JLT2 Game Chat: Sydney vs Gold Coast

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 10 2019

Sunday, March 10

Sydney v Gold Coast at Oakes Oval, 1.10pm AEDT


B: A.Aliir 36 L.Melican 43 D.Rampe 24
HB: J.McVeigh 3 H.Grundy 39 J.Lloyd 44
C: J.Dawson 34 J.Kennedy 12 H.Cunningham 7
HF: T.Papley 11 I.Heeney 5 B.Ronke 25
F: L.Parker – C 26 S.Reid 20 W.Hayward 9
Foll: C.Sinclair 18 C.Mills 14 G.Hewett 29
I/C from: N.Blakey 22 R.Clarke 4 J.Thurlow 6 R.Fox 42 C.O’Riordan 38 Z.Jones 10 J.Rose 1 J.McInerney 27 T.Pink 47 J.Rowbottom 8 R.Stoddart 33 S.Wicks 45

In: J.McVeigh, H.Grundy, Z.Jones
Out: O.Florent (injured)

Notable absentees: Nick Smith, Lance Franklin, Jarrad McVeigh, Kieren Jack, Zak Jones, Tom McCartin


B:B.King 34 R.Thompson 16 J.Harbrow 5
HB:P.Hanley 1 J.Hombsch 20 C.Ballard 10
C:L.Weller 14 T.Miller 11 J.Murdoch 31
HF:A.Sexton 6 P.Wright 30 J.Lukosius 41
F:I.Rankine 37 C.Burgess 29 B.Ainsworth 9
Foll:J.Witts – C 28 D.Swallow 24 J.Martin 4
I/C from: C.Ah Chee 13 J.Bowes 3 S.Collins 25 S.Day 12 J.Dawson 45 B.Fiorini 8 J.Joyce 38 D.MacPherson 44 J.Heron 40 A.Miles 2 W.Powell 27 A.Young 15    

In: P.Hanley, J.Hombsch, S.Day, J.Dawson
Out: G.Horlin-Smith (ankle), S.Lemmens (ankle)

Notable absentees: Corey Ellis, Will Brodie, Jack Hombsch, Brayden Crossley


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25 thoughts on “JLT2 Game Chat: Sydney vs Gold Coast”

  1. Heeney has received an ankle injury 30 seconds into the game. May not play any further part for precautionary reasons.


  2. Mills not starting in the midfield… are we thinking he may not be a mid in the regular season or is this just JLT experimentation?


    1. I wonder if it has anything to do with Lloyd out for the game? Still getting the ball though with 8 disposals and 4 contested


  3. On the thought of Mills, I’ve been at Ryan Clarke. He has come from North and is a 355K defender. I have seen him standing on outside of the centre square and i have seen him around the contest in the forward line. He seems to be playing more of the wing. With about 5 minutes left in the 2nd he is sitting on top for AF points with 13 possessions and 5 tackles.

    I also have to add Papley is getting a number of centre bounce appearances, so i am wondering if Mills is not going to get the midfield time


    1. He had a good game against GWS when Sydney got flogged, but in their first game against GWS he barely made his breakeven. At this stage I cannot see him being worth the risk. If he confirms his success, then maybe as an upgrade target.

      But there are enough Midprice Defenders worth a look already. Williams, Smith, Houli, Roberton just for example that I cannot see Mills being a worthwhile risk. He’s also above all of their scores, and all of them have previous history at higher averages than Mills has ever achieved in his AFL career.


  4. Collins stats are quite ordinary and he’s not picking up many AFL fantasy points (though I don’t think intercept defenders score that well in fantasy)

    Will be interesting what he scores in SC, been really surprised how high his ownership is with that elevated price tag


    1. Well, he was in the 90’s in the last match. But you also need to consider job security.

      He’s one of the few rookie defenders you can be confident will actually be on the field for round 1.

      You can’t be certain of that with Clark, Scrimshaw, Hore, Duursma, McKay etc.

      Sometimes you have to pay a bit extra for that security.


  5. Heeney is off for the last quarter with ice on his ankle. Considering he still played 3 quarters, I assume there is nothing serious about this.


          1. Remember, “Rookies availability determines your team structure”. Everyone will be in the same boat so the choice of mid pricers could make or break you.


    Touk Miller 125
    Peter Wright 103
    Brayden Fiorini 95
    Jarrod Witts 86
    Charlie Ballard 83
    David Swallow 77
    Pearce Hanley 76
    Lachie Weller 75
    Alex Sexton 63
    Jack Bowes 62
    Wil Powell 58
    Ben Ainsworth 53
    Jack Martin 52
    Sam Collins 52
    Jack Lukosius 50
    Jesse Joyce 50
    Darcy MacPherson 42
    Anthony Miles 35
    Jack Hombsch 34
    Jarrod Harbrow 33
    Izak Rankine 32
    Callum Ah Chee 31
    Ben King 19
    Chris Burgess 15
    Jacob Heron 14
    Aaron Young 8

    Tom Papley 140
    Luke Parker 128
    Ryan Clarke 109
    Josh P. Kennedy 106
    George Hewett 103
    Aliir Aliir 94
    Callum Mills 93
    Jordan Dawson 86
    Dane Rampe 84
    Jackson Thurlow 82
    Heath Grundy 77
    Colin O’Riordan 76
    Zak Jones 75
    Isaac Heeney 70
    Jarrad McVeigh 69
    Will Hayward 62
    Sam Reid 60
    Ben Ronke 57
    Harry Cunningham 55
    Nick Blakey 54
    Justin McInerney 51
    Lewis Melican 43
    Robbie Fox 36
    James Rowbottom 34
    James Rose 23
    Samuel Wicks 12


    1. TOG %:

      Tom Papley: 76
      George Hewett: 80
      Ryan Clarke: 78
      Luke Parker: 81
      Josh P. Kennedy: 77
      Aliir Aliir: 70
      Callum Mills: 89
      Dane Rampe: 83
      Jackson Thurlow: 70
      Harry Cunningham: 82
      Jordan Dawson: 78
      Colin O’Riordan: 86
      Heath Grundy: 83
      Zak Jones: 51
      Isaac Heeney: 57
      Jarrad McVeigh: 62
      Will Hayward: 82
      Ben Ronke: 86
      Robbie Fox: 56
      Nick Blakey: 71
      Justin McInerney: 70
      James Rowbottom: 38
      Lewis Melican: 83
      Sam Reid: 51
      James Rose: 35
      Samuel Wicks: 19

      Peter Wright: 78
      Brayden Fiorini: 76
      Touk Miller: 73
      Jarrod Witts: 83
      Charlie Ballard: 81
      David Swallow: 79
      Jack Martin: 77
      Jack Bowes: 77
      Lachie Weller: 82
      Jack Lukosius: 76
      Ben Ainsworth: 69
      Pearce Hanley: 54
      Darcy MacPherson: 47
      Wil Powell: 79
      Anthony Miles: 77
      Alex Sexton: 84
      Jarrod Harbrow: 74
      Sam Collins: 82
      Chris Burgess: 86
      Jack Hombsch: 80
      Ben King: 65
      Jesse Joyce: 83
      Izak Rankine: 38
      Callum Ah Chee: 53
      Jacob Heron: 31
      Aaron Young: 17


    1. Cannot wear a tag either.

      He’s also been out a long time. Could potentially be cheap, at his prime he was a pretty good player and he’s far from “too old” yet.

      It’d be what we call here a “ballsy pick” but it could well pay off.

      So where are this year’s “ballsy picks”?



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