Macca’s Bye Planner 2018

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 10 2018

Hi SCT Community! Bye planning is extremely important in doing well in this beast called SC. Good team management will allow you to make up ground, or fall away, if you manage your numbers badly! Consider those players you have now and those you want to bring in carefully. Consider “when” you bring your guns in. It’s a delicate balance of points now and less points on some bye rounds … so choose carefully!


That said, please find enclosed an updated bye planner after the first seven (7) rounds.


Two versions of the planner supplied, where you can choose your “Gun Qualifier” based on Price (eg to be counted as a Gun defender, your value is over $450K) or on Average (defender = 90+) and so on … its up to you which one you choose!!”

Qualifiers currently set to:

Def = $450,000 or 90+

Mid = $520,000 or 105+

Ruc = $480,000 or 95+

Fwd = $450,000 or 90+


Let us know if you are happy with these qualifiers, and maybe Schwarzy could run some polls?? If there are significant variations, I can alter the planners to the different amounts.


Make sure you nominate any players in your squad that you do not believe will play in the byes, to get a more accurate total of available numbers (think Olango!). – SEE COLUMN G ON THE “PLANNER TAB”


The price / budget calculator shown in Cells H46 to H49 of the PLANNER TAB will let you know if you can afford any player changes for trades going into week eight only.

HINTuse the planner to make all your team changes BEFORE playing on the actual SC site!! Saves inadvertent locking in your changes when not ready!!

The bye planner though will continue to work each week showing how many players you have available over each of the bye rounds.



  • The key tab
  • Choose now whether each of your players are likely to play or are just an emergency loophole (think Olango) in COLUMN G – this will update the real numbers you have available each week
  • Shows 2018 starting data and data as of round 7 with updated prices, average, 3 round average and BE’s.
  • Simply choose the players you want in each position in each of the cells in Column B (choose from the drop down menu in each cell by alpha order on surname)
  • Make sure you check your possible players (Columns O to S & rows 12, 25,30 & 40) and “Guns” (rows 13, 26, 31 & 41) for each of the bye rounds
  • Check total possible numbers in rows 42 and 43 and watch for the cells colour change depending on numbers!



  • This is a key tab with the data of all players. Filters are included on each column to allow you to search on each state category like position or club or games played (eg 2 played on the bubble) and so on,
  • BE’s as of round 7 are included for that all-important trade decision and negative BE’s are shown in red (you really want these … you know you do!!)
  • ​​​​​​​​​Total points scored and games played are also included


For ROUND 8 only (this week) – (cash calculator on PLANNER TAB) 

  • You should begin by loading your current team at the end of round 7, before any trades, in Column B of PLANNER TAB
  • in cell H46 enter your CURRENT team value (should be same as value showing in cell H44)
  • in cell H47 enter your available cash in the bank
  • Go Back and make your planned trades of players in COLUMN B
  • Check cell H49 to determine if you have sufficient cash to make those trades – POP UP MESSAGES WILL APPEAR AND THE CELL IN F49 WILL  CHANGE COLOUR IF GOOD OR BAD

SCT 2018 AFL Bye Planner – Rnd 7Gun

SCT 2018 AFL Bye Planner – Rnd 7 Avg Gun


Happy Bye Planning all and good luck over the coming rounds!!




**Thanks again for putting in the work on this, Macca! – Schwarzwalder**


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25 thoughts on “Macca’s Bye Planner 2018”

  1. Currently looking at the following before any trades

    r13: 22 playing (10 guns)
    r14: 19 playing (11 guns)
    r15: 20 playing (10 guns)

    from previous years, how does that stack up? Obviously a few guns will be added in the next few rounds, most likely 1 in def and 1 in fwds at least


  2. how brilliant is that?!
    SCT just gets better and better. Thanks guys, this is awesome (having spent hours trying to do something similar, that turned out sh!t) 🙂


    1. Haha glad you like it allsaints! Have been doing it for a few years now for the site. Bit harder to get together this year without the awesome resource of Naths Stats! But we have persevered!


  3. Currently looking at the following before any trades:

    r12: 22 playing (10 guns)
    r13: 19 playing (11 guns)
    r14: 18 playing (10 guns)

    Quite happy, as guns should ALL increase 2 before the respective rounds are played and # of players should naturally address themselves in the process.


    1. Yep plan your trade outs and upgrades as players have had their byes. This is key to structuring at the start.
      Mind you doesn’t help if say all the very best mids are in one round of byes!! ( round 14 the tough one this year)

      The big factor here is sometimes you just hold that rookie who may have peaked but gives you better Bye coverage as long as they do not lose value alarmingly. You also can’t help “furl” type situations and also some premis being given an extra week off by the coach!!

      Robbie Gray anyone?? If you can cover his Bye with a half decent rookie, I think he is gold in your Fwd line as he covers all the weeks then!!!


      1. Yeah thanks Macca it’s awesome. Gray is one for sure and Simpson after Rd12 the other. At this point I’m hoping Holman will be my godsend keeper in the MIDs to see me through.
        My only real concern is Midfield Rd12, with Macrae, Titch and Cripps all big scorers and all out. Sicily and Yeo too. McLean I can cover.
        Thanks for making it all so much more manageable:)


  4. Couple a quick questions from a novice …

    1. In Rd10, given that normal scoring rules apply, can you use Port and/or Suns players for loophole purposes?!?
    I presume you can’t use non-players in the main bye rounds, but
    2. Are there any strategies or different rules for these games in regard to loopholes? For instance, does SC automatically give your highest scoring player the C?!

    Any light shone on the above issues would be gratefully received.
    Ta SCTers


    1. 1. Yes Port/Suns players will lock out at the start of the last game.
      2. No you get the 18 highest scores on field but you still pick the captain but you can still loophole anyone you want as you will have plenty with the bye.


    2. Players with the bye can be loopholed (they won’t be locked until the last game of the round commences)


  5. Be interested in getting the ideas / strategies on the byes / Bye planning from any seasoned SC coaches out there!

    Pop in and give us your thoughts to generate some discussions!!


    1. You’ll want to incorporate the following:
      Let’s say in round 12 you have 5 defenders, 11 midfielders, 1 ruck & 5 forwards available. You can only field 8 midfielders. Therefore your ’22 players available’ becomes 19 in reality (assuming no loopholes – that’s another element).


      1. yes mate, I thought I had it in my notes somewhere, but may not have actually written it up!

        The numbers in the planner though will indicate that to most coaches … they will realise they can only play the max on field in each position but it is definitely something else I can build into the formula to exclude any number in any bye week, above the maximum number on field!

        Cheers for the thoughts!


        1. It’s mainly for those who don’t consider it until the last minute. But apart from that great job.
          Also my strategy through byes is generally to have 21-22 playing round 12, and 19-20 round 13 (as round 12 commences). Then 3 trades both weeks so I’ve got at least 21 all 3 byes (barring an injury crisis)


  6. Thanks again as always for this Macca. Has been very handy in the past. Much appreciated mate!


    1. No worries Daniels … I’ll try and send out a new version in time for the byes with all of the most recent prices averages BEs etc!!


  7. Awesome work as always, Macca

    Bye plans & bye strategies differ so much from coach to coach, I’ve planned it several different ways over the years depending on what teams play in the last bye round.

    Currently before R8…
    R12 (23 playing) inc 11 premiums
    R13 (21 playing) inc 12 premiums
    R14 (18 playing) inc 9 premiums

    I purposely set up to play the less players & premiums in the final bye round, as round 10/12&13 are concluded I’ll drip feed my final bye round with premiums from those earlier bye rounds.

    This year on the watch list I have Robbie Gray after his r10 bye, Yeo & Macrae after their r12 bye ( add 1 in for r13 & 1 in for r14 ), this will allow me hopefully 12 premiums 20-21 playing in r14 as I’ll be discarding rookies from r13&r14 byes.

    I’ve introduced this strategy over the last 3 seasons, 2 of those seasons my overall ranking dramatically improved as my scoring was at a very competitive level. The season it didn’t dramatically improve I unfortunately had 2 LTI during the bye rounds & 2 rookies were dropped giving me 17-18 players on the ground ( 2 of the 3 bye rounds )

    I’m not saying this will work for everyone as some coaches start their bye strategies at different times, but I personally start planning this after the initial r3 corrective trades.

    Cheers Catta


    1. Yep Catta … pretty much exactly as how I try to work it to!! Sometimes, as you mentioned it works great, sometimes you just can’t help bad luck!!

      Then again, we now have the SC Cup … and thanks to RB’s great innovation, that means all bets are off and trade to win the match ups!!! hahaha!


    2. Makes perfect sense and reinforces my thoughts on byes. Thanks Catta.

      One question for everyone I have after seeing a comment in TradeTalk yesterday, but contradicts Father’s CowTalk from two weeks’ back, is this. Father was saying you should prioritise trading scoring cows on your bench over non-playing cows, given non-playing cows won’t get to plump while not on the park. Makes sense. But with byes fast approaching these non-playing rookies are gonna seriously jeopardise getting required numbers on the park. So,

      Just for the bye rounds, is it worth trading these non-playing benchers for new rookies on the bubble who are likely gonna play as and when they crop up, to minimise this problem?

      I have LMurphy, DFogarty, DBarry (could be handy if he plays) and MGuelfi (who may be back). It sounds like the first two are now gonna struggle to get games unless Adelaide suffer some more hammy pings.

      Thanks in advance for handy feedback from you seasoned pros.


      1. It’s a tough balance Allsaints.
        You only have 30 trades

        You roughly need (minimum) of $150K from each cow you sell to try to do an upgrade (1 up 1 down), sometimes you need more, depending on the value of the premos you are chasing … this is why its always good to pick up the Fallen Premos, and you are assuming that they will get back to good outputs.

        You also need trades for the unexpected injuries and also coach resting premos outside the byes …and the lead in to the finals.

        So, that being said, its always handy to hold onto Cows that have good JS, but may not score that well or highly, but will always be there to give you points and save a donut … as I said, not just about dollars sometimes … and thus a difficult balance!


  8. Pretty happy with my players i haven’t counted Barry as i doubt he’ll be playing along with Olango

    r12: 21 playing (10 guns)
    r13: 18 playing (13 guns)
    r14: 18 playing (12 guns)



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