League Fortunes

Written by MJ on August 5 2014

The SuperCoach H&A season has come and gone, which means you would have seen whether you’ve made the top 4/8 by now. Every season throws up some bazaar scenarios. Some are fortunate – winning your last 5 matches to sneak into the 8. Some are unfortunate – missing the 8 on percentage alone, despite being significantly superior in the overall points department. What’s your story?


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23 thoughts on “League Fortunes”

  1. SCT’s League of Extraordinary Coaches 1 is a ridiculously competitive league every season, due to the stringent qualifying process where we only select coaches with ‘extraordinary’ SC records. Everyone participating in any of the LoECs understands the honour bestowed upon them and know they must perform to a very high standard.

    In LoEC1 there were a remarkable seven coaches to finish the year at 7-10, with even 17th place notching seven victories. Tragic Bronson’s coach, Antony will count himself particularly unlucky, being ranked 409th overall and 3rd in the league on total points, but finished 9th on the table. LoEC1 is the 26th best ranked in the world.


  2. Great topic MJ,

    I know we all have SC hard luck stories but here is my sob story…

    In the very LoEC league MJ mentions above, I have lost two games this year by one point! Furthermore, in the first game; I was up by 80 pts + D.Thomas Vs K.Simpson. Simpson played on a wing, ripped out 140 odd while Thomas was forward tagging Dempster for 59 pts…$700,000 a year to forward tag…really; Malthouse?!?! Needless to say I’m still bitter about that one.
    In the 2nd game, I lost despite my opponents having a doughnut…

    If I had have won those two games, I would’ve been knocking on the door of the top 4! Instead it’s mad Monday for the Burblers…

    Costanza’s got nothing on me


  3. I hears ya MJ. Been astounded by the quality of LOEC1 with every week a ding-dong battle going right to the wire. I’m one of the lucky ones whose ladder ranking is better than the points scored ranking so very pleased to have made the 8 and therefore still in it for the LOEC1 premiership.


  4. Well like to thank the boys of the LEOC 3 league.

    Not up with the boys in the Number one as a group, but we finished 37th ranked in the comp.

    It was a tight affair from 6th through to 10th all finished on 36 points. I was one of those, but unfortunately due to a few early beltings I received my percentage left me 10th.

    Bests ranked is The Pride coached by Ryan currently at 320 possey and finished on top. YP Wanderers 14 Team coached by Peter is at the 355 possey, but as in LEOC 1 he was down to 6th place and elimination could be on the cards.

    Been fun an eye opener about early performance where I was dreadful and tried a Tigers Run to get me in to no avail.

    As a group we managed to average 2,187 points, which is great thanks to the boys above because I am only on 2,155 points at this time.

    Hopefully I can salvage something later to ensure I stay apart of the comp.

    But hey giving the end of year prizes should sure me up a spot.


  5. Very happy with my season thus far overall. Finished top four in all but one league where I was sixth. Not a good round last week but copped the donuts knowing I had top four secured. 5 trades remain, need favourable selection.


  6. Managed to finish 6th in the SCT 3 League, despite sitting 9th on points and making several major mistakes in trading (or not trading) players. Can’t see myself progressing unless several popular players I overlooked (such as Hanley, Dangerfield and Gray) have poor games.

    In my main league, however, it has been smooth sailing since round 3, holding my spot at #2 consistently. Played #3 last week and beat him, just. We now have the rematch this week to see if it was a fluke.

    Good luck all!


  7. My tale of woe can be summarised thus

    In a league ranked in 600’s I finished 3rd in points overall but 11th on the league ladder. Seriously how does that happen.
    I was cruising to victory when Blake Acres (who was on 80 something got subbed in the 3rd quarter – lost by 4
    Twice duded by late inclusions Langford (who scored 90) and Landon (80+) where I opponents would otherwise have had donuts. My opponents won by less than these guys scores
    Made finals in 4/5 leagues with 1 trade left which I am soooooo undecided when to use.


  8. Early good form & spending too many trade tokens by the bye chasing the o/a meant i was doing great in the leagues by default & without concentrating on them. Got me to handy 2nd spot in LoEC1 but can see me being bounced out in straight sets starting with Yiorgas this week! – will try my best with a limited hand though!
    As above, what a great league to be in. All our leagues are up there in the league standings which says a lot for the quality of people on the site.


  9. Won LoEC a few years back. Demoted by Motts this year to LoEC2. Finished 17th in a horrible display. I feel like a crap English football team that is slowly working its way down the divisions.


  10. As Loec 1 and 3 have had a run down, here’s the Loec 2 info

    I managed to finish 6th in the league and 6th on overall points to get me me into an elimination spot. A really competitive league with what looks like the one sob story. Norbert with “Really good team” was ranked third with total points, ranked in 1086th overall, but ends up missing out on the play off’s down in 9th place.

    Loec 2 is ranked 48th best league overall.

    Really enjoyed it this year, and look forward to taking part again next year.
    Now to see if i can pull off some good transfers (got 4 left) and see if i can manage to lift a Trophy, starting with what to do about Stevie J………………..


  11. Rankings:
    My team total 41,302 points.
    During league rounds 36880 – average 2169.

    League 1 (Average 1997, League rank 5930)
    1st place. Total point rank 1st.
    Average against during leagues 1943.

    League 2 Chino’s League (Av 2050, Rank 2189)
    10th place. Total point rank 5th.
    Average against during league 2073. This most definitely cost me a final.

    My “worst” result. Dropped 5 points based on rank, and missed the 8 despite a 120 point higher average than the league.

    League 3. Open Season. (Av 2128, Rank 273)
    4th place. Total point rank 8th.
    Best win… average against during league was 60 points lower against me.

    League 4. (Av 1929 Rank 12568)
    Placed 1, point rank 3rd. Average against only 1885

    League 5. (Av 2062 Rank 1622)
    Placed 9th but point rank 6th.
    Another league where the average against me was around 50 points higher costing me a final.


  12. Missed the 8 on percentage.

    Calculated 3 weeks out that I needed just one of three opponents (sitting 5th, 6th and 8th) to drop a single game and I was home free (3 easy wins to finish the season).

    Not a single one of them dropped a game. I missed by less than 1% :/

    Such is life, such is supercoach!

    On the plus side, I’m going to tear through the minor finals like a bulldozer, so that’ll be fun! 🙂



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