JLT2 Game Chat: Melbourne vs Brisbane

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 9 2019

Melbourne v Brisbane at Casey Fields, 4.10pm AEDT


B: S.May 1 M.Hibberd 14 J.Hunt 29
HB: J.Lewis 6 O.McDonald 28 N.Jetta 39
C: C.Salem 3 J.Harmes 4 B.Stretch 15
HF: A.Brayshaw 10 S.Weideman 26 B.Fritsch 31
F:C.Petracca 5 T.McDonald – C 25 J.Kennedy Harris 24
Foll: M.Gawn 11 A.Neal-Bullen 30 C.Oliver 13
I/C: C.Spargo 9 S.Frost 17 A.vandenBerg 22 M.Hore 34 H.Petty 35 C.Wagner 40 J.Smith 44 D.Keilty 45

In: S.May, M.Hibberd, J.Lewis, N.Jetta, M.Gawn, A.vandenBerg
Out: J.Garlett (injured), J.Jordon, J.Wagner, B.Preuss, C.Maynard, T.Sparrow

Emerg: C.Maynard 20 B.Preuss 21 T.Sparrow 32 J.Wagner 42

Notable absentees: Jack Viney, Nathan Jones, Jake Lever, Jake Melksham


B: L.Hodge 2 J.Walker 14 D.Rich 10
HB: Z.Bailey 33 H.Andrews – C 31 A.Witherden 29
C: M.Robinson 5 L.Neale 9 H.McCluggage 6
HF: C.Rayner 16 E.Hipwood 30 L.McCarthy 11
F: C.Cameron 23 D.McStay 25 O.McInerney 46
Foll: A.Smith 44 J.Berry 7 J.Lyons 17
I/C: B.Keays 1 A.Christensen 3 R.Bastinac 4 S.Martin 12 T.Berry 13 L.Taylor 28 R.Lester 35 R.Mathieson 36  

In: B.Keays, A.Christensen, S.Martin, T.Berry
Out: D.Zorko (injured), E.Smith, C.Ballenden, B.Starcevich

Emerg: E.Smith 8 M.Hinge 22 B.Starcevich 37 C.Ballenden 38         

Notable absentees: Marcus Adams


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26 thoughts on “JLT2 Game Chat: Melbourne vs Brisbane”

    Tom Rockliff 170
    Scott Lycett 122
    Darcy Byrne-Jones 108
    Travis Boak 101
    Justin Westhoff 98
    Tom Clurey 96
    Robbie Gray 92
    Steven Motlop 89
    Willem Drew 86
    Sam Powell-Pepper 84
    Zak Butters 82
    Xavier Duursma78
    Tom Jonas 78
    Karl Amon 76
    Riley Bonner 71
    Jack Watts 70
    Dan Houston 68
    Paddy Ryder 66
    Brad Ebert 56
    Todd Marshall 56
    Ryan Burton 53
    Connor Rozee 44
    Jarrod Lienert 12

    Jared Polec 92
    Paul Ahern 90
    Bailey Scott 89
    Tom Campbell 83
    Trent Dumont 77
    Scott Thompson 73
    Luke McDonald 66
    Jasper Pittard 64
    Sam Wright 63
    Ed Vickers-Willis 61
    Ben Brown 60
    Shaun Atley 60
    Jy Simpkin 57
    Luke Davies-Uniacke 57
    Dom Tyson 56
    Shaun Higgins 50
    Nathan Hrovat 47
    Mason Wood 46
    Jack Ziebell 45
    Kayne Turner 42
    Ben McKay 35
    Nick Larkey 26
    Tarryn Thomas 21
    Cameron Zurhaar 15
    Marley Williams 10


  2. After this first quarter Witherden hasn’t thrown up much at all. Coming in with only 3 kicks for the quarter. I think Bailey has taken some of his scoring, by being played across the half-back with all his speed. He’s had 7 disposals and 6 are kicks. He only got moved to half back right at the end of last year and Fagan was looking at using his speed off half-back. Priced at 276k he looks better than Witherden based of this JLT series. Wouldn’t say he is worth the selection, but better value it seems


  3. This match hasn’t solved the Preuss dilemna but good god Gawn can play the game – betting against him this season is a Daredevil move…


      1. I’d prefer to see Preuss fit just so i could see the selection round 1. If he wasn’t named then all good, if he was then slight concern. Injury just delays that, but the season has started and could make people wan to change decisions, but it would then cost trades.


        1. Preuss was absolutely awful last week and the benching for most of the last half put the nail in the coffin. Wasn’t even given full opportunity to prove himself even though he was the solo ruck on the day.

          With Melbourne pushing for a premiership, big Max is the man they need in the ruck for as many minutes as they can get this season.


  4. A possible Mid-Priced Forward is presenting himself. Rhys Mathieson scored 114 supercoach pts in his JLT #1 match and is currently on 54pts (Fantasy pts only available on the site I am viewing) at half time in his 2nd JLT match. The exciting factor here is he has been playing inside mid in both matches. Possibly worth following?


      1. I’m not sure about how he goes with Zorko back, but the kids playing for his career at the moment.

        Seems to have dropped a few kilo’s and given up his early playing for frees. ( dropping the knees looking for high contact.)

        With the addition of Neale and Lyon leading the midfield and another couple of talented young mids in Berry and McCluggage.

        I just can’t see him getting enough midfield time.

        Even if Zorko was out for the year,I still won’t touch him at that price and Bye.


  5. Have to mention Witherden and Bailey again. Both finished with 21 disposals with them having 14 and 15 kicks each. Bailey had an extra couple of contested possessions and both coming off with 85%+ efficiency with Bailey more again. For marks they had 7 and 5, with Witherden having more but Bailey taking a contested mark. Bailey came out with 8 rebound 50’s and Witherden 4. Bailey had an extra tackle with 2, but Witherden had a couple of bounces, 1% and an extra inside 50. Witherden had 88% TOG to Bailey’s 77%.

    Last game it was no real difference, with Witherden having a couple more possessions, but none contested from less game time. Both coming in with 66 and 68 points.

    It is clear to see they had very similar games but Bailey is listed as a MID/FWD and has changed roles from the end of last season. This has really change his scoring output as mentioned in the #Askthecoach article. Bailey is scoring better in his new role and I believe it has had an affect on Witherden’s output. Witherden is not looking like a strong pick at this current time, with Bailey 180k cheaper. Seeing how many drop from the 13% that own Witherden.


  6. Archie getting demoted back to second ruck and then getting injured isn’t great for his prospects.

    The SuperCoach gods are determined to stop me from starting Mumford, aren’t they?


    1. Jack .

      I know you like to trade.

      I wasted WAY too many trades last year F##ing around with my Ruck line.

      It won’t be happening again.

      Set and forget Gawn and Grundy all the way !


      1. Perhaps…. but to be honest I’ve always had the opposite problem: I’ve ended up wasting both cap space and trades by trying to play set-and-forget rucks, but invariably picking the wrong ones.

        The best decision I’ve ever made with regard to my starting rucks was SandiWitts back in 2017. Ever since, I’ve always felt that if there is a viable way to replicate that legendary setup, it’s worth doing.

        That being said, I’ve already accepted with Zac Clarke’s omission from JLT2 that I’m probably going to have to start at least one premium ruck. If I can cover Mumford for the first two weeks, I really want to start him. But with the playing R3 options dropping like flies, it is getting to the point where I’m going to have to look at alternatives, even if it’s just as a plan b.


        1. A RUC/FWD loophole at R3 could work if I can find a RUC/FWD I’m happy to keep in my forward line…. Lycett and Westhoff could both work, but I’m not massively keen on either – I’ve got a feeling both will end up averaging mid-80s.


          1. I hear you Sal.

            Even if Westhoff and Lycett / Lobb average 95ppg each they have cost you nearly a $MIL for a 180 point total ppg.

            For that price I’d rather have Gawn + rookie +$150k.

            Gawn 125 + rookie 60 = 185 +(*150k)

            You can then use the (*150k ) to turn another Premo into an Uber Premo possibly adding another 10/15 ppg.
            And gaining yet another Captains choice.

            Every way I look at it Gawn and Grundy lead the way.


            1. Fair enough. I think if anyone is going to break the Cox Curse, it will be Gawn and/or Grundy, but history says there’s a good chance they won’t.

              I’m just not sure I’m willing to spend 14 % of my starting salary cap on a ‘maybe’.

              With my preferred Mumford, Smith (Clarke) combination looking very unlikely at this point, my next choice is Goldstein, Mumford (a playing rookie). But with Clarke getting dropped and Archie getting demoted then injured, I’m increasingly worried that I won’t be able to find the playing rookie to facilitate that. So, I may end up having to go with two of the three Big Gs after all.


              1. Why would you want Mumford?

                Players that have retired and come back have historically gone very poorly plus get injured. Mummy was injured a lot anyway.

                Also, what are you expecting him to average? 95 would be high in my opinion.


    Angus Brayshaw 126
    Max Gawn 119
    Clayton Oliver 104
    Aaron vandenBerg 97
    Christian Petracca 90
    Steven May 89
    Joel Smith 86
    Neville Jetta 80
    Christian Salem 76
    Michael Hibberd 72
    Oscar McDonald 72
    Billy Stretch 72
    Jordan Lewis 70
    Sam Weideman 69
    Marty Hore 69
    Charlie Spargo 64
    Alex Neal-Bullen 64
    Tom McDonald 64
    Jayden Hunt 60
    Bayley Fritsch 41
    James Harmes 40
    Declan Keilty 19
    Jay Kennedy Harris 1

    Jarryd Lyons 147
    Mitch Robinson 115
    Harris Andrews 106
    Lachie Neale 106
    Daniel Rich 98
    Stefan Martin 92
    Rhys Mathieson 90
    Daniel McStay 84
    Zac Bailey 82
    Alex Witherden 76
    Lincoln McCarthy 75
    Jarrod Berry 71
    Josh Walker 59
    Lewis Taylor 56
    Allen Christensen 52
    Hugh McCluggage 47
    Charlie Cameron 45
    Ryan Bastinac 42
    Eric Hipwood 42
    Ryan Lester 40
    Cameron Rayner 40
    Luke Hodge 32
    Connor Ballenden 24
    Ben Keays 15
    Tom Berry 10
    Archie Smith 9


    1. TOG %:

      Angus Brayshaw: 74
      Aaron vandenBerg: 79
      Max Gawn: 86
      Clayton Oliver: 82
      Billy Stretch: 76
      Christian Petracca: 80
      Joel Smith: 75
      Michael Hibberd: 83
      Christian Salem: 87
      Jordan Lewis: 90
      Alex Neal-Bullen: 88
      Charlie Spargo: 83
      Jayden Hunt: 88
      Sam Weideman: 93
      Neville Jetta: 83
      Tom McDonald: 89
      Steven May: 89
      Oscar McDonald: 94
      Marty Hore: 92
      Bayley Fritsch: 75
      James Harmes: 31
      Declan Keilty: 65
      Sam Frost: 0
      Harrison Petty: 0
      Corey Wagner: 0
      Jay Kennedy Harris: 20

      Jarryd Lyons: 85
      Stefan Martin: 73
      Rhys Mathieson: 83
      Mitch Robinson: 80
      Harris Andrews: 98
      Lachie Neale: 85
      Daniel Rich: 79
      Alex Witherden: 88
      Daniel McStay: 86
      Zac Bailey: 77
      Hugh McCluggage: 72
      Lincoln McCarthy: 77
      Allen Christensen: 74
      Josh Walker: 91
      Lewis Taylor: 36
      Ryan Bastinac: 59
      Jarrod Berry: 67
      Cameron Rayner: 71
      Connor Ballenden: 70
      Eric Hipwood: 84
      Charlie Cameron: 84
      Luke Hodge: 59
      Ryan Lester: 33
      Archie Smith: 16
      Ben Keays: 35
      Thomas Berry: 36


  8. Thanks for the scores Adam.

    Witherden just withered on the vine.


    Harris Andrews is a Jet and could easily be top 6/8 defender this year.

    Upgrade target for me.



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