reckon greene and daniher are enormous risks. Greene is either injured or reported at some stage…..when did he last placy 16+games ? For me Daniher would be a perfect upgrade if/when the chance and timing was there, but he’s no certainty to even start by all reports.


  4. Last year was my second season and finished in the Top-10%, so looking to build my experience really… would’ve been lost without all the support from SCT, so thanks in advance fellas. First of many, many, many passes…

    Ds: C Blakely, A Witherden, Z Williams, N Newman, B Smith, J Scrimshaw (J Koschitzke, H Wigg)

    Ms: P Cripps, L Neale, D Beams, Z Merrett, A Brayshaw, D Clarke, C Constable, N Hind (L Stocker, I Mosquito, I Hill)

    Rs: B Grundy, M Gawn (J Sweet)

    Fs: D Smith, I Heeney, T McLean, T Greene, W Setterfield, S McAdam (M Walker, B Cavarra)

    Not much salary left-over ($9.5k), which is of concern. And, realise that I’m flying without a lot of the big guns, but they will be early targets once prices comes down (Eg. Mitchell, Fyfe, J Kelly, Oliver, Danger, Macrae, Lloyd, Laird). Cripps will be Captain as he has a ton of Sunday games (11); and, started with Neale as VC as he’s got only a few of those (6). Not a fan of Greene in the side (at all), but a little stuck on whether to hold or not, as well as who to replace with…

    Really appreciate any thoughts/commentary on the starting point, and totally appreciate any suggestions on the strategy… and obviously WAY too early to really know about rookies, but if you had any thoughts that would be great!

    Thanks coaches 🙂


    1. I believe by not starting with any of Lloyd/Sicily/Laird you’re going to be forced to use too many trades on small upgrades if you want to have the top guys. I’d rather fork out an extra 100-120k to turn Witherden/Blakely into a top guy and save yourself a trade down the track


      1. I could be wrong based on what Mike’s strategy is, but usually you pick players like Blakley and Witherden because you think they will be one of the top guys along with Sicily, Laird etc. Of course it could backfire and you might have to use a trade on them, but I don’t think the intention is to turn them into someone like Sicily or Laird.


        1. I agree, but if that’s the case I don’t think you can start four mid-pricers and expect them all to finish top 10-15
          I’m all for taking a punt on 1-2 on each line but only if you’ve got some of the sure(r) things


      2. Lloyd Historically has Lulls in scoring. The question this year was when to jump on. I jumped on Hurn rather than Lloyd just when Hurn went crap and Lloyd went bang.

        But Lloyd is not a 112 ppg player normally and is clearly overpriced.

        Laird didn’t look as great last year and Brodie Smith may well impact his scoring.

        Williams, Blakely and Whitfield are all good options. Whitfield may go downhill but why would he drop much with more midfield? Blakely will play miss, and Williams if he can stay fit is a 95+ defender.


        1. Fantastic feedback coaches (Theoriginalforce, Harbour Heroes, Tough Brett, and Ben).

          In my limited experience, I learned that I’d rather have coverage in the early rounds and have the opportunity to pick the players that are just about to go BANG in the second half of the season. Last year, I chose Sicily and Ryan in the back-half of the year and got burnt, but had too many rookies in the backline early and took too long to get to the best team.

          In this iteration, what I was looking to accomplish is 2 of Blakely/Witherden/Williams/Newman/Smith turn into my defensive bench, with the other-3 either staying in the top-15 defenders or being a stepping stone. That leaves me some options; but, the games will clearly need to be played.

          That said, you’ve all raised a great point about Premos… I’ve had Laird in the side each of my first two-seasons (FYI – Crows supporter). He’s been the most dependable player in my backline both years, and really would like to bring him in… could be there are some rookies that give me confidence down the track to make that happen, but at the moment I’m tentatively comfortable with the structure. That being said, my line-up will change, so please watch out for that.

          Thanks again for your thoughts, as it’s always valuable to hear from the group of insightful SCs; it’s just gonna help me become better 🙂


          1. Second pass at the initial team, based upon comments and thoughts from the SCT community.

            D: Laird, Whitfield, Blakely, Williams, Williamson, Rozee (Scrimshaw, Wigg)

            M: Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Yeo, Dusty, Walsh, Setterfield, Bewley (Stocker, Constable, Valente)

            R: Goldstein*, Longer (Sweet)

            F: Danger, Heeney, McLean, Greene*, Blakey, McAdam (Corbett, Cavara)

            Remaining Salary: $3.8k

            Rookies: Wait to see what happens in JLT.

            Miscellaneous: Goldstein may be a keeper – time will tell. Still not a fan of Greene in the side, but I’ll wait to see what happens through JLT.

            Targeted Premos: Mitchell, Macrae, Fyfe, J Kelly, & wait for the rest of the rucks/defenders/forwards for the final push to show themselves.

            Thoughts/Comments always appreciated. Thx in advance coaches 🙂


            1. IMHO high priced rookies like Rozee and Walsh should be avoided early. To gain $200k from them they will need to average around 75-80pts. A mature age rookie like Bewley or Cavarra, only needs to average about 60 to get the same $ rise.
              There are always exceptions and Walsh might be it, but I’d rather wait and be sure with a corrective trade if he smashes rds 1/2


  5. Def: Laird, Sicily, H. Andrews, Williams, Williamson, C. Cox (Scrimshaw, Wigg)

    Mid: Macrae, Cripps, Neale, Yeo, Zerrett, Stocker, Constable, Valente (Smith, West, Haydon)

    Ruc: Grundy, Mumford (Schlensog Ruc/FWD)

    Fwd: Danger, Dunkley, Greene, Vardy (Ruc/FWD), Cockatoo, Setterfield (McAdam, Cavarra)

    Vardy to cover the first few weeks with Mumford out – with Lycett gone he could average 75-odd at 306k and provide ruck cover if none of the cheap Rucks play for an R3 spot.


    1. I’m unsure about Harris Andrews, I’m not entirely convinced his form last year wasn’t a purple patch. I’d much rather someone like Connor Blakley instead, and he’s 20k cheaper.

      But hey, I could be wrong and then you’ve got a great POD, so who knows.


      1. Harris Andrews was clearly affected by the Cameron hit, those things take a while to get over.I suspect he’ll be a premium back sooner rather than later.


  6. Let’s get the ball rolling. First of many….
    Sicily, Whitfield, Williams, Scrimshaw, Williamson, Clarke (Hind, Collins)
    Macrae, Mitchell, Fyfe, Martin, Lloyd, Miles, Setterfield, Stocker (Valente, Bewley, Smith. E)
    Grundy, Kreuzer (Sweet)
    Dangerfield, Kelly T., Westhoff, Blakey, Sturt, Rankine (Mosquito, Thomas, T)

    Don’t have SuperCoach gold so I am hoping I am under the salary cap. If Greene is available r1 then he will be included for Kelly.


    1. Sam Lloyd as mid only is interesting. Looks under the salary cap, but I wouldn’t bank on Westhoff living up to the price since his ruck minutes will likely be eaten up by Lycett


      1. Thanks for your input. Lloyd will probably chang3 to Merrett. Not sure how Port are going to fit Ryder, Lycett and Westhoff in the same side. Maybe Williamson to B Smith if I can afford it. Then I have 4 keepers starting in defence. Can’t wait for the team picker to come out for all SC fans. This is the pre-eminent site for SC news and info. Chrs to all the team.


    2. Quite a few risky choices in there! Personally I would steer well clear of Kreuze, he looked well and truly cooked last year, even when he was playing he was carrying a niggle of some sort and looked like a shadow of his former self.

      I would also advise against Tim Kelly, I’m not sure if he’ll be able to replicate the form he had last year, and I just think there are way better options for a forward line premo, such as Josh Dunkley who is only 11k more expensive.

      But in the end, trust your gut, if they end up having stellar season then you look like a genius and I look like an idiot. That’s the magic of Supercoach!


      1. Thanks Ben. 2 years ago Kreuze was fit and almost unstoppable. He is a risk alright but I am punting on him being fit but if not, there is always Mummy or Sandi to hold down a spot while the next top ruck emerges.
        My gut is that Kelly will have a similar year to last year. Let’s get through pre-season and see who is getting mid-field time or not. Toby McLean did the job for me last year and am more than willing to use him again. Thanks again for your input. I will have a close look at Dunkley, Lloyd will change to Zerrett and maybe Brodie Smith into defence. Chrs.


        1. Libba back may impact on Dunkley and McClean’s midfield minutes. Keep a close eye on preseason. McClean was pushed out of the midfield towards the end of last season and his scoring dropped for the last few rounds.


          1. Good points David. Steering clear of Doggies premos at season’s start for this very reason. Play a high possession game (handball happy), but will Watch and Act, rather than lock at the outset.


    1. A lot of the time it does, just look at Devon Smith last year, as well as the midfield guns who had their scores suffer last year when they got moved out of the midfield, such as Dangerfield, Dusty, Robbie Gray, Bontempelli, David Mundy, Chad Wingard, Michael Walters, Jordan De Goey, the list goes on. I’m not saying increased midfield time always means a better average, but the majority of the time it does.


      1. Of the 8 players you mentioned they are all forwards who went into the midfield. Do you have any examples of defenders doing the same thing? Because I’m referring to Blakey (although I didn’t mention it)


        1. Not sure how you’d come up with Danger, Dusty, Bont and Mundy as primarily fowards that went in to the midfield?
          Think I’m with Ben. Most of the time it does.


  7. D – Lloyd, Whitfield, Z Williams, Williamson, Scrimshaw, Burgess (Hore, Wigg)

    M – Cripps, Fyfe, Neale, Martin, B Crouch, Walsh, B Smith, Constable (Hind, Valente, Bewley)

    R – Grundy, Westhoff (Fort)

    F – Dangerfield, D Smith, Dunkley, Greene, Blakey, Setterfield (Cavarra, Corbett)

    Got 50k left in the back, feel my back 6 are a bit weak but hoping those cash cows can deliver some early money, with scrimshaw and williamson going to be getting plenty of run. Just a rough first go. Thoughts?


    1. DEFs MIDs and FWDs look good to me but i would steer well clear of Hoff, even though I had him last year. With Lycett’s arrival, I see him getting little or no time in the RUC and reverting to more of his utility role pumping out 70s and 80s.
      I hope he proves me wrong but I would say that he is definitely overpriced and that there are numerous, better alternatives.
      Dusty seems a shrewd pick to me, given he was injured for most of last year and could bounce back to 110+ easily.
      I know it dowsn’t help bye structure in your DEF line, but I would start Laird or Sicily over Lloyd. Laird is uber-consistent though Smith and Milera could impact his scoring and Sicily is still young and improving.
      I would gamble on being able to pick up Lloyd considerably cheaper, later on.


    2. Lots of people keen on Scrimshaw, but apart from the fact that Hawks like recruiting recycled players, I’m not sure he’s a lock. Whose spot does he take, especially with Birchall looking good as…?


  8. First draft of thousands:

    Whitfield, Blakely, Williams.Z, Moore.D, Petty?, Wilkie (Hore, Wigg)

    Mitchell, Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Merrett, Miles, Bewley, Hind (Constable, Drew, Carter-loophole)

    Grundy, Longer (Fort)

    Dangerfield, Dunkley, Wingard, Greene, Begley, Setterfield (McAdam, Cavarra)

    If Greene doesn’t get up, Moore will go FWD and Newman come in. If Moore doesn’t get up either, then Newman and maybe vandenBerg will come in.
    Will make room for Gibbons if he gets a deserved blue jumper too.

    Those top premiums I haven’t selected are the ones I expect to drop and be picked up as Fallen Premos, if at all.

    Obviously Longer is only there to build cash. Scored an 80 and a 90 last year, but his average was bought down significantly with a 7 in one of his injury affected games and averaged 79 two years ago when going ok. Am expecting quick cash and a decent point/$ ratio until he’s served his purpose. Gawn for me is just too big a risk to start. Using that foregone spend on players who will increase in value just makes more sense to me and will give me the time to properly assess, without unnecessary risk.

    More thought will go into Rookie selections after the JLT series and greater knowledge gained. Thoughts always appreciated. Cheers


      1. Saints picked him up early in the Rookie Draft.

        Notes I’ve made are:
        Tall DEF from Nth Adelaide
        ave. 25.5 disposals and 8.6 marks/game (10+ regularly) and is considered a marking machine. Can run off half-back and can slip forward too. Smart footballer with decent intercept ability.
        ++’s: marking, accumulation, versatility, smarts and consistency
        –‘s: disposal efficiency (which can be a killer in SC)

        but i think the ++’s outweight the –‘s.

        Let’s see if he gets a game first 🙂


    1. Looking good, but I’m just not sold at all on Moore. Paying that much for an injury prone player with a career high average of 61.5 doesn’t seem like a good idea. Is there something I’m missing? I’d much prefer Birchall at that price, he’s older and just as injury prone but he averaged 84.1 in 2016 and 84.3 in 2017 if you removed injury affected games, so I’d bank on him to score much better.


      1. There’s no doubt he’s taped together like Bruce Reid, but he’s back training after seeing the hammy guru in Europe and is a definite talent. His average last year was decimated by injury-impacted scores and he has hit triple figures (twice in 2017) in the past. A full pre-season and a start in the Pies 22 will give me the confidence to pick him (top draft pick, 50-odd games and coming into his fifth season, all tick boxes for me).
        That said, I see him purely as a money-maker and a stepping-stone to something better, especially if decent rookies are hard to come by. That is all.

        This is however, version one of no doubt ‘000s, so we’ll see. Birchall?! I’ll likely go Jayden Hunt over him (maybe even both of them).

        Still a long way to go …


        1. I’m still not entirely convinced, but I can at least understand the decision making process now. Will Jayden Hunt get enough senior games next year to warrant a selection?


          1. Apparently he’s tearing up the track, but yeah, he’ll need to play real good to hold his spot. Not convinced on JS but he’s nicely priced … innit


  9. (V2 on previous post)

    DEF: L. Whitfield, C. Blakely, A. Witherden, Z. Williams, N. Newman, S. Collins (C. Wilkie, C. Burgess)

    MID: T. Mitchell, P. Cripps, C. Oliver, N. Fyfe, T. Taranto, D. Hannebery, W. Setterfield, C. Constable (B. Bewley, L. Valente, T. Atkins)

    RUC: B. Grundy, Z. Clarke (D. Fort)

    FWD: P. Dangerfield, I. Heeney, J. Gresham, I. Rankine, S. McAdam, J. Corbett (L. Schultz, B. Cavarra)

    $19,700 ITB.


    1. Looks v strong. My only concern would be Zac Clarke. He might even be third RUC behind Draper at ESS. You need to find a little extra cash for Longer (STK) who is likely the cheapest RUC at $260 900, who will definitely play Rd1.


      1. Yeah I figured as much. The 2nd ruck is the huge quandary. Will probably turn Gresham into a Green or Daniher for the cash.


      2. Sam Naismith (Syd) at $251k could be worth a look too.

        Heavily discounted after misssing all last year with a knee.
        I’m not expecting more than a 80 ppg ave. But he might make enough cash to be a straight swap for Mummy round 6 or 7.


  10. There’s an interesting piece on the AFL website this morning, picking their respective Rd1 teams:
    If this were to happen, then there’d only be 9 rookies playing first up!!

    Try and pick a team with only these rookies playing Rd1. It’s certainly a challenge!!

    ADE: McAdam
    BRL: none
    CAR: Walsh, Setterfield, Williamson
    COL: none
    ESS: none
    FRE: Bewley
    GEE: none
    GCS: Corbett, Rankine
    GWS: none
    HAW: none
    MEL: none
    NTH: none
    PTA: Rozee
    RIC: none
    STK: none
    SYD: Blakey
    WCE: none
    WBD: none

    It will make for some interesting strategies, that’s for sure 😉


  11. First of many. Most of the 123k rookies have been thrown in for the sake of the exercise.

    DEF: Laird, Whitfield, Blakely, Williams, Williamson, Scrimshaw (Wilkie, Wigg)

    MID: Titch, Cripps, Oliver, Kelly, Zerrett, Stocker, Constable, Sproule (Mosquito, Bewley, Hind)

    RUC: Grundy, Longer (Fort)

    FWD: Danger, Heeney, Wingard, Blakey, Setterfield, McAdam (Burgess, Corbett)


  12. For my two bits, people considering mid pricers(not fallen premiums) think to yourself, do I see this player regularly out scoring a rookie. It happens so often you upgrade a rookie to a mid pricer just before the season starts in a brainwaive, only to see them score around the same as a rookie. Just something to ponder.


  13. OK, so team now is(which I’m leaving to season almost starts)
    Lloyd, laird, whitfield-rookies.
    Mitchell, macrae, cripps, fyfe, Neale-rookies.
    Grundy, gawn-rookie.
    Danger, heeney, green-rookies.
    Straight up guns and rookies except green.
    Have around 90,000 grand in bank, and only 2x 102,000 rookies on team.
    I’m hoping starting the combination of Lloyd, Mitchell, macrae, Neale and Gawn provides some pod.


  14. The Donkeys #01. 2019

    DEF : Lloyd, Whitfield, Williams, Newman,Rozee, Collins.
    ( Koschitsme, Hore. )

    MID: Macrea, Kelly, Neale, M Crouch, Z Merrett, T.Scully (WTF)
    Walsh, Setterfield. ( Clark ,Bewley, Mozzie)

    RUCK: Goldie, Naismith. ( Fort / Clark)

    FORWARD: Danger, Heeney, Greene, Lukosuis, Cockatoo, Blakey.
    ( Mc Adam.and J. Butts .Aka the swinging donut.)

    $100K left to play around.



    1. Swapped Naismith to Steph Martin and Scully to a cheap rookie.

      Will the new rules affect the ruckman?
      Less stoppages mean less ruck taps.
      More goals mean more centre bounces.
      Or will it just all even out?


      1. I would definitely be looking at getting Grundy in, doesn’t just get his points from hitouts, he’s like another midfielder for the pies


  15. DEF: R. Laird, L. Whitfield, C. Blakely, Z. Williams, G. Birchall, S. Collins (J. Scrimshaw, H. Wigg)

    MID: P. Cripps, C. Oliver, N. Fyfe, D. Shiel, B. Crouch, S. Walsh, L. Stocker, L. Valente (C. Constable, E. Smith, B. Bewley)

    RUC: B. Grundy, B. Longer (Z. Clarke)

    FWD: P. Dangerfield, I. Heeney, J. J. Kennedy, T. Greene, I. Rankine, W. Setterfield (S. McAdam, M. Parker)

    $122,900 ITB

    Thoughts and comments appreciated!

    Bit unsure on Shiel and JJK…


    1. I would swap Shiel for Dusty as I think he has greater upside pot entail. Kennedy for a rookie to make cash and collect Kennedy later on.


  16. I’d turn Kennedy and birschall into someone else. There not worth the pain they will cause. Get Kennedy later on to possibly win a match up.


  17. Nathan’s Gunz v1 Hoping to beat my 21st overall rank this year 😛 he’s my first initial team;

    Laird, Whitfield, Blakely, Birchall, Collings, Horte (Mclennan, Wigg)

    Mitchell, Cripps, Merrett, B.Crouch, Hannebery, Valante, Hind, Foley (Bytel, Smith, Constable)

    Grundy, Gawn (Sweet)

    Dangerfield, Heeney, Dunkley, Smith, Setterfield, Mcadam (Cavarra, Mosquito)


    1. Nathan’s Gunz V2

      Whitfield, Blakely, Williams, Birchall, Collins, Hore (Mclennan, Wigg)

      Mitchell, Cripps, Oliver, Merrett, B.Crouch, Walsh, Bennell, Valente (Bytel, E.Smith, Hind)

      Grundy, Gawn (Sweet)

      Dangerfield, Dunkley, D.Smith, Greene, Setterfield, Mcadam (Cavarra, Mosquito)

      9.8k Bank


  18. Whitfield, Crisp, AUSTIN, Williams.Z, ROBERTON, Wigg (WILKIE, CLAVARINO)

    Mitchell, Cripps, Oliver, ROSS, STEELE, HANNEBERY, Bewley, HIND (BYTEL, Carter l/h, Riach l/h)

    Gawn, LONGER (Sweet)

    Dangerfield, Dunkley, BILLINGS, KENT, Setterfield, Corbett (LANGLANDS, PARKER)

    quietly confident 😉


  19. Gday guys,

    Wouldn’t mind some input on my team. The first of several thousand versions I’m sure.

    B: Whitfield, Blakely, Williams, Roberton, Kelly, Hore (Butts, Wigg)

    M: Oliver, Fyfe, Kelly, Neale, Sloane, Brouch, B Smith, Stocker (Valente, Hind, Bewley)

    R: Gawn, Goldy

    F: Danger, Dunkley, Wingard, Greene, Setterfield, Parker (Cavarra, McAdam)

    My sketchy picks atm are obviously all the midpricers. Williams I’m backing in to overcome all injury problems and stay on the park with a 95 season avg.

    Roberton’s got his dicky ticker, keeping an eye on that. His price is too good to ignore at this stage, but I’ll see how his health progresses.

    Brouch is a ballsy move, he clearly has skills and aggression, but will he stay healthy? Million dollar question at this stage.

    And, of course, Punchable. The man who could lay a claim to having the most irritating face in the world. Hopefully he keeps the Bruce Lee impersonations to a minimum next year.

    All feedback appreciated.


  20. Here we go folks…..again.

    One of my first drafts for 2019

    Backs : Simpson Williams Roberton Birchall Logue Wigg (Collins Scrimshaw)

    Mids: Mitchell Macrae Cripps Martin Miles Hanndebery Constable Walsh Bewley McFadyen Valente

    Rucks: Grundy Goldstein (Schlensog)

    Fwds: Dangerfield Dunkley Lynch Moore Cavarro Moore Blakey Setterfield

    I have a feeling that we may be scratching around for cheapies come round 1.

    There are also a plethora of very tasty mid piricers this year thankfully.

    However, I add the proviso on the players returning from injury or whatever that they complete a full pre-season.

    I just couldn’t go with Gawn to start with and have settled on Goldy. Strongly considered Mumford with either Lycett/Westhoff covering rounds 1 & 2.


    1. Love, love, love the Simpson and Goldy picks. Have currently got Goldy and would have Simmo if I had the dosh. Tommy Lynch is also an interesting prospect, I’ll be keeping a close eye on him throughout preseason. I think we may be a tad rookie starved come round 1, so you’re looking good in that scenario.


  21. Given it another go, I like it better than my original team:

    DEF: K. Simpson, L. Whitfield, C. Blakley, Z. Williams, G. Birchall, J. Scrimshaw (H. Wigg, M. Hore)

    MID: T. Mitchell, J. Macrae, P. Cripps. L. Neale, Z. Merrett, L. Stocker, C. Constable, L. Valente (B. Bewley, J. Bytel, N. Hind)

    RUCK: B. Grundy, T. Goldstein (J. Sweet)

    FWD: P. Dangerfield, J. Dunkley, T. Greene, W. Setterfield, D. Moore, S. McAdam (B. Cavarra, M. Parker)

    If I need more money for rookies I’ll downgrade one of Blakey, Williams or Greene to a rookie and the upgrade the non playing rookies to more expensive playing ones (S. Collins, S. Walsh etc.)


    1. I like this team Ben .

      I think alot of folks will settle on the Grundy/ Goldi combo.
      I also really like the Macrea pick,I see him and Neale fighting for top scorer overall this year. I just feel Titch (post Brownlow) and Grundy might drop off a little this year. I still expect around 120 ave.
      Another way to find some funds would be to downgrade an Uber premo in Cripps or Titch for a M Crouch / Dusty type. Both are underpriced for their potential output.

      Best of luck for next year.


  22. DEF: L. Whitfield, C. Blakely, A. Witherden, Z. Williams, N. Newman, S. Collins (C. Wilkie, H. Wigg)

    MID: T. Mitchell, P. Cripps, N. Fyfe, J. Kelly, T. Taranto, D. Hannebery, W. Setterfield, B. Bewley (C. Constable, L. Valente, T. Atkins)

    RUC: B. Grundy, B. Longer (D. Fort)

    FWD: P. Dangerfield, I. Heeney, J. Gresham, S. McAdam, C. Burgess, J. Corbett (L. Schultz, B. Cavarra)

    $2,100 ITB.

    Will probably try and manoeuvre Gresham into Dunkley if I can. Consider this the inception point of the ‘mature-age madness’ strategy.


    1. If decent Cows allow it, I’d go deeper in your MIDs at the opportunity cost of FWDs and DEFs and in that order, for obvious reasons (ave. pts/premo). Aside from that, very similar mindsets Alex 😉
      Good luck and looking as good as it can with Rd1 still such a long way off.


  23. Was keeping an eye on hannebry. I can’t confirm or provide proof, but possible calf issues. If dead set on him watch closely and look into it.


    1. Personally, I wouldn’t touch him with a barge-pole. When rumours emerged last year that the Saints had an eye on him, I felt exasperated, especially when that talk became a reality. And a five-year contract?!??! If he plays 20 games for the Saints, I’ll be amazed.

      Giving him and his body some real time out is the only way the Saints will get anything out of such a woeful trade; especially if he’s given a Docherty-type coaching/leadership role in the interim. His presence and leadership around the club has already been worth more than his time on the park will ever likely deliver, especially to the younger fellas in the group.

      Having written the St Kilda Review 2019 for SCT from an objective perspective, this type of vitriolic monologue will be excluded. But as a fan, I’m fuming.

      Rant over! For now 🙁


  24. First of many editions. Let me know what you think!

    DEF: Sicily, Andrews, Blakely, Williams, Logue, Collins, Wigg, Hore

    MID: Cripps, J. Kelly, Oliver, Merrett, Bontempelli, Bennell, Constable, Hind, McHenry, Smith, Bewley

    RUCK: Grundy, Nankervis, Sweet

    FOR: Dangerfield, Heeney, Wingard, Setterfield, Burgess, Blakey, Corbet, McAdam,

    Tried to make it as much GnR as possible


  25. DEF:

    Stocker,Bewley,Valante,Hind (Constable,Ling,Mosquito)



    $64,700 Left in bank.
    First of many teams.
    Would love some feedback.


    1. Although debatable, I count only 12 keepers and very light on mids due to Grundy/Gawn….huge $ commitment to the pair. It has to pay off or trouble.


  26. Thoughts please

    Lloyd Laird Sicily Burgess
    Williamson Collins scrimshaw Hore

    Mitchell Macrae Cripps Fyfe Stocker
    Walsh constable valente Beasley Hind

    Grundy Goldstein. Fort

    Dangerfield D Smith Heeney Corbett
    Rankine. Setterfield McAdam. Cavarra


    1. Not saying by any means a bad choice, but fyfe does get injured alot. With all the mids around him price wise, maby someone more durable. I know how good he is, and if your gambling on him playing a full season and have a back up plan fair enough. But he probably will miss games.


      1. Saving trades is the name of the game…..proven 20+gamers is the way to go… no fyfe for me..plenty of other options. No Greene either for the same reason.


  27. Version 2 Team


    Jake Lloyd $608,200

    Connor Blakely $461,800

    Zac Williams $407,800

    Brodie Smith $332,500

    Griffin Logue $164,300

    Jack Scrimshaw $149,800

    Christopher Burgess $123,900

    Harrison Wigg $102,400


    Tom Mitchell $700,800

    Jack Macrae $689,700

    Patrick Cripps $648,200

    Lachie Neale $607,300

    Zach Merrett $544,800

    Sam Walsh $207,300

    Bailey Smith $180,300

    Will Setterfield $144,900

    Charlie Constable $123,900

    Brett Bewley $117,300

    Nick Hind $117,300


    Todd Goldstein $548,000

    Matthew Kreuzer $432,900

    Darcy Fort $117,300


    Patrick Dangerfield $660,500

    Isaac Heeney $529,200

    Robbie Gray $525,500

    Izak Rankine $198,300

    Connor Rozee $189,300

    Ben Cavarra $117,300

    Shane McAdam $123,900

    Joshua Corbett $123,900


    1. Nice draft, but three high priced rookies….Walsh, Rozee, Rakine ? So hard to make cash from them as they need to average 75-80pts. I’m going to stick to cheap rookies and what looks like a great year for mature aged rookies.


      1. Whitey.

        I agree the low priced rookies are the way to go. But…
        Father Dougal made a great point though about the fact there’s two types of cows. Playing cows (on field) and cash cows ( Bench).
        I’m willing to spend more money if needed on playing cows, as they are likely to score more points even if they don’t make cash as quickly.
        JS and scoring potential are the most important factors in playing Cows. If I have to spend extra $ to get a reliable M6/7 or a better F4/5 then I will do it.

        Of course if we somehow end up with a wealth of basement priced mature aged rookies with decent JS, I will save my cash and choose them. Somehow I can’t see that happening though.

        We all want to make as much cash off our rookies as possible. But at the end of the day you want to maximise points from round one. Falling behind early due to low scoring on field rookies makes if very hard to catch up later in the year.

        I’m interested to hear other peoples thoughts ?


  28. First of many iterations.

    Def: L Whitfield, H Andrews, C Blakely, Z Williams, S Collins, J Scrimshaw(C Burgess, H Wigg)

    Mid: N Fyfe, J Kelly, L Neale, Z Merrett, R Sloane, D Hannebery, H Bennell, C Constable, (B Bewley, R West, N Hind)

    Ruck: T Goldstein, M Kreuzer, (J Sweet)

    Fwd: P Dangerfield, I Heeney, R Gray, T Greene, W Setterfield, J Corbett, (B Cavarra, M Parker)


    1. I like your structure Adam.

      Defence and Forwards look solid.

      I would like to point out though that half your midfield missed alot of footy last year. I feel its a very risky move starting the year with so many injury prone players.
      Fyfe hasn’t played 22 games for years.
      Kelly is coming off preseason surgery and won’t train till mid Jan.
      Hannebery is a disaster waiting to happen.
      I prefer Miles if you want a mid priced option.
      Sloane is an interesting choice. Prone to a tag, I prefer M crouch at only $25k more.

      If you want to gamble on Kruzer in the ruck. I would consider getting in some durable 22 game players ( Cripps, Oliver even Yeo?)to offset the risk.

      Long way to go anyway.
      Hope you had a great Xmas.


      1. Thanks and hope you had a good Xmas as well.

        Not too bothered about the injury risk of J Kelly and N Fyfe as their consistency and ceiling should alleviate most of the concerns.

        Don’t know if I’m game enough to start Kreuzer due to his injury history and I selected him around the byes last season but I really like the structure with him in. To reduce the injury risk I would likely take out Kreuzer for Grundy which would also involve trading Gray for a rookie like Rozee/etc which could allow Hannebery to Miles. Thanks for the Miles option, I will have to do some research at some stage as I haven’t considered any other midfield midpricers apart from Hanners.


  29. I agree Fyfe and Kelly maybe worth the risk. Both absolute champions and underpriced in my book.
    Miles from memory has always been consistent and durable. I expect a 90/95 ave ( playing midfield). This should get him to $500+k before he is upgraded. I will be getting him as my only midpricer if funds allow.
    Hannebery’s body is battered. He just always finds a way to get injured. I don’t think he has played a game fully fit in years. When not “if” he goes down. He is a very ugly prospect to deal with at that price. I’m not going near him.

    Saying all that, if he looks fit and pumps out a couple of tons in the JLT series it will be a very hard call. 🙂


  30. Ok….I’ve had my say on a few teams…now time to cop a bit back with my third draft.

    Hurn Williams Whitfield Wigg Wilkie Roberton (Tohill d/f Frederick d/m)

    Titch Oliver Cripps Martin Merrett Viney Setterfield Stocker ( Bewley Watson (m/d) Cox (m/f)

    Vardy (r/f) Goldy (Sweet)

    Heeney (mf) Mundy (mf) Smith (mf) Danger (mf) Cavarra McAdam (Parker Bines r/f)

    Possibly 15 keepers if Roberton included
    Heavy on mids and dpp forwards….view to bye rounds via Setterfield and Cox.
    Freo/Wce c loops covers majority of rounds
    Bench rookies all open for change.
    Rucks the problem…plan is for Vardy to go for grundy or Gawn, but all three have r13 bye


    1. Not convinced mate. Just think Hurn and Mundy are too old and particularly Hurn’s Ling-term trend is a downward one. I have no doubt he’s a gun, but not an SC gun for mine.
      Will Vardy get the nod over Hickey? He may well be given the chance given his finals showing, but he worries me. Given his comparative strengths forward compared to Hickey, it’s a risk I wouldn’t take. Martin is a great call IF he’s back in the guts to a greater degree than last year. Could be a great move. As FT says below, I’d also go Miles over Viney 9 times out of 10. Again, could be wrong. Will post mine later for you to decimate 🙂
      Still a long way to go, but am please to hear it looks like Gibbons may get a run at the Blues.


  31. I like it Wighty.

    My main concern is the JS and scoring potential of your onfield rookies.
    Who knows maybe these guys will kill it? . I would still look at a back up plan to allow a few more $ for playing rookies with better scoring potential / JS.
    Maybe downgrading one of your forwards as you’re quite strong there.
    Vardy is a big risk but it does allow alot of strength on other lines.

    Oh and counting Viney as a keeper is drawing a pretty long bow. I’m not sure he can even make top 20 mid for the year. I feel A.Miles (GCS) is a safer more durable mid priced stepping stone.

    Overall still a pretty strong team .

    Hope you had a great Xmas. 🙂


    1. All makes good sense..every side will have weaknesses at this time of year…we just gotta chose the one/s that will be easiest to correct during the season.


  32. Completed one of my many team versions so far. Really like this one.

    Def: Whitfield, Blakely, Williams, Roberton, Collins, Hore (Wilkie, Wigg)

    Mids: Cripps, Oliver, Dusty, Zerrett, Sloane, B Smith, Constable, E Smith (Valente, Hind, Bewley)

    Ruck: Grundy, Goldy (Bines)

    Fwds: Danger, Menegola, Heeney, Wingard, Setterfield, McAdam (Cavarra, Parker)

    What do you guys think?


    1. Looks good I reckon, tho’ BSmith is only listed as a DEF. Personally I would strengthen either your DEF or MID lines at the cost of a FWD. simply because FWD tends to be the hardest line to pick/predict and they tend to provide less pts (per player) than the other two lines. RUC looks v solid.


  33. Vol I, Issue 72

    DEF: Sicily, Whitfield, Short, Williams.Z, Collins, Wigg (Wilkie, Clavarino)
    MID: Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Martin/Crouch.M, Steele, Miles, Gibbons??, Bewley (Hind, playing Rookie, Carter-l/h)
    RUC: Grundy, Longer (Fort/Sweet)
    FWD: Dangerfield, Dunkley, Kelly.T, Setterfield, McAdam, Corbett (Cavarra, Parker/Langlands)
    $120k ITB

    Thinking (or should I say over-thinking):
    DEFs: Whitfield would have been a top4 def last year, had he had that position, Sicily is a gun and on the up (unfortunate injury), Short finished 7th in total pts for defs last year, is young and on the up and is capable of biggish 100s (reminds me a lot of Sicily but with a decent head, great kick).
    MIDs: could only pick one of Titch and Macrae, due to R12 bye. It’s their first five fixtures that made me pick Jack. That and Brownlow winners poor follow-up historically.
    I’ve already said enough about RUCs.
    FWDs: Dunkley is the big if and could easily be DSmith or Heeney, before seasons start. TK is a big call, but Barlow and Zorks have shown that mature agents who have a good first year can go meteoric in their second. Big call, but is made for SC.
    Jack Steele is the only one I’ve said nothing about. Just don’t want to curse him that’s all. Same role which looks likely and he’ll be top 8 🙂


    1. He he.
      Jack Steele top 8 mid for the year.
      You crack me up allsaints.

      Apart from that I like most of your team.
      I’m not certain but I feel Short put up his best numbers when Houli missed a big chunk of footy. Adam may know more?
      Personally I would go Neale over Oliver every day of the week.
      I have a sneaky feeling with Viney back and Brayshaw’s continued development. Clarrey may be spending more time honing his forward craft. 🙁
      I’ve gone M Crouch over Dusty for similar reasons.

      I too am considering the longer/ Naismith R2 option.
      Hopefully trading up to Mummy at his first price change R5/6.
      I’m a bit worried Mummy might get rested later in the year though.
      He has missed alot of footy and he is getting on a bit now.
      Playing a cheap R2 just frees up so much cash, its hard to go back.

      Happy Holidays.


      1. Thanks FT and of course Steele may not be top8, but he’s matured so much in the last 12mths, never in the media, just gets on with it. The ultimate professional who has impressed coaches and Hanners alike. Probably not that hard 😉
        If Neale was still at Freo I’d start him. He’s not, so I will wait and hope to snaffle him at a decent price should that eventuate. I noticed that most of the top 10 teams last year had him. Says it all but a new club just represents too big a risk for me.
        R2 no brainer. Especially since we can’t be sure how the new rules will affect output. Reg is a big call but I can only see upside, scary as that is to contemplate.
        Enjoy the holidays too mate


      2. Sorry I missed the Oliver comment.

        No FT. No comment!
        That is an 80s advertising slogan from the Financial Times in the UK.
        His presence in the guts is essential to Melbourne winning a flag, and Melbourne know it. Could be a huge year for Petracca in that sense, but may not translate to SC.


        1. allsaints.

          Lachie Neale has steadily improved for the last 3 years ( barely missing a game) to be one of the most reliable mids in the comp. With or without Fyfe, home or away he just gets the job done. All this whilst playing for a team he doesn’t really want to be at. With Beams gone and Brisbane on the up, “Little lachie” will slip straight into the No 1 midfield spot at the Lions and go on his merry way.
          Lock lock Lock.

          I would love to go Clarrey
          But I tell you, there are a lot of guys like Petracca pushing for midfield time at the Dees.

          Early in the game ,and when its close Oliver will be first in at centre bounces. No worries about that. But when Melbourne are a few goals up and cruising ( Maybe quite a bit next year) Due to his height I can see Clarrey resting forward and Goody giving a few of the other boys a run in the guts. He did it late last year ,and it affected a few of Olivers scores.

          I maybe wrong ,but I can smell it I tell you!


      1. 12.
        Might even be Brayshaw ahead of BOTH Crouch (injuries) and Dusty (forward too much).
        Clayton Oliver will average 125 this year and be top 3 overall MIDs. Another crass prediction maybe, but I said Angus Brayshaw would break out pre-season last year and everyone bagged me. Oliver and Steele for me. Ahead of MOST if not all other MIDs as starters, because I think both will improve. We’re talking SC not footy here. Brayshaw is a better footy player than all of them (incl. Macrae and Mitchell).
        Now you can bag me 🙂


        1. Very good point about sc scoring as opposed to pure football ability, took me a while to work out that you need to pick the best scorers whether you like their style or not!


          1. Good point Bruce. It’s why a lot of footy-mad mates don’t play SC anymore. Sadly. The CD data/pt scoring system is fundamentally flawed to the purist, but these are the rules by which we must abide.
            Pick your ultimate All-Australian side on SC and you could almost field an entire 22! Don’t get me started 😉


        2. Sainter, I could never bag you…love your input. I’ll give some “constructive comment” instead.
          I counted 12 keepers too. That means ten trades to get to full prems, not counting injuries, or upgrades needed to get there. I reckon I have 14 and maybe 15 if Roberton works. Reckon Steele is a trap. When Sicily ever plays 20 games I might consider him. If you have $120k in the bank…surely Merrett over Miles. I’ll bet you a Melbourne Cup boxed 6 trifecta that macrae and titch both outscore brayshaw.

          God I love this site…three months out !!


          1. I got the boxed tri this year, that made it three in a row. I reckon if The Cliffs of Moher hadn’t gone down I’d have made the first four too! 😉
            Anyway, I was trying to make a point re: Steele and Brayshaw and that is, that they will be worth more at the end of the season than they are priced right now. That is not insignificant. Sometimes a double negative is relevant …
            There is a paradox in SuperCoach related to the blessed/magic number, call it what you will. Cash in the bank is good at season’s start, as it will always be worth more than it was the previous week, a bit like bonds. How much I’m not sure yet as my modelling isn’t yet up to scratch.
            It also relates to the premiums you pick. Yes it’s all about points, and you simply MUST start with who you consider will be the best (improver?) on each line.
            The likely best on each line for me are:

            I’m not starting Lloyd because he will have to be hitting 120 consistently for his price not to drop. It will.
            Mitchell has some taggers he scored in the 70s against last year, and three in the first five rounds of memory serves me. I’m not starting him either. The other premo MIDs SHOULD play 22 games. Namely, Cripps, Clarrey and Brayshaw, but I also reckon they will improve on last year. Steele is there simply because he will improve on last year and if he averages 105+ I’ll be happy with him at M8 until v late in the season.
            Neale yes, JKelly yes, Titchell yes, but I reckon they will ALL be significantly cheaper at some point, whereas the ones I am starting with may not be.
            Back to the point about the magic number.
            The twelve I have picked are not who I see as the top 2-3 in their positions, but rather, the best one + the best VALUE picks who I think will be top 10 minimum in their respective lines. Unless they are injured, they will not be traded, even if they do start badly. The other key is to ensure you have at least three players who are going to be giant BC/C options from season’s start.
            For me that is Damger, Grundy, Macrae, Cripps and Oliver. Would you ever put the V or C on Lloyd? Well don’t pick him at the start then!
            This affords me a slush fund and potentially a straight 2:1 trading scenario for my first six upgrades. I reckon that will put me in a very strong position with 18 trades left (minus obvious injury trades) running through the byes.
            Much more to follow on modelling if I can add these last two variables. Doing my head in but getting close.
            Essentially, i. absolute nuts, ii. guns who are on the up, iii. ALL the best rookies and a loophole and finally, iv. fill the gaps with definite improvers.
            Writing that on a phone after a few wasn’t easy.


          2. PS Merrett may well still start. I did originally have him in that Crouch/Martin spot, but it’s the R12 problem again. Maybe i need to rethink Steele, but I’m loathed to, to be honest. Serious.

            I’m either a genius or a flog. Either way, mad 🙂


            1. Ok allsaints.

              I just have to point a few things out.

              This is my biggest conundrum in SC.

              If you go absolute G&R and start only 12 keepers.

              1: you need to make 10 upgrades to get to full premo.
              this means you need 20 trades. 1 up 1 down. Thats 20 rookies making $150k on average!
              You also need to find 10 playing downgrades,not always easy.
              2: this also leaves you with only 10 trades for the whole year for early rookie corrections and Injuries.

              So every midpriced selection you can find ,that plays well enough to be a keeper. Actually saves you 2 trades. No up or down.

              This is why its so tempting to go “Midpriced Madness”

              Just to make things more challenging.

              Say you try to get 15 or so keepers from the start.You only go a few 2/3 Uber premos and filling the rest out with potential break outs and cheaper players that had Injury affected seasons last year. you are asking for trouble.

              It can all easily go pair shaped, as you lack most of the top scores, and if your potentials don’t breakout. Or Injuries strike again. you won’t have the cash to turn these guys into anyone decent. ( top few in their position)

              This is why every year I start with 2/3 Midpricers.

              If they work out great. (It hasn’t happened to me yet!)
              If it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to bite the bullet and downgrade to a tasty rookie that you somehow by-past. Then use the cash to upgrade the other spud to
              a gun.

              One year I will nail my Midpricers and give it a real shake.
              Bring on 2019 🙂


              1. If, and thats a big” IF”,these three are fit and firing round 1…
                My three best midprices for 2019 are.

                Defence: Dylan Roberton. $297.500.
                His heart. I know. They all come with risk they’re Midpricers. But this guy was all the rage at the end of 2017 and I almost selected him in 2018. Luckily I went Hibberd instead. 🙁

                Mid: A. Miles. $342.000

                A Journey Man named Miles. “Cue crickets.”
                A spot In the suns midfield awaits. Averaged 90+ in seasons past.can do it again? Can he make $150k and be an easy late upgrade?
                Can he?

                Forward:Toby Greene. $354.600

                “The FlogGun”. Half Flog Full Gun.
                We all know what he is capable of. He may even get a run in the midfield with Shiel gone.
                At that price its risk v’s reward.
                I think I’ll risk it.


  34. First team here guys.

    Def: Whitfield, Blakely, Williams, Williamson, Collins, Hore (Wilkie, Wigg)

    Mid: Fyfe, Neale, Martin, Merrett, M. Crouch, McCluggage, Miles, Bennell, Riach – loophole (Stocker, Hind, Bewley)

    Ruc: Grundy, Goldstein (Clarke)

    Fwd: Danger, Heeney, Dunkley, Wingard, Setterfield, Cavarra (McAdam, Parker)

    Big omission from the team is one of Titch, Macrae or Cripps but historically players have dropped off the season after their first uber-uber premium year (115+) unless your name is GAJ. Happened to Beams, Josh P. Kennedy, hell even Dangerfield dropped off the next two seasons after his first 115+ average. Not saying it’s going to happen to all 3 but chances are at least 2/3 will drop off and you don’t want to be on the wrong one. Plus at that price only 1 bad score can bring their value down by about 100k-150k and provided your cows have made enough (even though still expensive) you should be able to jump on (Miles & McCluggage should help with this). Grundy, Fyfe and Martin are still be viable captain options especially with a loophole.

    Wanting for someone to change my mind! Tear it to shreds… go


    1. V strong Def and RUC lines. I would add an Uber premo to your Mids and weaken your Fwds. Of course if rookies don’t allow it, that comment is obsolete, but I reckon your Mids should be stronger and your Fwds can be weaker as they offer the least points. And points win prizes!


  35. ‘Evenin’ all.
    Ash, McCluggage? You must be my love grandchild, ….the new Oliver I reckon too.
    AllSaints, I nearly choked on me scones……Steele and not Parker of the Swans……oh….I get it, ok I won’t tell.
    Adam, your mathematical logarithms would do nicely to compare.
    Hopefully I can miss bingo and finalise my first assessment before I toss it over to you guys for your encouragement and blessings. (???) Last year, after Rd1 80th, finished just over 2500 (#%*!)


      1. Ok sorry, I do waffle on a bit.
        Before I read your explanations, I was thinking’ you and Wlghty were testing the waters for PODs, yours being Steele.(the wink symbol)
        Parker I’m expecting to step up with consistency thus a permanent.
        McCluggage after last seasons’ highlights, to possibly step up like Oliver did in his new role, hence the request for stats.
        But I guess none of all this really matters until after the pre-seasons are viewed and reassessed and we give our personal analysis.
        Hope this covers my jibberish and I’ll try and remember to take my meds next time.


        1. Parker’s a great call, but I see Sydney on the slide. If he were to revert to that ‘run with’ def MID role that all future kings play, he’d be a 120+ player. And maybe SYD will. Again it’s about SC and not the player.

          My point about Steele is that he’s as good if not better in the role than Dunkley or anyone else, is a lock to play the same role in 2019, and most importantly SC scoring (CD data) loves it.


          1. PS James Harmes at Melbourne is another similar-type player (tho he loves the media spotlight/ attention).
            Can I also put in a caveat … that the new rules may render such ‘run with’ roles less SC-relevant, with the footy expected to be ‘cleaner’, ie quicker. They should at least have the tank to be at most stoppages and if they’re decent, improve.

            I’m just thinking out loud. It helps me.


  36. Nine of the last 10 comments. Thank god I’m back working tomorrow.

    For SCTers I mean 😉

    Happy holidays all. That was way too quick.


    1. I’m on holidays…cricket is boring…only thing keeping me sane is tweaking my SC team.
      Whats that you say…addicted…nah !!!


  37. I’m on holidays…cricket is boring…only thing keeping me sane is tweaking my SC team.
    Whats that you say…addicted…nah !!!


  38. And now for a different slant. Most of us are using the guns n rookies approach which means we will have many onfield starters that are rookies of some sort.
    So, I got thinking…..what if one started with a team of seasoned players…few if any ubers, but everyone capable of possibly being a d6/m8/r2/f6 at a pinch.
    The plan would be to start trading some of these players after r2 as rookies with known form over two rounds, and known price rises. The team is multi dpp, and covers c loopholes. Light on for r14 bye, but plenty of time to address that.

    Williams Houli Smith McGrath Roberton Hibberd (Wigg/Wilkie)

    McLean Sloane Merrett Martin Gray Miles Crouch B Libba (Hind/Setterfield/Bewley)

    Lobb Naismith (Sweet)

    Edwards Greene Billings Petracca Holman Dow (Cavarra/McAdam)

    CIB $40k
    Am I crazy or just bored ?


      1. Tof…this was just a light hearted way of looking at SC from outside the square. If either of Billings or Hibberd return to earlier glories, they would be great pods at least. I’m curious to see how a team of mid pricers go, especially at the start of the year when we all will probably have at least a few unproven rookies onfield racking up 40-50 pts if lucky.
        My 2yo grandson just might enter this team !!!


        1. I fully realized that, my response was light hearted as well given what happened with those two players last season. I would never criticize someone for their team unless in jest. I’m sorry if it came across as arrogance, I’m not good enough to be arrogant.


          1. Tof…..I took it as light hearted jest…no prob. The internet doesn’t always allow context to be clear like a twinkle in the eye does making the same comment.


    1. Midfield looks OK, with 4-5 keepers and 3 mid pricers who will make cash.
      But the other 3 lines have 2-3 keepers between them. Too many trades required and not enough rookies for cash generation.


  39. Another day, another team version…

    Whitfield, Blakely, Williams, Collins, Scrimshaw, Wilkie (Hore, Wigg)

    Titch, Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Dusty, Zerrett, Miles, Stocker (Mosquito, Bewley, Hind)

    Grundy, Longer (Fort)

    Danger, Heeney, Wingard, Setterfield, McAdam, Burgess (Corbett, Cavarra)

    $6.2k in the bank. With this team, I’ve essentially dropped Goldstein down to Longer (could also become Naismith/Preuss/Brooksby etc), which allowed me to add Dusty to the midfield. Depending on where the rookies lie, Dusty could become Menegola/Dunkley in the forward line. My reasoning here is that starting Goldy is more of a risk than not starting him. There’s a good chance he might not be a top 3 ruckman (in 2018 he was only the 6th best ruckman), and if Longer is getting consistent games, I’d rather sit on his 80ish average and wait for the number 2 ruckman to emerge, be it Gawn/Goldy/whoever. My plan this season is to actually use a playing R3 instead of a perma-donut in that position, so that will help if I end up with a cheap R2.


    1. Nice work . I’m a bit bemused by all the the love for Scrimshaw though……whose spot will he take at hawks ? Mosquito will not get a game at Bombers but plenty have him on the bench…..does he take Tippa or Orazio’ spot ?


      1. Whitey.

        With Burton going to Port , There is a spot in defence at the Hawks.
        Scrimshaw was a very early draft pick and Clarko wouldn’t have got him in to play VFL.
        He will be given a chance to prove himself during the JLT.
        For me he is a “Watch this Space”

        As for Mozzie at the Bombers. I just think a lot of people don’t know who will play. So they just chuck him in to make up the numbers.


        1. Good point on Burton FT…and with Birchall going down again…who knows. As you say…watch this space. I wont start him, but there are always a correctional early trade or two if needed.


    2. bAps.

      Just a quick comment on Goldie.

      In the 2016 / 2017 Goldie was the must have ruck in SC. He was incredible, almost outscoring Danger one year.I think he averaged close to 120 that year.
      During the beginning of last year Goldie had a bad break up with his partner. This really affected his football and he put up some shockers early in the year.
      Post buys his scores improved and he finished the year on fire.

      I actually think Goldie is the safest Ruck choice for this year. North haver a pretty favourable draw and have recruited a few more Mids to help him out. No Preuss is also a bonus.

      Grundy and Max may still out score him this year, but Goldie wont be far behind.


        1. He he.

          I’m currently playing around with 2 types of structures.

          One has Grundy R1 and Goldie R2.
          This team has more playing rookies and 13 keepers.

          The other has Goldie R1 and Longer R2
          This leaves way more options and could possibly allow 15 keepers.

          My main concern is not starting Grundy could come back to bite me in the ass. Although I think he may drop in a value a bit , He will still be a very expensive upgrade and the difference in points from him to Longer may be as much as 50 points a week. 🙁

          How the rookies pan out will hopefully make the decision clearer.


  40. Defenders

    Rory Laird $587,600
    Lachie Whitfield $542,100
    Zac Williams $407,800
    Griffin Logue $164,300
    Jack Scrimshaw $149,800
    Callum Wilkie $124,900

    Christopher Burgess $123,900
    Harrison Wigg $102,400


    Tom Mitchell $700,800
    Patrick Cripps $648,200
    Nat Fyfe $618,100
    Josh Kelly $617,800
    Lachie Neale $607,300
    Harley Bennell $167,700
    Liam Stocker $126,300
    Charlie Constable $123,900

    Brett Bewley $117,300
    Luke Valente $117,300
    Nick Hind $117,300


    Brodie Grundy $708,200
    Toby Nankervis $533,000

    Patrick Bines $102,400


    Patrick Dangerfield $660,500
    Isaac Heeney $529,200
    Josh Dunkley $516,300
    Will Setterfield $144,900
    Shane McAdam $123,900
    Joshua Corbett $123,900

    Matthew Parker $117,300
    Ben Cavarra $117,300

    Cash $158k

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


    1. $158k is way too much to have spare. But looking at your team, given you’ve gone pure guns n rookies, you’ve got no mid-pricers you could upgrade to a premium, so I’m not sure where that money could be spent.


    2. 158k is for rookie corrections or if no cheaper rookies actually get selected. If I need to go a mid 117k to Walsh and a def 117k to Collins that will take up all of it….


  41. First version of many. Feedback would be nice. Don’t hold back!

    Def: laird, Blakely, Williams, Roberton, rozee, clark. (Hore, wigg)

    Mid: cripps, Oliver, Neal, yeo, merret, miles, setterfield, bewely. (Constable, e.smith, hind)

    Rucks: Grundy, Goldstein. (sweet)

    Forwards: Dangerfield, heeney, wingaurd, rankine, Burgess, m.parker. (mcadam, cavarra)


  42. Why I’m going Lloyd at D1.

    He is only 50k more than Laird / Sicily and Simo. (All exclusively half backs).The next best is Whitfield my D2.

    With Hanners gone at Sydney. Mills return from injury should free him from the backline and push him up the ground. . Both JPK and Parker are bigger bodies but lack the pace and decision making of Lloyd. He is the best kick in the team, Buddy excluded. With Blakey in his first year Heeney’s marking will still be needed forward. . So I think Horse has his sights on Lloyd in the guts.

    Why can’t he continue to average 110+ ?

    Why can’t he be No 1 again.

    Honestly ?
    When are you going to make you first defensive upgrade?
    R 7 or 8 and then. Are you going to be able to afford the best?
    You will also miss out on all those juicy points.

    Find $50K and get him in now .

    The guys a gun!


  43. I kinda have 2 ideas at the moment.

    This is the Set and Forget Rucks.

    Lloyd / Whitfield / Williams / Williamson / Collins / Wilkie.
    (Hore, Wigg.)

    Mitchell / Kelly / Neale / M .Crouch / Zerrett / Miles / Walsh / Bewley. (Stocker, Hind ,Riach (loop). )

    Grundy / Goldie ( Sweet )

    Danger / Gray / Greene / Cockatoo / Blakey / Setterfeild.
    ( M.Parker , Cavarra)

    $48k left.

    The other version has longer or Naismith at R2 .
    This frees up cash to upgrade D4 Williamson to Roberton and F4 Cockatoo to Heeney. Potentially getting me an extra keeper.


    1. I’ve tried to go experienced rookies over new draft picks.
      Walsh and Blakey being the exceptions.

      I will be looking very closely at JLT form this year to see if any Lukosius Talent deserves a chance.

      Can we just call him “Talent” or L Talent?

      He is a no 1 draft pick, and its way easier to type.


        1. Why I am currently going T Mitch over Macrea.

          I really want to go Macrea . He really is more sexy than Tom.

          But numbers don’t lie.

          Macrea 19 games 2414 points

          TMitch 22 games 2840 points.

          Is it really worth saving $11k ?


          1. The difference is if you take out Macraes injury, he averaged more
            And Titch won’t return to the track for a while due to his AC Joint reconstruction


            1. Ty

              re Macrea.

              I was trying to make a point about games played.
              Macrea is the more talented footballer. But TMitch played every game.

              If I’m going to pay $700k for a player, I need them playing.

              I also think you need to balance your team for risk and reward.
              I’m going J Kelly at $617k. He has missed games but I feel he is priced under his potential. I feel its worth the risk.

              Finding the balance between durable guns like Tmitch and Cripps and, underpriced guys that might miss games but are value like, Zerrett and M crouch is the key to building a solid side.


          2. I find it’s easier to trade down then up if you have too(injury, really poor form i.e. hibberd etc). Plus if anyone of titch, macrae, gawn, grundy, cripps or lloyd go back to back big scores early on, there out of your reach for a fair while. And when they do come down your dealing with other problems or burning 3 rookies to get them. I’m locking them all in and using my rookies to chase break outs and cheaper fallen premiums.
            But there all going to go nuts so i’m not risking missing any of them.


            1. That makes sense. The way I look at it, I’m going to decide who I think I must have come finals time and lock them all…bar anyone that has the r12 bye who I hope to get after that…e.g Merrett Titch etc…. Then it becomes a matter of getting the rookies right and being forced to have lots of them gives better chances. So, two Cavarra types are much better than one Walsh.
              I did this last year..only got Grundy after his bye for example. Was only ranked 10000 odd at byes but finished 1k and 2705 in Granny.


              1. I should add that I am only going to start with one prem ruck which seems to be a common plan, and bring in one of Grundy/Gawn/Goldie after their bye….Grundy and Gawn both have R13 bye…thanks SC !!


  44. The way I see it it’s the pre preseason, time for people to get excited and get there crazy ideas out of there system. And post some good teams too before getting into serious discussions.


  45. FT, I gotta disagree with your thoughts about Lloydie’s disposal. Still way too many OTF and intercepts when under pressure. Too risky for consistency.
    PS. I’m a Swanneez man……might be why I was thinkin’ (hopin’ an’ prayin’) Parker as POD.


    1. Alf art.

      The point I was trying to make with Lloyd is. If you look at his competition for D1 I think he stands out as the best. He is also not that much more expensive. Only $20k more than Laird.

      Not only did he play every game last year he scored 300 more points than his nearest rival. Lloyd is also about to hit his peak as a footballer. Why can’t he Improve this year?

      Laird may have to share points with B Smith this year.
      Simo is getting on a bit. Can he keep on keeping on?
      Sicily is not always a high stats player, So needs Intercept marks and to sneak forward for a few goals to maintain his average.

      I believe with Yeo now mid only, that Whitfield D2 is the only Defender capable of outscoring Lloyd this year.

      For the same reasons everyone is spending $660k on Danger up forward. (He’s the best in that position)
      I’m locking in Lloyd.


  46. Thoughts…
    lloyd, laird, whitfield, hurn, blakey williams. 2x rookies.
    rockliff, Hannebery, libba, bennell, rookie, rookie, rookie, rookie. 3x rookie.
    grundy, goldy, 1x rookie.
    Danger, smith dunkly, wingard, billings greene . 2x rookie.

    So focus on upgrading mid rooks to fallen premiums first, i.e If zerrett, dusty, crouch etc(anyone in that price bracket) have a low scoring game grab them asap, and race to full premium(including rocky, libba and hanners), which is only 5 midfielders. Once that is done then upgrade premiums to uber premiums. Because your only INITIALLY upgrading to fallen premiums at around 400,000-500,000 range, It’s only 10 up/down trades used. 20 trades now left to upgrade the mid pricers or other premiums to uber premiums. Missing all the big guns in the middle but all the other lines are chockers to compensate.
    This is just a possible template, for a game coach who wants to try something different. Or a steaming pile of crap.


      1. Lol, Nowhere near brave enough. I hate all those guys in the middle(supercoach wise) , talk about burn men it’s a raging inferno in there.


        1. Tof

          In the spirit of trying something different.

          Heres a playful side that could with a whole lot of luck, go alright. Although I wouldn’t have the balls to try it myself.

          Welcome to Midpriced Madness

          I’ve left out all the most expensive guys ( rookies included) to try to get my dollar to go as far as possible. Bench rookies are the same as my team above.

          Hurley / Andrews / Blakey / Williams / Roberton / Wilkie.

          Martin / Parker / Beams / M Crouch / Zerrett / Miles / Scully / Hanners.

          Longer / Naismith.

          Heeney / Gray / Wingard / J martin / Greene / Setterfeild.


  47. VERSION 1:

    DEF: Sicily, Williams, Blakely, Williamson, Collins, Logue, Wigg, Burgess
    MID: Cripps, Oliver, Martin, Merrett, Crouch, Miles, Bennell, Walsh, Constable, Hind, Bewely
    RUCK: Grundy, Goldstein, Sweet
    FOR: Dangerfield, Heeney, Wingard, Setterfield, Blakey, McAdams, Stoddart, Carvarra

    Would love any feedback


    1. It’s worth mentioning that Oliver and Blakely have had interrupted preseasons and while Blakely will start soon, Oliver will have another month off, at minimum


      1. Thanks for the heads up! Not too concerned about Oliver as I recall him having an interrupted last preseason, I may be wrong though.


        1. Not worried about Oliver either. He’s out more km’s in than anyone else, just no contact work yet, due to shoulder surgery (both) at the end of September. Will be fitter than anyone!


  48. FT,
    Thanks for the vote of confidence in Lloydie.
    However, AS also made a valid comment when discussing Parker.
    We need not to be overwhelmed by stats.
    Eg. What if situations (game time) were reversed (switched around) with Lloyd, Laird and Sicily…..would you still feel the need to “lock-in” a D1?
    Dangerfield has flexibility, that is different.
    If any of those defenders were DPP I would consider them with higher regards, but at the moment a M4 and M5 is more important than a D1 and D2.
    No doubt I’ll get comments, ….wouldn’t it be great if a crystal ball was a standard stationery item……nah, it’d spoil the fun.


  49. Alf Art

    I’m a little confused by your comment.

    If not Stats, what should we be worried about?
    Stats translate directly into SC points.

    As far as I can tell ,you want one of the best 3 defenders at D1 to start the year. Unless Sicily, Simo or Laird suddenly turn into full time Midfielders. I will be Locking in Lloyd .


    1. FT,
      That’s my point.
      Don’t depend on or expect the same thing to happen again this year.
      “Lock-ins” are often tarnished by Murphys law and role/play changes.
      I try not to form a team based around last years statistis instead work around pre-season games and who’s missing then be confident with my premium selections.


      1. Yes, but the top bracket are up there for a reason. Locked in roles proven multiple times. I’m not saying all premiums but the uber ones generally back it up at leased still perform better than the next tier. All barring injury of course.


        1. Alf Art.

          I understand what you saying now.
          I think Its great that we can have differences of opinion.
          It really is what makes this site so great.
          I have many times had faith in 3rd or 4th year players Breaking out and improving by 20 ppg.
          Last year McGrath played mainly Midfield In JLT scoring a hundred, I thought his time had come. Come the regular season he went back to back pocket role and scoring 70’s.
          The reality is Its actually very rare to breakout., it usually only happens with a change of role. Like a forward moving to the midfield . Angus Brayshaw did it in 2018. Also Its worth taking into account most breakouts are high draft picks. not always but generally.

          There is the odd rare gem out there that ,maybe gets freed up across half back and Improves significantly.
          Watching alot of footy and trying to work out weather a retirement or Injury changes someones roll, that can give them a boost.
          The problem here is that can easily revert back to there old position and go down hill. Think T Mclean at the end of 2018.

          I find the safest bet is look back at the last few years stats and see if theres an upward trend, if they are aged in the right bracket and so on. I feel this gives me a much safer view on what they are likely to produce this year.

          Really there is no right or wrong answer. Just different strokes for different folks.


  50. Happy new year to all, luv this site

    DEF: Laird- Blakely- Mills- Williams -Markov- Watson- Wigg -Walker

    MIDS: Yeo- Martin -Sloane -Merrett – M.Crouch- Miles – Setterfield – Bewely –
    Constable – Mosqutio-Wicks

    Rucks: Grundy Goldy – Sweet

    FWD: Danger – Heenney – Dunkley – McAdam – Corbett – Schultz – Parker – Cavarra

    My thoughts.
    DEF: Mills & Blakely depend on fItness & MID JLT Roles
    MID: M1-M5 Keepers because the scope to improve 2018 ave by 10 & finish top 10
    Ruck: Set & forget Grundy , no change to his role, Goldy no Preuss or Daw
    FWD: Danger = Lock Heeney & Dunkley depends on JLT. [MID time]
    Rookies: INGORE, mainly mature selected from previous articles

    Cash = $266900
    Have not accounted for BYES
    Playing in 2 cash leagues so ranking is not a worry.
    Please be gentle.


  51. I cant decide on my def combo, please help.

    Option 1 – J.Lloyd, R.Laird, Z.Williams
    Option 2 – J.Lloyd, L.Whitfield, C.Blakely

    Other defenders are:
    T.Williamson, J.Scrimshaw, C.Wilkie


  52. Happy new year all. What better thing to do than after having absorbed all the wonderful suggestions so far on here, than come up with a new team !! Key Points..

    Consensus seems that defs are the trickiest…that means they also provide great opportunity if you nail them. So, this team only starts with two keepers which means rookie selections are critical. Will keep an eye on Z Williams…he may yet start in place of Hurn depending on rookies…..looking at you Collins !!

    Light on defs means heavy on fwds. The five keepers all have dpp, and collectively averaged over 100 pts for each of the 22 rounds in 2018 (i.e. total pts/22rds/5).

    Mids have six keepers and I will look to get in Macrae and Titch or maybe someone else at sometime..know its a risk not starting at least one, but we all have to take a measured risk or two at this time of the year.

    In rucks, Goldy looked like back to his prime at the end of 2018, and is beautifully priced cf Gawn and Grundy…I’ll get one of those during the year and hope that Longley does the job in the meantime.

    Have $120k itb in case a Walsh or other expensive rookie smashes it in first two rounds.

    Hurn, Whitfield, R*6 one of which will be permanent c loop

    Neale, Treloar, Merrett, Dusty, Oliver, Cripps, R*4

    Goldy, Longer, R

    Danger, Smith, McLean, Menegola, Heeney, Cavarra, McAdam, R


  53. First Team.
    Keen for feedback.

    Lloyd / Whitfield / Williams / Francis / Collins / Logue.
    (Hore, Burgess.)

    Mitchell / Cripps / M .Crouch / Zerrett / Miles / Setterfield / Bewley / Constable. (Valente, Hind , Woodcock )

    Grundy / Goldie ( Sweet )

    Danger / Menegola / D. Smith / Greene / McAdam / Corbett.
    ( M.Parker , Cavarra)


    1. DBB,

      Although you are strong through forwards and rucks , I think you maybe a little light on in the Mids. If you want to try 3 rookies on field, Maybe look at upgrading Miles to Premo. Or dropping a forward for a Mid.

      Happy New year.


      1. Thanks for the feed back FT. I would really like your opinion on my mid pricers. Francis, Miles and Greene. I think as the season gets closer I’ll go for a more traditional guns and rookies strategy.


        1. DBB.

          I’m pretty keen on Miles and Floggun. (Greene)

          They have both produced solid numbers before. I believe they are priced under’s for what they are capable of. If they are both fit, I will be seriously considering these guys.

          Francis I’m not sold on.

          He is an early draft pick and no doubt a talented footballer.
          I’m just not sure if his role at the Bombers is all that SC friendly. From memory he seems to get thrown around a bit.
          The Bombers like to free up Hurley where possible in defence. allowing him to peel off and intercept mark.
          I can’t really see Francis getting this roll while Hurley’s playing.
          Also with Daniher still maybe missing, Francis may get thrown forward. Not always great for SC scoring.

          Francis is young and maybe one day will become SC relevant.
          For me with a undefined roll I don’t think its this year.

          Williamson ( Carl) is $180k cheaper and should get a crack at Docherty’s half back spot. I’ve currently got him as my D4.

          You could use the cash to maybe improve your F5 and F6.

          Mc Adam will play a very defensive forward role and although probably ok as bench cover I wouldn’t rely on him on field. You should swing Setterfield forward and maybe look at a better M7 . Although Walsh is expensive he had an amazing junior career and may just be worth the extra cash.

          Blakey is also someone who should get a a game at the Swans I currently have him and Setterfield at F5 /F6.

          Best of luck how ever you go.



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