JLT2 Game Chat: Port vs North

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 9 2019

Saturday, March 9

Port Adelaide v North Melbourne at Alberton Oval, 12.40pm ACDT


B: R.Bonner 26 T.Clurey 17 D.Houston 43
HB: R.Burton 3 T.Jonas – C 42 D.Byrne-Jones 33
C: S.Motlop 6 T.Rockliff 11 J.Westhoff 39
HF: T.Boak 10 J.Watts 23 B.Ebert 7
F: R.Gray 9 P.Ryder 4 C.Rozee 20
Foll: S.Lycett 29 S.Powell-Pepper 2 W.Drew 28
I/C: Z.Butters 18 X.Duursma 21 J.Lienert 40 T.Marshall 13 K.Amon 15 S.Gray 46 D.Howard 32 S.Mayes 34

In: Nil
Out: Nil

Emerg: K.Farrell 24 M.Broadbent 5 J.Patmore 37 A.Johnson 31

Notable absentees: Charlie Dixon, Ollie Wines, Matthew Broadbent, Hamish Hartlett


B: M.Williams 2 S.Thompson 16 S.Wright 19
HB: J.Pittard 17 B.McKay 23 D.Tyson 21
C: J.Polec 13 T.Dumont 14 L.McDonald 11
HF: A.Hall 43 B.Brown 50 S.Atley 18
F: J.Simpkin 12 M.Wood 32 K.Turner 28
Foll: T.Campbell 42 S.Higgins 4 J.Ziebell – C 7
I/C: N.Hrovat 8 L.Davies-Uniacke 9 P.Ahern 15 N.Larkey 20 T.Thomas 26 B.Scott 30 E.Vickers-Willis 33 C.Zurhaar 44

In: S.Thompson, S.Wright, N.Hrovat
Out: J.Macmillan (injured), T.Goldstein, T.Murphy

Emerg: T.Goldstein 22 C.Taylor 31 K.Hayden 37 T.Murphy 40

Notable absentees: Majak Daw, Robbie Tarrant, Jed Anderson, Ben Cunnington, Ben Jacobs, Taylor Garner, Will Walker


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35 thoughts on “JLT2 Game Chat: Port vs North”

  1. Would love for McKay to do enough to hold his spot so he becomes an okay bench option. If drew can do enough to warrant an onfield start it would make me quite happy


  2. Im going to take it that Goldy as an emergency means they only want to play 1 ruck and not the dual ruck setup. Last week they played both but only 1 was on the field at a time. Surely a long shot, but if Goldy has a bad game, Campbell could take over his spot as the #1 ruck which would be a nightmare


  3. For sure Bailey Scott will be worth considering for M10 or M11 as Leigh Tudor said before the game that he is likely to line up for the Roos Round 1.


  4. 14 goals total in the first quarter and North only laid four tackles. Hmmm not sure we can take much away from this game so far…


  5. Campbell being dominated in the ruck winning 4 hitouts vs Port’s 15. He is alternating with Larkey but Larkey is only going to be on for 15-20% of the match. Not going to sit a ruck forward


  6. Rockliff looking enticing for some of you. 11 possies, 2 goals, 3 marks at 82% efficiency. He has done nothing to us coaches right???????


    1. This is JLT, and North’s defence is non existant. Dont get carried away. Remember what happened last week when Rocky faced a good side??


  7. I said here in a thread a while back that Gray should be a good choice as surely he’s chucked back in the midfield after losing so much depth there in the off-season.

    Well I was wrong on that front, but my thinking was on the right track, as it would seem Boak is back as a full-time mid. Could he be an option for that pesky F3 spot? Will comfortably average 90-95 if he does play pure mid.


    1. Boaks is playing more as a mid in the JLT and with Polec and Wingard having left the team so they need more mids, so the rookies are coming in but he is experience. Wines is currently out with injury expected to return after 1-2 rounds.
      Boak has 18 disposals, 6 marks, 2 clearances and 7 inside 50’s at half time. He had 81 points last week and only missed 3 games in 6 seasons he isn’t a bad chance. If he could get into his 2013-15 form of averages of 99+ he’d be great. However in the last 3 years he’s averaged under 91.5.


      1. Boak? You have to see his ceiling. I had him last year and even though he is consistant, he wont offer much more. Had only one ton after the byes. I will wait until he has one or 2 bad games and pick him up knowing you’ll get around 80 each week..


        1. Boak played forward last year though. I actually considered Boak a few weeks ago when it was said he will be playing more midfield. Glad to see im not the only one i whos mentioned him i thought i was crazy!

          Still couldn’t bring myself to start him but his an option to consider.


          1. I haven’t considered him at all until actually seeing this game. I don’t want to change my line-up all because of a single JLT game. Plus, i don’t think he has had the best SC score or made an impact in the 3rd


      1. sorry – my bad – for some reason I saw Rocky … and then confused the posts with him and Gray / Boak!! – site wont allow deletion for some reason or edit function doesn’t work …


        1. I’ve found a work-around for those having trouble with editing/deleting comments, if you right click on the either “edit” or “delete” and then open them in a new tab, they work fine. Odd that it doesn’t work as normal right now, but it’s a work-around in the meantime.


  8. For the rookies i am concerned about Duursma’s Rd 1 chances as he is only getting about 55% game time whereas the rookies of Rozee, Butters, Drew are getting 75%+. Of those rookies he has very similar stats on less time. 8 possies, 7 are kicks, 3 marks and then some little extras like R50 and I50


  9. Uh-Oh! A little pig that has all but been forgotten has poked his little head up and said….”Remember Me?”


  10. How many people are going to jump on the Rocky Bandwagon? He came in with a lazy 42 disposals, with 30 being kicks but only 11 contested. 17 marks, 9 clearances and 6 center clearances! Then 2 goals, only real downside is the 1 tackle and lack of contested possession.

    Many will be jumping on it for sure at 184 Fantasy points (unsure on SC at this stage)


    1. He came in with 170 SC points after having a disposal and mark taken off him.

      For centre bounces attended the top 3 were, SPP with 23, Rockliff 22 and Boak 18. This shows that Boak is a fair chance to play as a midfielder this year and move out from the forward line.

      Taken from Fantasy Freako on Twitter


      1. Great performance from Rocky and also today was his highest TOG% for Port Adelaide (87% TOG) with a previous high of 80%.

        I’m not considering him for classic but ecstatic that I managed to select him in our recent SCT Supercoach Draft at Pick 156 for my 4th spot in the midfield.


  11. At $441,200 Lycett’s not looking like a bad option, especially if you want swinging cover.


    1. Only problem is that he possess one of the worst HTA rates in the competition.

      In the past 4 seasons he has played 49 matches for 949 hitouts with 237 to advantage for a HTA of 24.97%.


      1. Hmm… assuming his role is what it was today (i.e. first ruck, with support from Ryder), what do you think he could average?


    Tom Rockliff 170
    Scott Lycett 122
    Darcy Byrne-Jones 108
    Travis Boak 101
    Justin Westhoff 98
    Tom Clurey 96
    Robbie Gray 92
    Steven Motlop 89
    Willem Drew 86
    Sam Powell-Pepper 84
    Zak Butters 82
    Xavier Duursma78
    Tom Jonas 78
    Karl Amon 76
    Riley Bonner 71
    Jack Watts 70
    Dan Houston 68
    Paddy Ryder 66
    Brad Ebert 56
    Todd Marshall 56
    Ryan Burton 53
    Connor Rozee 44
    Jarrod Lienert 12

    Jared Polec 92
    Paul Ahern 90
    Bailey Scott 89
    Tom Campbell 83
    Trent Dumont 77
    Scott Thompson 73
    Luke McDonald 66
    Jasper Pittard 64
    Sam Wright 63
    Ed Vickers-Willis 61
    Ben Brown 60
    Shaun Atley 60
    Jy Simpkin 57
    Luke Davies-Uniacke 57
    Dom Tyson 56
    Shaun Higgins 50
    Nathan Hrovat 47
    Mason Wood 46
    Jack Ziebell 45
    Kayne Turner 42
    Ben McKay 35
    Nick Larkey 26
    Tarryn Thomas 21
    Cameron Zurhaar 15
    Marley Williams 10


    1. TOG %:

      Tom Rockliff: 87
      Travis Boak: 84
      Darcy Byrne-Jones: 82
      Steven Motlop: 75
      Justin Westhoff: 83
      Scott Lycett: 86
      Dan Houston: 90
      Jack Watts: 91
      Xavier Duursma: 67
      Karl Amon: 48
      Willem Drew: 88
      Robbie Gray: 89
      Tom Clurey: 85
      Ryan Burton: 84
      Riley Bonner: 82
      Todd Marshall: 82
      Zak Butters: 74
      Tom Jonas: 95
      Sam Powell-Pepper: 83
      Brad Ebert: 75
      Paddy Ryder: 61
      Connor Rozee: 78
      Jarrod Lienert: 30
      Sam Gray: 0
      Dougal Howard: 0
      Sam Mayes: 0

      Shaun Higgins: 89
      Jared Polec: 74
      Bailey Scott: 58
      Paul Ahern: 63
      Aaron Hall: 76
      Luke McDonald: 81
      Jasper Pittard: 82
      Tom Campbell: 74
      Sam Wright: 66
      Shaun Atley: 77
      Ben Brown: 83
      Ed Vickers-Willis: 84
      Dom Tyson: 62
      Scott D. Thompson: 95
      Mason Wood: 68
      Trent Dumont: 78
      Jack Ziebell: 84
      Luke Davies-Uniacke: 65
      Nathan Hrovat: 64
      Kayne Turner: 70
      Ben McKay: 94
      Nick Larkey: 33
      Jy Simpkin: 79
      Tarryn Thomas: 68
      Marley Williams: 17
      Cameron Zurhaar: 26


    1. B Scott $117k could be worth a mid bench spot.

      Duursma may need a tall to go down before he gets a serious run at it.

      Lets see who turns up R1.



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